Taming Master | Chapter 414 | The Secret of Marion Khalifa | Part 3

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Chapter 414 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 3


The video of the Party of Ian which was fighting in the Prilania valley had come to the top in almost an instant.

It was the first time for it to be aired in the official community of the Kailan, but the reason the video turned into such a big hit was because of the hidden quest that it was related to.

It wasn't just the video with the number one ranking in the community but had been relayed as the video of Ian by the internet broadcast BJs.

Particularly, from the first to the fourth place on the communities' video ranking, all of them were about the Prilania valley.

From the 2nd to the 4th place were the videos of Hoonie, Levya, and Canoel.

As the traffic on the video of Ian began to slow down, the people who weren't able to connect to the video naturally went and saw the video of the members of the party.

And the users who wanted to watch the personal video of just Ian had accessed the BJs broadcast and watched it in there.

And among the BJs that were present, there was particularly a hot channel.

- Ah, for those pitiful ones who don't know that chunks of darkness in the sky, Guys! That is a powerful skill of the warlock called the Death Meteor!

- What is that? I'm a warlock user, but it's the first time for me to come across that.

- It seems like you're a bit upset. To not know the Death Meteor, it was once a very famous skill.

- Right, right. Was it a user of the US server? Some overseas ranker warlock with a Drake, the video had been uploaded to the internet.

- Lauren BJ, can you please explain the Death Meteor?

- Of course, you sulky sir. The Death Meteor is one of the most highest DPS skill of the Non-targeting skills of the warlock, a staggering 1,500 percent cooldown within 1.5 seconds. But there is a fatal disadvantage for it. The disadvantage is…

Lauren, a very famous user of the Kailan's BJ.

He was a regular user with the level around 220, of the archery class, with somewhere being a middle ranker.

But, he was very well-known in Kailan for his knowledge, he was one of the five fingers—as the Kailan BJ.

Originally he had been relaying many videos of the rankers regularly as a BJ, but his channel later changed to the one which was dedicated solely to the Lotus Guild.

Around 3 months ago, he was taken into the lotus guild.

The level was definitely much lower than that of their standard level needed to join, but he was an exception because of the guild marketing.

"Huh, it really was a good choice to take in Lauren."

Yoo Hyun who was sitting in the chair and looking at the monitor, smiled while taking a sip of the coffee that was placed on his table.

Just like he had been confident about recruiting Lauren, he felt better as he could see the result of it.

"The editor 'So Jin' who is dedicated just for Jinsung would sure be exhausted. I think that it would be better to get in a full-time team by hiring them…"

Shortly after the Kailan gaming appeared in the industry.

The virtual reality gaming industry, which had just begun to grow had made a remarkable progress.

Not just the technology, but the awareness itself had reached a tremendous point.

Starting from the planning till the completion of the games, to the technology that shows different dimensions.

'Virtual Reality Game' has been started to be recognized by the people as a new world that was beyond a simple game.

Kailan—which had been launched a few years before now, had turned into a powerful game because of the 'Kailan'.

It was no exaggeration to say that each of the giant guilds in the Kailan was almost like a small power business.

Recently, the guilds of Kailan have been moving fast to catch up with the current trend.

It was very similar to the reason why Yoo Hyun had brought in BJ Lauren.

'Ian' and a lot of rankers, including the well-known members, were currently in the best Lotus Guild of Kailan.

'Lotus' had now turned into a huge 'content' and it was realized that such a powerful content could be an enormous power.

The easiest example would be the rework of the combat battles of the rankers of the Lotus and bring in only the advertising revenue that would be of use for them, but that itself would bring in tremendous benefit.

'I will need to analyze the needs of the viewers through Lauren, and then reprocess and distribute the videos according to their specific taste. If the funds of the guild are gathered, then maybe it would be nice to set up a channel exclusively for the Lotus.'

Recently, Yoo Hyun had been having a business-oriented mind than most gamers did.

And this change in Yoo Hyun came from seeing the success of Harin's business.

"Nice, I guess I should connect now?"

Yoo Hyun, who drank all of the coffee, got up from his seat and headed back to the capsule room.

After having lunch and taking a break for an hour, it was time to head back to the game and then to the war.

As the Legion of darkness was strong, there was no time that they could spare, even if it was the holiday for Chuseok.

Till Ian came back, he had no intention of letting go even a single manor to the side of the darkness.


Even with a big body, the Marion Khalifa was a fast one.

As a result of the Death meteor—which was moving very slowly and had no intention of hitting it, seeing this, it laughed at the party of Ian.

with such a low-level you plan on dealing with me!

With the growl, the breath of Khalifa began to speed up.

He raised his head towards the air and emitted strong energy.



It was a new skill of Khalifa that Ian hadn't come across.

As Ian was turning nervous, messages began to emerge.


[The Unique ability of Marion 'Khalifa', 'magical summon' has been activated.]

[The Marion dragons of the battle capacity of 40 percent of Khalifa have been summoned.]

[When the Marion dragons have been killed, the vitality of the Khalifa will be decreased by 15%.]

Five small dragons, with shimmering purple light, had appeared before the party of Ian as soon as the messages disappeared.

Ian's expression hardened a little.

'This is a bit hard to…'

Five additional troubles came up suddenly.

It was difficult enough to concentrate the firepower in the field where there wasn't enough damage to the Khalifa.

'This is really not helping.'

Ian put the bow back in the inventory and took out his Judgment of the Spirit King.

It was a situation where he had to change his strategy and play as safe as he could.

Hoonie screamed towards Ian,

"Hyung, what should I do? Should I keep casting the Death Meteor?"

Ian answered nonchalantly,

"Don't worry and wait for the orders, or do something if it feels safe!"

Ian held the Judgment of the Spirit King with both of his hands and leaped into the air.


Hoonie's eyes which gazed at it were shocked.

'That crazy hyung, what is he planning to do?'

In fact, Hoonie was actually looking at what Ian was planning to do.

In order to utilize the Judgment of the Spirit King's strongest attack; the hit needed to be a direct one, and there was no other way but to hit the dragon on its back.

And the situation was a very dangerous one.

It was because of the huge difficulty that the task included—to jump on the dragon's back and not to fall from it.

"Hyung! You're afraid of heights!"

"It's fine, as long as I don't look down!"


From the back of Hoonie who was feeling troubled, Ian flew to the back of the Marion dragon that was summoned.


But to jump on the back of a moving dragon wasn't an easy task to perform.

As soon as Ian jumped on his back, the dragon twisted and turned in every direction.


It was an unbearable moment for one to see.

Ian, who was about to play the counter-attack with the Judgment of the Spirit King, strongly put it into the back of the dragon.


The Judgment of the Spirit King went into the back of the dragon with a huge sound.

[Damage was done to the 'Marion Dragon'!]

[The 'Marion Dragon' vitality has been reduced by 379,809!]

As long as there were no causalities, Ian couldn't hit the weakness of the dragon.

So even though the 'fatal damage' didn't work, the damage was enormous of 370,000.

It was a different amount of damage when he attacked with arrows.


The dragon began to turn violently and screamed out of pain!

The dragon struggled to drop Ian, but it was useless.

Ian who was completely settled in the back—wrapped his hands from the back of the neck of the dragon.


Ian held onto the dragon's neck perfectly with his left arm and wielded the Judgment of the Spirit King in succession.

Kwang- Bang- Bang-!

The enormous damage had been done, and golden lightning bolts started to descend from the sky.

It was the effect of the Judgment's Lightning—a unique ability attached with the Judgment of the Spirit King.

[Vitality of the 'Marion Dragon' has been reduced by 587,982!]

[Vitality of the 'Marion Dragon' has been reduced by 771,928!]

If the dragon was a huge Khalifa, then it would have been an impossible battle, but the size of the dragon was about three times of Ian.

Therefore, the thickness of its neck was enough to wrap with one hand of his.


The Marion dragon—who was bewildered with the enormous damage that was coming in succession struggled in pain and quickly flew towards Khalifa.

However, the vitality of the dragon had almost fallen to less than half.

It was like he wanted Khalifa to take care of Ian whom he couldn't manage to throw off.

Seeing this, Ian's lips went up.


"Oh-oh, what kind of situation is this?! The dragon carrying Ian is flying towards the Khalifa!"

In a small room, there was a man shouting at the broadcast that was happening.

He was none other than the BJ Lauren.

Although he had been relaying the video of Ian for hours, he wasn't tired of them, his passion for it was still going strong.

Lauren's face was red because of shock and nervousness.

"That is so dangerous! The speed of the dragon is very fast! He won't be even able to get onto Pin or Bbookbbook!"

Lauren's voice was all tensed up, and he looked over at the chat section of the video.

- Wow, This is a real crisis. Are we finally going to see Ian's game-out?

- No, that can't be. Our Ian will never be out of the game under any situation!

- Sir, this is a perfect out, how can one survive out there?

- That, that…! You know Ian right!

- …

- Huh, these people really lack the virtue. Have you forgotten the skill that allows Ian to change the position with that of his familiar, 'space distortion', he will be alive!

- AH, right…!

- Oh sh*t, that was genius.

Having read that in the chat, Lauren stared at the monitor that was relaying the video.

'Space distortion… that is true, that wouldn't feel like he was running away…'

Lauren's eyes glanced at the monitor.

The expression of the user wasn't shocked or frightened.

Rather, it was a smile, he seemed rather too relaxed.

'What is he going to show us?'

Lauren swallowed his spit.

In a sudden moment,

Once the two dragons collide, and with a few more mistakes, Ian wouldn't have the opportunity to escape from there.

Right then, Lauren's eyes narrowed.

An unexpected situation like this always had happened.


Suddenly right behind the Khalifa with blue light, a whole new familiar had been summoned.


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