Taming Master | Chapter 409 | Oracle of Devil God | Part 1

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Chapter 409 - Oracle of Devil God - Part 1


The legions of the Lich King began to spread over the continent.

Many small territories have been captured by the Legions of Darkness. Apart from the five major kingdoms, everything was under them.

It meant that all the gods selected by the guilds who weren't part of the plan were occupied by the Legions of Darkness.

However, human users weren't fazed by it.

There were valid reasons as to why.

First, their manors being captured by the Legions of Darkness didn't mean that they would lose their manors permanently. Because if those manors did fall in the hands of the Lich King, it would just go back to them once the Lich King returns.

Second, they could hunt endlessly and accumulate contributions.

The users might even get two or three legendary items in the process.

If the new episode gave users something to worry about, there would surely be a part in the episode that users would take advantage of.

"Won't we have to fight a year long with the Lich King?"

"I don't know. Now that you say it, we probably will."

"Ahh… no way that's going to happen. We would definitely get lots of levels. I think this episode will be done for in 6 months, don't you think…?"

"Half a year? If all the rankers came back, then they could catch the Lich king right away."

"That is a little… did you forget that the rankers got wiped out in half a second?"

The final boss of the new episode—Lich King—had been seen by the users only once.

The Lich King was so powerful that they couldn't get him out of their minds.

The party that challenged the Lich King didn't even manage to stay standing for five minutes, and that fight was broadcasted live on the official community page of Kailan.

The post where the video was uploaded had thousands of comments.

That wouldn't have happened if it was Ian or Shakran or any other rankers in the top ten that fought against the Lich King.

LB announced a new event.

This event had enough content to attract the attention of a lot of users.

- - - - -

[October 21, Saturday 6 pm. Kailan special broadcast will be on air simultaneously three times!]

The new episode 'Richie King's Legions of Darkness', which started on the second half of the year, is getting much more interesting.

There are so many heroes who are struggling to fight against Chalian, and in the process, it brings forth many new stories.

We in LB felt that it would be a pity to hold back on the stories.

We will broadcast all the stories on the 'Kailan Special'.

This Tuesday, October 17th, the coming week.

We will monitor all the battles and quests that have been taking place till then, and our team will edit a video and release a montage of Kailan's plays and quests.

If you're confident on your own play or have a story or battle that you want to share, send them to us by 5 pm on Tuesday 17th.

* We will give 100 million gold and a legendary equipment box for those who have appeared in the video. We will pay a bonus according to the broadcast ratings.

* The voting for the most popular play will be on the same day, and additional rewards will be given according to the video's rank. (Rewards are given to users who appear for more than 70% of the video's time)

First prize – 'Richie King Chalian's Legions of Darkness' episode limited edition costume set. (The power of Heavenly King set.)

Second Prize – 'Richie King Chalian's Legions of Darkness' episode limited edition costume set. (Majestic Lord of the Undead set.)

We hope that all of you can join us.

* Broadcast time is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (The broadcast ending time may vary by 10 to 30 minutes depending on the situation.)

- - - - -

Saturday 6 pm, the hottest time ever, not one or two but four hours of broadcast!

It was shocking that Kailan's video was being aired at 3 non-gaming channels at the same time.

It was something that hadn't happened in the entire history of Kailan.

- Wow, this is awesome. Concurrent broadcast from 3 screens? From 6 pm?

- What! Read the bulletin properly. Are you stupid? It's not screens, it's airwaves.

- LOL, hehehe… they are the same.

- You guys are making me laugh. He he he. By the way, it is a simultaneous broadcast on 3 airwaves, and the event rewards are amazing too… surely Kailan is awesome.

- Kue, it is rewarding, but it isn't that practical. Of course, the limited edition set is a worthy collection…

- It was an event where Asmodians couldn't participate in. It was a bit strange, but maybe it's fairer if it's like that.

- Oh, now that you say it, it makes sense.

- Honestly, even if there were no rewards, the broadcast would have been successful. Pretty users like Remir would be on air like celebs, right?

Kailan was a well-known game for everyone who had an interest in gaming.

However, if the broadcast was aired in the prime time, then those who weren't even interested in gaming would probably have a look into it.

Kailan's visuals were so high quality that it would make anyone forget that what their seeing was a game.

Like any other game, users who play Kailan wanted more and more people to enjoy the game.

The event planned by the LB company wouldn't benefit them alone. They were providing gifts for the users too.

The announcement posted on the official website began to spread at a high pace with thousands of video being sent to them by users willing to participate in quest-related episodes.


An intense blizzard came that made them unable to see anything.

A blizzard with tremendous power which reminded them of the 'Blizard' magic of the Ice Wizard.

Ian was struggling as he couldn't set the resistance properly.

"Oh…!! I thought I was dead for sure. Why would a field be designed to be so cold?"

Levya—who could sympathize with Hoonie's grumbling—nodded.

"I feel the same too. However, we're here already, and we need to get through this."

Ian nodded his head and agreed with them.

"Phew, if we knew that we would have to go through this, then we could've set our settings well."

"Ahe, then Ian, wouldn't it be tough to break through the Legions of Darkness if we didn't set our settings against dark attributes?."

"That... is true."

Hoonie mumbled while stretching out his hands,

"We should have brought along Remir noona with us.

"Yeah, we should have. Why didn't I think of that? It would have been easier to move with her warmth."

Ian and Hoonie were talking about a ranked wizard as if she was a room heater.

However, it was true that they truly wanted Remir to join them.

"Can't we bring her in now?"


"You have those Dimensional Beads. Can't you use them?"

"Oh, right… should I bring her?"

Hoonie and Ian had a serious expression, which was why it was tough to make out whether they were joking or if they were serious.

Levya just shook her head and spoke to those two,

"Could you guys stop spewing nonsense and find the canyon? Or you'll die of the cold."

Both Ian and Hoonie answered her at the same time.

"Yep, noona!"

"Understood noona!"

Levya's pretty face blushed after hearing their answers.

"Noona! Whose noona am I? I can understand Hoonie calling me that, but Ian…! I thought that you were my oppa?"

Hoonie was really flustered when he heard that.

"Uh…? Huh only me? Really?!"

"Hoonie, gets to be the only one to call you that? I can call you noona better than Hoonie."

"Be quiet…!"

The three of them kept walking on the snowy mountain while talking about silly stuff.

They managed to fly to Curpiah with Ian's help. However, walking to the Prilania canyon was like walking in a complicated terrain using their hands.

After an hour or so, the temperature was starting to warm up. The three were able to see the entrance of the Prilania canyon.

Below the cliffs, and the high peaks, the magnificent Prilania canyon could be seen hidden by the clouds.

Hoonie who saw the magnificent view was amazed by it.

"Keu, I want to take a shot of it in my smartphone."

"Stupid, just take a screenshot."

"Ah, right…"

"Maybe the cold is getting to your brain?

"Boo bo bo."

Hoonie was speaking a lot of nonsense today.

Ian walked down carefully towards the canyon.

Although it wasn't entirely explored, the Prilania canyon had very little information about the community.

When Ian stepped on the entrance, system messages came out in front of him and his party members.


[You have entered the 'Prilania Canyon'.]

[You've discovered the forgotten ruins of the Ancient in the North. Fame increased by 100,000.]

[Obtained the title 'Un-interrupted Explorer'.]

After seeing the messages that came up, Ian thought to himself.

'Also, not the first discovery.'


A few additional messages came up.

Messages that only appeared for Ian.

[The Dragon God's, 'Seikaito' blessings have come upon.]

[Increase the battle abilities of all objects classified as 'Dragon' by 50%.]

[The battle ability of a familiar was increased by 50%.]

[The ability of 'Karceus' was increased by 50%.]


Ian was slightly surprised.

It was his first time to witness something of that sort.

'Is the field the one that gave the buff? I haven't heard of such a map…?'

Milos, who was following Ian, said,

"Because you are a passenger."

"A passenger… anyone else in the category?"

Before Ian could even hear the answer to his question, a new system message appeared in front of him.

This time Ian's party was shocked by what they saw.

[Dragon God—Seikaito—has come down to the temple.]

['Prilania Canyon' field quest has been activated.]

[The quest for the 'Remnants of Marion Dragons' begins.]

[If you get out of the field, the quest will stop automatically.]


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