Taming Master | Chapter 417 | The Secret of Marion Khalifa | Part 6

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Chapter 417 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 6


The contaminated dimensional system gradually turned into the 'Devildom' as time went by.

The dimensional system that eventually turned into a part of the Devildom because of the unique landing system thatDaedmon did, and were made into Devildom's divisions.

All the areas in Devildom eventually connected and formed into the central continent of the Devildom.

However, Daedmon's army which had been widening their territory without any delay failed the war of conquest for the first time.

It wasn't just a failure, but a complete failure.

The whole of Daedmon's army got killed, and not leaving a single one standing.

The dimension that beat them was the human dimension.

Daedmon was shocked by what happened.

[Humans… this is a dimension where more 'powerful men' than me exist.]

The 'powerful men' in the human dimension he mentioned was 'God'.

Of course, there was also a god who existed in other dimensions too, and Daedmon had conquered them because their power wasn't strong enough to stop the army of Daedmon.

However, the dimension of humans was different.

There were already many Gods who had been ruling over them for many years, and their strengths couldn't be compared with that of Daedmon.

Which was why Daedmon had thought.

[Now is the time to continue my conquest. I will rule Devildom and build a world stronger than theirs.]

The power of God came from the faith that beings had.

The more beings who serve the god with sincerity, the stronger the power of God increased.

Also, as the divine power got stronger, the creatures of the dimensional world would also have a rise in their spirit.

As a result, the greater the power of a reigning God was, the more advanced would be the dimensional system.

Daedmon, who realized what he was lacking in, decided to resign and devote himself to his region.

Which resulted in the creatures of Devildom to evolve, and the birth of the higher leveled ones called 'Asmodians' began to take form.

[I will be your God, and if you serve me, I will grant you all with mighty strength. ]

Highly intellectual Asmodians have begun to develop in Devildom at a faster rate.

They recognized the existence of God and began to put their belief in it. Eventually, Daedmon began to get more powerful.

However, there was a problem associated with that.

The Asmodians, who had a high level of intellect, had a lot of emotions apart from the feelings of destruction and conquest. They began to learn of 'values'.

Which resulted in the birth of new gods in Devildom.

As such, Daedmon who tried to conquer the human dimension by creating high-leveled Asmodians created unexpected situations for himself.

[Dare, they challenge my authority!]

Many newborn Devil Gods who were weaker than Daedmon started to form.

If the power of Daedmon was the sun, then their power was only that of a small firefly. They would never be able to defy Daedmon.

[They are against Lord Daedmon?]

Please lead the future of the Devildom.

[However, Daedmon felt uneasy. ]

[Now, I can control them, but there is no guarantee that I can still do so in the future.]

As Devildom became more peaceful, the other Devil Gods became more powerful. The gods who were against destruction and conquest were becoming more powerful.

Daedmon was forced o make an unreasonable decision.

Once again, he started the conquest of the human dimension.

He did that because the power of destruction and conquest would be strengthened by creating the Dimensional War, and then he could continue to reign as the supreme figure of Devildom.

The human system, which had turned comparatively weaker than the Devildom, would have a hard time overcoming a mountain of devils.

Deadmon once again placed the oracle, and the battle for the conquest of the human world began.

That was the War of Dimensions that took place a thousand years back.

[I will conquer the dimension of humans by any means!]

The army of Daedmon was so powerful that it was incomparable to that of the previous one, and it made tremendous progress.

They managed to destroy many creatures of the human dimension and gradually began to conquer the human dimension.

[It is just a matter of time before I conquer the entire human dimension!]

However, Daedmon was now just being delusional.

The human's gods saw that Devildom's army didn't show any signs of retreating and began to get involved.

They turned dragons into their messengers.

The heroes with strong power began to fight back, and the army of Devildom once again failed in their conquest of the human dimension.

Surely, Daedmon could grant his power to his creatures.

However, a being who had been granted the power of God couldn't move to another dimension that wasn't theirs.

It was Kailan's unwritten law.

If it was violated, then one wouldn't be a God anymore.

Which was why the army of Devildom got defeated once again.

Daedmon was heartbroken.

He found no other way to conquer the human dimension.

A few hundred years later, Daedmon found a strange being in his dimension.

They were the mutants who didn't have the power of the Gods.

[Was it possible for such creatures to exist!?]

Daedmon thought of a shortcut.

To give his power over to the 'non-standard' which existed.

In here, a non-standard's entity meant 'mutant', which weren't created by God.

The non-standard beings were the only ones who escape from the control of God.

They escaped from God's terms and his teachings.

Ironically, however, the creators of the mutants or magical-beasts were the 'elfs' of the human dimension.

[Huhu, the humans' gods will eventually be destroyed by the creatures that they have created.]

The 'elves', like 'Cervian' had great intellect and inquisitiveness.

Cervian had spent hundreds of years studying about magical beasts by creating the beast transmuter called the 'Beast Alchemy' and created such 'mutants' out of the power of God.

Which made Daedmon help Cervian.

He helped Cervian bring out and make much more powerful mutants.

The larger the body of a mutant, the more power it had.

As a result, higher-ranking Asmodians were born.

A white dragon with gleaming scales.

Daedmon was impressed with that.

Despite the lack of Dragon God, Seikaito's power, the birth of a being with the personality of a 'Dragon' was born.

[Yeah, I guess this guy would be good enough.]

Daedmon secretly gave Cervian the mightiest power that he could provide someone.

Thus, the dragon with a pure white dyed scales possessed the darkest power, and its whole body eventually got covered with red devil energy.

That was the birth… of Marion Khalifa.


Lauren who had been relaying Ian's video was flustered at what he saw.


It was because the video suddenly stopped at its climax. The video stopped after the Death Meteors were pulled into the dragon and the explosion that came after it like a scene in a movie.

It was clear that Ian's party cleared the quest.

"Is this a bug? Were they aware of the curiosity of the viewers?"

It was obvious, and it wasn't just Lauren who was upset.

- Uh, did it stop just now?

- Yeah, right. I just checked it, and Ian's video had stopped.

- Thank god, I thought that the server got disconnected.

- What is happening? Is it a bug just like BJ said?

- Ahh, no way! There is no way that a bug would appear in Kailan after all this time.

- Even then, doesn't it seem like it? if not, what could the reason be…?

The users who were waiting started to move over to other videos one after the other.

Lauren wasn't sure either if he should continue or stop the broadcast.

'What am I supposed to do? Should I call LB's customer care and find out what's happening?'

The moment Lauren picked up the phone and dialed the customer service's phone number, Ian's video started playing again.


Ian's eyes slowly went up.

Everything that stopped started moving again.

No one knew the reason why everything just stopped.

The hidden story that was meant to be hidden from them had stopped for 5 minutes for the entire world.

However, Ian was the only one who understood the stories.

Hoonie and the others didn't even know about the presence of Selipa.

'Selipa… surely that one too.'

Thanks to the hidden story, Ian was able to understand a lot of things that didn't make sense to him till now.

The egg that Ian had got from Cervian when he got the hidden class—'The Unknown Egg of a Magical Beast'—was clearly the egg of Khalifa.

It was revealed that Selipa, who had the power of the Devil Gods, was given birth to because of the Marion Khalifa.

'Cervian wasn't able to seal Khalifa which was born out of the Magical Beast Alchemy, but it wasn't his fault. It was all because of that bastard Devil God called Daedmon.'

Ian finally found out the thing he was really worried about with his Magical Beast Alchemy.

Well, it wasn't completely resolved, but he knew the cause of it. He could now find out the answer he was looking for.

Because of the behind-the-scenes of the Devil God's story which came out due to the quest, he was able to learn of the secret that no one knew.

'If I didn't know about this and created a myth class beast, then my situation would have been the same as Cervian. I would've given Daedmon another chance for conquest.'

On top of that, he learned a little more about Kailan's world setting.

For example, how the numerous areas and creatures were created in the Devildom.

While Ian was thinking about the hidden story, his pending quest resumed.

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With a huge resonance, the welcoming image of Selipa in front of the party began to dim.

The dark clouds of the sky were lifted and a white light began to settle on the ground where Selipa was last seen.

A fresh blue breeze of refreshing air began to blow from the canyons.


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