Taming Master | Chapter 420 | Reunion with the Dragon God ‘Seikaito’ | Part 2

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Chapter 420 - Reunion with the Dragon God ‘Seikaito’ - Part 2


- Elcarix (Dragon Light) -

Level: 1

Classification: God's Dragon

Rank: Myth

Personality: Cowardly


Offensive power: 25

Defensive power: 33

Agility: 17

Intellect: 37

Vitality: 1,527/1,527

Unique ability:

Holy Vital (Passive)

Increases the recovery speed of allies' vitality within a certain range. Recovers vitality in proportion to the number of allies within the radius of 150 meters. (For allies with less than 20% of their vitality, the recovery rate is double.)

Dragon Skin (Passive)

Reduces the damage done by all magic attacks by 40% and physical attacks by 10%.

If allied users receive damage within 10 seconds, then their vitality is restored by 2% of their vitality per second.

Dragonic Barrier (Cooldown: 10 minutes)

From a radius of 50 meters from yourself, the aggros on allies will be turned to zero. A 'Dragonic Barrier' will be created within the skills' range for allied users.

Dragonic Barrier's durability is equal to 0.1% of Elcarix's vitality and defense equal to 5000% of Elcarix's defense. (The minimum durability of Dragonic Barrier is 1.)

Dragon Breath (Cooldown: 120 minutes)

It emits a very powerful fan-shaped dragon breath with a range of 50 meters. Its power is equal to 2370% of Elcarix's damage, and it deals an additional 40% of damage for the next 10 seconds.

(The effect is reduced by half against a user.)

Polymorph (No cooldown time)

Elcarix can turn into her human form using Polymorph. When in human form, all of her combat abilities are reduced by 30 percent, and she cannot use 'Dragon Breath'—her unique ability.

* Magic Clan

A dragon is born from a 'Magic Clan'.

As a complete dragon, you will be able to use much more advanced magic that is proportional to your intellect. New magic skills can be learned through skill books as well.

(However, your power would be comparatively less than that of a magician class user.)

* The magic that you can currently use.

- Polymorph

- Healing Wave

- Recovery

- It is one of the forgotten God Dragon. The Dragon with the power of Light granted by the Goddess of Light.

- She is the twin sister of the God Dragon, Dragon of Darkness—Lugarix.

The Dragon of Light, Elcarix was the second God Dragon that Ian obtained.

Bbookbbook too had the power that was on the same level as that of a God Dragon. However, he wasn't a dragon that had directly received power from a god.

The moment he checked the information of Elcarix, Ian was able to feel the identity that she had with the title of 'God Dragon'.

It felt very much like the information about Karceus.

'Keu, the ones who have the title of 'God Dragon' have such a feel to it.'

Firstly, the 'Dragon Skin' and the 'Dragon Breath' were all inherent abilities that perfectly suited Karceus.

In addition, in the case of the skill Holy Vital—a passive buff skill—it was a defensive version of the passive skill of Karceus's 'God of War'.

However, Elcarix was completely opposite to that of Karceus even though they had similar configurations.

Karceus had 'Dragon Peer' instead of 'Dragonic Barrier'. Elcarix had clearly shown the qualities of a familiar.

'Keu, this is a really broken skill.'

Users who didn't understand Kailan's damage calculation system were bound to not understand the true value of the Dragonic Barrier skill.

Although Dragonic Barrier could increase a user's defense 50-fold, the resistance co-efficient was only 0.1% which meant that even though Elcarix had several thousands of vitality, it only had the durability of just a few hundred.

However, Ian who knew Kailan's system better than the anyone immediately recognized the use of the skill.

'This is a shield that can't be penetrated unless the user that got buffed by this skill received fixed damage or DOT damage.'

Kailan's damage generation was somewhat different.

As the gap between the attack power and defense power between a user and his enemy increased, the higher the damage would be and vice versa.

If the defensive power was overwhelmingly higher than the attack, the damage that would be dealt would only be 1.

'I'm not sure exactly how much of defense Elcarix will have in the future, but… when I see her initial stats, she is definitely higher than that of Bbakbbak.'

That was to say that, if Elcarix could successfully go above level 300, then her armor would be close to 10,000.

If a factor of 50 was attached to her terrifying defense, not even a couple of damage could go past her barrier.

Of course, the absolute durability of her skill itself was weak, and there was a fatal disadvantage. The shield could be destroyed with just a single shot of fixed damage.

That could be overcome in a different way though.

A user could always avoid an attack skill that gave fixed damage or blocked it in advance with a unique ability like the Curtain of water.

However, that would only happen if a user had extreme control.

Ian, being fully aware of the unique abilities of Elcarix, finally confirmed its potential.

Since a 'God Dragon' could be called as the strongest familiar, she had a high probability with her basic potential almost at max. However, raising her level wouldn't be great if she lacked in many aspects.

Fortunately, the potential of Elcarix was 100.

"Keu…! Nice, Nice!"

While Ian was enjoying the information window of Elcarix, his party moved down to the continent of Malacca.

Since all the members of the party could fly, they got there fast.

As they moved to the south, the legions of the Lich King began to appear.

As such high numbers of undead flocked, Levya asked Ian,

"Do you want to head down and hunt them?"

Ian shook his head.

"No, not yet."

Levya found it strange.

"You said you wanted to battle since according to you, losing even a second of buff wouldn't…"

Ian cut off Levya since he suddenly received a message.

Ian who had read a personal message from Herz smiled and responded,

"We do have a battle that is waiting for us."



In the LB's planning room.

Na Ji-chan was looking at the monitor while tilting his head.

The scene on the monitor was that of Kailan—a very huge mess.

"Huhu, this is taking such a long time."

A huge sigh came out of Na Ji-chan's mouth.

One of the subordinate planner who looked at Na Ji-chan asked.

"Senior, is something bothering you?"

Na Ji-chan shook his head and responded,

"Nothing... well, not that it won't go well. I'm just planning something new."

The subordinate's eyes went wide at what Na Ji-chan said.

"Huh? A new plan? There are still a lot of scenes about the Lich King, and just a little while ago the Spirit Dimension was opened too, right?"

"Huhu, that is true."

"Then, why would there be a need for a new plan?"

"I'm making a couple of hidden scenarios for the existing plan. This week, a proposal had to be completed, but it doesn't seem like it would be as easy as I thought."

"Hidden scenarios…?"

Na Ji-chan who was looking at the monitor smiled.

"Honestly, rather than hidden scenarios, maybe starting a hidden class for those pitiful hidden class users is better"


The subordinate who didn't understand what Na Ji-chan just said looked at him with confusion which made Na Ji-chan laugh and broke it down for him.

"There is a 'Dragon Tamer' who was supposed do a hidden quest, but somehow a monster snatched away all of the credit for that pitiful bastard."


Na Ji-chan who couldn't break it down any further just laughed at the confused subordinate.


"Crazy! What are the magicians doing? I want you guys to focus on that monster jerk! Archers protect the magicians!"

"Understood, master!"

"Archers intercept the Skull Mages only! Ignore the tankers for now! Let's give them as much damage as we can!"

It was no exaggeration to say that Elrika Kingdom was now the kingdom of the Undead.

In the Keaton Manor that was adjacent to the Lotus Kingdom.

In the middle of the Keaton territory was a site of a bloody battle.

'Huh, even if the Ghost Dragon didn't...'

Herz who was in charge of the battlefield was biting down his lip.

The situation was turning for the worst.

They were now at the level where the Keaton Manor could be lost at any moment. They had a lot to lose now.

The biggest factor that created this situation was the ghost-like dragons that made its appearance at the Keaton Manor.

The appearance of several Ghost Dragons on the highlands of Keaton turned the situation disastrous in a short period of time.

Ghost Dragons were monsters that could not be damaged by a physical attack.

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Because of that, the Lotus Guild was in a situation where everyone could drift into depression at any moment.

'Hu, Let's just wait until Ian comes back. He could definitely turn this thing around.'

Honestly, the situation might not even change even if Ian came back.

Most of Ian's skills had physical attributes.

However, Herz was confident that Ian could come up with something.

To be precise, it wasn't Ian's physical power but his ability to command the party that he was looking forward to.

'If we have the synergy of Kaka and Levya, we won't be pushed back just like we were a while back. Hoonie too has great power.'

Looking at the forefront of the battle, Herz's face suddenly distorted more than it already was.

If only they had some good damage dealing magicians like Remir or Hoonie, maybe they wouldn't have been so helpless.



The whole battlefield was filled with an eerie sound.

From the mouth of the Ghost Dragon, energy started to get sucked in.

Whoever heard that sound would understand that it was a sign of a dragon's greatest wide-area skill.

"Shit! Evade it!"

Urgent cries ran over the whole place.

However, it was already too late.

The Breath of the Ghost Dragon was weaker than the other dragons, but it had a lesser casting time.

Which made it hard for anyone to react quickly to it.

Seeing that Herz quickly cast a shield.

Although the power of the Ghost Dragon's Breath was weaker than a normal breath, they were still going to suffer damage though it couldn't kill them.

The Breath of the Ghost Dragon covered the whole field.


Herz was successful in blocking the attack with his shield.

'Damn, I just hope the wizards suffered less damage…'

If the magician damage dealers were hit hard by the attack, it would be tough to reverse the situation.

Herz suddenly felt something strange.


Though the Ghost Dragon's Breath was blocked by his shield, his vitality didn't decrease at all.

'What is this? No matter how perfect the shield worked, there should at least be a little damage, right?'

Herz who was puzzled by what happened quickly surveyed the battlefield.

Not a single warrior had fallen.


The wandering eyes of Herz saw a silhouette that wasn't in the field a while back.

A girl in a pure white dress was floating in the middle of the battlefield.

Her hands extended towards the dragon, and a pure white glow as pure as the falling snow started to flow out.


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