Taming Master | Chapter 410 | Oracle of Devil God | Part 2

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The Taming Master - Manhwa Novel

Chapter 410 - Oracle of Devil God - Part 2


A quest notice all of a sudden.

With warning messages coming up one after the other.

[Caution! If you don't leave the canyon within 10 seconds, the quest will start. After the quest has begun, you won't be able to leave the canyon!]

[Caution! If you don't leave the canyon within 10 seconds, the quest will start. After the quest has begun, you won't be able to leave the canyon!]

A flashing red sign in front of Ian's party, but nobody moved out of the canyon.

In fact, it was natural.

The ones who did hidden quests every day with the risks that were associated with them, but not as a party.

Ian smiled and looked at Hoonie and Levya alternatively.

"No one going, out?"

Levya and Hoonie both nodded at the same time and answered,


"Surely I'm walking with you hyung. Like the Bonamana hidden quest, I'll take a handful."

As soon as the two of them answered, the time of 10 seconds had passed, and the quest window had opened in front of the party.


- - - - -

- Remnants of the Marion Dragons (Hidden Quest) (Sequential Quest) –

In the northeast of Malacca continent, Prilania canyon.

The Dragon Valley, a place where the dragons resided as a home, was left by them as the Marion dragons had destroyed the area.

Some of the surviving dragons and the dragon tamers have tried to rebuild the valley, but even with their effort, they couldn't overcome the remnants of the Marion dragons that were suppressing the entire canyon.

Because the Marion Khalifa had placed a strong curse on the Prilania before heading to the Devildom.

Now, however, the Marion Khalifa was defeated by the heroes of the human world.

Because of that, the curse had weakened and finally, the opportunity to break the curse arrived.

The last dragon tamer remaining in the human dimension wants to rebuild this Dragon valley.

He has asked for the permission of the Dragon God and has been granted the opportunity.

But if he fails to clear the remnants of the Marion dragons despite lending the power, then the Dragon God will get upset.

Help the dragon tamer to purify the canyon of Prilania.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

A user who is of the 'Dragon Tamer' class.

(The trigger for the quest condition. When the quest is triggered, all the users in the Prilania canyon can join into the quest.)

Time Limit: 80 minutes


Varies, proportionate to the number of the legions of darkness. (Gain fame and experience)

* If you die during the battle, your quest will fail.

* The quest cannot be rejected.

- - - - - -

Ian's eyes gleamed looking at the quest window that had just opened up.

'Uhm…? The blessing of the Dragon God, Seikaito? So, all the dragons got the buff…?'

The content of the quest wasn't that difficult.

He didn't know what kind of a Marion dragon the Khalifa had left behind, but they were trying to get a rough guess.

'The time limit of it is around 80 minutes… maybe like the time effect that was given to infiltrate the tower of the Dragon God.'

But there was one part that Ian didn't know about the phrase, 'sequential quest' written right next to the word 'Hidden Quest'.

It was the first for Ian to see.

However, Ian was still relaxed.

'Once the quest starts, we'll know what it means?'

Ian quickly checked the condition, so that he could move into the fight right away.

The vision of the three began to turn distorted.

The landscape began to get distorted, and so did the space around them.

The distorted view quickly set, and the party could see clearly, and it was the Prilania canyon that they had came.

It was just like the Prilania canyon.

The situation was different.

The canyons which were there had now turned hell-like.

The sky of the canyon was red.


"The weak dragons of the Human dimension! Bend your knees before me!"

The red sky with clouds was still moving.

With gentle lightning storms in the back of the canyon, the shadow of a huge dragon floated.

The dragon began to appear with the huge monstrous shadow falling on the ground.

A dragon with a very familiar silhouette—Ian was familiarized with the dragon without even waiting for it to get any closer.

'The Marion Khalifa.'

The landscape of the Prilania had completely changed, Ian, Hoonie, and Levya stood there.

However, Ian couldn't move.

As the quest was underway, he was under the control of the AI.

What Ian could do, was just to watch the scene unfold.

Even then, his heart didn't want to back out.

This was just before the quest had actually started, which was why he had to gather a little more clues to make success.

Kukung- Kukung-!

The cliffs, the canyon and everywhere around them, began to vibrate.

Right in front of Ian, a green dragon with blood spilling out from its neck fell down.


"Keu…! With the devil energy, I have defiled the sacred power of the Dragon God!"

In front of the fallen one—a dragon with scales similar to Khalifa had appeared.

Looking closely at the dragon, Ian couldn't help but feel bizarre all over.

'It looks like a devil dragon, but… it looks a lot bigger and stronger than that.'

A ferocious looking dragon approached the green dragon and opened his mouth with a low voice,

"Krrrrr, the Marion Khalifa is the only absolute for us. What faith lies upon the unclear existence of the Dragon God?!"

At those words from the Devil Dragon, the fallen green dragon roared showing its teeth.

"This Dragon valley is proof that the Dragon God exists. The Dragon God isn't the name that dirty beings like you should speak about!"

"Haaa! If that is so… I'll destroy the dragon valley!"


The Devil Dragon roared with its face towards the sky.

Energy began to get sucked at the tip of its mouth.

At that very moment!


New system messages began to emerge in front of the party of Ian.

[The first mission, 'Protect the Green Dragon Lerika' quest has been activated.]

[Quickly defeat the 'Red-eyed Marion Dragon', and protect Lerika.]

[When the Green Dragon Lerika dies, the quest will be deemed as a 'fail'.]

[If the mission is succeeded, then it would lead you to the next mission.]

[Time limit until the final clear – 01: 19: 59.]

Ian's eyes were bright.

'Is this the meaning of a sequential quest?'

The very same moment, the Al control on the characters of Ian and the other party members were released, and they got the control back.

Ian and Hoonie simultaneously opened their mouths,

"Levya, shield!"

"Noona! Stop the breath!"

It was because it seemed like it would be able to save the Green Dragon Lerika by stopping the breath of the Red-eyed Marion Dragon.

The very moment Ian and Hoonie had opened their mouth, Levya had already cast the 'Blessing of Sky'.

As the best supporter and the 1st rank priest, her judgment was quick and accurate.


A white light came down from the clouds and wrapped itself around Lerika.

Just a second after that, the breath of the dragon reached it.


The breath of the Red-eyed Marion Dragon had an intense red color!

When the breath reached the shield, the flustered Marion dragon looked around.

"Disgusting worms are hiding in here."

The Marion dragon growled from its teeth.

The very same moment, Ian and Hoonie summoned the Hargasus and went towards the dragon.

And it was the death knight, not Hoonie who was on the Hargasus.

Ian held onto his Judgement of the Spirit King and gave out orders to Karceus.

"Karceus, block it!"

"I get it, Master."

Karceus quickly incarnated into its body and blocked the dragon in the sky.

"Kuahh! Die you bastards!"

With words of anger coming from its mouth, the Marion dragon waved its tail,


And attacked at Ian who was riding the Hargasus.

But Ian had already predicted it and invoked the ability of Hargasus.

"Hargasus, descend!"


As soon as the ability of descend got activated, a cold air flew around the close vicinity of the Hargasus.

The invincible effect of the descend had been activated.

The tail of the dragon which came in at the perfect timing just stuck in the air.


His tail moved out without touching anything, which made the dragon shocked.

The death knight of Hoonie who wasn't ready to miss the opportunity pierced its spear to the other side of the Marion dragon.

"The judgments of darkness will come upon!"

Kwak- Kwak-!

Hoonie's first knight ever the Ballam, and the first-ever myth rank death knight of the Korean server.

Ballam bruised and pierced the side of the dragon and the dragon was on the floor crying out of pain.


That wasn't the end.

Karceus, who had approached the dragon, bit the neck of the dragon.


[Karceus, the familiar has done tremendous damage to the 'Red-eyed Marion Dragon'!]

[The vitality of the 'Red-eyed Marion Dragon' has been reduced by 159800.]

The attacks began to pour in from the party of Ian!

Until then, Ian and his party were going on against numerous Undead monsters, but the situation was different now.

Because this time, the whole party of Ian was going against the Marion dragon.

Kwaknwag-! Kwang-!

Starting from the black magic of Hoonie, up to the continuous attacks coming in from Halli and Ly.

Linked with the light attributes from Levya, which would be a debuff for the dragon, the Marion dragon's vitality began to go down quickly.


The Marion dragon moved around violently, it wasn't able to resist the attacks from the party of Ian.

The level of the dragon was just around 370.

Ian could have dealt with it all alone, but there was no need for having three people to do so in the same mission.

"Keuk, you guys…! Khalifa will never forgive you!"

Glowing uncontrollably, the giant Marion dragon quickly fell onto the floor.


The whole canyon rumbled as it fell down.

As the dragon fell down on the ground,

Messages started to emerge in front of the party of Ian.


[You have successfully completed the first mission!]

[You have earned the fame of 50,000.]

[You will be lead to the next mission.]

[Time limit for the final clear – 01: 15: 33.]

The same moment the messages began to come, the voice of the Green Dragon Lerika began to rise.

"Oh, you are… the heroes our Dragon God has sent!"

Ian nodded and responded,

"Yes, we are."

And once again, the AI began to control the characters and the view began to change once again as the quest watching mode had started.

Lerika's words followed,

"Human heroes…! Would you help me?"


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