Taming Master | Chapter 405 | In Search of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix | Part 3

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Chapter 405 - In Search of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix - Part 3


Normally when a familiar gets killed, it can be summoned back after 24 hours, just like users.

However, it was different for slaves.

A dead retainer would take any time after a week to resurrect, and slaves could be summoned after 3 days.

Kaka's death was a huge blow to Ian.

'Uh, there will be a lot of undead monsters that I'll have to deal with later since I'm going to be fighting without Kaka for three days…'

Except for light attribute attacks, there was nothing that could harm Kaka.

Kaka was completely helpless with any light attribute attack.

The very thing that Kaka was looking for was the Dragon of Light, Elcarix, so Ian could understand if Kaka would die.

'I was being too careless. Thinking that the Dragon of Light was still in its egg form, I sent her in…'

Even if the dragon was still in its egg form, it was still in its lair.

No, it wasn't even certain that the dragon inside the lair was still in its egg form, and the place that Kaka found were filled with light attribute energy.

Like the case in the lair of Lugarix, there could be some kind of an unforeseen danger in this lair as well.

If Kaka was indeed in the Dragon of Light's lair, then Kaka's death was understandable.

Ian calmed his mind and spoke to the others,

"This seems to be the right way."

Levya responded to him right away.


"Kaka is dead."


"It seems like Kaka has found the lair of Elcarix. The only thing that could hurt Kaka is light attribute attacks."


Ian's party members nodded their heads in agreement and began to move quickly.

As the level of the undead kept on rising, Ian was confident that they were going in the right direction and kept moving forward.

After a couple of hours, they managed to find the lair of Elcarix.


A rocky cave in the snowy white mountain.

Contrary to Lugarix's lair's entrance that had an intimidating aura, this lair was rather modest and small.

Hoonie then muttered,

"This seems smaller than Lugarix's lair…?"

After hearing those words, Lugraix folded his arms with an arrogant look.

"Huhu, my lair is rather grand. It sure is…!"

Lugarix straightened his shoulders and began to boast about his lair.

However, Ian cut him off and asked something he was curious about.

"Don't talk nonsense. Lugarix, look at this lair carefully. Is this really Elcarix's lair?"

Lugarix was about to answer Ian's question when someone else beat him into it.

"This is it bbook. I can feel the energy of God's Dragon in there bbook!"

Answered Bbookbbook who was on top of Ly.

Lugarix then followed up on what Bbookbbook said.

"Right, this is it. Ian-ah, this seems like Elcarix's lair."

Ian responded with a cranky voice,

"Bbookbbook had already said that! You're late, kid."

Lugarix's eyes widened upon hearing what Ian said.

"Oh, Oh no. I was about to say that! I already knew that this is the place!"

Ian shook his head and his finger at the same time.

"How am I supposed to believe that?"

Lugarix was dumbfounded.

Lugarix looked like an unfairly treated victim trying to claim that he was innocent.

"Eh, Elcarix is my twin sibling! Do you really think that I don't know the lair of my sibling?!"

Lugarix started to spew out interesting stories that they hadn't even asked for.

Ian noticed something interesting, and Hoonie looked at Lugarix with red eyes.

"Which mean, you knew where Elcarix's lair was and yet you chose to say nothing until now?"

Hoonie's accusations made Lugarix nervous and embarrassed at the same time.

"It isn't like that…!"

"Not like that? It definitely sounds like that! This liar!"

"I... I didn't lie!"

"Then why didn't you say anything? If you knew you should have told us right away. We wouldn't have lost Kaka!"

"That... about that…!"

Lugarix was on the verge of tearing up.

His mouth was trembling.

Lugarix didn't want to die, as he wanted to sweep off the undead monsters and be a good support to them.


"Orden, are you sure this is the way?"

"It seems like it, master. A little further to the Northeast is where Prilania valley is."

"Phew. Then can we rest here for a moment?"

"Understood, master. Then I'll sit on the peal over there."

"Yeah, okay."

At the north end of the northern continent.

A wild dragon flapped its wings in the sky of the snowy fields where the wind was enough to freeze a person.

A man was riding this wild dragon.

He was the successor of Oakley the Dragon Tamer, a summoner.

Flap – Flap –

Every time the dragon flapped its wings, it would create huge gusts of wind.

The dragon—Orden—who was carrying Canoel sat down and wrapped its master in its wings to protect its master from the cold wind.

"It's alright, Orden. This wind won't matter much to me, and I have the food that Harin noona has given me."

Canoel took out an onigiri (Japanese rice cakes) from his inventory and looked at it with a bit of a spooked expression.

The rice was red in color and there was something that looked like a chunk of flying fish on top of it.

Orden who saw it asked Canoel out of concern.

"Really… you're really thinking about eating that, master."

Canoel stuttered as he himself wasn't sure.

"I... I should eat... If I eat this, then I can get through these cold winds."

Canoel hesitated and took a bite from the rice ball.

System messages started to appear in front of him.


[You have consumed the food 'Magma Riceballs'.]

[The spicy flavor of the magma rice balls is too much for your mouth.]

[You lack the resistance for a spicy taste.]

[For 30 minutes, you will get 20 damage per second.]

[Your resistance to spicy food was increased by 2.]

[Frost resistance increased by 30% for the next 2 hours.]

[Flame resistance is reduced by 15% for the next 2 hours.]

However, Canoel couldn't confirm the message.

He closed his eyes tightly.

As the message said, its spiciness was over the top!

"Uh… uuuhh!"

Canoel, who had just taken a bite off of it, could feel his esophagus melting, and began to eat the snow that was around him which he wasn't supposed to.

[You have eaten the 'Cold icy snow'.]

[Careful! It is not something that you should eat!]

[Frost resistance will drop by 1% for 5 minutes.]

Orden comforted Canoel with a worried look.

"It's alright, master. It can be like that. I understand."

Orden's nickname was the Gourmet Dragon.

His hobby was tasting Harin's new food!

Orden had already had the 'Magma Rice balls'.

During that time, Orden had to eat 5 snowmen made by the kids from Pyro to settle the burning feeling.

Which was why Orden fully understood what his master was going through.

Canoel, who was eating the snow all over the place, sat down.

"Huhu, this… is five times harder than fighting undead monsters, Orden."

"Right, master. If you can maybe feed that to the Richie King, we might be able to get rid of him easily."

"Hehe. Anyway, I'm not feeling cold. That onigiri is indeed effective."

Orden spoke after seeing Canoel all impressed with the effects of the onigiri,

"Your insides are probably hurting by now. That is why you don't feel cold."


Canoel climbed back onto Orden's back after he was done with his repairs.

"Still, the more we move to the north the less I think the undead monsters will appear, Orden. Is it because of this cold weather?"

"Undead monsters won't be stopped by cold weather."

"Uh, really? Well, it still is a good thing for us…"

Once Canoel settled himself onto Orden's back, he flapped his wings and flew into the air.

Their destination was the Prilania Valley at the northern end of the north continent.

It was a place where many tamers were buried in the past due to the invasions of the dragons.

'Once I find the Prilania Valley… I will be able to use their strength against the army of the Richie King.'

While holding onto Orden, Canoel's eyes shined with hope.


[You have entered the Dragon of Light, Elcarix's lair.]

[The area of light, you've entered into the first area of the lair.]

[You are the first to discover the 'Lair of Elcarix'.]

[Fame increased by 50,000.]

[You are the first to discover this dungeon.]

[All the experience you gained in the dungeon will be doubled for the next 5 days.]

[The drop rates of items in the dungeon will be doubled for the next 5 days.]

Ian's eyes were fixated on the system messages.

'The Elcarix lair isn't the first discovery, but the area was.'

The Lugarix lair wasn't a dungeon that was hard to find, it was a place that any user could find.

However, he was happy that he found a dungeon after a long time.

If this dungeon's difficulty was similar to that of Lugarix's lair, then they would be able to get some awesome experience and items.

'We also have Lugarix with us.'

Lugarix, who could sweep monsters with just one or two hits, still couldn't be considered the best.

Furthermore, since light and dark attributes were inversely related to each other, an attack from Lugarix could cause severe damage to enemies with light attributes.

Lugarix too could be attacked with a light attribute attack and suffer severe damage from it. That's why he couldn't really be considered as the best among the people in the party.

Ian just laughed at the idea of him trying to hard carry them!

And not everything happened the way he wanted.

[Area of light, you have entered the last area.]

[After 10 seconds, a Holy Drake (Lv 375) guarding the first basement will appear.]

"The last…?!"

Unlike Lugraix's Lair, Elcarix's lair wasn't a dungeon that had floors!

Ian's dreams of hunting down monsters and gaining experience points were broken.


Something came out and resonated throughout the lair.

A pure white wave came from inside of the dragon.

['Illusion of Light' has been activated.]

[You have suffered damage from the light.]

[Vitality is reduced by 2350.]

[A being of dark attribute can't enter the area of light.]

System messages that Ian didn't expect were showing up.

Ian now understood why Kaka died.

'Hu, so this is why Kaka died.'

Honestly, that level of damage wasn't enough to even kill a Warlock class.

However, Kaka was different.

If an attack was a light attribute, even a small amount of damage could kill her.

"This will be tough…?"

The same time the messages came, Hoonie and the Dragon of Darkness—Lugarix—were thrown out of the dungeon.

Levya opened her wings and smiled.

"There's nothing we can do. We just have to try."

Ian laughed and held onto his Judgment of the Spirit King.

"Yeah, well, it's not like we wouldn't be able to catch the drake without those two kids, right?"


The Holy Drake had scales that were as white as snow.

Levya and Ian rushed towards the Drake the very moment it came out.


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