Taming Master | Chapter 397 | Legion of the Dark | Part 3

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Chapter 397 - Legion of the Dark - Part 3


- What happened? Why did Ian stop moving!

- Oh, right! Is it some kind of glitch or something? Why did he stop attacking all of a sudden?

- Oh shit, hehe is it a bug? Is Ian being affected by a bug for the first time in Kailan?

In the boss raid of the 'Monarch of the Army' in which an unusual number of rankers were taking part in, all the seasoned rankers did their best and managed to take down 10 percent of the Commander of the Army's vitality.

It was unexpected for a lot of people since it would normally take around 30 to 40 minutes to finish a raid.


A situation that no one anticipated was taking place.

Ian, who had the most influencing presence in the raid, had stopped moving at the spot where he was supposed to deal damage on the monster.

Ian was experiencing lag.

It wasn't just Ian, all of his familiars and retainers stopped along with him, which was why everyone knew that the situation was unusual.

Right above Ian's head, the Monarch of the Army's Wave of Darkness was being set.


"Why is he just standing still?!"

"All of a sudden?! Is it a bug?"

Users' screams of panic could be heard everywhere because of the sudden turn of events.

There would be a huge setback for the remaining parties in the raid if Ian died.

Surely without Ian, the situation wouldn't be so bad, but it would make the raid much harder without him.

However, the users' panic soon turned into wonder.


Ian's character stood there unscathed even as the dark energy had fallen on to the ground.

Normally, his character should have emitted grey lights and be out of the game.

All the users began to panic again because of what happened.

"Wha... what?! What is that?!"

"What the f*ck? Does the Summoner class have such a skill?"

"It doesn't seem like invincibility, is it just a bug?"

Not just the users in the field, but the netizens were also confused.

- Guys, does that seem like a bug?

- It looks like it. This situation is definitely trippy.

- Right! Though Kailan is famous for not having bugs, I think what's happening is surely a bug.

But then...

Someone said something interesting.

- It's not a bug.

- Eh? How do you know that?

- I just called the customer care center.

- Sh*t! Smart bastard! What did they say?

- Nothing much, just that it wasn't a bug.

- Hmm, what? It really isn't a bug?

Hypotheses were pouring over. Speculations were being made about what was currently happening to Ian.

It was a very confusing situation, but the rankers on the field were very quick to focus on the raid.

Ian was powerful, but they were powerful users too.

"All of you! Focus! We can catch it without Ian!"

"Okay! That monster's vitality is almost at the bottom, we can finish it off even with gentle hits!"

Rankers moved in and started to take Ian's vacant spot.

They've battled the Raid Boss for about 50 minutes.

[Keuuu! You measly humans…!]

The Monarch of the Army began to roar loudly and collapsed on the spot.

Kung kung-kung-!

As the Raid Boss fell on the floor, a huge sound echoed everywhere.

System messages started to pour in for all those who participated in the raid.


[Successfully defeated the Raid Boss 'Monarch of the Army'!]

[Attained 46987030 experience points.]

[Earned 1 million fame points.]

[You will get rewards based on your contribution to the raid.]

[Item 'Raid treasure chest' has been obtained.]

While watching the boss fall down, all the users sighed in relief.

"Huh, it was really tough. It's like I had a bad day."

"Keu, Shakran you have done well. It went down because of the damage you dealt in the end."

"It was nothing."

"Levya, you worked hard too. You really are the 1st ranked Priest class. That's some awesome support you did there."

All the rankers were having warm conversations with each other.

When suddenly...

Herz who was confirming his reward looked over at the spot where Ian was still at.

"How long does that guy plan on standing there…?!"

Herz wasn't able to complete his sentence.

It was because Ian and his familiars who were standing still for almost an hour till the battle had ended suddenly disappeared.


"Devil God Daedmon…! Why didn't I think of that?"

Pieces of information that were in Hoonie's head were being pieced together one after the other forming the big picture, and there weren't that many pieces missing. The only piece of information he needed to know now was 'The relationship between the Devil God Daedmon and Richie King Chalian'.

'Chalian must have done something with Daedmon. That made Kades change.'

Everything would be clear once he found the last piece of this intricate puzzle.

The New Episode was currently underway.

The relationship of this three would be unraveled in this episode.

After knowing the last piece of the puzzle, Hoonie would then figure out how to use the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix.

Hoonie was looking into his inventory.

He was finding an item that he wanted to show to Lilson.

"Lilson hyung. Can you feel an item from the Devildom?"

Lilson nodded in response to Hoonie's question.

"Well, that's possible. In some cases, I might need a few materials."

Hoonie took out the item—Daedmon's Book—and handed it to Lilson.

It was an item that Hoonie had gotten in the past for completing the quest—God of Darkness, Kades Errand.

The errand itself was to fulfill the 'Deal with Daedmon from the past', which was why he thought that the Daedmon's Book would give him a clue.

Its item information was as follows...

- - - - -

- Daedmon's Book -

Rank – Legendary

Classification – Goods (Artifacts)

It is an ancient book that contains the power of the Devil God, Daedmon and the God of Darkness, Kades.

It contains the description of the two Gods' pledges, and clues about the former Hidden class, 'Wizards of Destruction'

Item has been sealed.

It is an item that can get a high-grade reward when offered at the altar of the Devil Gods.

- - - - -

If Lilson would be able to unlock the seal on the 'Daedmon's Book', then Hoonie would know about the pledge between the two Gods.

Lilson who had taken the item from Hoonie was amazed.

"Wow… from where did you get this thing? No normal human user gets to see such a thing in this world…"

Hoonie went straight to the point and said,

"I really had to work very hard to get that thing, so don't talk nonsense and get to opening the seal quickly."

"Kay, wait a second."

Lilson began to use his Relic Appraising skill on the Book of Daedmon.

A moment later, Lilson said,

"Well, it sure isn't something whose seal can be opened just yet."

"Then? Does it need something?"

"Maybe, I don't really know. Maybe a magic stone or something. It would be better if you could get an intermediate or advanced level magic stone."

Hoonie lifted his head at those words.

"A magic stone? I think I have heard about that somewhere…"

Lilson narrowed his eyes.

"Huh? Magic stones are used for alchemy. It is useless for anyone other than the ones who are in the production business."

"No, I have surely heard of it hyung. That word… I'm very familiar with it…"

It wasn't a very nice memory for some reason, but Hoonie tried a good deal to recollect it.


A man suddenly opened the door and entered the room.

Hoonie realized now why the word magic stone felt so familiar after hearing this man's voice.

"Higher ranked magic stones? I'll give them to you."


It was a mineral called 'magic stone'.

Hoonie remembered that he had dug so hard to get those stuff.

However, he didn't get high ranked stones.

"Ian hyung…? Hyung how are you even here…?!"

It was Ian who opened the door of the manor's room.

Ian smiled at Hoonie and said,

"What do you mean how, idiot? Hyung has come to help you."


Hoonie's complexion darkened upon hearing Ian's words.

'This one time I wanted to do this alone…!'

A Hidden Quest which had the main scenarios hidden.

Just like the Dimensional War, if one could bring out the core quests, they would eventually become the protagonist of the scene.

Like Ian who carried the humans to victory.

Ian's power which was showcased in the Dimensional War was so overwhelming that no other rankers could be even compared to it.

Hoonie wanted to be in that kind of situation as well.

He wanted to become the protagonist of the current episode and become a hero to human users.

It was a magnificent dream.

However, when he saw Ian smiling in front of him, he felt like his dreams went crashing down in the dumps.

"What are you thinking so hard about?"

Hoonie's hands were shaking, but he tried to calm his emotions down and replied,

"Nothing, Hyung. Then please give me the higher grade magic stones."

Ian laughed and picked up the stones from his inventory.

Lilson who still didn't understand what was going on had a puzzled expression.

"Kay, Lilson hyung. Here is the stone."

"Uh? Yeah."

Lilson took the stones with utmost seriousness.

He placed it on the Book of Daedmon which he received from Hoonie.

"Ian… Do you have more of those magic stones with you?"

Ian nodded.

"You have a lot of intermediate leveled magic stones, but only three advanced level magic stones. Why? Well, I don't guarantee that we would be successful for the first time anyway."

Ian spoke in a low voice and said,

"Hyung, that is expensive."

"I know."

"That is why if we succeeded in the first try, I'll be charging you for the next one."


Lilson couldn't help but gulp down his saliva when he heard that.

'Oh, what is the price of these stones these days? Was it around 150,000 gold?'

The thought of failing started to enter Lilson's mind while cold sweat ran off his back.

Lilson began to concentrate on the magic stone and the Book of Daedmon.

He swallowed his spit and calmly tried to invoke his Relic Appraisal Skill.


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