Taming Master | Chapter 418 | The Secret of Marion Khalifa | Part 7

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Chapter 418 - The Secret of Marion Khalifa - Part 7


The bluish breeze flowing in front of Ian's party gradually settled down.

And there, appeared a mysterious atmosphere with a beautiful boy having silver hair.

[Well, you are the master of the Cintamani.]

The Dragon God Seikaito.

The eyes of his met with that of Ian's.

The very moment, the control of the whole party of Ian went into AI mode.

The Hidden story had begun.

Ian, no, it was Ian's AI who had opened his mouth towards Seikaito after bowing his head.

"It has been long, Seikaito. Have you been doing well?"

Seikaito responded very slowly after nodding his head,

[Surely, I was.]

A new model of Seikaito floating in the air smoothly glided and stopped in front of the party of Ian.

And his eyes of his turned toward the direction of Canoel.

[You have done well, after Oakley.]

"Thank you, Lord Seikaito."

[Thanks to your valor, the remnants of the Marion dragon suppressed in the Prilania canyon have been completely erased.]

"I just did what I had to do."

Doing what you had to do. That itself is enough.

Seikaito slowly lifted his hand.

From his lifted hand a gleam began to rise.

This world has a lot of people who don't do what they need to do.

To the extent how a dark ground turns white with a little snow, the light that gleamed from Seikaito was that intense.

The blue light then shined all throughout the Prilania canyon spreading to the air and the permeated canyons.

On top of that, numerous shadow of dragons started to sit in the canyon.

It indeed was something that couldn't be explained.

With that, a familiar sound rang in the ears of the members.


[The power of Dragon God Seikaito fell on the Prilania.]

[The Dragon Village has risen back.]

[From all over the continent, the 'Dragon' monster will appear.]

[From the moment, you can set a dragon for your kingdom and a 'Dragon Knight' can be trained.]

[As the certain conditions have been met, you can create a 'Dragon Warrior' class, which was a fusion class of the Summoner class and the Warrior class. (You can have up to three fusion classes per a character)]

[Added 2- tier hidden class of 'Dragon Breeder'. (Only for the summoner class, the change of career can be done only when the conditions have been met.)]

The content of the world message was astonishing.

Especially for Ian, who already had the status of King, became interested in the ability to train a dragon with the 'Dragon Knight'.

'I've been going by the name. The Dragon Knight… it sounds twice more powerful than a Wyvern knight, I guess so?'

While Ian was looking at the world messages and thinking about other stuff to do, Seikaito once again looked at Ian.

Well Ian didn't have to respond by himself.

As he was still under the control of the AI.

As Seikaito opened his mouth, the conversation of the two began.

[My eyes which are seeing you, surely haven't mistaken.]

"You mean."

[To overcome the remnants of the Khalifa that were hidden in the Prilania canyon, it indeed is something that could only be done by the master of Cintamani.]

"You're are exaggerating, Dragon God."

A moment later, Seikaito's gaze headed to that of Milos who was standing behind Ian.

It wasn't exactly Milos, it was the soul stone that she was holding onto.

[For you to come here, is it because of the child?]

Ian nodded and answered,

"Yes, Seikaito. To get rid of the darkness in the human dimension, we need to awaken the Dragon of Light which is still in slumber."

Sekaito smiled a little.

And gestured Milos to get close to him.

[You, the messenger of light. Come here.]

Milos moved forward and responded after politely bowing her head to him.

"It is an honor to meet you, Dragon God."

Seikaito's words continued after that,

[You have been through a lot, to keep the child in safe hands.]

"No, not at all…"

[It was something you had to do.]


The bright white egg was tightly wrapped in the hands of Milos.

A blue light began to circulate around it while slowly lifting it to the air.

The egg that had risen to the air had slowly went to the direction of Seikaito.

Seikaito once again looked at Ian.

[Honestly, the moment the Dragon village had been revived.]

Seikaito stroked the dragon egg.

[The seal that was hanging onto this child had been lifted.]

Crack- crack- crack-!

A cracking sound along with blue light from the cracks began to grow more and more.

It was a sight that Ian had seen the other day.

'Karceus…! It is almost the same effect when the soul of Karceus had awakened!'

Looking at the scene, Ian's heart began to beat quickly.


The Dragon of Light, Elcarix.

The soul of Elcarix, which had now started to turn into pure white light, started to grow brighter and brighter.

The soul of Elcarix which had been asleep, awakened and took the shape of a dragon.

The whole party was looking at the scene that was unfolded, and the words of Seikaito continued,

[This child, who has been sealed off for a long time, probably has lost the memory. But you, the owner of the Cintamani… I believe that you can take good care of this child.]

Large white wings, and a tail that extended from the body with an utmost beautiful curve.

The Dragon of Light, which was full of light till the moment had finally shown its body and appearance.


[A new God's Dragon has appeared!]

[Right now, you can register the Dragon of Light, Elcarix as the dragon of the Kingdom.]

Another two world messages.

And a message that was only for the eyes of Ian.

[Obtained the Dragon of Light 'Elcarix (Lv 1)'.]


"Herz, something huge has happened!"

"Huh? What has happened?"

"The Alita manor has been debilitated sharply!"

The war between the Lotus Guild and the Elrika Kingdom.

In the midst of the battlefield where a total of 100,000 troops, from both sides, faced each other—Herz was directing the battle.

Of course, not all of them had been battling on the field.

There were seven lands adjacent to the Elrika Kingdom and its border, it was an all-out war with seven territories at the same time.

The lords of each manor were regularly under the command of the Kingdom.

And the place where Herz was currently at was the 'Keaton Manor', that was taken away from the Elrika Kingdom.

"No, wasn't the manor of Alita prevailing till a moment ago?"

"That was. But all of a sudden…"

"All of a sudden?"

"It has been reposted that a whole new Undead has appeared."

Herz was confused at what he had heard.

"A new Undead? Did a new higher-level of Undead appear?"

The guild member who had come to relay the information took a deep breath and responded.

'No, it wasn't that… much more difficult than dealing with the death knight.'


Of all the undead, the Durahan was the toughest to deal with.

The attack power was much lower than that of the Death Knight, there was no specific weakness for it and had a very good regenerative power, it was hard to hit it with a deal.

But the guild member shook his head once again.

"No, master. A whole new undead... a ghost drake."

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"No physical attack is going through it at all, he is like a monster."

Herz's face hardened a little.

If no physical attack could work on them, it would definitely be tricky.

Amongst the undead 'race' that had currently been existing, the 'Ghost Warrior' was a character that was completely immune to the physical attack.

However, it had a weak vitality that could be taken down with wide-area magic, but the situation would be different from that of a 'Drake'.

Firstly, the race of Drake itself was a monster with a good vitality that was excellent for a tanking position.

'Huh, then I can't send in the mages for support there…'

Herz's head began to hurt with all the thoughts that were going on in his head.

If the Ghost Drake had appeared in the Alita Manor, then they would surely make an appearance at the Keaton Manor too.

'Oh no…'

As the anxiety of Herz intensified, an unexpected huge roar came to form the eastern side of the battlefield.


All of them looked in the direction of the sound.

Not surprisingly, Herz did too.

The very next moment, Herz went pale at what he saw.

It was because something that was more threatening than a Ghost Drake had appeared.

"Ghost Dragon…!"

It was the first top tier of the Undead, which had never been encountered in the Kailan ever before, and this was the first time.


Aside from Ian who had obtained the Dragon of Light, the other party members received tremendous rewards for the quest with the utmost difficulty.

And all that—was due to the performance in the quest.

Normally, as the vitality of the Khalifa had fallen to less than half, then the Dragon God should have appeared and helped the party members out.

However, Ian and his party had killed Khalifa in an unexpected way, and a new Hidden story was opened.

[Normally, my role was just till here, but thanks to you I came to know of the hidden secret of the Khalifa, which is why I will give you additional powers.]

In addition, Dragon God Seikaito provided them with a huge buff, a 'blessing of Dragon God' that would last for a week.

A powerful buff that would increase 30% of the combat abilities without any conditions.

In addition to the Dragon of Light, Elcarix has been granted additional buffs too, which would have been five times more effective than a regular attack.

But, Ian couldn't help but feel irritated.

'Keuk, what's with this sweet buffs? For one week it has to be no sleeping. Will this be effective till the Wednesday class of next week?'

Not twice, not even thrice, it was whooping five times buff experience.

In order to extract the maximum efficiency here and leave no regrets, it would be right to hunt indefinitely.

Luckily, the holidays for Chuseok lasted for four days in the coming future, it felt like he could give up three classes till then.

Ian, who was now out of the control of the AI spoke to Seikaito,

"Sir Seikaito, then we will now drive the legion of the darkness away!"

The very moment—the buffs' duration was diminishing.

Every minute and second was an inevitable worth for Ian.

Ian had done all the work that Seikaito had wanted him to, now he wanted to move fast and hunt down the undead as soon as he could.

But then, Seikaito still had something to say.

[Your courage is indeed great.]

Letting those words settle down, he spoke again,

[I will lend you my army for a day, and they will help you destroy the legion of undead that is corrupting this land.]

Once again, Seikaito has given Ian and his party a wonderful sweet treat.


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