Taming Master | Chapter 395 | Legion of the Dark | Part 1

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Chapter 395 - Legion of the Dark - Part 1


The atmosphere was too familiar...

Within the darkness that represented the God of Darkness Kades in his temple.

Inside, was a creature in the darkness a sacred dragon, and two men in that gloomy atmosphere.

Hoonie knew both of them very well.

A conversation between Kades and Immortal.

"Immortal, the help of Lugarix is needed."

A man in black robes with grey hair, Kades.

Opened his mouth, and Immortal who was on one knee bowed his head and responded,

"There is a reason, God of Darkness"

At the answer, Kades turned his gaze with a nod.

The direction he had turned was a huge black Dragon, Lugarix.

"Lugarix, you will do well, right?"

Lugarix bowed its head.

"Of course, master. I'll never let you down."

A memory swept through the mind of Hoonie.

An episode video that was made at the time of the Dimensional War, that was what Hoonie had just recalled.

At that, he watched the video with a lot of excitement, but as time went on, he began to forget about it.

"Right, that is it...!"

At the scream that he wasn't aware of Lilson who was busy doing his thing couldn't help but look at Hoonie.

"What? Don't like reading a book?"

Hoonie realizing what he had done, responded to him,

"Ah, I was lost in thoughts hyung. Hyung are you done with your work?"

Lilson shook his head.

"No no. Not even close to it. Wait a little more while reading that book."


Replying to him, Hoonie closed his eyes.

There was one more clue he had received.

'Well, there is one thing that is clear. At least the two of them weren't in bad terms right from the beginning.'

The Dimensional war that Hoonie was in was just a year ago, but the Dimensional war that had appeared in the video was over a thousand years back.

Even if there was some kind of conflict with the Immortal, but the current situation had nothing to do with.

But, another puzzle was scrambled inside Hoonie's head.

'And Immortal didn't show up from the Dimensional War. Although I am the descendant of Immortal, I have no idea as to why he didn't show up at that time.'

Immortal was healthy.

Hoonie had 'challenged' the power of Immortal at the time, and the Immortal 'recognized' the power that Hoonie had.

And Immortal went off without giving any information.

And Immortal didn't even bother giving out another new quest for Ian!

'Maybe Immortal isn't able to get out of the tower? Maybe some unheard reason?'

Immortal and Kades.

In between them, something definitely had happened.

In the last millennium, there was no way he could have known what had happened.

Hoonie was convinced there was some 'scenario' that was surely there, which would be the key to his situation.

And he was feeling something about the Monarch of darkness.

'Nice, let's try once…?'

The eyes of Hoonie lifted up slightly.

And he saw a phrase that answered all the questions that he had been having.

[The abandoned Monarch of Darkness is at the bottom of the Empire.]


Warlock, Death Knight.

And Undead.

Against all the dark attributes, Ian would be able to exert his powerful combat skills.

It was because of the existence of Ian's slave, Kaka, who was also a dark creature that could go against the dark.

But right next to Ian, was a person who massacred the darkness to such an extent that he thought that his future was colorless, Levya.

Every time that woman activated her skill, even the undead of level 400 disappeared like ashes.

"In the name of the Goddess of Light, Enrnesis…!"

Levya flew to the sky opening her wings wide.

Her eyes were closed and her hands were gathering the energy.

It was because all the dark attribute monsters in the vicinity of Levya just turned up dead with that attack.

[Keuk, Ernesis's power, how did it get here…?!]

The Undead of the darkness was unable to cope with the light, and the ones which came in contact with the light emitted from Levya, they just fell down dead.

It was a sight that couldn't be called anything less than spectacular.

"This… if this goes on, won't it be much easier than expected?"

For the Undead who were being born crazily, Levya too was pouring out light crazily to wipe them off.

Ian looked over at the wings and thought something to himself.

He realized that the fraudulent skill was all because of the wings.

'Is it something for a temporary quest type? But it is very unlikely for the LB to offer such a thing.'

And for Ian, he just wanted to use the situation to his best.

Unfortunately, even the light energy of Levya didn't manage to cause huge damage to the 'Commander of the Army', but the turn of Ian and the other rankers had come.

Chuchuk- chuchuk-!

As if it was planned in advance, all the rankers jumped to the front line.

Ian who saw Shakran, jumped a step ahead than him on the other side, smiled and greeted him,

"Uncle, been long huh?"

"Shut up, bastard."

With the smallest greetings, Shakran moved his feet quickly.

The very next moment, Shakran's new model began to stain with blood.

In a moment, even the shadow of Shakran was bloody.

In a moment the sword split into ten divisions.

Ian who had seen that mumbled to himself.

'Uncle, seems like you have got yourself a freak. How tremendous…?'

Ian had become stronger, and he was still striving to be much stronger.

But the other rankers weren't just having fun during the past either.

No, they were turning strong enough to the extent that Ian's strength could be threatened.

Ian could feel his heart pounding.

'Shakran, Remir, Levya… and Yu Shin.'

Starting from the acquaintances, there were so many rankers that couldn't be listed.

The sight of those dozen rankers running ahead at the same time with an enormous thudding sound made everyone's mouths open.

Kung- Kung- Kung-!

The whole land was shaking, creating an enormous effect.

It couldn't be helped, but as noticed, the vitality of the Raid Boss hadn't shrunk to a little bit.

However, the Monarch of the Army was standing still.

[You worms…!]

The angry legion of the boss all began to swing their weapons.


While some knight class users bounced backward.

Moreover, the users who haven't been able to cope with the rush just died right there.

They were all dead with a single general attack.

A word came out of somebody's mouth, it was grumbling of excitement.

"Wow, what kind of a normal attack is that?!"

The vitality of the users with the shield was being cut down to half.

The 450 level Raid Boss was showing tremendous power.

But that didn't end.

The Monarch of the Army who was swinging his ax bounced off to the knights and raised his ax once again to attack.

At the end of the black ax, a purple light began to flow.

"Wait for the range! Avoid it!!"

With the cries of someone, the users began to move out.

Despite the warning, however, there were a few users who didn't leave the range of the battlefield.

And the one who was in front was Herz, who raised the shield and placed his legs backward.

A defensive posture to absorb the incoming impact.

The defensive skill of the Knights class top tier 'Divine Barrier' had unfolded.

Woo Woong-!

The Divine Barrier was an advanced Knight Class skill that was designed to optimize and block the range attacks, and also absorbs the damage exactly at the point where the ranged attacker triggers it.

However, the ability 'Divine Barrier' doesn't show extreme damage absorptions.

Therefore, Herz's judgment might seem very reckless at first thought.

- Sh*t, he's crazy!

- No matter how great the number one ranker is, what's the point if he dies!?

But the very moment.

Shortly before the weapon of the Commander of the Army reached Herz, several layers of shields were simultaneously cast in front of Herz.

The very moment, the wizard rankers and the priest class rankers cast their shields.


A huge crashing sound came from the shield of Herz, and Herz's body which was balancing itself on the back foot—was pushed back about 3 meters.

The shield magic that was used in the right moment and the damage absorption skill of Herz's shield took most of the damage.

Moreover, thanks to the 'Divine Barrier' the ranged attack was completely evaporated.

And for the users who didn't know all the details, it was like Herz had single-handedly taken the attack, and the users couldn't help admiring him.

It was because they could understand how deep the players had thought for the moment's execution.

The chat window was scrolling with numerous comments.

- Wow, that's Herz?

- haha, Lotus Guild Master Herz.

- Keu, he such a daredevil. How could he stand there trusting the shields to come on?

- So are my words. Heh he! The shields didn't even come until the boss was going for the attack, but it was a treat to see.

- Believe, there is always a need to believe in the Guild members. Don't you see that the ones left behind are mostly of the Lotus Guild?

- Oh? Is that so? Keu…! The party of Lotus is so crazy.

Herz was a high-level Knight class with a level above 330, but the Commander of the Army was a monster with a level of 450.

And it wasn't just a normal boss, it was a raid boss monster that was able to handle the whole field.

Even if the knight class ranker was guarded, when the skill of a 450 level raid boss comes in with correct precision, he would be forced to be out of the play.

The shield that Herz put in play a moment back was the minimum what one could do to survive in the play, and the shield that Herz placed had a control of maximum absorption for any attack, plus the addition of three other shield magic.

And if one didn't believe in their own skills and the skills of the guild, one could never be able to go past the impossible.

The very moment, Herz who believed that his guild would hold him didn't fall back, and the guild who believed in Herz casted their shields.

- Well, rankers are surely different. If I was in the same position, I would've avoided it.

- he he he, I agree. Herz of level over 300 should have been dead by the Raid Boss, but see where he is now?

- Herz sure is Herz, but not even a single ranker of the Lotus has been wiped out. If Herz couldn't have stopped it, he would have been the first to go.

- Keu, Has someone seen the shield on Herz? As the shield was placed, a blue wave spread across, did someone notice it?

- Uh, I saw it too.

- Huh? What was it? I know all the skills of the knights.

- That blue wave is an effect that appears when it has absorbed more than 90% of the damage. Even a novice user would be able to tell that…

- Aha, I see.

The viewers watching the channel were making breakless comments.

But it wasn't just the viewers who were surprised.

The rankers who were there on the battlefield were also extremely shocked with the team play of the Lotus Guild.

"Such a lucky lot, that Lotus! Nice to see some guts."

Ian who was next to Remir while she was admiring couldn't help but laugh.

"Is that so noona? Didn't you also think that Herz wouldn't fall after the attacks?"

"Sure I didn't. I have been in the party with you guys for once or twice, right?"

Remir too believed that Herz would be able to block the attack, and was getting ready to cast an attack spell for the moment.

Controlling his familiars, Ian asked Remir for something.

"So, come into our Guild from now on. You hunt with us so often, why not just come into the guild?"

"That, that…! Because I like being alone!"

Remir couldn't help herself as she was a bit nervous of her performance when compared to Hoonie or Yu Shin of the Guild.

And while the two of them were bickering, the attack spell of Remir was cast, and a red light blew to the front.

Below the Commander of the Army's neck, a red circle had formed.

And someone has noticed it.


Remir shouted in the battlefield.

"The boss can't move, so get on your feet!"

When the meteor circle was summoned, exactly ten seconds later, a huge meteor falls on the spot.

The meteor skill was a difficult one to use properly as it takes a lot of time to cast.

A shining red sphere started to head rapidly towards the spot.


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