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Chapter 401 - Dragon of Darkness - Part 2


[All the conditions have been fulfilled to be able to use the item 'Kades Beads'.]

[The Dragon of Darkness is given the power of God.]

[Increase all the battle abilities of the Dark Dragon, Lugarix by 50%.]

[All of the Dragon of Darkness' dark attribute attacks are enhanced by 30%.]

Ian, Hoonie, and Levya.

When the three of them entered the 5th floor, those system messages came up at the same time for all of them causing them to become nervous.

'What is this? Can it be used automatically?' Hoonie nervously thought to himself.

It was because he thought that he could finish the quest easily and move up to the 5th floor. He would then find the Lugarix and then use the beads.

However, the Kades Beads activated by themselves, and Lugarix was now awake.

It was natural for Lugarix to assume the three people to be intruders once he woke up.

The three of them were in their own worlds of nervousness after they heard Lugarix's roar that went throughout the whole lair.

[Kyahh! How dare… How dare you people who have entered the lair of the God's Dragon!]

Kung- Kukung-!

Lugarix's roar was so powerful that the entire lair seemed like it would collapse.

The boulders at the ceiling of the dungeon were falling down, creating a rough atmosphere.

Ian calmly looked around for Lugarix which still couldn't be seen.

'Isn't Lugarix suppose to make an appearance in the first phase of the quest?'

The rocks kept falling down.

Darkness started to take over the dungeon.

Among the familiars which Ian had summoned, he called out Bbakbbak whose agility was low but with tremendous tanking capabilities.

The other familiars would lose their vitality right away if they got hit with one or two strikes on their weak spot. Ian felt like it would be better to unsummon them in the meantime and just wait for them to cooldown.

Bang- Kabang-!

Hoonie had the biggest loss though.

Hoonie barely managed to escape from a falling rock, but many of his Undead were hit by the falling rocks.

His high-level Undead and his Death Knights were the only exceptions, but the Undead General had really low agility.

Duk- Duk-!

The skeletons especially had lower abilities overall, and they were all smashed by the rocks.

"Ahh, I hate places like these the most!"

The only one who was having a great time was Levya.

Since she had those wings of pure white light, she could fly and didn't have to care about the rocks falling from above—unlike Ian and Hoonie.

Levya flew to a safe spot and clasped her hands to cast an area buff.

"The Blessing of the Holy Spirits…!"


A spirited resonance spread out, and the white light which started from the hands of Levya then reached the members of the party.

A white shield formed around all the members.

"Hold on for a little longer! I think it's over."

Right then...

Hoonie pointed his finger to the front where he seemed to have noticed something.

"The... there!"

There were huge opening in the darkness.

A dark cave that they hadn't seen when they first entered the floor was suddenly there.

As the rocks began to collapse, the entrance seemed to have opened.

After a moment...

Deep in the darkness, a pair of purple lights began to shine.

[Interesting, interesting. You lot, are one hell of a guest. One is the Monarch of Darkness—Immortal… No, his descendant? I feel his energy.]

Thud- thud-

The sound of heavy footsteps came through the cave opening, and the vibrations of the dungeon began to stop eventually.

Ian focused all of his concentration in the direction of the sound.

He managed to grasp the situation calmly.

'The power of God, he will have a crazy buff with him. His level is probably over 450 as well. We will be wiped out with just one wrong move.'

Huck – huhuck-!

Except for the sound of falling sand and powder, the whole place was quiet.

All three of them were looking at the dragon's dark pupils. They were checking his skills to ready themselves to fight in the dark while feeling his footsteps that came occasionally.

'What? Aren't this footsteps a bit light for a dragon? Did it polymorph into a human?'

Lugarix slowly showed himself.

With a dark brown robe, and a silhouette the shape of a man.

He looked at Ian's party with his intense purple eyes.

[It has been so long since I had such radical guests.]

He said with a smile on his face.

The dungeon had now stopped trembling.

"It has been a while, humans."

Lugarix had seen Ian's party during the Dimensional war.

He surely would have, as the three of them were standing strong till the last battle of the Dimensional War.

And fortunately, Lugarix seemed to have remembered them.

One might think that Lugarix knowing them would make their work easier.

'I can't let my guard down just yet.'

Ian who confirmed the level of Lugarix gulped down.

[Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix / Lv: 500]

The Dragon of Darkness had the strength that he hadn't expected.

If things didn't go well for Ian's side and they went to battle, then there was no guarantee that they would win.

Ian had God's Dragon—Karceus who was the same as Lugarix.

He also had familiars who were as powerful as Kerceus—Bbookbbook and Kaizer.

But even then, the difference in level and buff between them and Lugarix was way too big.

Currently, Ian's level was almost 370.

The average level of monsters was lower than that, while Bbookbbook and Karceus' level was around 350.

Kaizer's level was over 400, even then their opponent was at 500.

In addition, since Lugarix's battle power would increase by 50%, if calculated arithmetically, it could be considered that it had the strength of a monster that was level 700 or above.

Of course, Ian too had buff skills but even considering that the gap was still going to be too big.

Hoonie was the first one to talk out of the three of them,

"I am the Monarch of Darkness, KanjiHoonie. Are you God's Dragon, Lugarix?"

Hoonie talked with a firm voice.

Levya then whispered to Ian,

"Ian, Is he in the AI mode right now? Or, is he just acting?"

"Well, that… I don't even know…"

In the entirety of Kailan, when a user suddenly began to speak in a serious tone in a scenario, it is due to the quest that he had accepted.

Which was why Levya assumed that Hoonie had been taken over by the AI.

Even Hoonie wasn't an exception.

"It just feels like Hoonie will be good at acting."

"I agree with that. But even then, Levya."


"Why would Hoonie suddenly change his demeanor?"

"Ah, I just assumed…"

On the other hand, the conversation between Hoonie and Lugarix continued. They were both talking in the distance.

"Yes, I am the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix. However, what do the human heroes need from here?"

"Lugarix, we have come here to borrow your strength."

"Please enlighten me. Even if you are the heroes of the Human World, I can't just give you my help without knowing the reason."


Lugarix took the staff that was on his back and put it on the ground.

A wave spread out from the staff the moment he put it on the ground.


An obvious threat to Ian's party.

Lugarix stared at the three people and Hoonie continued slowly with what he was saying,

"Richie King Chalian. Has come back"


Hoonie briefly explained the situation to Lugarix.

Ian who heard their conversation nodded and spoke to Levya,

"This time it surely is the AI."

"Hmm…? Why?"

"Hoonie doesn't really know how to speak in such an eloquent manner."


While the two of them were analyzing what was happening to Hoonie, Lugarix's eyes began to shine brighter.

"Chalian…! In the end that person…!"

Just listening to Lugarix's voice was enough to notice the anger he was harboring.

Lugarix wasn't angry at the fact that Chalian caused the Legions of Darkness to rise.

It was because the God of Darkness had fallen to Chalian.

That part had a huge effect on Lugarix.

Kades was his God and his father.

"I will never forgive him…!!"

Luagrix's body began to emit a purple glow.

The intensity of the light was so strong that the shape of his body couldn't be made out anymore, and his silhouette began to grow.

Kukung- Kukukung-!

Lugarix returned to his Dragon form.


Lugarix's mouth opened as he released a huge roar.

[I shall take down Chalian, and correct the order of Darkness!]

System messages started to appear in front of Ian and his party.


[You have been successful in persuading the Dragon of Darkness, 'Lugarix'!]

[Lugarix has started to get angry with Chalian.]

[From this very moment, the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix will join your party. (However, if you do a quest that isn't related to the Richie King Chalian, then he might turn into an enemy.)]

After checking the system message, Ian who had been deeply concerned sighed.

'Phew. Is this just the first step then?'

With the success of the first connected quest, instead of Lugarix giving in to the greed of the God of Darkness, he had now chosen to confront the Richie King.

What was left now was to gain the power of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix.

'Hu, we'll we win if we get another one of God's Dragon?'

The quest 'Finding the Dragon of Light, Elcarix', was a quest that was given to the three of them.

However, the rewards for each of them were different.

Both Hoonie and Levya didn't know what Ian's reward was for this quest.


Thinking that he would get another one of God's Dragon, Ian couldn't help but feel excited.


An unexpected message came up in front of Ian.


[Sudden quest has been activated.]


Since he had been in Devildom for so long, it had been a while since he got a sudden quest.

However, Ian was dumbfounded because of the contents of the quest.

- - -

- Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix (Hidden) (Sudden) –

You are a Taming Master.

And till now, you have tamed numerous familiar.

You have now tried to challenge the transcendent which hadn't been reached by any human being.

That is having a 'Mythical' pet.

If you can do what no other summoner has ever done before, you'll be able to overcome the limitations of being a Taming Master once more.

Now, you have a chance.

Tame the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix, and prove your power of transcendence.

Quest Difficulty: SSSSS

Quest Condition:

350+ level summoner user.

A user with the class 'Taming Master'.

A user who has cleared the quest 'Finding the Goddess of Light, Ernesis.'

Time Limit: None


Myth level pet 'Lugarix'.

Rise of the tier for the hidden class 'Taming Master'.

* This quest cannot be shared.

- - - -

The quest 'Finding the Goddess of Light, Ernesis', had given Ian the opportunity to climb to new heights.

The reward he had forgotten for a moment was now headed to a direction that he had never even imagined.


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