Taming Master | Chapter 413 | The Secret of Marion Khalifa | Part 2

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Chapter 413 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 2


"Oh! Oh…! What, is this is a public battle?"

Semi who was looking at the monitor while holding onto the chair beside her straightened her body and looked at the computer.

Both of Semi's eyes were shining bright.

"Wow, is this just a one-time thing?"

In Kailan, there were several dungeons that users could choose from to fight in.

However, a map that no one could select as the battle was happening in the sky was an option that no one could select.

Ian's party was so high in the sky that a single mistake could lead to their death.

Semi opened the chat window with an exciting look on her face to look at other users' reactions.

- Wah, lol, how are they able to fight there?

- I don't think that it is a matter of killing the Khalifa, but the chance they have are surely better.

- I know. Any one of them could fall out of the sky with just one simple miss-step out of habit.

- Huh, where would they even step onto? They're so high from the ground that no one could even take a step anywhere.

- Do you see those golden clouds around the Khalifa?

- Ah, yeah. I see them.

- Those are cloud pieces where they could take a step on to. It disappears once they step on it, but they can jump onto it once.

- Oh, something like that exists?

- Yeah, a bridge of clouds on the southeast side of the continent, you can see it if you go there.

- Ahh, it sounds hard but fun.

After seeing the chat window, Semi smiled and mumbled to herself,

"This is almost like an arcade game."

A gold cloud that disappeared when stepped on.

A content that appeared quite frequently in arcade games.

She was thinking about how she would approach the raid, but she could only watch as of the moment.

However, being in the spectator seats made it much more interesting.


[Die! You creatures of the Human Dimension!]

Krrrrng-! Kwakwang-!

A huge roar from the Marion Khalifa came out, a strong gigantic energy poured all over the place.

The energy was bound to the map.

It wasn't a wide-area attack with direct damage, it was a critical debuff skill.

Marion 'Khalifa', unique ability, 'Demon pollution' has been used.

During the duration of the attack, you will receive additional damage of 75% for every attack of the devil energy.

Magic-resistance is decreased by 30% for the duration of the debuff.

For the duration of 15 minutes, 7% of a magic attack's damage will be absorbed.

The debuff's effects will last for 15 minutes.

Ian's expression was slightly distorted.

Since he was thinking about the battle with the Undead, he didn't set his magic-resistance properly. This debuff would definitely become troublesome.

In addition, it lasted for a duration of 15 minutes.

Considering that the remaining time for the final clear was 17 minutes, the debuff would be active almost till the last minute.

'There are no way attacks would even work.'

Ian's gaze went over to the Khalifa's head.

[Marion Khalifa/ Lv 500]

Being a Level 500 was tremendous.

With this debuff, even a single hit from the Khalifa's tail would kill them off in an instant.

Ian shouted to Levya,

"Levya, please initiate an attack buff right away!"

Levya was confused because of Ian's command.

"You want to set an attack setting in this situation? We will all die with a single hit!"

"It'll be a buff with a defensive ability for the Khalifa's attacks."


Ian calculated exactly how much damage they would take, and Levya immediately agreed to it and set all the buffs to attack.

Instead of putting up defensive buffs, she cast magic of the higher tier 'Haste' which increased a target user's movement speed.


[Party member 'Levya' unique ability 'Blade's Edge' has been activated.]

[For the duration of 20 minutes, the damage done by all normal attacks will be increased by 20%.]

[Party member 'Levya' unique ability, 'Warrior of Light' has been activated.]

[For the duration of 25 minutes, all the attacks of the party members will be increased by 37.5%.]

[Party member 'Levya' unique ability, 'Goddess of Wind' has been activated.]

[For the duration of 17 minutes, all the movements of the party member will increase by 22%. ]

Once all the buffs were set, Ian moved aggressively fast.

Since being in the defensive was out of the question, they had to move as aggressively as possible.

"Offence is the best defense."

In a typical RPG game, being hit doesn't limit the movement.

In simple words, attacks couldn't be reversed, even when hit. The player could attack continuously.

But Kailan was different.

In reality, when one gets shocked, one either loses balance or gets clumsy.

Since they were in a situation where it was hard to keep their balance, it would be difficult to deal a lethal blow to the enemy.

Like what Ian said 'Offense is the best defense'.

For example, when the dragon's tail flared up, a strong impact to the torso could distort its movement.

And in the case of the huge Khalifa, its body won't shake with just a few attacks.

"Hoonie! Don't think of using your Undead, and do your best to provide support from the back! Hyung will deal with the Khalifa!"

At which Hoonie replied.

"There is no place where I can even summon my Undead!"

An undead that was similar to that of a ghost could be summoned in a race, but they were the type of undead that wouldn't be much helpful in a Boss Raid.

There was an undead that was called the 'Ghost Dragon'. That Undead was a top tier among the Undead, and it could also fly. However, no warlock had been able to summon the Ghost Dragon yet.

So what Hoonie did was to use targeted spells along with various curses.

Though the amount of power was generally lower than that of a normal magician, it still helped.

Ian, who leaped into the air with Bbookbbook, sprang high to direct his arrow towards Khalifa as a provocation.

"Could you match my strength, you stupid dragon!"

Khalifa, who was burning hot with rage because of Ian, looked at him as if lasers would come out of his eyes.

[Humans, you bastard, I'll start with you! Kwahh!]

Red flame came out of Khalifa's mouth.

At a single glance, it looked like something that was similar to that of a dragon's breath.

However, as Ian had already fought with Khalifa, he knew that the effect would trigger another effect.


A red flash came out of Khalifa's mouth.

It rushed towards Ian twice faster than a normal dragon's breath.

However, it didn't hit Ian since its range wasn't enough.


The clouds that were in the path of the red flash all burned off in an instant.

And of course, Ian who had predicted the attack's radius was easily able to avoid the Khalifa's attack.


Ian jumped to the air with light footsteps and shot three arrows at once.

The arrows went through the neck of Khalifa.

[The Marion Khalifa has received tremendous damage!]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 47,980!]

For the Marion Khalifa…

Khalifa was furious and jumped to the air with anger clearly registered on its face.

[You rats! I will never forgive you!]

The body of the angry Khalifa twisted in the air.

Khalifa's long tail moved towards Ian like a whip.


Its tremendous tail just like Ian had expected had tremendous power.

Ian jumped from the back of Bbookbbook and got onto Pin, completely negating the attack from theKhalifa.

At the same time, Ian didn't stop shooting arrows at the Khalifa.

Ping- Ping-!

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 49,514!]

['Khalifa's' vitality has been further reduced by 57,245!]

The moment Hoonie saw Ian launching attacks by skillfully moving in the air, he began to cast some spell.

"This hyung, he was really born just for this game."

To be able to avoid attacks and attack in return was something only Ian could do.

However, there was a problem.

Ian's DPS when using the bow was relatively weak against the Khalifa who was a level 500 Raid Boss.

In addition, the attacks of Bbookbbook and Pin were mainly wide-area based attacks, and the attacks of his other familiars weren't that great as well.

There was Bbookbbook's skill—Breath. However, that skill could only be used once or twice.

'If Pin picks up Grrr, then would his DPS rise…?'

There was no way to decide the right way to attack as there were various ones.

In the end, it seemed like Hoonie would be the one to deal the finishing blow.

Ian looked over at Hoonie and yelled,

"Hoonie-ah! The biggest one! Big and heavy!"

Hoonie was flustered by what Ian said.

"What is the biggest one?"

"That thing, that! Death Meteor!"


The Death Meteor was like the Wizard class' skill—Meteor.

However, Death Meteor was completely different from the Wizard class' skill—Meteor.

Unlike Meteor, which was summoned from the sky, the Death Meteor was a small dark meteor that immediately came out at the end of the caster's staff upon activation. It was a non-target skill that rushed towards its targets.

The casting time was comparatively very short, and the cooldown time was short as well so it could be used continuously.

Compared to Meteor, it was rather similar to the skill—Fireball or Ice Blast.

Its destructive power was enormous, and it could be activated continuously. It would be ideal to use Death Meteor in their current situation since they need to quickly take down their enemy.

But there was one problem.

"How am I supposed to hit that thing!"

It was difficult to make the Death Meteor hit.

The speed of the skill was extremely slow.

However, its speed would gradually increase as it approaches its target.

Despite the powerful destructive power that it possessed, the Warlock that was about to use it wasn't really experienced in using it.

Ian didn't know about it and couldn't help but ask Hoonie to use Death Meteor.

"There is no time to explain, so cast it right away!"

"Ah, okay! Continuous?"

"Just do it until you completely exhaust your magic!"

Hoonie would have normally grunted at Ian's orders, but when he was in a battle he just followed without complaining.

Even though he was not sure as to what was Ian trying to make him do, he still followed Ian's order.

It was the result of the trust that they built over the countless number of battles that they did together.


Intense black energy began to gather at the end of Hoonie's staff.

After a while, a huge dark sphere was created in front of his staff.


Levya became flustered not because of the skill's tremendous energy but because she wasn't sure if the skill would hit the Khalifa since she knew how slow the skill moved towards its target.

However, Ian began to draw the Khalifa's aggro, and Hoonie continued to cast the Death Meteor.

The Death Meteor kept growing and growing in size as Hoonie continued pouring dark energy in it.


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