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Chapter 396 - Legion of the Dark - Part 2



The black staff in the hand of Hoonie was vibrating vigorously.

The next thing was smoke that was flowing out of the one end of the staff.

The black smoke that came out from the staff was dancing along with the movements of Hoonie's hands, forming a kind of serpentine pattern and then slowly disappearing.

Lilson who had seen that was curious of it.

"Wow, what is that? How did you do that? So Interesting. Can a warlock do everything?"

Lilson's eyes were wide open and his words were coming out nonstop.

Hoonie smiled and shook his wand.

It was because of the teamkill that Ian did, that he had got a weapon from the myth box.

It was a staff from the box.

"Only with this staff, I can do it, Hyung. This is a myth rank weapon."

Lilson's lips pouted while listening to that.

"You did good! Ahhh, I wonder when I'll get a myth rank weapon. Even, Ian's weapon is a myth rank, that flashing lightning thing?"

"Won't it be…?"

At the curiosity of Lilson, Hoonie just responded normally without any excitement.

And soon, with an upset face, he sat down on the chair.

Lilson who noticed it laughed and talked to him.

"You were all excited when you wanted to find things, but why are you suddenly feeling down?"

Lilson decided to sit down on the other end of Hoonie.

Hoonie pouted while replying,

"What's the use of finding it. When it can't be read?"


"Hyung, look at this book once."

Hoonie softly threw the book towards Lilson and caught it with a panicked look.

And after opening the book, Lilson asked him with a frown,

"What is wrong? I don't find anything wrong with the book."

Hoonie who was hanging down his neck spoke,

"The next chapter. Turn over the pages."


"Maybe it is sealed or something, I cant turn over after that. If you try to open, then only strange patterns of snake shine."

Lilson did as Hoonie had asked.

And the page didn't go over, however, the mentioned snake patterns were engraved on the underside with a purple light.

The pattern that Hoonie had been drawing with the staff a little while back.

Lilson mumbled out of curiosity,

"The abandoned Empire of Darkness and below the earth… this part won't open?"

Hoonie nodded his head.

"Huh. I wasn't able to open that part of the text as the condition wasn't met."

"Keuk, this really something. Something that would make even listening to the title makes you want-to-know-the-story kinda interesting."

"That's what I meant."

Lilson laughed at Hoonie who was upset and asked him something,

"Then, should I try reading the other things first?"


"Something other than this book."

"Oh, is the classification all done?"

Instead of answering Hoonie's question. Lilson got up and spread his hands.

"Voila, the books are all here. All the things that you have mentioned. So don't let them spread all out and try to get your needed things."


There were countless books in front of Hoonie's eyes.

Hoonie didn't even know how he was supposed to respond to the piled up old archives in front of him.

"These, these are all relics?"

Lilson nodded with a chuckle.

"You don't think so?"

No matter how exciting the Kailan was for Hoonie, these were a lot of books, especially for the one who hates them.

"Haaaa… how can…"

He was as shocked as the time when he received a Penta S grade quest.

Right then.

System messages that Hoonie didn't even imagine started to appear in front of him.


[All conditions have been met and the story has been completed.]

[Hidden Episode, 'The Secret History of Darkness I' has opened.]

[This is a private episode, so only those who match the criteria will be able to view the episode.]

The books that were in front of Hoonie, were now in the air.

"Oh, Oh oh…?"

Flustered at what was happening, Hoonie took a step back.

Before his body could react any further, darkness took over Hoonie.


A new image began to emerge in front of the darkened vision of Hoonie.


Humans have been said to have an average life span of hundred years.

However some of them, there were a few cases who have an abnormally long life span, or in some cases have an eternal life, one of which came from being the messenger of the God.

When the call from the God is received for the matter of helping him, the constraints of life and death are lost.

It was the messenger of the God who gets that eternal life for his life, unless the task was passed on to another or if retrieved back by the God.

Then, how is one supposed to be the messenger of the God?

For the above-mentioned thing to happen, there were two ways.

To receive the God's favor, or to join the vocation of the existing messengers.

And Immortal, who was the 'Messenger of God' was chosen by Kades, was the first one to ask for a pass at the call.

To one of the seven warlock disciples that he had, 'the one who was the least talented'.

He was the youngest of the seven disciples of Immortal, 'Radeus'.

[Radeus, my student.]

[Yes, teacher.]

[I want to stop it now, and want to go back to the darkness.]


[So, I hope that you take the call of this teacher and… and do me a favor.]

[What isthe call, what is it?]

[The God of Darkness, Kades, accept his proposal.]

God's messengers aren't supposed to have excessive desire.

As one is given immense power and a life without death by the God, the advantages are confused inevitably the moment his desire rises.

Of course, it didn't mean that there should be no desire at all, but there needs to be a good line.

So Immortal tried to give his calling to the most lacking and youngest of his disciples.

Rough and pure.

A child who wasn't even a little close to becoming a true warlock.

Radeus refused to take it at first, but Immortal was the one who finally decided that he needs to give it.

If he had chosen any of the other disciples who had a lot of desire, then what came next was an obvious thing.

In the end, Radeus decided to accept the request from his teacher, and a new messenger of the God was born.

The first disciple of Immortal, without any desires like 'Chalian'.

[How can teacher do this to me…?!]

Chalian was learning the black magic from Immortal at a very young age, he was something like a son for him.

He was a genius, and he was able to understand the teachings of Immortal faster than anyone else.

As a matter of fact, Immortal treated that kid like a friend and pampered him a lot while raising.

He always listened to what the teacher had to say and didn't do a task if he felt like he didn't like it.

But that itself was the problem.

Chalian began to grow greedy, and by the time Immortal had realized it, he was at a stage where he couldn't be brought back for his desires.

Which was why he couldn't help but feel angry.

At a teacher who hadn't choose him.

That too, the youngest of all the disciples.

[I will make sure that you regret not choosing me!]

Chalian knew that his teacher was the Messenger of the God.

He even knew that once a person turns to become the messenger of God, they began to turn powerful along with the eternal life, and thought that Chalian would be the one to be called on for the task.

They were the things that were meant to happen.

It was natural for those thoughts, as he had thought that the position was for himself.

And the brilliant Chalian began to choose a taboo path.

[If my teacher chooses to not give it to me, I will take it with my strength…!!!]

Eternal life, and the mighty power that came all through the time.

The manner on how it was supposed to be received, Chalian knew a thing about it.

The existence of being in the middle point of life and death.

Not a living being, nor a dead man.

Just Richie.

[Big hyung! That isn't all!]

[Yea, yeah. No matter how angry you are, you shouldn't break the rule…! The Gods will get angry…!]

[Shut up! I don't want to hear about it!]

When a man dies, he dies.

And in the process, he loses all the memories of his life.

In short, the dead ones don't have the luxury or the pain of holding onto memories.

But a Richie was someone who could still hold onto the memory even after death.

It was an existence that one stays in neither the dead or alive but can feel joy and anger.

It was the Richie, a forbidden black magic created by the darkness of the person and chooses to place his soul in it, to enjoy the things that were given to a normal human.

And being a genius, Chalian, knowing the teaching of Black magic, secretly became a Richie.

He had sacrificed the youngest disciple of his teacher, Radeus who was supposed to attend the calling for his teacher had been turned into a vessel for his soul.

In the end, he had become free from the circle of life and death with a 'shortcut'.

But being a Richie didn't solve everything.

There was no way that the God of Darkness Kades didn't know about the natural order being broken, and he would surely try to correct it again.

And at the peak of it, Chalian didn't know that he would die.

However, Chalian didn't panic.

He even predicted that to happen.

[The God of Darkness that controls life and death should be turned to my side. And for that to happen…!]

Chalian who had already gone past the boundaries was ready to do it once again without any hesitation.

He turned his eyes towards another dimension.

[Devil Gods, I'll ask for their help.]



[Hidden Episode 'Secret History of Darkness I' has ended.]

[Can't open the next episode as the conditions for the next episode haven't been met.]

[If the following conditions are met, 'Secret History of Darkness II' episode will open.]

The video ended there.

The story had lasted for an hour, a story which didn't give the person a chance to think.

Hoonie's sight once again turned back to normal, but Hoonie couldn't wipe the black expression of his face.

It was because he had to rearrange the parts of the story into his mind.

'What, so according to the story, isn't Kades supposed to be on the side of Immortal?'

At the end of the video, it was clear that Kades was angry at Chalian, who had broken the natural course of life.

And Hoonie who was under the thought that Kades and Chalian were on the same side, couldn't help but feel lost.

Because his base assumption was completely destroyed.

Hoonie was staring at the sky but managed to ask Lilson,

"Hyung! Hyung did you see the video too?"

Lilson nodded his head.

"Huh. I saw it too. Maybe because I'm the owner of the books."

"What situation… can be an alternative?"

Before confirming that images, Lilson and Hoonie only knew of an unsolved situation.

And it was confusing.

"What to do? Something surely has happened. Let's think for a while."

Lilson and Hoonie who were both intrigued nodded and sat face to face.

The both of them began to look back at the story that they had just seen and were trying to act like detectives who were trying to guess the case.

But before the mystery was opened, within ten minutes from the start.

Suddenly, Hoonie got up from his seat and clapped his hands.

"Ah! Right! That was it!"


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