Taming Master | Chapter 398 | Clues to Solve | Part 1

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Chapter 398 - Clues to Solve - Part 1


'Secret History of Darkness', a story that Hoonie discovered because of Lilson.

Same with the 'Hidden Episode', it needed a special qualification to view that episode.

The Deal of the Devil God, Daedmon and the God of Darkness, Kades.

This episode video was shared only to the users who had cleared the quest related to the deal.

Except for Lilson who hadn't even cleared the quest related to it even though he owned one of the artifacts.

So, how many people this episode video was shared to?

It wasn't clear as to how many had cleared the quest, but it was clear that it wasn't just Hoonie since he cleared the quest along with Ian.

Ian stared at Lilson who was examining the Book of Daedmon and chuckled.

'I was really nervous since I was summoned here from the middle of the raid, but this is so cool.'

Ian suddenly stopped moving in the middle of the raid with the Commander of the Army.

The reason for it was that he was viewing a shard episode video.

Ian's character's time stopped, and it was linked with the episode of the Secret History of Darkness.

Everyone assumed that what happened was caused by a bug or something.

Ian was able to catch up with almost every scenario and carefully saw the episode video.

That was why he had come to the area where Hoonie was at.

'Kay, how should we proceed now?'

Ian looked at Lilson and Hoonie with an excited expression.

From the Book of Daedmon which Lilson was holding, a bright light began to come out.


[You have succeeded in evaluating the ancient artifact 'Book of Daedmon', an item of the Devildom!]

[Your explorer experience has increased by 54975800.]

[The 'Relic Appraisal' skill experience increased by 915764.]

[The level of the 'Relic Appraisal' skill increased from Master 3 to Master 4.]

[You have succeeded in the appraisal of a legendary relic, earning you 100,000 worth of fame.]


Lison threw a fist to the sky.

In the past, Ian asked Lilson for the appraisal of a legendary relic.

After taking more than a dozen stones, he was able to achieve it.

Lilson's relic appraisal skill was at the Advanced 9 level at that time, which was now raised to the Master 3 level. He was ecstatic since he succeeded in Feeling an item in one try.

Honestly, Lilson was prepared to fail for about two to five times.

Ian was confident that Lilson would succeed with just using one out of the three advanced level magic stone.

"Keu, Are you seeing now who the 1st ranked Explorer class is?"

Lilson's shoulder stood straight and had a very intense look.

Before Lilson could even brag though, new system messages popped up in front of them.


[The item 'Book of Daedmon' has been unsealed.]

[It is an ancient book written in the language of ancient magic.]

[The content cannot be understood.]

Hoonie looked at the message that came up and spoke with a ridiculing expression,

"Well, if it is unlocked, then the content needs to be shown! What am I supposed to do now?"

Another system message popped up right after Hoonie's ranting.

[All the conditions have been met to uncover the 'Devil God Daedmon's Plot'.]

[Find the Mediator of the Dimension, Iriel and the quest will be activated.]

- - - - - -

Find the Mediator of the Dimension, Iriel (Hidden) (Connected) –

Through the analysis of the ancient artifacts, you have discovered a 'secret' that was buried in the dark.

In the hidden history, there was a conspiracy about breaking the balance and order of the dimension.

The destruction of balance began with the greed and desire of the Richie King.

However, the God of Darkness who was supposed to stop such an act neglected the Richie King Chalian.

The God Kades, who was a normal innocent person, had a feeling of 'greed'.

If the crack continues to occur, there will be a crisis of destruction that will come onto the dimension of the human world.

According to the ancient books, the power of the Devil God was partly involved in the Greed of Kades.

Everything that happened between the two Gods was recorded in the Book of Daedmon.

Let's go to Iriel, the Mediator of the Dimension and ask for help.

She will be able to read the ancient magic language.

If you take the Book of Daedmon to her, she will be able to read and tell you how to stop this conspiracy.

Quest Difficulty: S

Quest Condition: Unknown

Time Limit: None

Reward: Unknown

This quest cannot be refused.

- - - - -

The Forest of Love—where Iriel was staying—was a place where one cannot go to, unless with the help of Gripper's Beads of Dimension. However, Ian was an exception.

Ian had the Beads of Dimension.

Regardless of the dimensional system, once the coordinates had been set, the Beads of Dimension could always be used to move to the user's desired dimension. It was a broken item!

Ian immediately opened the dimension's door, from which both Hoonie and Ian moved through.

However, Lilson couldn't come with them.

He couldn't since he was still low level.

Hoonie was amazed when he saw the Forest of Love since this was his first time seeing the place.

"Oh oh…! This place is so shiny, right? The sky is pink!"

Hoonie then turned his gaze over to Ian and asked.

"Hyung, this isn't your first time visiting this place, right?"


"What are we supposed to do here anyway? It feels like we're staying at a magic circle, right?"

Hoonie was filled with a strange feeling because of the beautiful surroundings.

Ian who saw Hoonie drooling over the scenario laughed and asked him,

"Hoonie, do you have a girlfriend?"

Hoonie flinched upon hearing such an unexpected question.

"Girl… friend?"

"Huh. Nowadays, everyone has girlfriends…"

Hoonie replied,

"I don't understand. What kind of nation has that kind of people?"

"What do you mean by what nation? It's Korea I'm talking about."

"That... that can't be!?"

Seeing Hoonie all worked up, Ian couldn't help but laugh.

"Whatever! Just answer my question. Have you or have you not?"

A terrible question for Honie who had been forever solo!

Hoonie who was feeling all excited about the pink sky felt shattered in an instant.

Hoonie answered with a timid voice,

"Uh, I don't have one."

Ian tried to confirm another thing.

"Not even one?"


Ian who just heard something he didn't even imagine from Hoonie spoke with an evil smile,

"Hoonie-ah, you asked me what kind of place this is, right?"


"This is…"

Ian paused for a moment then said,

"This is hell."


Ian's lips formed a wicked smile.

"At least for you it is."


The two men who arrived at the Forest of Love were able to search for Iriel without much difficulty.

Since Ian knew the mapping of the forest, it was natural that they would find her without any problem.

Hoonie kind of had a hard time though.

Iriel greeted Ian with a pleasant smile, and the linked quest was activated immediately.

Iriel, who received the Book of Daedmon from Ian, began to read it with a serious expression.

"Kay now, please focus and listen."

The book's contents were as follows

The Devil God Daedmon wanted to break off the balance, harmony, and order of the human world.

Furthermore, the Gods defending the Human World wanted to part ways.

Which was why the proposal of the Richie King Chalian, seemed very attractive for him.

"Devil God, I need the seed of greed."

[The Seed of Greed, why do you need it? You already are a man with a lot of greed.]

"The God of Darkness, Kades is in need of Greed. Which is why I need to give him a lot of it, I need to let him know of things by greed."

[Kkkuk, Kuaakk!]

The Seed of Greed was normally made to corrupt all the Gods.

The Seed of Greed, which was made in the Devildom, that was once driven to a state of crisis due to the attack of the Knights from the celestial world. The seed allowed the Devildom to regain their power.

The Devil Gods succeeded using it as an instrument to corrupt five thousand bodies, which they turned into Devils.

Among the 12 Devils of the current Devildom, five of them were once the devotees of the Gods.

In fact, Chalian wasn't even sure what the Seed of Greed was.

He just knew that it was a thing that could corrupt the Gods.

However, that was all he needed.

With the Seed of Greed, he was sure that he could make Kades take his side.

Using the Seed of Greed, Kades would be thirsty for power, so the Richie King could use him as an effective tool.

[Nice. I will give you the Seed of Greed.]

"Thank you, Devil God."

[However, be mindful, this is a very valuable thing for me.]

"Is there something you hope from me?"

[There's nothing I hope from you. If you succeed, just give me a soul.]

"I understand…."

Finally, Chalian received the Seed of Greed from Daedmon. He then took it to the God of Darkness Kades' altar and offered it to him.

He then planted the feeling of 'Greed' into Kades.

The story which Iriel told both of them was quite long.

As Iriel was continuing to read the Book of Daedmon, Ian asked something about a thing he was curious about.

"So, why was Chalian sealed inside the Devildom?"

Hoonie who realized something added,

"I know, right! Until a while back, Chalian was sealed in the Devildom. If he succeeded in corrupting Kades, wouldn't he have helped Chalian?"

Iriel answered both of their questions with a wry smile.

"No. Chalian indeed planted the Seed of Greed to Kades, but that doesn't mean that Kades had fallen for it."


"Surely, Kades is a deity, so falling for it wouldn't be so easy."


"It takes a long time for Kades to fall into such a thing. As the Seed of Greed sinks in slowly for deities."

"Ah, that is why…"

Chalian had indeed succeeded in planting the Seed of Greed to Kades, but he eventually stepped on his tail.

He didn't catch the attention of the Gods because he offered the Seed of Greed to one of them. He caught their attention because he had the title, Richie King.

And thus Kades convened a meeting of the Gods and ordered the hero of the human world to discipline Chalian.

And that hero was the hero of Luspel Empire.

"Miss Iriel, then what are we supposed to do now? The Seed of Greed that was planted to the God of Darkness—Kades… is it possible to remove it?"

Iriel shook her head in response to Hoonie's question.

"No, it is impossible. Kades has already begun to fall for it, and if this keeps up then he'll become a Devil God."

"Then what are we supposed to do?"

Iriel's big eyes began to shine.

She looked at Ian then at Hoonie. She then laughed a bit and said,

"The problems of the Gods needs to be left to the Gods."


"Now, you guys need to do what human heroes need to do."

"What we need to do, in the sense…?"

"To stop the Richie King Chalian, who is trying to raise a Dark Legion beyond the Ulphir mountains. Like the hero of the Luspel Empire of the past."

Iriel continued,

"If the other Gods find out about the fall of Kades, he will no longer be able to help Chalian. Isn't that for the best?"

After saying a piece of her mind, Iriel continued to tell the story once again.

This time it was about the hero, the hero who sealed the Richie King Chalian in the past.

The key to this story was the two dragons.

The Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix and the Dragon of Light, Elcarix.

A quest window that Ian hadn't thought of, had now appeared in front of him.


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