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Chapter 411 - Oracle of Devil God - Part 3


The holidays of Chuseok, the greatest holiday of the nation.

As soon as Semi had arrived, she quickly moved around for a capsule center.

It was because as she went to the home of her grandmother, she would be expected to play with her five nephews.

And it was definite that she couldn't get away from the grasp of her nephews to go into the game, but she somehow managed to getaway.

'Since Chuseok is tomorrow, even if I play a little I'll make sure grandma understands.'

Semi, who came into the town turned on the map in her cell phone and searched for the location of the capsule centers.

But suddenly, anxiety reached the mind of Semi.

'Please, they all won't be closed because of the holidays, right? Or maybe in the country-side town, there aren't any capsule centers?'

Fortunately, there were two places of the capsule centers on her search list.

But then again, she started to get nervous.

Both the capsule centers weren't answering the calls.


The light steps of Semi began to pick up the pace.

She had no intention of going back to her grandmother's home.

She reached the closet capsule center.

The moment she went into the center, she spoke to the part-timer,

"Pre-payment of 12 hours."

"… huh?"

The part-timer student was flustered at what she heard.

Seeing that Semi spoke again with a clear voice,

"Twelve hours of pre-payment, Unnie. Twelve. Hours."

From the time when she was middle schooler, she was full-fledged into the games, she normally stayed in the games for ten hours.

She was around twenty years old, and that habit of hers hadn't changed.

"Hmm, it has been so long since I came to the gaming centers. Should I try playing those games for the old time's sake?"

Semi who was once grief-stricken about the Kailan game played around a lot of PC games seven years back.

But those games which were funny and interesting to play at that time were too flat and boring now.

"No, I just have to see the Kailan Community. Is it fine to see the information of the past…?"

With ramen noodles and a soft drink in her hand, Semi opened the internet and connected to the official page of Kailan.

Her gaze was fixed to the main banner that was on the page.

[Kailan Chuseok Event!]

[Among the videos that have been put in the official café of Kailan, the videos ranked from the first to third popular ones will be featured on the Kailan special feature!]

[When you are done voting on the video that you like, you will get 300p points. Vote now!]

Semi who read the information was excited by it.


Something like a hypnosis, Semi got sucked into the banner.


On the monitor came up dozens of videos in a grid format.

Semi skilfully clicked on the sort button and changed it for 'Top-of-the-list' to 'Popular'.

'Surely, Ian's video will be on the top, right?'

What Semi was looking for was the battle video of Ian.

Even when looking at the videos that came up, her heart started to pound.

She was feeling upset that she wasn't able to catch the live video of Ian's battles as she wasn't in the capsule.

However, her eyes went wide as she saw something on the screen.


The video of Ian, which she had assumed to be in the top 10, was nowhere to be found.

However, when she scrolled a little further, she could find the videos of Ian—ranked in the top 20.

And besides the video, it was stated as 'NEW!', which meant that it hadn't been long since the video had been uploaded.

"Then, it makes sense."

Semi, who was a die-hard fan of Ian from the very beginning, clicked on it with a very happy expression.

Putting in the wired headphones which were hanging from the side, she started to watch the video with utmost concentration.

One of the thumbnails was an image of Ian and some other rankers fighting against the legion of darkness.

The white snowy field covered with the dark army, the grandeur of number that the army had.

The situation was exciting from the very start, and the phrase 'LIVE' was floating above the top corner of it, which made Semi concentrate on it even more.

'Keu, Ian god, is the strongest in the battle.'

Supported by Levya and Hoonie; Ian's party was going to seize the whole army of darkness.

It was a thrilling sight to see the summoner control his character and give out orders to his pets at the very same time.

The higher the Summoner, the much harder it gets to control the character.

And Semi, a high-level summoner close to nearly level of 300, had been able to fully understand Ian, which was why she enjoyed watching it.

Semi, who had been watching the video for a while, opened the chat window and started to watch the reaction of others.

- Ha, my Bloody Fenrir came out and reduced less than a hundred number of the undead… Ian's Fenrir single-handedly dealt with hundreds to thousands of them.

- What's the level of your Fenrir?

- 270.

- The level difference is already there. There is no need to compare.

- What's the level of Ian's Fenrir?

- I'm not sure, but at least a 350.

- Sh*t? Apart from the dragon. He has a level 350 Fenrir?

- Yeah. The average level of Ian's pet will be somewhere around there.

- That is so crazy... How is such a thing possible?

- No, the level of the character is similar to that of the familiars too, and to that of the monsters. And it is not a bug…

Semi who saw the chat laughed out loud and wrote.

- Not a bug, it is Ian.

- Keu, I totally agree.

- Right. If it was a bug that is more than a bug, it's Ian.

The general summoner would choose one familiar as his main focus, and gain experience from it while growing it.

The more they are, the more experience points that would be distributed, the more difficult it gets for leveling up.

In numbers, the speed of leveling a pet is directly proportional to that of the number of pets one possesses, which was why it would be better to not have many pets in general.

The more the pets one possesses, the harder the control which would eventually lead to the inefficiency in hunting.

Therefore, the level of summoning that summoners possess was like—the user with a base of level 100 would have a summon base of level 90-95.

It was common to have two or three more pets around the base level of 70-80.

However, Ian was different.

In the case of Ian, all the levels of his pets were maintained at 90-95% of the level.

That was why Ian had the level of the summons equal to that of the summoner.

As Semi had begun to watch the live combat video of Ian, the time of 20-30 minutes passed by very quickly.

As time went on, Ian who was constantly fighting with the backdrop of a snowy field had reached a canyon and began a new quest.

Doing quests and endless battles without getting tired, an interesting quest was underway which made Semi get interested in it, once again.

"Oh, What is this quest? Dragon valley?"

It was a much interesting quest if one was a summoner.

Semi, who was excited to see it, suddenly thought of something.

'But, Jinsung senior isn't really Ian, right…?'

Though she had denied the probability of such a thing, Semi was still not sure about it.

And the live video of Ian, which was in the top 20 had suddenly made it to the first.


The Green Dragon Lerika was like a progressive agent in the series of the ongoing quest.

After being treated by Levya, she had polymorphed into an archer with green hair and guided the party of Ian.

And unlike before, Lerika was using an honorific title of calling Ian as 'master'.

"This is the way, master! You need to destroy the bloodstone to get to the other side."

And Hoonie who wasn't satisfied with the title.

"Why is that hyung the only master, and I simply a human?"

Lugarix who was right behind him answered,

"Because Ian is the master of the party."

"Hmm? Ian hyung is the master of the party? What is that supposed to be? I never agreed with hyung to be the master!?"

Ian who was walking ahead dismissed the complaints of Hoonie.

"I'm the party head, you idi*t."

"AH, party head…"

A baseless conversation that seemed to miss the common sense.

Apart from that, they were heading to the next mission with a quick pace.

[You have successfully completed the third mission!]

[You have earned the fame of 50,000.]

[The next mission will come.]

[Time limit of final clear –00: 59: 22.]

The party of Ian went through all the missions to save the Prilania canyon.

Because the achievement rate of the quests still wasn't know, they could afford to slow down.

In the process, the value of the three-member party play had turned even more prominent.

"I'll move alongside Ly and Levya, and will look from the back, Hoonie and Lugarix look for the Marion dragons."


"Levya, please get the timing while staying afloat in the air, and a little support would be welcomed."

"I'll do that."

An iron bridge that connects the cliff on both sides of the canyon.

They had to cross it in order to move to the next mission, and they had to move at a right angle from the bridge.

They couldn't move in any other way as there was a swirling tornado that was forming at the bottom of the cliff.

Ttat- tat-!

Halli was carrying Ian ran towards the dark cave.

And Ly was following them closely.

Ian's expression hardened within a little while.

'This, I don't like the feel of this.'

The bridge that they were moving on lead to the inside of a cave.

However, there was a steel bar that was installed in front of the bridge lever.

An engine system that wouldn't have been found unless watched very carefully.

Ian was feeling that the steel bar above it would come down as soon as the leveler was lowered, and the bridge would move.

'It will definitely trap us.'

Yet Ian didn't stop and went forward.

Kwang- Bang-!

Ian quickly caught up to the Asmodians who were guarding the entrance of the cave and quickly gave orders to Ly.

There could have been a better way, but he felt like making a bold decision was necessary sometimes.

"Ly, go inside and lower the lever."

"I understand, master."

After letting Ly take over the role of the lever, he decided to get out of the cave.


Even without the buff skill, Ly was much quicker than Halli, he went in the speed of light and rushed to the lever.

Without any hesitation, Halli pulled the lever.


As Ian had predicted, the breaker fell down and Ly got trapped inside.


Normally, if it was a party, one of the party members would have to be left off for the quest progress.

However, thanks to the quick observation of Ian, with the familiar being in there, he could go through.

He could summon it back, and summon it into the field whenever he wanted to.

The time he wouldn't be able to use Ly, was something he would have to fix.


[You have successfully completed the fifth mission!]

[You have earned the fame of 50,000.]

As they went on, the quests were going on!

It was their quest to complete the mission, finally, they were able to complete the ten missions.

A system message reminded them that all the sequential quests have been done.


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