Taming Master | Chapter 419 | Reunion with the Dragon God ‘Seikaito’ | Part 1

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Chapter 419 - Reunion with the Dragon God ‘Seikaito’ - Part 1


Tens of dragons which displayed courage.

Considering the word 'army', the number wasn't so much, but it was the elite troop which didn't need to be millions in number appeared in the Prilania canyon.

It was natural for Ian to rethink what he had heard, but right then, a sound in his ear cut off his thoughts.


[The Dragon God Seikaito's guardian will join the party.]

[The commander of the army 'Cameres' joined the party.]

[50 dragon vessels have joined the party.]

[The Party leader 'Ian' has been given the title of commander for the unit.]

Around fifty-five veteran dragons and an NPC named as 'Cameres'.

Dozens of dark blue dragons with horseman were much smaller than the normal dragons, but since a large number of them were gathered, it was a great force.

Moreover, not only were the warriors armed but the dragons were armed too, so the light reflecting off them was beautiful.

In particular, Cameres and the dragon with the title of 'Courageous commander' were the most prominent of them all.

It was the same with the greyish blue scales, but on the top of them was a golden armor.

Ian's gaze went to the top of the head of the NPC.

Courageous Commander/ Cameres/ Lv: 500

'Keu, I want to make such armor for Karceus too… where will I even get such a thing?'

Ian was admiring the grandeur of Cameres, the warrior on top of the dragon had gotten down and come towards Ian.

Cameres walked up to Ian and extended his hand for a handshake.

"You must be the owner of Cintamani, the one my Dragon God has told me about."

Ian responded by extending his hand.

"That… that is right."

"Nice, I will stay in the dimension and try to help you as much as I could."

As the voice of an NPC with a level of 500 had said such words, Ian decided to place infinite trust in them.

"Thank you so much, commander."

Cameres smiled and spoke a few last words.

"I look forward to seeing your bravery."

Though his words sounded scary, new system messages surfaced in front of Ian.

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[Sudden quest has been activated.]

- - -

Meet the expectation of Cameres (Sudden) –

Cameres, the servant of Dragon God Seikaito and the courageous commander, has shown his interest in the owner of Cintamani.

Now that he has been asked to help you by Seikaito, he is looking forward to fighting alongside you.

As Cameres and the whole dragons of courage stay with you for the coming 24 hours, you will have to defeat as many legions of darkness as you can, to meet his expectations.

If you succeed in meeting the expectation of Cameres, then you will be rewarded big.

Quest Difficulty:? (Unknown)

Quest Condition:

Receiving the recognition from the Dragon God 'Seikaito'.

Time Limit: 24 hours


A token from the dragon

* A quest that cannot be rejected.

- - - -

Ian who read the content of the quest felt a little disturbed.

'Now I need to gain recognition from the Courageous Commander?'

He didn't know the specific conditions that were needed to achieve the quest, but it seemed rather difficult to clear.

It was a quest that could be finished by randomly clearing the legions of darkness from the very moment.

'If I don't manage to do it, then it would practically be a quest that no one could clear.'

Even when compared to the rankers of the Kailan in the Korean server, Ian was someone with a unique PVE and he was proud of it.

Realizing that, Ian's mouth tilted up.

"You can surely expect a lot, Cameres."

And thus, the dragon joined the battlefield at the Northernmost tip of the Malacca continent in the Prilania Canyon.


"Hmmm, according to my memory, this seems right…"

"Yeah? But how come there are no signs?"

"Well, it is obvious because I had destroyed the summoned magic stones that were in the positions."

"Hmm. Then the result of this will be the same."

In the 50th division of the Devildom, there were several zones that haven't been entered.

And there was a dungeon near the outskirts of the 50th division, a woman with red hair and a warrior class man in black armor were discussing.

The two of them were none other than, Remir and Shakran.

"Remir, this will be the fourth dungeon… right?"

"Right, Uncle."

"Ah sh*t, didn't I tell you not to call me uncle!?"

"If I won't call an uncle as an uncle, then what am I supposed to call?"

"Why am I an uncle?"

"Just looking at you…"

Remir and Shakran.

Both from the race of humans.

Then, what were those two doing in the world of Devildom?

It was also related to the situation to overpower the Richie King and his legion of darkness by doing the Quest of Darkness.

And if some Asmodians had seen the two people, they would wonder 'how' rather than 'why'.

At the current state, the Devildom was something that humans couldn't enter to.

"Whatever, there are two more places left."


"As far as the quest is concerned, the last two remaining places should be where the devil summoning stones are present."

"That is definite. This uncle sure gets worried a lot."

The visit Remir and Shakran had was very simple.

It was because of the quest.

The quest of the two people, which they were trying to clear was something related to the main scenario of the Human World.

Remir, the red-flame Magician was here due to a quest from the Sun God.

And the quest was to stop the legion of the Devildom.

The legion of the Asmodians who have received the oracle from the Devil God is once again trying to open the portal to Devildom and help the Richie King.

Before the portal opened, they need to move to the Devildom and stop them from obtaining the devil summoning stones—in order for their plan to work.

Just like when Remir and Ian had destroyed the devil summoning stones during the monster wave in the past, it was a similar quest this time.

But of course, the process of doing the quest was different.

The past one was something like they had to destroy the 6 devil summoning stones, and this time they had to destroy just one of the Devil Summoning stones.

However, unlike the past where the location of the Devil Summoning stones was disclosed, this time, it was a bit impossible as there were six positions they had to check.

"I feel so sick. The remaining two places could be the spots where the base of the Asmodians are."

"We can't help it. The difficulty is triple S, wouldn't it be rather strange if it was easy?"

"Well, that is true."

"Kay, let's move quickly. If we get caught by the Asmodians in the Devildom, it will get difficult."

In the past, unlike the current, Ian and Remir didn't have much things to worry about when they were carrying out the same quest of destroying the Devil Summoning stones.

It was because, during that time, it was just Ian and Remir who could enter the 50th division of the Devildom.

The NPC base of the Asmodians wasn't so elegant.

However, the situation was different now.

The higher most leveled Asmodians were already hunting in the 20th-30th division.

If Remir and Shakran neglected the boundaries, there was no way they could avoid the immediate confrontation with the users of the Devildom.

Remir and Shakran who were thoroughly following the dungeons paced over to the next location and searched for the devil summoning stone.

The very moment, they had heard the voice of a person they least expected.

"Hey! Who could this be? It has been really long since I last saw the two of you."

A familiar voice of a user from the other side of the dark dungeon.

Flustered Remir and Shakran quickly took on their battle stance, and the man in the dark slowly came into the light.

The two people who confirmed the appearance of the user started to get nervous.


Irahan had been ranked as the highest-ranked Asmodian user in the Devildom.

He had already got past the Asmodians ranking of 350 long back, which was why they couldn't believe that he was in the 50th division of the Devildom, which only consisted as the hunting ground of a creature of level 200.

However, the surprise for the two human users didn't end there.

"Huh, the ones I never thought of had come here."

"Remir and Shakran have come."

"I knew that the rankers would come, but I never thought that the most famous would come."

There were a lot of users in the dark.

Remir clutched her fists and asked Irahan.

"Did you guys come here knowing that?"

Irahan laughed at the question.

"You're talking dumb things Remir. How did you guys come here?"

"I, because of a quest…"

The very moment Remir realized something.

'Oh sh*t. The users of the Asmodian too received a quest from the Devil God! Why didn't I think of it!?'

In fact, Remir didn't move for the quest right after receiving it.

It was only after she had collected enough contribution—after hunting down the legion of darkness did she move into the Devildom.

She was able to do it as it was a time-limited quest.

'Damn, I should have done it as soon as I received the quest.'

Despite the fact that both Remir and Shakaran were strong users, however, they couldn't deal with the Asmodians that have come to catch the two.

Irahan looked at Shakran and opened his eyes.

"It has been long, Shakran."

Shakran responded with a smile.

"Yes, it has been long. Playing the head in the Asmodian, it's clear that you get to play what you want."

Iarahan's complexion darkened as he heard those words from Shakaran.

"I was always the first. I have passed into the Devildom and become the first Asmodian to do it too."

"Huhu, I admit that too. You sure were the first normally. Though you soon caught up to stuff."

Before the concept of the Asmodians came, Irahan was leading the DarkRuna Guild and was the 1st one with the strongest ranking.

And Irahan was the best user who always held the 1st level ranking.

However, Irahan wasn't as strong, nor was he considered as best as Shakran.

Indeed, he had the advantage of taking on Irahan in the arena, and Irahan had always avoided getting involved in the battle with Shakran.

Obviously, Irahan was also aware of the fact—which was why he knew Shakran was teasing him.

Irahan who felt hurt with those words pulled out his sword in the direction of Shakran.

"Shakran, don't think you'll die?"

Shakran laughed at that and pulled out the double swords that he had on the back.

"Yeah. It has been long since I had fun."


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