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Chapter 399 - Clues to Solve - Part 2



[Quest to find 'The Goddess of Light, Ernesis'.]

- - - - -

- Finding the Goddess of Light, Ernesis (Hidden) (Connected) –

The God of Darkness, Kades has given you the item Kades Beads, which contains his power.

He then ordered it to be delivered to the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix.

However, if the order gets fulfilled, then the Dragon of God—Lugarix will be on the side of Richie King Chalian.

And it is clear that your wanted result will be ruined.

Now that you have everything, you need to find the Goddess of Light, Ernesis.

Only with her power, the darkness of the Kades beads will be purified, and the cleansed beads will help you take the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix to your side.

The shrine of the Goddess of Light, Ernesis is hidden somewhere in the mountains of Ulphir.

With the messenger of light, find her temple.

After explaining it all to Ernesis, let's get the Kades Beads cleansed.

Quest Difficulty: S

Quest Condition:


Accompanied by the messenger of light.

Time Limit: None


An opportunity is given for the rise of a tier for the 'Taming Master' class.

(Rewards may depend on the user who has received the quest.)

* A quest that cannot be refused.

- - - - - - -

Ian, who had read the contents of the quest, discovered something.

"Kades Beads? I have never received anything like that…?"

Kades Beads was something that Hoonie had received, and Ian didn't know of it.

Hoonie replied bluntly,

"That was for me. Don't worry."


Ian who thought it was a joke laughed, and Hoonie couldn't help but pout his lips.

After a while, Ian who realized it suddenly gulped.


And the quest window which showed the rewards list at the end.

'I am being given the chance to rise the tiers for the class!?'

Ian had already once experienced the elevation of the Taming Master Tier Class.

After successfully taming 'Rakyal' which was a higher level which couldn't be tamed, the 2nd tier taming master had turned to the 3rd tier taming master.

So if he succeeded in raising the tier this time, the taming master tier will move to the 4th tier.

The highest tier of any hidden class ever known until the moment was the third tier, which was a tremendous reward.

Of course, there were rankers who have already got 4th tier in the class, and if Hoonie clears all the quests, he would become a 4th tier class of 'Monarch of Darkness.'

'I have used the skills that I acquired after reaching the 3rd tier… the sacrifice skill wasn't used as much I had thought that I could.'

A skill that expands the scope of the summoners exponential, 'Sympathy I' skill.

Of all the skills that Ian had possessed, this was a skill that could be used before raising three fingers.

In addition to widening the scope of control, it allowed the familiars to hunt for hours even if Ian wasn't connected, which enabled them to maintain the level of numerous retainers.

On the other hand, the 'Sacrifice I' skill, which had a huge buff effect, was used unexpectedly.

The buff itself was tremendous, but the extreme situation didn't come for sacrificing one of his familiar.

That wasn't the end.

In fact, the biggest benefit of the tier use was in the rise of the career stat.

Summoners required stats, such as leadership and affinity.

Especially if leadership was to rise, he would probably be able to add another familiar of a legendary-myth rank.

Ian's mouth went up,

'What skills will I get this time, will I have a lot of expectations?'

Ian, who thought that he wouldn't fail in getting the tier, was all excited.


Ian's will was beginning to burn.


Hoonie and Ian moved to the North of the Central Continent in search of Levya.

It wasn't so tough to analyze that Levya was the messenger of Light.

It was because Iriel had told them a definite clue.

And that was…

"By the way, Iriel. Who is the messenger of Light?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure who he is, but I know a clue."

"What kind…?"

"The messenger of light is a human being, and has pure white wings."

White wings.

That one word was all they needed.

Just before coming to Hoonie, Ian had seen the strongest priest with white wings in the raid.

"Ian: Levya, which direction are you going to? I need to go to the southeast of the Ulphir Mountains."

"Levya: Ah, Ian! Are you close to it?"

"Ian: Yep, I'm in front of the gate now."

"Levya: Ulphir mountains have more than two gates. Could you send me the coordinates?"

"Ian: Sure. It is 1798, 1231."

"Levya: Okay! Wait."

Levya, who had an exchange of messages from Ian, appeared in front of the two men within awhile.

And the three men who greeted each other in an exchange of brief and short greetings began to move to the Ulphir mountains.

The Ulphir mountain range had a lot of powerful monsters of high level, but the top three rankers were in the party who wouldn't be taken down by those monsters.

Was it around 20 more minutes?

The three people were able to arrive at the white temple where a gentle light was shinning.


Ian had discovered the Goddess of Light, Ernesis.

The first thing she had said the moment she came down was.

"You are someone who has a very special power."

A word which was vague to understand, Ian looked up at her.

"Special powers how…?"

Ernesis answered with a smile,

"I felt your special power at the very beginning, and like the messenger of the God, Levya, I felt the same feeling from you."

Ian was listening to her words, and she continued,

"But you are someone with no God, a special person with strength and power."

Ernesis lifted one of her hand,

A pure light from her hand started to enter Ian.

"Goddess of Light, Ernesis blessed you."

[Increase of all battle abilities rise temporarily by 30% (this is an effect that overlaps with other buff effects.)]

At the same time, rays of light moved from the entire body of Ian.

Ernesis murmured in a low voice,

"Maybe in the human world, another holder might be born."


Ian, who didn't understand what she was talking about, was a bit blank and Hoonie was getting annoyed.

'That Goddess of Light, she too is treating Ian as the only special one here.'

The very moment as if she read the mind of Hoonie, Ernesis laughed.

"Lord of Darkness, I can't give you my blessing. My blessing is like a poison to the darkness."

Hearing that Hoonie scratched the back of his neck and responded,

"Ah, yeah…"

And about quests maybe, Ernesis had a chat with Levya for a while.

And her gaze moved once again to Hoonie.

"Child, don't you have something that you want to ask me?"

Hoonie nodded and replied,

As it was all very sudden, he had immersed himself into the scenario.

"Yes, just a minute."

He opened the inventory and pulled out the 'Kades Beads'.

As Ernesis reached out to the beads, white light began to shine around the purple beads.

The white light smoke started to wind up and the smoke moved into the air.

Hoonie gently shook his head.

It was because there was no change in the appearance of the Kades Beads.

'What? Has it been cleansed? I thought it would turn white…'

Right in the moment.

Messages started to appear in front of Hoonie's eyes.


[The power of Darkness in the 'Kades Beads' has been cleansed.]

[The information of the 'Kades Beads' will change.]

Hoonie who read the message instinctively opened the item window.

- - - - -

- Kades Beads –

Classification – Miscellaneous

Rank – Legend

God of darkness, Kades—has made the item while using his strength.

When it is used on the creatures with dark attributes, dark power can be delivered to them.

* A single time use item.

* The item isn't available to users.

- - - -

Hoonie, who read the information window, was able to know what had changed.

'The word command was gone'.

For the word dismissing the command on the object, it now said that it would convey a powerful power that would be said.

The words of Ernesis followed,

"It is done, my child of darkness. Now it is up to you, to take this stuff and handle Lugarix."

Hoonie nodded and answered,

"I understand, Goddess of Light. I won't let you down."

Hoonie who was deep in the scenario forgotten that he was genuflecting.

Looking at him, Ian and Levya were embarrassed, but Ernesis was satisfied with it.

"Then I will believe you. Be sure to borrow the power of the Dragon of Darkness."

"I will do my best."

Hoonie stood up, and Ian bowed his head at Ernesis.

It was all over now, now they had to move to the Lugaric mountain to find the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix.

And Ernesis still had something to say.

"After getting the power of Lugarix, what do you guys plan to do?"

The party was flustered at the question.

After a while, Ian decided to speak.

"Won't we go up the north to discipline the Richie King?"

At those words, Ernesis answered after shaking her head,

"With only the help of Lugarix, you won't be able to deal with Richie King."


"With the help of my messenger, after persuading Lugarix to find Elcarix."

"Elcarix you mean, the Dragon of Light?"

"Yes. My child, Elcarix."

Hoonie and Ian had already heard the story about Elcarix the Light dragon, from Iriel.

In her story, the hero Muran was known to have taken the help of both Lugarix and Elcarix in punishing the Richie King.

However according to Iriel, the light dragon wasn't in the human world, so it was a situation they hadn't thought of.

With a confused look, Ian asked,

"The Dragon of Light has disappeared hundreds of years ago."

Ernesis nodded and replied,

"You are right. In the past, when my power was sealed, my child was destroyed."

Ian waited for her next words to come, and soon she did.

"But I awakened from a long sleep, and somewhere in this dimension, my child also would've been born. And it is up to you Ian… that by then I think that my child will wake up."

Ian wanted to know more about him.

But with those words from Ernesis, a new quest window had emerged in front of Ian and Hoonie's eyes.

- - -

- The Dragon of Light Elcarix (Hidden) (Connected) –

According to the Goddess of Light, Ernesis, it is said that the God's Dragon has been born somewhere in the dimensional system.

And if you have an Abyss dragon who has been granted the authority of Dragon God, you will be able to bring out Elcarix from asleep.

Let's find the egg of the God's Dragon Elcarix who is somewhere in the dimension and wake his soul.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

300+ level summoner user,

Users with myth rank pet, 'Abyss Dragon'

Time Limit: None


Myth rank pet 'Elcarix'

* A quest that cannot be refused.


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