Taming Master | Chapter 403 | In Search of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix | Part 1

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Chapter 403 - In Search of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix - Part 1


The Northern continent of Malacca.

The Malacca continent, the newly opened continent in the Kailan after the first new update, it had been over a year since it was opened.

It was the area which was pioneered by almost 99% of the users, so finding the Elcaric mountain wasn't a big deal.

Even Hoonie had actually been to the Elcaric mountain, due to the proceeding of a quest.

Ian and the party who were in the most northern part, immediately headed in the direction of the Elcaric mountain.

Ian asked Hoonie who was moving behind him.

"Hoonie-ah, how long would it take for us to reach the Elcaric mountain?"

"Well. I can't give you the exact time because the situation is a little different now… maybe a few more couple of hours?"

"Haa, it takes that long?"

"Huh. We are really at the end of the Northside. By the time we fight the monsters and head that way, wouldn't it take that long?"

"Hmm, I want to go there within an hour."

"What will you do by moving that quick?"

"I don't want to waste time where the experience I'll get is negligible."


Ian with Pin, Karceus, and Bbookbbook.

With all the familiars that could fly, they moved the party through the air.

With that, they started to head to the Elcaric mountain to find it as soon as possible.

The level of monsters that were appearing was of early level 100.

And Ian had no intention of wasting his time on the place where the monsters hadn't even reached the level of 200.

However, within 20 minutes, Ian realized that he was wrong.

"What…? What's the stats of the monsters here…?"

As soon as the level of 100 monsters started to stop, a monster with the level of 300 began to appear.

A lot of Undead monsters which weren't heard of, or seen before were now in the continent.

"I think it's all the effect of the Richie King?"

Ian nodded with a grim look on his face.

"Yeah. What else had happened during the time of our quest?"

Like they have noticed, the power of the monsters had risen exponentially.

Levya who was riding on Pin asked Ian,

"Ian, what should we do? From here it will be difficult to avoid those gargoyles and fly away?"

Ian's sight moved to the place where Levya was talking about.

There were snow gargoyles heading in the direction of Ian.

Ian stood on top of Karceus, nodded and replied to Levya.

"Maybe even then… maybe we should start attacking. I thought we could just pass, but it doesn't seem like that would happen now."

"Okay! Then…!"

Levya immediately moved away from Pin and spread her white wings in the open air.

She brought her hands close to her chest, along with the chant of magic light.

"In the name of the Goddess of Light, Ernesis…"


White light started to grow around the body of Levya.

A few seconds later, the numerous rays of white light passed through the dark clouds of the Northern Continent.

Kyak, Kayh-!


Holy rain, a top tier skill of the Priest class.

It was normally used to restore the vitality of a large number of the group at once, but the very same wide area healing skill was now being used as an ultimate wide-area attack skill against the Undead, 'Holy Rain skill'.

The Holy Rain of Levya, the most powerful skill of the priests was enough to make the level 300 Undead screech out in pain.

Especially for the case of the Gargoyles that were flying in the air. Along with the ones that were being attacked by the rain from the cloud, some of them weren't flying now.

"Then, Should… should we wipe them all off?"

Ian leaped from Karceus and jumped towards the monsters.

Even though he didn't have wings like Levya, Ian didn't hesitate to jump at the high altitude.

It was a terrifying and dangerous act for anyone, however, Ian's party wasn't surprised at it.

It was because they knew that Ian had a pet that he could summon.


A black horse was summoned with a sharp screech.

As soon as Ian climbed on it, it spread open its black boned wings into the air.

[The pet 'Hargasus' descend skill is in use.]

[Disables all the damage for a while.]

Just before landing onto the ground, Ian absorbed all the attacks of the Undead with the descend, and began to wield his golden spear.

Hoonie and Levya, who reached the ground a little later than Ian, began to head to the Undead with their skills.

"Rise up! The sons of darkness!"

"The Light!!"

Normally it was tough for a priest and warlock to work in a party and hunt.

They couldn't cause any damage towards another unless they were in PK mode, but the buffs of light and dark don't usually touch the same objects.

The Debuff was the same too.

If one casts more of the dark attribute on a target that has an abnormal attribute of light, the situation could be overcome by the later attack.

Especially, in case of warlocks who have numerous skills to cast with the dark attributes, but when the markers disappear due to the wide range skill of light from the priests, the situation would turn dark.

If both their hands and feet weren't on the same line, the battle would be a mess, however, that wasn't the situation for Hoonie and Levya.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

And Ian, who was fighting the battle earnestly began to attack the Undead rapidly.

Though the quantity of enemies was outnumbering, it was assumed by them that it would be done in 30 minutes.

'Well, I think that it is a good contribution. This place is sweet, but we don't have much time.'

Looking at the system messages that were coming up, Ian couldn't help but feel satisfied.

Right then,


Ian who was swinging his spear, couldn't help but feel the rippling waves from behind him.


Ian reflexively looked behind him.

It was Lugarix, with his huge wings in the sky using 'Breath'.


With tremendous stamina—the breath of the Dragon of Darkness had come!

The breath hit the ground like a tsunami, and the undead on the snow was being melted down.

From the normal level skeletons to the hero ranked ones.

The scene where the hundreds of 300 level undead were annihilated was a wonderful sight to see.

The system messages which came up—were like a bonus to the party.

[Party member 'Lugarix' has successfully defeated the 'Skelton Warrior'!]

[You get 5970981 experience points!]

[Your Party member 'Lugarix' is successful in killing the 'Skeleton mage'!]

[You get 6951209 experience points.]

[The party member 'Lugarix' has successfully defeated 'Dark Race'…]

It wasn't the monsters that give them the experience points, but the experience that they gained was all because they were all in a party.

With the breath of 'Lugarix' which was taking down everything, Ian couldn't even speak.

The experience and contribution that they were getting were normal, but there was something that Ian couldn't exactly pinpoint.

It seemed like a joyful feat for the Lugarix, but it showed such skillful control at it.

Lugarix who had cleaned off all the undead, laughed with his shoulders straight.

"Keukk, fragile humans. This is the power of the God's Dragon!"

The elementary kid, Lugarix.


There were currently more than a thousand guilds in the Kailan Korean server.

And if the units of the guilds were counted, then it would be around 10,000, and they had some sort of assortment.

Among them, only seven hundred of them had a Manor.

And now many of the manor sites were in the wartime system.

It was a huge event which had never happened since the beginning of Kailan.

As a matter of fact, the official community of Kailan was upset.

All the users who were dead in the hands of the Undead legion were all gathered in the community page, which was why the traffic in the page was high.

- Guys! The Guild manors that were occupied had now reached to over fifty?

- Yeah yeah, perhaps after a day, maybe the Richie King will have hundreds of them in his hands.

- Isn't this episode a bit too much? How can the novice users be hunt down in the continent with the Undead?

- Man, the novice users don't have to worry much. The Undead don't hunt those below the level of 150.

- AH, seriously?

- Yeah, LB seemed to have considered that.

The voice of concern could be heard everywhere, but the smallest guilds were the ones who had faced the most serious damage.

For those who had no power to prevent the legion of the undead with Level 300, they just had to watch their beloved estates crumble to the ground.

Surely, they wouldn't lose over the manor if they couldn't just block the Undead.

But once the undead swept over, the population on the land would reduce to half, and the facilities were destroyed.

However, among the small and medium guilds, there were cases where the land was protected without facing grave damage.

They were the guilds who belonged to the Lotus Kingdom after their declaration.

- Keu, This episode is!

- Huh? Aenas, wasn't yours the Black Wind Guild?

- Right.

- Was there no damage there? With the level of the Black Wind guild, there was no way you could've prevented the Undead wave?

- Huhu, this is why people need to have a good alliance.

- Huh…?

- Our guild has been with the Lotus Kingdom since last month. Which is why we are enjoying the benefit. The Lotus Kingdom has come and blocked them for us.

- Oh oh…?

- Now, thanks to the undead legion, we were able to grow our public value.

- Sh*t, jackpot. I'm so jealous.

It was really chaotic!

However, as the time passed and the situation could be understood, the system picked up the battlefield.

Locals with the Lotus Kingdom had the strongest power and began to defeat the undead legion.

They were attacking the bases of the legion of undead.

In particular, the Lotus Kingdom met them in the border of Elrika Kingdom and had an all-out war.

The Kingdom of Elrika was the kingdom of Kades, and it was in the Kingdom of the God of Darkness that many legions of undead were based.

Was it in a day or so?

The Lotus had finally declared the war.

And the object of war was, of course, the 'Kingdom of Elrika'.


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