Taming Master | Chapter 415 | The Secret of Marion Khalifa | Part 4

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Chapter 415 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 4



A huge sound roared right behind Khalifa!

Rather than the soft sound of the wind, it was something more terrifying.

From somewhere, two of Ian's familiars were summoned right behind the Khalifa.


A screech came out from the mouth of Khalifa.

The reason was simple, one of the summoned familiar of Ian had landed on its back, one hell of a heavy guy was on the back.

The familiar was none other than...

It had been very long since Ian had summoned Ddukdae from his hands, and after a sweet time, it was summoned.


With a giggle, it held onto both sides of Khalifa.

With the same movement, the Khalifa's posture looked like it was facing the sky with its back to the ground.

And 'Grrr' whom he summoned on top of it, quickly rushed to it.

Beginning with the two summons, it only took a matter of 3 seconds for all the moves to take place.

In the meantime, Ian who was almost at the cross point with the dragon he had been riding, yelled at Grrr.

"Grrr, use Broken Flame! Annihilation Rays!"

The level of Grrr which had been lacking compared to the other familiars, had reached the point of 340.

It wasn't completely done yet, but it managed to cover at least 90 percent when compared to the others.

And the unique ability of Grrr, which boasted the strongest single skill began to burst out.

And the skill was possible because the 'Broken Flame' was an immediate skill.

As soon as one activates it; the flame burns on an object and doesn't die down until the enemy dies of it, or the familiar dies.

When the Marion dragon caught on the flame, the sound that came of Grrr's mouth was very terrifying to hear.


It was the 'Annihilation Rays', which was a brutal attack skill that had close to 4,000 percentile modulus.

[The familiar 'Grrr' unique ability 'Annihilation Rays' has been activated.]

[Fatal damage done to the 'Marion Dragon'.]

[The vitality of the 'Marion Dragon' has been decreased by 897,918.]

[You have successfully defeated the 'Marion Dragon'!]

[The destruction of the 'Marion Dragon' has resulted in the reduction of the vitality of Khalifa by 15%.]


The dragon moved around in pain and suddenly disappeared.

The guys had already lost alot of vitality due to Ian, who couldn't handle the damage that came from the attack of Grrr.

The momentum of placing such beautiful attacks was a stunning picture for anyone to see.

But there was a minor problem.

Once the Marion dragon disappeared, Ian who was hanging onto it would fall to the ground, which was happening by the way.

Seeing that, Hoonie and Levya began to scream out of worry.



The two who were worried to death soon have settled down.

Ian was the best ranker with the highest sense of gaming, it was natural that he would overcome the situation in unexpected ways.

Just as they had expected, Ian had already thought of a manner.

"Space distortion!"

The same time he had said it, the place of Ian and Grrr began to exchange with a blue light.

As the skill started to take place, the places of Grrr changed with his.


To the top of Marion Khalifa.

To put it precisely, Ian's position changed to the top of the back.

It was a perfect solution for the moment of desperation to stay alive.

Then, what had happened to Grrr instead of Ian?


Ian had quickly canceled his summon.

Watchers who saw the turn of events were hitting on the keyboard.

- Wow! That was crazy!

- No, honestly he is a playboy that could do anything, but how did he manage to do it in such short notice?

- I can only think about it. But, to actually do it and then to actually succeed at it, that's a jackpot!

- OMG… lol... I just don't understand what had happened to the monitor. The dragon, why did it melt away? And how did Ian, who was falling to the ground appear on the Khalifa?

- If you don't know, please go back and check the scene. The battle isn't over yet, so I can't explain it to you. Just concentrate on the turn of events.

- Uhhh! Praise the God Ian!

Not just the viewers, but the BJ Lauren, who was in the middle of watching the video turned into ice.

"This, this…"

Lauren, a very famous internet BJ, knew the perfect timing to unleash the news and catch their attention.

It was obvious that Ian's skills that were used were known, and he clearly understood how he had done it, and it was sure that he could clearly explain it to them.

But he couldn't.

The very moment, he wanted to concentrate on the match on Ian than to anything else.

The moment had passed, but Ian was still standing in the middle of the enemy.

Ian wasn't completely out of the crisis.

"This is Ian everyone! Today we get to cleanse our eyes watching the play of Ian!"

Lauren began to focus after saying something to himself and focused on the monitor again.

The next moment, he tilted his head slightly.

'Why the hell did he summon him? Was Grrr a stepping stone with much easier targeting skills?'

Though it was a good enough guess, he couldn't figure out why it had been summoned.

According to the feel of Lauren, there would've been a key reason why he had suddenly decided to do such a move.

'Why the hell?'

Right then, the head of Lauren which was starting to ache with all his thoughts suddenly realized something.

"Ah, the agility…!"

Khalifa, who was carrying someone half the size of him, was a bit slow to see.

The tremendous weight and the massive daggers that were hanging on the back had limited the movements of the huge Khalifa to a great bit.

It wasn't easy, however, if they managed it, then it could be possible to perform.

If Khalifa flipped it's body to get rid of them, then Khalifa would lose the balance too.

It was because the center of gravity was there and would momentarily make it lose its balance.

When suddenly, Hoonie's Death Meteor—which was moving with a sluggish speed, was starting to pick up speed.


Kwang- Kwakwang-!

[Done fatal damage!]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 480,912.]

[Vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 375,131.]

Ian who was firmly seated on the shoulder side of the Khalifa stabbed it with his spear once again.

As the damage began to accumulate, the vitality of Khalifa was reduced.

Kuuuah! You humans, I'll teach you idiots a good lesson!

There was no way for Ian to stand on the back of it, and Khalifa knowing that, cast a new ability.

It was an intense sound that could tear off the eardrums of the people in the nearer areas, and the vitality was reduced too.

[The unique ability of Marion 'Khalifa' 'Marion Dragon Roar' has been activated.]

[Vitality has been reduced by 1,293,098.]

[Fallen into the state of 'fear'.]

[For a certain duration, you will lose the control of the character.]

Ian who confirmed the system messages could do nothing but sigh.

'It's a good thing that Ddukdae is a golem.'

As Ddukdae belonged to the golem class, 'inanimate matter' it was completely immune to the condition of 'fear'.

Therefore, it wasn't affected by the roar of the dragon, and thankfully, Ian who lost control didn't fall off from the back of the dragon.

But that didn't mean that the roar of the Marion dragon wasn't threatening enough.

The damage caused by the roar was very huge.

'Sh*t, it took down a million vitality with one wide-area.'

A wide-area attack and Ian's vitality had fallen to less than half.

Ian bit down on his lower lip, looking at the vitality that flickered.

'Little more, just a little more…!'

Ian turned his gaze to Hoonie.

To be precise, he looked over at the numerous Death meteors that were being fired from Hoonie.

The speed of the Death Meteor was picking up pace, but it still wasn't fast enough to hit the Khalifa.

Of course, this was an alternative that Ian had thought of, but he needed a little more time for it to work.

"Noel-ah, control Karceus to stop the Marion dragons! Bbookbbook, protect Hoonie!"

Ian, who commanded Canoel and Bbookbbook, turned his gaze to the only familiars that were flying, which was—Pin.

But he still hadn't given any orders yet.

It was because Ian hadn't come up with one.

And in the meantime, the remaining time left for them was less than five minutes.

- AH, the execution is surely wonderful, the fight was really artistic, but… it seems like the time is a little too short. But everyone! I think that Ian God will eventually clear the quest!

Like the words of BJ Lauren went, the whole chat began to explode.

- Ha, Even if it is Ian, this time it will be impossible to do.

- What nonsense!? There is no way the quest would fail after they made it this long. Surely, Ian God will think of a way.

- Huh, well. No matter how nicely played Ian is, sometimes the truth is cold. From the 15 minutes, the vitality of Khalifa has been reduced to 40. How would they plan to kill it within the next 5 minutes?

- There is a way.

- Huh?

- Once all the Death Meteor of Hoonie hits him.

- Is there anyone in here who doesn't know that?

- …

It was a natural thing, but in the current situation, it looked like it is the only way to get out of the situation.

And Lauren was expecting that too.

'Now, in a minute or so, the Death meteor will reach the Khalifa's point… if they can just keep the Khalifa like that somehow…'

Of course, Lauren wasn't thinking of how they were supposed to keep the Khalifa right there.

Ian would've surely thought of a way.

Not many people would have noticed, but the fact that the speed of Khalifa had been reduced more than twice the original speed, made it sure hat the Death Meteor would manage to hit it.

Nevertheless, it would still be tough to hit it.

'Now, what kind of a crazy act will you do?!'

Looking at Ian who was in the monitor, Lauren's mouth turned into a wicked smile.

It was unreal.

It seemed so impossible.

If it was Ian, he would show something, some kind of vague expectation was building up.

But it was certainly true that many of the users who were watching the video at the moment were all expecting something and it wasn't just Lauren.

The very moment, Lauren's eyes went wide into the upcoming scene.


The scene at the battlefield was the raid boss Khalifa, surrounded by the party of Ian.

The three dragons, including the Lugarix with Hoonie, was holding on to; along with three younger dragons and Levya, along with Milos, who was supporting them from behind.

Hoonie had summoned the Death meteor, following Ian's order.

But in a glance, it looked like the Meteors were going to fail.

More than a third of the meteors were already heading to the opposite direction past Khalifa, losing the point of their destination.

Despite the slow movement, Khalifa managed to avoid the projectiles without much difficulty.

However, Ian's eyes hadn't lost focus or concentration.

Rather, his eyes were shining like a beast who had caught its prey.


A golden cloud formed in front of them.

Ian who was waiting jumped into the air without any hesitation.

At the same time, he gave out the orders for the familiars and the users.

"Pin, use Crush!"


The first order was given to Pin, while he was jumping onto the cloud.

As soon as he stepped on, the cloud had disappeared, yet he didn't panic.

And the shock wasn't the scene of Ian running on the clouds, but…

The most surprising scene was the unique ability of Pin's 'Crush' and the 'Death Meteor' getting into sync.

Pin's unique ability 'crush' was a wide-range skill that causes strong gusts of wind which gave out DoT damages, in the course, they also affected the projectile.

Because of that, the Death Meteor which moved like slugs started to get faster and faster.

Even the Khalifa, which had avoided them a moment back was shocked at the turn of events due to the linkage attack.

The Death Meteor, which he had cleanly managed to avoid till then had now started to give it damage.

[Keuahk! You trivial beings!]

Something was still lacking.

The speed of the projectile was almost twice to thrice faster, but that didn't mean that all of the Death Meteors were intense.

It wasn't definite as to how much time they had on their hand, it was only about a minute that was left in the hands of Ian and his party.

And the vitality of Khalifa was still around 30%, it was too short of a time to take all that vitality down.

The very moment, Ian who was running around the golden clouds, invoked a skill that no one even though of.

"Ddukdae! Abyss Hole!"

The very next moment, loads of black rocks that were scattered on the battlefield began to rush towards Ddukdae!


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