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Chapter 402 - Dragon of Darkness - Part 3


To summarize briefly, a sudden quest with the content of 'Tame the Lugarix' had been given.

Despite the intuitive mind of Ian, he couldn't help but feel shocked as he saw the quest.

'I don't get it, why am I getting all these endless quests ?'

Ian looked at the dragon that was in front of him.

The Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix's appearance was enough to oppress anyone with terror.

Ian was in frustration as he didn't understand how he was supposed to train a dragon that he would never be able to win over with all of his strength.

He wouldn't have seen it wrong, he had read the quest window from the beginning.

And the contents of the quests weren't even a little wrong.

'Penta S grade difficulty… huh, I guess it is good that it doesn't have a time limit?'

If there was a time limit, then the quest couldn't have been cleared.

He looked at the amazing reward that he would get with the Hidden quest.

As there was no time limit, there was a possibility.

As the quest of the Richie King Chalian progresses, he would keep a huge lookout on the buffs of the Lugarix.

Ian wasn't sure how long the buff of the Kades would last, but it was definite that it would disappear at some point.

Surely one couldn't consider that it would be 'easy' if the buffs were lost, but from the probability of 0%, it would reach 10%.

Ian who had been trying to think of the situation suddenly clenched his fist.

'Kay! That was the correct thought. If I succeed at taming the God's Dragon, then I can get the first quality taming reward!'

Ian already had two myth class familiars.

The God's Dragon, Karceus and the Abyss Dragon, Bbookbbook.

Nevertheless, the quest window had just stated that no 'myth' class was tamed until the moment.

Was this a mistake by LB?

Not at all.

Ian possessed myth class pets, and the two of them were in direct contact with Ian from the beginning.

Especially Bbookbbook, it had evolved from the unique class to myth class.

Taming a myth rank magical beast, a hardcore mission even for Ian.

'Phew. This really is a hidden class mission like the name.'

Ian laughed as he remembered the hidden class, Taming master.

And the shock which was registered when he first saw the mission had diluted, and now he began to get motivated.

Since he had received this quest, he would be able to know how to tame the Lugarix, as he kept on proceeding with the quests of Richie King.

Right then,

The voice of Hoonie brought Ian from his world of fantasy to reality.

"Hyung, what should we do first? Do we need to head back to the Heinz plateau once again?"

"Uh? Wait, wait a second."

Ian who was in other thoughts was flustered and stumbled on the words when Levya who was next to him had opened his mouth,

"We need to do something else before it."

Ian remembered what it was and nodded his head while answering,

"Ah, right! The Dragon of Light, Lugarix… we need to find it first."

As the words of Ian came, the next schedule of the party of Ian began to form.

The Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix suddenly polymorphed into the human form.

But the appearance of Lugarix in the human form was a bit different.

Before he was a sturdy man who gave out a feeling of restlessness, but now he had changed into a younger boy, and he looked much younger than Hoonie.

Lugarix had a very cute appearance, almost like a child actor!

Ian who had seen that asked Lugarix,

"Uh, but Lugarix. Why have you polymorphed in a different way than before?"

The polymorph magic, as nature was said to have almost no restrictions on the appearance change.

It wasn't surprising that Lugarix had polymorphed into another way.

But all the dragons that Ian had polymorphed to the same form.

Which was why Ian was questioning it if it was natural.

Even though it was a question, it wasn't something that needed to be asked right away.

Interestingly, however, Ian who asked the question, made Lugarix turn a bit flustered.

"Ah, that…"

Lugarix didn't know how to respond and opened his mouth trying to find the right words.

And the answer to the question had come from Karceus—who was standing right behind Ian.

"That's what Lugarix looks like, Master."

"Huh…? This is what he is? Then, he isn't a dragon?"

"I'm not talking about his appearance in the real world. This is the appearance of his soul."

It was an unexpected story, both Hoonie and Levya too were listening to it.

Karceus who was silent for a moment opened his mouth again,

"For us dragons, Polymorph is like the mirror of our soul."

"Mirror of the soul?"

"Yes. If we think of a shape, then we will be able to change to that form, but when we use the polymorph magic unconsciously, we will turn into the shape that represents our soul."


Ian who had now understood the situation once again looked at Lugarix.

And Ian now dropped a shorter definition for it.

"So, normally you're an elementary student? And you just pretended to be someone before."

Hearing those words from Ian, Lugarix scrunched his nose and responded,

"No! Me an elementary student… I'm not!"

"Yah, do you know what an elementary student is?"

"I, I don't know…! Even then, I'm not that elementary thing!"


Seeing at the flustered Lugarix, and Ian who couldn't make sense of it, Levya said a few words after a laugh,

"Well, now will we move or not? It is a waste of time staying here."

Seeing that, Ian nodded and started to move.

"I know, we need to move quickly as we have more things to do."

Ian looked back at Lugarix.

"Elementary kid, you should move fast too."

Hoonie who wanted to take part in the tease added another word,

"You will do well if you follow this hyung. Understand?"

The eyes of Lugarix were now swollen red.


"Ah, is this a disaster or a blessing?"

"That is what I say, everyone! Look at those Undead which can't even be counted! Could we possibly get rid of all those massive Undeads?"

"It would be a tremendous blessing if we could prevent them. Now I am starting to see the Undead, with some legendary equipments!"

"Eh, legendary you say? I think that by collecting all the contributions from the Undead, a myth-class weapon could be picked, right?"

"That, that is right. I haven't thought of a box of myth class equipment. Haha."

Chrip- chrip-

A cheerful sound was coming from a dark, quiet room.

Na Ji-chan, seated in front of the monitor was watching the internet broadcaster while eating the potato chips as usual.

It was eleven o'clock on the night of Friday.

If he was a normal person, he would've been having chicken and beer with a few friends and having some heartfelt conversations.

And Na Ji-chan worked for Kailan the whole week, yet the moment he had gone home, he watched the broadcast of the Kailan on his monitor.

"Kuku, that's all they think of, contributions?"

Na Ji-chan was watching the famous Internet BJ's real-time video.

He wasn't a high-level BJ, but he was well known to move faster than the reporters, and a lot of viewers tried to find him.

"It would be better to run away from Kingdom or territories that belong to Ranking Guilds…"

Muttered Na Ji-chan while eating potato chips.

It was always interesting for him to monitor the users that were moving in the scenarios which he had designed.

In multiple ways.

"Oh, wait a minute, Mr- BJ!"


"This, the line of defense is already being pierced!"

"Oh oho! Viewers! Are you seeing that?! The grandeur of the huge Drake! It's a Ghost Drake! I think it is the first time for the monster to appear in the Kailan!"

Na Ji-chan mumbled to himself.

"I don't think now is the time to admire a Ghost Drake…?"

"No, this man! Now isn't the time for that! For a little while, if the defense is further breached, then we are dead!"

"Now, wait a sec, Just wait. The defense has been breached?!"

"Uh, oh! I'm going away first! I'm on-air and I plan to live!"

"Wait! Just hold on!"

The place where BJ was showing was a small manor of the guild, which was in the top 1000.

The reason he had chose it was to broadcast that it was simple.

He chose the place which could push the Undead army.

However, he didn't think that the guild troops would fail in handling the Undead.

And such misjudgments had led to fatal consequences.

The guild defenders of the late 200 level were already falling down like autumn leaves.

"Ah! Help me…!"

"I'm done…!"

Numerous Undeads were pushing into the manor, and Na Ji-chan who was seeing the darkening screen pressed the ESC button to turn off the screen.

"Huhu. This… I think I should change the BJ."

As the BJ was killed by the Death Knight who entered the area, the broadcast was terminated immediately.

"Let's see, isn't there some kind of BJ who will relay the one that will happen in Lotus or the Titan Kingdom?"

Na Ji-chan with a sullen look began to sweep down the channels on the monitor.

It wasn't the scene that Na Ji-chan really wanted.

The battle between the Legions of Undead and the ranked users was created by him.

It was the scene that he really wanted to see.


Ian and his party finished the maintenance in the Lugarix's Lair and moved to their next destination.

No, they tried to move.

"Wait. Where are we supposed to go?"

With the question of Ian, Hoonie and Levya stopped the very moment.

Hoonie responded,

"Where to go. Aren't we supposed to find the Dragon of Light?"

"That only, but where?"


Hoonie was speechless.

Levya who was pondering on her thoughts opened her mouth,

"Since it is the Dragon of Light, should we search for a land of light?"

Ian bent his head while answering,

"The land of light… a place where only the priest class with a carrier can go to? I don't think Levya had that quest…?"

At the question from Ian, all three of them went stiff.

After thinking, Ian once again opened his mouth,

"Maybe Bbookbbook would know…?"

But before Ian could be done, Bbookbbook shook his head.

"I don't know too Bbook!"

"You haven't found any other God's Dragons?"

"I can feel the energy of the dragons to an extent when they are nearby bbook! I don't feel the energy of the Elcarix here."


Right then,

Hoonie who was listening to it shook his head and opened his lips,

"Uh, wait!"

"Huh? What?"

"Now that I've thought of it, the name of this mountain… the Lugaric mountain?"


"Then, maybe… the place where Elcarix is, Is the Elcaric mountain?"


Simple, unreasonable, and yet seemingly reasonable reasoning from Hoonie!

Even the Elcarix mountain was a place that existed on the northern side of the Malacca continent.

In the past, when Ian met the Dragon Tamer Oakley, it was on a mountain that was further North.

Levya nodded with a stern look and answered,

"Doesn't, doesn't that sound right?"

"Me too. Somehow it seems to fit…"

Hoonie admired his own reasoning skills by waving his staff haughtily.

"Khaaa! It hasn't died yet. The reasoning ability of KanjiHoonie!"


Levya and Ian, at the same time, gazed at Hoonie.

Lugarix who was right next to Hoonie added the praise,

"Indeed, the Monarch of Darkness…!"

Ian, who lost his words at the act of Hoonie and Lugarix, just moved ahead.

And Levya soon caught up to Ian.

Their destination was the Elcaric Mountains in the North of Malacca.


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