Taming Master | Chapter 408 | The Guardian of Light, Milos | Part 3

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Chapter 408 - The Guardian of Light, Milos - Part 3


In the meeting room of the Planning team of the LB support.

At the huge conference room, with a huge screen on one side of the wall.

What filled the screen was a scene of a beautiful white field.

In the scene was an ongoing large scale battle that seemed like a movie.

Like the Cho Ja-ryong, who broke a million troops to defend the son of Ubi.

A party was going against the numerous legions of the undead.

In the conference room, two men were looking at the video; the two of them were Kim Yu-hwan and Na Ji-chan.

Kim Yu-hwan asked Na Ji-chan.

"Yah, Ji-chan."

"Yes, sir."

"How did this happen?"


"Wasn't it promised that this episode would last for a year? You just… said that last week, right?."

With his eyes on the screen, Kim Yu-hwan spoke with a bit of irritation.

Na Ji-chan, on the other hand, was looking at the screen rather leisurely.

He nodded with a smile.

"Yes. It did. I certainly said so."

Kim turned his head toward Na Ji-chan upon hearing what he said.

"How could you be so irresponsible! I believed in your plan and already gave permission for five people to have a vacation!"

Kim Yu-hwan who was enraged clenched his fists, while Na Ji-chan's expression remained the same.

Rather, he was laughing.

"Why are you so worried? The episode hasn't been cleared yet."

Kim Yu-hwan responded to him right away.

"Yah! Do you really think that we shouldn't be worried right now? It all started with that kid KanjiHoonie being granted that stuff for that one time. All because of that kid, the cards of Kades has turned obsolete and even Lugarix who was supposed to be on Chalian's side is now standing on the human's side."

Na Ji-chan nodded and said,

"That surely happened. I didn't expect Hoonie to find out the trick."

However, unlike Kim Yu-hwan, Na Ji-chan wasn't stressed at all.

Honestly, the progress of the new episode was going almost according to Na Ji-chan's plans.

The only thing that didn't go according to his plan was… Hoonie.

Hoonie's game sense was better than he thought.

'I didn't put that many clues in this episode. I never expected that Hoonie would find it out.'

Ian's party was progressing quickly with the quest because of that. However, Na Ji-chan didn't worry about it.

It was because he had a lot of things saved up his sleeve.

With a loud voice, Na Ji-chan spoke.


"What, idiot?"

"Don't worry! This episode will last a year as I have planned!"

Na Ji-chan was as confident as ever, and the head of the department Kim Yu-hwan who noticed that calmed down.

Kim Yu-hwan spoke after calming his heart.

"Yah, why are you so confident? Could you tell me that at least?"

Na Ji-chan who was looking at the screen turned toward his superior.

With a lot of excitement in his eyes, Na Ji-chan said,

"The Devil God Daedmon. You didn't forget him, right?"


"The Clark Nest is recruiting full-time party members! Those above the level of 180, please apply now! Healers above the level of 160 and level 200users are very much welcome!"

"Kay, Kay! Anti-magic full armor set for sale! 13.5 million gold for a piece! The ax is 27 million gold! They are very cheap!"

"Sir, do you have an anti-magic on the Kruger ax?"

"Sure we do. 4.5% additional."

"Eh, 4.5 is too little…. cut the price to 24 million and I'll buy it."

"You're being too picky, sir. Fine! I'll sell the ax to you for 26 million and 30 thousand gold! I can't go any lower than that!"

While there were many changes happening in the Human world, there have been quite a few changes happening in the dimension of Devildom as well.

Devildom's biggest update was the 'Central continent of Devildom'.

A new continent was created in addition to the existing one that was divided.

If one had the 'Return to the Central Continent' scroll from anywhere in Devildom, one could go to the central continent through magic.

It was a place that had a similar system to that of humans. Thanks to that facility, many mysterious guilds and buildings were being formed there.

However, the central continent of Devildom was different from the human world.

The 'Hunting Grounds' didn't exist in Devildom.

Devildom's central continent was like a battlefield where many fought on a daily basis, and that was to be expected in an area with a high number of users.

Unlike the continents on the human world, the central continent of Devildom didn't have a single Kingdom that was under a user.

The top 20 guilds of Devildom only had a level 2 or 3 Manor.

All the Kingdoms on the central continent of the Devildom were owned by NPCs, so they couldn't go against them.

Even Irahan, who was Devildom's 1st ranked user and was ranked 400 overall, was weaker than a Devil Prince who didn't even own a kingdom.

The ranks of other rankers were around 500 to 600.

Lilliana Kingdom, the fourth largest Kingdom in Kailan. The place where Samuel Jin—the Noblesse—was at.

[Lord Samuel Jin. Apparently this month, Miss Liliana has asked you to increase the magic stones production by 5%.]

A voice came out of a crystal ball.

Inside the crystal ball, a rabid face of an Asmodian came up, he was staring at Samuel Jin with a grudging expression.

Samuel Jin responded with sweat running down his spine,

"That... that… I'm sorry. There is a shortage of magic stones that are being extracted from the mine."

[Nonsense! The mine that you found in the estate is an excellent mine which bears amazing stones, but the fact that you can't even meet the quota says that you are incapable!]

The Asmodian who was angry at Samuel Jin was Yankun—Ian's retainer in the past.

Yankun was being trained under Liliana. He became an outstanding Asmodian under Liliana's guidance and was ranked 200 among all the Devils.

Samuel Jin, who was always being stepped on by Yankun from the first time they met, knew him.

'Kuk. This muscle pig bastard. Why can't he get it? Yes, it is true that the mine is wonderful, but what am I supposed to do if the mining wasn't done right!'

Not long ago, a large scale mine was discovered in the territory of Samuel Jin.

Various minerals could be mined there such as special minerals like magic stones and ability stones.

The value of the mine was tremendous, and Samuel Jin was pleased with it too.

Until the mine started to develop.

That was when the nightmare began for Samuel Jin.

'Who knew that such money would be needed to raise the mine?'

Samuel Jin was spending a huge amount of money that he had never even imagined would go into managing the mine.

In reality, Samuel Jin was someone close to a golden spoon, and he was able to amass a lot of gold in Kailan.

He was willing to spend gold on the mine since it was kind of an investment that would give him profit in the future.

However, the real nightmare started here...

Even with billions being spent to raise the level of the mine, the minerals that were being produced in the mines were low grade.

The level of the mine had been raised, but the level of the miners was low—making the high-grade stones that they got ending up as a low grade one.

The tax on the high-level mine increased during the same time, and this made Samuel Jin want to cry.

The minerals they were able to mine were used to pay taxes. That was why there were no more minerals left for them to give to Liliana.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Yankun. I'll give them to you starting next month… for sure!"

[Next month? You'll never see the light of day any more if you don't provide the magic stones that Liliana wants in three days. She will personally make sure that you'll be punished.]

"But… but…!"

[Chacha- Chahak-]

In spite of Samuel Jin's pleading, Yankun was all cold-hearted and turned away.


"Uh…! That muscle pig!"

Samuel Jin was shadowboxing with anger.

"Haa, do we need a dwarf to mine the minerals properly in the mine?"

Samuel Jin shook his head.

If he could get back the development cost, then he would willingly sell off the mine.

"Huhu, the mine slaves get better with an increase in their proficiency…"

However, that was what was wrong about Samuel Jin's thoughts.

Kailan's mining system was designed to make mining high-level stones difficult. So if the mine was upgraded to a high level from the start, the hired slaves wouldn't be able to adapt to it.

Because of that, the slaves mining proficiency was low.

Samuel Jin was stressed because of the mine. He closed his eyes and leaned back onto his chair.

He was taking some time to release his anger.


A sigh came out from Samuel Jin's mouth.

Suddenly… He heard the notification's sound.


Samuel Jin opened it right away.

His eyes went wide at what he saw.

The message was from an unexpected person.

[Irahan: Samuel, Can you come to the Kingdom of Laicardo?]

"This bastard! Why should I go, and who should I see?"

Irahan was surely stronger than Samuel Jin.

However, Irahan's guild—the DarkRuna guild—was still weaker than the Royal Guild.

Which was why Samuel Jin found Irahan's message offensive.

[Samuel Jin: If you need something from me, then come here and tell it to me personally.]

However, Samuel Jin got up from his seat the moment he saw the next message.

[Irahan: Hmm, you're still as cheeky as ever. Well, you don't have to come if you don't wish to. I'm fine with it, but I won't be sharing the 'Devil God's Oracle' with the Royal Guild then.]


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