Taming Master | Chapter 407 | The Guardian of Light, Milos | Part 2

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Chapter 407 - The Guardian of Light, Milos - Part 2


Thousands of years ago...

There was a place known as the Dragon village in the continent of Malacca in the 'Northern Continent'.

Crupia mountain—was a giant mountain range in the Northeast of Malacca.

And deep in the Crupia mountain, was a huge deep canyon called—the Prilania canyon.

It was a huge canyon which was about 50 meters wide and hundreds of meters in depth.

At the bottom of the canyon—mysterious water with an emerald shine was seen through the valley.


At the mysterious hue in the valley, the feet of Canoel immersed lightly on the ground and spoke something,

"There is a reward that comes from hard work."

Valley and cliffs of emerald light on either side.

The intense light coming from the sky was doubling the beauty of the Prilania valley was doubled.

Orden opened his mouth looking at Canoel who was admiring the beauty.

"This place has regained its lost beauty."

Canoel who heard it asked him,

"Orden? You haven't been here before?"

Orden shook his head and responded,

"Right, Master. I haven't come here before."


"But the memories of the Prilania, the home town of the dragons are in the memories of the dragons ever since our birth. The moment a dragon wakes, their memories awaken too."

He didn't fully understand but Canoel nodded,

For the moment, it wasn't important about what Orden had in his memories about the valley.

What was important to Canoel at the moment was…

"Then, Orden. Do you know where the temple of the Dragon God is?"

The temple of the Dragon God.

In order to clear the ongoing main quest, he had to find the temple of the Dragon God.

Orden nodded his head and spread open his wings.

"I'm not so certain about it. But, I feel like I can find it."

Canoel rode on the back of the dragon.

Orden, carrying Canoel on his back, flew towards the sky.


Even though the giant dragon had spread open its wings, the width of the canyon was so huge that only half of the canyon was filled with the shadow, and Orden could fly leisurely.

Now he had to go through the temple of the Dragon God Seikaito, which was hidden somewhere in the canyon.


- - - - -

- Find the Forgotten Dragon Village (Linked Quest) -

You have encountered Milos, a servant of the Goddess of Light, Ernesis in the lair of Elcarix.

She is in possession of the Elcarix soul stone and says that to awaken the soul stone, she needs to head to the Prilania valley.

Defeat the legion of Undead that is heading towards the Elcaric mountain by protecting Milos and head to Frillania.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

A user with level 350 or higher.

A user with the quest 'The Dragon of Light, Elcarix' quest in progress.

Time Limit: None.


Varies proportionately according to the number of the dark legions that have been faced. (Gain fame and experience)

* During the quest, all the experience and the episode contribution will be doubled.

* If you die during the battle, the quest will be deemed failed.

* The quest cannot be rejected.

- - - -

Among the quests that were received in recent times, this was mostly vague.

'Well, the content of the quest is simple… but why head to the Prilania canyon? There is nothing over there.'

Crupia mountain, with the Prilania canyon, was famous for the hunting grounds of level 200.

It was the hunting grounds of the wizards as it was the habitat of the Drakes—whose magic resistance was significantly weaker than its physical defense.

But that is it.

Although the 'Dragon valley' had existed in the past, the Prilania canyon was just a canyon.

Ian wasn't able to understand how he would be able to wake the Dragon of Light in there.

'The way to wake the Dragon of Light… is there someone like Oakley?'

Ian who read the content of the quest was making random guesses.

But right then, maybe she was trying to solve the curiosity of Ian, Milos opened her mouth,

"It won't be possible unless the dragon exists."

Ian was reflexive to ask,

"What is that?"

"The power of a divine being. In order to awaken the Dragon of Light, we need the power of the God, the Goddess of Light, Ernesis who wants to lead you the power… her power is sealed. Even Karceus wouldn't have woken up unless the God of War lent you the power."

"Then the Prilania valley, is there an entity that could grant the power to Elcarix?"

Milos nodded and responded,

"Yes. The one who has granted the power to the human world of the Dragon God. In the valley Prilania, there was a way to see 'Seikaito' the father of all the dragons."

The Dragon God, Seikaito.

Ian's eyes went wide after hearing the familiar name.

'A name I haven't even thought of…?'

Levya, who heard it, spoke to herself,

"The power of the divine being… that would be tough."

At the words from Levya, Milos responded,

"That is right. More specifically, it is a concept similar to getting the God's 'permission'?"

And Ian nodded his head.

Now it seemed like the quest was understandable.

But there still was an unanswered question.

"But, Milos. What is required for a dragon to get the permission of the God?"

Milos laughed and opened her mouth,

"If powerful beings, such as dragons reproduce indiscriminately, then what would be the condition of the human world?"


"The order of the dimensional word will collapse. The balance between the power will break."

"Well, that makes sense."

Ian looked at Karceus.

Whether Milos' words were wrong or not, Karceus was listening to those with a blank face.

"However, there is a number of ways that the dragons can keep order while they are alive."

"How is that?"

"That is the power of the Dragon God 'Seikaito'. With the power of the Dragon God, he could control all the dragons, hence they are reduced, or there would have been way too many dragons than humans."

In the past, there were many dragons in the human world.

There were dragons who were taken into the kingdom and served the humans, and there were dragons who enjoyed being in humans by the use of polymorph, and also they play.

And the 'Dragon valley', a sacred place which symbolizes the power of Dragon God, was the very same reason they could exist.

The dragon was a special creature that lived for thousands of years.

They weren't creatures that could 'just' be extinct.

In her explanation, Karceus who was still there nodded his head and spoke,

"She is right, master. In the past, when the power of Seikaito was in the human world, there were hundreds of dragons in the human world."

And Milos explained a little more about the Dragon Valley.

It could be summarized briefly.

The Prilania valley, formerly known as the Dragon valley, was a symbol of the Dragon God, Seikaito and the home of dragons.

But the dragon valley was destroyed by the invasion of the dragons from Devildom, and Seikaito took off his power from the human world.

Because of this, only the God's Dragons and the other special dragons existed in the human world.

"So the reason why we should head to the Prilania valley has been explained, isn't it?"

Ian nodded and answered,


Karceus who was next to him mumbled something like,

"I get to meet Seikaito after a long time."


"Keuhhh! How dare you go against the Monarch of Darkness!"

Kwang- Kaboom-!

Explosions happened all around Hoonie.

At the same time, waves of darkness spread.

When Hoonie became the Monarch of Darkness, he had recently obtained the magic 'Chaotic Shock', a skill that once was activated—all the Undead within the range of the skill fell into the 'confused' state.

"Lugarix! Breath!"

"Noisy! I already know that!"

"AH! Do it quick! You should use it before they snap out of confusion!"

Lugarix gave one last death glare at Hoonie and took a huge breath in, after flying into the air.

From the mouth of Lugarix, came a vast wave of energy.

Seeing it, Hoonie placed his staff on his shoulder and smiled.

'Keuhhh! Ow, how many did we get? It could go up with just one shot of breath!'

While Ian and Levya were in the dungeon.

Hoonie and Lugarix were sweeping experience points.

The exp that hadn't risen up for a long time had suddenly gone up 10% in an hour.

The remaining experience points that Hoonie needed to get for the next level up was 3% and Lugarix was trying to shoot another Breath at the group of Undead.

The number of Undead gathered in the front of the mountain was huge, it just took 20 minutes for those Undead to reappear.

Now, as they were all melted, Hoonie was able to hear the system message notification!

"All right! Lugarix! Blow them off!"

Waiting for the system messages that would come up, Hoonie was doing a silly dance.

And the messages he was waiting for had finally come up.

But they weren't what he wanted.

[The 'Elcarix Lair' dungeon has been cleared.]

[The party will be restored to its original state.]

[You have successfully cleared the quest 'Destroy the Legion of Darkness'.]

[Clear Rating: SS]

[You have earned fame of 124893.]

"Wait, what!? How did they clear it already?!"

Hoonie turned pale.

He was under the impression that they would take a few more hours, and by then, he could collect the experience points.

And as the party had been restored, the experience gained from the massacre of the Undead would be shared by all!

"No! No f*cking way!"

Hoonie was screaming on top of his lungs!

But what was done was done.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

The breath of dragon filled the area.

All of the undead were destroyed and melted at the entrance of the mountain.


Keuk- Keukk-!

The breath was so powerful that the legions of the Undead were annihilated!

But then,

A familiar voice entered the ears of Hoonie who was pale and upset.

"Uh? Why did my level rise suddenly?"

"Same here, I suddenly have received some exp!"


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