Taming Master | Chapter 412 | The Secret of Marion Khalifa | Part 1

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Chapter 412 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 1


Ian's mentor and the founder of the Magical Beast Transmution, the first half-Elf half-Devil, Cervian.

The laboratory which was always quiet and gloomy was currently full of people and noisy.

The information about how Ian's beast alchemy could be done in Cervian's laboratory had spread out.

Numerous summoner class users searched for the institute of Cervian and tried to make high-level beasts of the ones they had managed to catch.

The cost of making a beast was never cheap, but nonetheless, it didn't seem to reduce the popularity it had.

For the summoners of Asmodians, the presence of a high-level magical beast would help them in their combat.

No one had ever obtained a Hidden Class like Ian in Cervian's institute.

None of them had caught Cervian's attention.

[Keu, if Ian was here, what would he have said after seeing this.]

[This guy surely lacks the will. If it was my number one student Ian, he would have picked the best with just one look.]

As time went by, Cervian gave up on the idea of accepting new pupils since none caught his attention.

The study of the Magical Beast Transmuter which had been stopped was resumed once again.

From the study, Cervian looked at the problems in the old records of the Khalifa.

When the Marion Khalifa was made in the past, why was it hard to control?

Cervian wasn't able to find the reason why.

There was no way he was willing to challenge the Magical Beast Transmuter again if he didn't find out why the Marion Khalifa couldn't be controlled in the past.

If another creature just like the Khalifa was born again, then it would turn into a complete disaster.

In the final process of making the Khalifa, an unidentified energy suddenly got sucked into the magic circle.

He had to find an answer for that energy, he wasn't willing to make the same mistake once again.

The eyes of Cervian who were looking into the old records of the Khalifa were more serious than ever.



[You have successfully completed all the missions!]

[The remnants of the Marion Khalifa have begun to collapse.]

[The Prilania Canyon have opened.]

[Enter the 'Alter of the Marion Dragon'.]

[Time Limit for Final clear – 00: 19: 24.]

The long and twisted canyon of Prilania showed their goal.

In the very last section, there was a portal that was emanating pure white light.

The Green Dragon, Lerika who had been guiding Ian's party, bowed to the party and opened her mouth.

Her eyes were filled with dignity and pride.

"Expect the Khalifa to come, and please revive the Sacred Land of Dragons."

Ian was confused upon hearing those words from Lerika.

'Does he expect us to fight the Khalifa?'

The final boss of the Dimensional War.

Ian remembered just how powerful a single attack from that monster was.

"Inside that, Khalifa is there…?"

Lerika nodded her head and answered.

"Yes, master. But you don't have to worry about it."


Lerika smiled softly and extended her hand towards Ian.

A white bead that was similar to the Cintamani was present in his hand.

"The Dragon God Seikaito will be with you."

Ian accepted the bead from Lerika.

A single system message came up.

[Obtained the item 'Eye of Truth'.]

'The Eye of Truth…? What does this have to do with the Dragon God?'

Ian wanted to check the information of the item 'Eye of Truth'. He took a deep breath as if he could afford to do so.

Time was running out with every passing second, and they couldn't waste any more time.

Therefore, Ian simply exchanged gazes with Hoonie and Levya and put his foot through the magic portal.

Once Ian had stepped in, the rest of his party went in without any hesitation as well.

Ian's party slowly faded away as they went inside the portal.



Ian tried to scream, but his voice didn't come out.

The reason why Ian screamed was because of the terrible sight he saw after stepping out of the portal.

Ian's party was summoned so high in the sky that they couldn't see the floor.

Ian saw numerous Marion Dragons below them at the Prilania Valley. He was also afraid of heights that was why he felt sick when he got out of the portal.

However, Ian's party which was summoned in the sky couldn't move.

They were under the AI's control.

Ian tried to calm his pounding chest and looked around the sky.

They could still look around even if they were under the AI's control.

'Phew, why the hell did we have to be summoned in the middle of the sky? Do we really have to be hanging in the air?'

While grumbling to himself, Ian looked up into the sky above him.

He saw two giant dragons facing each other.

Khalifa the feral dragon with scales like swords, and another dragon of familiar appearance.

He was none other than the Dragon of War—Karceus.

Karceus was carrying an old man with grey hair.

Ian knew the identity of that man too.

'Dragon Tamer… Oakley!'

In the past, when Ian was still in the double-digit level, he was the one who gave Ian the sealed soul of Karceus.

Ian felt happy seeing the face of Oakley after a very long time.

'Then... is the battle of the Prilania Valley which Oakley had mentioned in the past...'

If the scene would turn out just like Oakley mentioned, then Karceus would be defeated in the battle.

'Karceus will run away to the base of the Cruphia Mountain.'

But Oakley, not being able to fight head-on with the Marion Dragons, finally decides to seal himself and Karceus in the Underground.

The seal of Karceus was currently with Ian.

While Ian was thinking about the past, the quest scene that was in progress had almost come to an end.

[Trivial human! You dare show yourself in front of me!]

Oakley looked at the sky and yelled after hearing Khalifa's roar.

[This has been our home for thousands of years. Even if you can't understand it, we will not retreat from here!]

[How dare you…!!]

The situation was just moments before Karceus with Oakley and Khalifa collided.

The whole scene suddenly stopped and system messages appeared in front of Ian.

['The last battle for Prilania Valley' has been initiated.]

[Help the Dragon Tamer and God's Dragon 'Karceus' to defeat the Marion Khalifa.]

[When either the Dragon Tamer or Karceus gets killed, the quest would be declared as a fail. (Even the death of a user will declare the quest as a fail.)]

[If the mission is a success, it would lead to the next mission.]

[Time limit for final clear – 00: 18: 12.]

Ian was flustered the very moment he saw the messages that came up.

'Uh, I need to help Karceus over there? Then what happens to my familiar Karceus? Will two Karceus fight?'

However, as if the system read Ian's thoughts, another message came up.

[Due to the progress of the story, you wouldn't be able to use your familiar 'Karceus' till the end of the quest.]

Ian just nodded his head.

'Surely, this would have happened.'

Another line of system messages came up.

[5 seconds from now, the battle will resume.]

Ian quickly looked at the terrain and summoned his familiars.

He summoned all of his familiars except for Ly since his cooldown was not done yet.

'It'll be war so I won't be able to use Bbakbbak and Halli.'

Ian checked his inventory and felt upset.

God's rage, which was a myth rank item that couldn't be worn even though he was powerful enough since he had not met its conditions.

It had been a very long time since he had achieved 15 million fame, but he still had to get the Noblesse title.

The situation Ian was in was something where his bow could be of tremendous use.

'The moment this quest is done before I go to the Richie King, I need to find the Devil Liliana or Ricardo, and upgrade to the Noblesse.'

Ian smiled to himself and pulled out the legendary equipment that he always used.

This time when Ian looked around the battlefield, he couldn't help but be surprised.

It was because Oakley who had been riding Karceus was replaced by another character.

The character was a 'user', whom Ian knew.


Five seconds passed, and the battle had resumed.

Ian and Hoonie quickly summoned their familiars and moved.

If they didn't quickly summon their familiars they would've fallen from the sky.

Levya, Lugarix, and Milos didn't have much trouble since they had wings.

"Bbookbbook-ah! Summon!"

"Hargasus, summon!"

Ian summoned Bbookbbook first. Hoonie summoned Hargasus, and they both boarded their respective ones.

There was a problem though.

Bbookbbook came out in a turtle form.

Ian was on the back of a turtle and not a dragon.

Ian who was confused and shocked at the unexpected turn of events screamed at Bbookbbook.

"Yah, Bbookbbook! Polymorph quickly!"

"Kay, Bbook!"


Right before they crashed, Ian adjusted himself on the Abyss Dragon and flew to Karceus' side.

Canoel who noticed Ian opened his mouth with a not so welcoming expression,

"Ian hyung! How did this happen!? How can you be here!?"

Ian couldn't answer Canoel's question since Marion Khalifa charged towards his direction.


The Marion Khalifa with its huge body was doing quick movements that didn't suit its size!

Ian managing to escape the Khalifa's attack answered Canoel's question with a short statement.

"I don't know too! Let's just focus on the fight for now!"

Ian began to release rapid-fire arrows.

Ping- Ping- Ping!!

Ian's arrows were moving with precision and accuracy as ever and heading to the weak-point of Marion Khalifa.

For Ian who could hit even the tiniest target, putting arrows on the giant Khalifa still seemed cool.

Ian's attacks began. With earnest feelings, the 'Khalifa Raid' had begun.

As of the moment, Canoel was on top of Karceus, and Ian was on top of Bbookbbook.

Hoonie who boarded on top of the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix, and Levya who had her own white wings were the members of the raid party.

Hoonie was on top of Hargasus in the beginning, but because of the nature of Hargasus which couldn't fly to higher altitudes, he got on Lugarix instead.

The battle was going to be a 100% air raid, the first time in the history of Kailan.


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