Taming Master | Chapter 406 | The Guardian of Light, Milos | Part 1

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Chapter 406 - The Guardian of Light, Milos - Part 1


[The illusion of light doesn't allow darkness.]

[It is an alliance created by the power of the Goddess of Light, Ernesis.]

[It doesn't resist violence.]

[Move out of the dungeon.]

[For a while you will be in the state of 'helplessness'.]

After the white light flashes, the messages came into Hoonie's view.

With a feeling of dizziness, his vision started to lose focus.

The next thing he saw, was that he was back at the entrance of the dungeon.

Feeling distorted and proud of it, Hoonie opened his mouth,

"Finally… Even the Gods are feeling burdened by the darkness."

Laughing wickedly.

"Kuk, light, and darkness are two sides of a… which is why they have rejected the darkness, indeed a narrow minded dungeon it is."

Hoonie approached the cliff of the Elcaric mountain and closed his eyes with a solitary look.

"The justice given by light and darkness aren't different…"

While Hoonie was drifting into his own world of thoughts.

Right then,

Hoonie heard a sound from behind.

"That isn't the case. Monarch of Darkness."

Hoonie who was startled with that voice opened his eyes.

"Uh, Euk!"

He almost slipped down the cliff.

Hoonie held onto a tree branch and saved himself from the crisis, and tried to calm his pounding chest.

"Eh, ahm."

Hoonie stared at Lugarix who was in front of him.

'Right, that guy… he is a dragon of darkness.'

He thought that he was the only one who was thrown out of the dungeon, which was why when he heard the voice of the kid from behind, he almost threw himself off the cliff.

Lugarix approached Hoonie who had lost his wits with that incident and opened his mouth.

"God is neither intolerant nor stupid. They are non-existent by themselves. But there is a deep sense of what they do."

Hoonie just scratched the back of his neck and responded,

"Is, is that so?"

"Yeah, it is. At least till one doesn't get touched by the greed-driven Devil gods."

Thinking about Kades, the God of Darkness Lugarix's expression turned grim.

And it was Lugarix who broke the silence once again.

"We can't go into the Elcarix lair, but we should do something, Monarch of Darkness. And that is the arrangement by the Goddess of Light, Ernesis"

Hoonie couldn't quite understand that.

"What is that?"

Turning his gaze to the Elcarix lair, Lugarix said,

"Richie King Chalian wouldn't want the dragon of light to be awakened."

"That is true."

"Which is why he has kept so many undead in these ranges of Elcaric Mountains."

"Aha… and so…?"

Hoonie who had heard the explanation about it understood the whole situation.

'The presence of Light made it inaccessible for the Darkness to prevail, hence stops the Richie King.'

And the reason for the numerous legion of undead coming to protect the Dragon of Light, and to protect the Elcaric mountain was the very reason.

Seeing Hoonie who nodded his head, Lugarix opened his mouth once again,

"Then, Monarch of Darkness. What are we supposed to do?"

"What we are supposed to do…?"

Hoonie's head was spinning.

But before Hoonie could think of a response, Lugarix answered,

"Going through the exit."

Trying to grab the moment, Lugarix spoke after giving a pause for a few seconds.

"By now, the Richie King would have noticed that we have entered, and more powerful legion of darkness will make an entry."

The very moment, a quest window formed in front of Hoonie's eyes.


- - - -

- Destroy the Legion of Dark (Hidden) (Sudden Quest) –

The legion of Richie King is powerful.

In order to deal with him, there is a need for the power of the two dragons.

The Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix and the Dragon of Light, Elcarix.

You already have Lugarix with you, now you need to awaken Elcarix and get her strength.

Which is why you have come to the Elcaric mountain with the other heroes of the Human race.

But there is a problem.

The legion of Richie King, who was scouting on the Elkaric mountain has noticed your presence.

The legion of Richie King is aiming for the Elcarix.

When the heroes who have entered the lair come out with the soul stone of God's Dragon, they will try to seize the stones and destroy it.

Numerous legions of undead have begun to surround the Elcaric mountain.

Before your comrades come out with the soul stone from the lair, you must destroy the legion of undead and secure a safe retreat.

The legion of darkness is powerful, but you have the help of Lugarix.

He will help you to defeat them.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

Users with a level of 350 or higher.

A user who has cleared the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix lair.

With an ongoing quest of 'Dragon of Light, Elcarix'.

Time limit: None


Varies according to the number of legions of darkness that have been faced. (Gains fame and experience.)

During the quest, all the experience and episode contribution will be doubled.

Death during the battle will cause the quest to be failed.

The quest will continue until the party that is in the dungeon will get back to the field.

The quest cannot be rejected.

- - - - -

Hoonie who had read the quest window was elated.

'This, this such a treat…!'

A simple quest to fight the legion of darkness of the Richie King.

Along with the Lugarix, if they managed not to die, it would be considered a successful quest, which was why it felt like a bonus.

'I can swim in exp with this!'

Hoonie who was troubled with the alienation from the quest was now in a good mood and looked around the cliff.

The Undead were moving in their direction from the underneath.

"Nice! I'll wipe them off!"

Hoonie began o summon the undead!

'Keu. I took almost three to four hours to clear the Lugarix lair… so this will probably take around half a day?'

As Hoonie and Lugarix were missing in the party, they assumed that the party would take twice the amount of time for clearing it.

Hoonie was excited about the experience points that he would get for the coming seven hours, while Lugarix asked him.

"Monarch of Darkness. Destroy those things along with me!"

Hoonie smiled and replied,

"I like that!"


While Hoonie was dreaming about the exp, Ian and Levya did good work in slaying the Holy Drake.

The Holy Drake was much easy to defeat when compared to the Chaotic Drake in the lair of Lugarix.

[In the 'Elcarix lair' on level 1 you have defeated the named boss 'Holy Drake'.]

[Fame of 150,000 has been achieved.]

[Within a while, you will be moved to the 2nd floor of Elcarix lair.]

Holy Drake had oxidized into white light.

Seeing that, Levya muttered in a low voice,

"This is a bit too suspicious?"

Ian nodded his head in agreement and expressed his concern.

"Yeah. It doesn't feel like we will get the soul stone of Elcarix…"

While the two of them were conversing about it, the dungeon began to shake.

A much scarier movement in the dungeon than when they woke Lugarix in its lair.

Kukung- Kukukung-!!

Both Ian and Levya turned nervous with those sounds and the floor began to crack under the feet of the two people.

"Ian be careful with the floor!"

Warning Ian, Levya opened her wings and moved away from the ground.

Ian summoned Pin and got on top of him.

Urrrng- Kukukung-!

The lair continued to vibrate with no signs of ending any time soon.

As the vibration continued, the floor eventually collapsed and sunk.

'The whole floor is going to disappear like this…?'

Ian was flustered at it while he summoned Pin, Karceus Bbookbbook excluding the other ones.

Everyone was perfectly safe in the party of Ian.

Within a while, as Ian had predicted, the floor had vanished—and a cliff unfolded beneath it.

From a spot, a light began to rise.

Ian and Levya watched the scene with heavy breaths.


The sounds which were resonating began to get louder and closer.

The vibration that shook the lair had calmed down, and the sound which was coming from a light source was the only thing one could hear, the whole atmosphere felt strange.

As time went on, the light turned to take a shape that could be seen.

Ian's eyes were fixed on it.

'What is it? Is that woman the Dragon of Light, Elcarix…?'

With wings of white, and white armor all over her body.

Holding a gold shield and sword in her hand, she was reminiscent of the army of heaven that they had seen in the Dimensional War.

It wasn't very same, but the atmosphere was similar.

Right then,

From Levya who was seeing all this unfold, a stuttered word came out.

"Val… kyrie…?"

Ian reflexively asked her,

"Valkyrie? What is that?"

"The beings who serve the Goddess of Light, Ernesis. I thought that they couldn't appear in the human world…?"

Valkyrie, the demi-gods who possessed some of the power of the Gods.

And when the quests of a priest class proceeded, it was a term they all got familiar with.

If one was going to go against a valkyrie, then it was considered that they better have given up the quest.

Ian was going to ask about the valkyrie once again.

But she suddenly moved in front of the two and opened her mouth with her wings wide open.

"You're the priest that the Goddess of Light has mentioned."

With a soft voice, she asked Levya, at which she nodded,

"Yes, it is I. Are you the warrior of light… valkyrie?"

The woman answered along with a nod,

"My name is Milos. I'm just a trivial presence that can't be compared with the warrior of light or valkyries. I have been commanded to keep the Elcarix safe till you come along… the day Ernesis rises."

She placed her sword down and extended her right hand.

A sphere of white light formed in the palm of her hand.

Ian who confirmed it, spoke in a low voice not realizing he did,

"The Soul stone of God's Dragon…?"

The color and aura were different, but it had the same presence that Karceus had in the past.

Which was why he was able to identify it in a glance.

The woman called Milos nodded and spoke to Ian,

"Right. This is the soul stone of Elcarix."

"I see."

"If I'm correct… you have the mission to wake up the Elcarix to defeat the legion of the Dark?"

Both Ian and Levya nodded their heads at the same time—seeing that, Milos smiled and spoke again,

But unexpected words came out of her mouth,

"Prilania valley. Take me to that place."


Levya who didn't know much about Prilania was puzzled at the request.

"Prilania valley, in other words… the Dragon valley?"

Milos nodded and responded,

"Right. The Dragon village of the past. Take me there, please. Then you can wake the sleeping Dragon of Light."

A new quest window opened up in front of Ian and Levya as the lady was done speaking her words.


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