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Chapter 416 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 5


All attack skills and non-targeting skills in Kailan didn't inflict any kind of damage on objects that were not recognized as enemies.

So even when a person wants to PK someone, once that person attacked the target with a target skill or a general attack, a 'hostile' situation wouldn't be created in an instant.

Which was why he thought of a way that could attract the projectile using the Abyss Hole.

No matter how fast the Death Meteor was pulled in, there was no way that Ddukdea which was in the same party as Hoonie would have to worry.

Then why didn't Ian summon Ddukdae in the past and summoned a retainer?

The answer to that was fairly simple.

Ian accumulated more leadership points with Celia.

Before he could even level up a 100 more leadership points with Ddukdae, Ian already added another familiar to his list—Grrr.

The leadership points Ian had was doubled during that time, but he couldn't give leadership points to all of his familiars. So he wasn't able to give Ddukade some leadership points.

Surely the few familiars that he possessed had leveled up and evolved, and so did their need for leadership points.

However, the leadership points Ian was getting wasn't increasing.

In conclusion, Ian currently had the ability to maintain only one of his myth class familiar.

Which was why it was literally 'The only one he had'.

'I never realized that I would be using it this way.'

At Ian's command, Ddukdae lifted both its hands and struck them down on Khalifa's back.


A powerful shock wave had spread after Ddukdae's attack.

[The familiar 'Ddukdae' ability 'Abyss Hole' has been activated.]

[27,983 damage has been caused to the Marion 'Khalifa'.]

The damage from the Abyss Hole wasn't so bad.

Though it was surely weaker than Ian's arrows, it was enough to deal damage to the Khalifa.

The problem was the swirl of the shockwave that was summoned on top of the Khalifa.


The waves began to turn larger and larger producing huge sounds.

Flashes of blue shimmer began to appear inside the shockwave which started gathering all the objects around it.


Khalifa was trying to flap its wings and overcome the shockwave's mighty power, but it was useless.

Holding Ddukdae who had a huge body, and who was using the strongest CC called the Abyss Hole, it was an impossible task to overcome the gravitational pull.

Besides, the location where the Abyss hole had been summoned was right on top of Khalifa's body.


Seven or so Death Meteors got sucked into Khalifa's body and exploded when the Abyss Hole got activated.

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 40,982.]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 34, 421.]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 1,315,122.]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 1,279,830.]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 34,421.]

[The vitality of 'Khalifa' has been reduced by 1,198,754.]

A lot of system messages appeared in front of Ian's party.

The damage that was dealt to the Khalifa was approximately seven million.

The damage that the Abyss Hole normally gave was around 3 to 4 million, but the damage exceeded due to the Death Meteor that was along with it.

With that skill combination, the vitality of Khalifa was going down the drain.

Khalifa was receiving around 10 million units of damage per second while he was inside the Abyss Hole.

The vitality of Khalifa, which was that of a raid boss was around a billion. 10 million worth of damage was something devastating even for Khalifa.


Khalifa was writhing in pain and grief.

However, it was just the beginning. Dozens of Death Meteors were being pulled into the Abyss Hole.


Normally, the skill information of the Abyss Hole didn't specify how much power it had.

After the duration, the range of the damage was precisely around 10 meters to be exact, but the range of the pull was much higher.

If its attack covered 20 to 30 meters rather than 10, then its power would be weaker.

Even mere goblins could withstand the Abyss Hole's power if it had been spread out that wide.

However, Death Meteor's weak power increased as it orbited the Abyss Hole.

The closer the Death Meteors got to the Abyss Hole, the faster they accelerated.

Everything happened according to Ian's plan.

Kwang- Kwang- Bang-!

[The vitality of Khalifa has been reduced by 1,199,454.]

[The vitality of Khalifa has been reduced by 1,175,945.]

[The vitality of Khalifa has been reduced by 1,351,742.]

Levya's jaw dropped as she watched what was happening to Khalifa.

"What... what the hell is that…?"

They manage to take millions of Khalifa's vitality before one could even realize, and it all happened in the blink of an eye.

There was another person apart from Levya who was even more shocked than her.

It was none other than Hoonie, who had summoned the Death Meteors.

"Crazy! Totally crazy…!"

The battle information window was floating to his side.

When he checked, the DPS (Damage Per Second) was written there.

Average Raid DPS: 520,983

Average DPS for the past 1 minute: 1,652,151

Instantaneous maximum DPS: 32,517,512

When typical level 300 users were in a Boss Raid party, the DPS damage dealers would deal between 100,000 to 150,000 damage.

In the field hunting, there were a lot of rankings that took out over a million DPS, and that was because of the loads of monsters that get attacked in a single strike.

Surely, when dealing with a low-level boss, one could easily deal a DPS amounting to 500,000. It was an entirely different story when the boss was of the raid level though.

Even a party consisting of top 10 rankers of all the top ten classes couldn't deal 200,000 DPS.

They could deal 200,000 DPS in a Boss Raid if every one of them went all out.

However, the DPS window that was in front of Hoonie's eyes was showing some ridiculous numbers.

'Ones, tens, hundreds, thousand, million… 30 million?'

The figures Hoonie was seeing didn't make sense to him.

He couldn't believe that his Death Meteors had just dealt that much damage.

Users who were watching the video on their screens were much more agitated than Hoonie.

- lol, hehe, hold on a second. I'm not seeing things, am I?

- WOW, he he he, lost it. now isn't the time to joke around Mr. Snob…

- No, guys he he… the raid boss that was hunted yesterday was around 30 million I think so? The information that Hoonie had just seen was the DPS window, then it means that the previous raid boss information has been crossed over.. heh he

- Wah… it is probably because the level of the raid boss that they previously hunted was low. The average DPS is the same. The DPS was 50,000, even now.

- Then maybe... Has anyone seen the DPS window that Hoonie opened before the explosion?

- I have. Hoonie's window showed 8 million a while back… and then it went up to 50 million after the explosion… Boom! He he lol.

- I seriously don't know how did that happen, really. I admit today that Hoonie is truly the KanjiHoonie.

- Why is Hoonie Kanji(cool)? Ian was the one doing everything. I still feel like Ian was the one that needs to get praised. Today is a day for Ian—Ian God!

- I second that, Ian!

Even Hoonie had a huge fan club now since he was starting to become famous. However, Hoonie's fans were a bit different than that of Ian's.

Unlike Ian's fans, who were busy praising Ian, Hoonie's fans enjoyed dissing Hoonie.

However, they weren't his haters. It was just fun to support Hoonie that way.

Ian's plan worked somehow and almost every Death Meteor got sucked into Khalifa's body for the last 10 seconds since the activation of the Abyss Hole.

It was hard to accurately calculate how much damage they dealt, but around 60 million damage was done in the span of 10 seconds.

Khalifa's vitality gauge, which seemed impossible to deplete, fell to the bottom.

[Keu, these humans…!]

Khalifa lifted his head to the air and roared.

However, it wasn't a roar for a counterattack.

It was the last scream of despair before the Raid Boss died.

Kukung- Thud-!

The whole map began to tremble. Khalifa's energy began to spread around.

At the very same moment, system messages began to emerge in front of Ian's party.


[You have succeeded in destroying the remnants of 'Khalifa' the Marion!]

[The devil energy that had been encroaching the land of Prilania Canyon had been purified.]

[The blessing of the Dragon God 'Seikaito' has fallen back to the Prilania canyon.]

[The quest 'Remnants of the Marion Dragon' has been completed!]

[You've earned 30,000 fame points.]

The moment they checked the quest completion message, they couldn't help but feel proud of themselves.

If a person succeeded in completing such a hardcore quest, the amount of satisfaction that person would have normally doubled up.

Seeing the image of Khalifa disappearing, Ian smiled brightly.

The magic circle that was around it had disappeared, and they were able to stand in the ground of the canyon now.

Canoel, the main subject of the quest was the first to say something,

"WOW! I almost gave up on that one…"

Before Ian's party appeared, Canoel was doing the quest all by himself and had almost given up on it.

The moment the Khalifa emerged, he realized that the quest would be hard to clear all by himself.

After abandoning the quest, he was planning on asking rankers of the Lotus Guild like Ian to support him with the quest.

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But miraculously, Ian and his friends appeared in the Frillania Canyon and cleared the quest for him.

Hoonie and Levya who just landed on the ground said what they felt too,

"Yeah, hyung. Even I felt like giving up on that quest. It felt like a quest that couldn't be cleared."

"Even me. I never imagined the last part to turn out like that."

As they were talking about it, the effect of Khalifa that was hanging into the ground started to slowly disappear.

"But, Noel-ah."

"Yeah, hyung?"

"What is the quest clear reward?"

"Ah, that…"

All of them cleared the quest, but the rewards that they got were different.

Of course, the rewards of those who just assisted with the quest would be similar, but Canoel—the one that took the quest—was bound to receive an entirely different reward.

It was a 'Dragon Tamer' class hidden quest.

Canoel looked into the system message and said with a smile,

"I will get a myth class headdress and a skill book along with the egg of a myth class dragon."

The moment Ian's party heard the rewards that Canoel would get, the whole party of Ian was shocked.




They knew that Canoel would indeed get an amazing reward, but what they just heard was mind-blowing.

Canoel's words followed with something that was even more surprising.

"Uhh? Is this the normal reward…? Ah! Is this a reward for achieving the extended quest?"


Ian who didn't understand what Canoel was talking about, immediately asked him what he meant.

However, before Canoel could even respond to Ian's question, system messages appeared in front of Ian.

[You have succeeded with your quest 'Remnants of the Marion Dragon']

[Your affinity with the Dragon God 'Seikaito' has increased drastically.]

[You've acquired the item 'Dragon God, Seikaito's cloak'.]

[You have 'The secret of Marion Khalifa'.]

[You have activated the Hidden episode.]

Ian instinctively confirmed the messages that he received and looked at the Khalifa.

They thought that the Khalifa was dead.

However, the Khalifa was still alive, and it spread its wings wide.


They were about to battle with it when they noticed that it wasn't the Khalifa.

It was a bizarre dragon which was covered with red-scales. The dragon looked magnificent.

The dragon was someone Ian was familiar with.


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