Taming Master | Chapter 422 | The Appearance of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix | Part 2

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Chapter 422 - The Appearance of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix - Part 2


The 'Legendary' and 'Myth' ranks.

Both of those ranks were at the topmost priority in Kailan, but they weren't the ranks that could be treated as equal.

The myth rank is the highest rank in the current Kailan, it literally had the value and existence to be called a 'Myth'.

Like items, NPCs or summons.

However, among them, the dragons had a severely huge gap in the case of the ranks.

And it was something that peculiar only to the race of the dragon.

All of the ranks of the 'dragon' races in the Kailan were limited to the hero and myth ranks.

There was no creature that could be in a dragon race and be below the rank of hero.

And those hero rank came out of the Prilania canyon quest only, and for that, one could know how high the species of 'dragon' were.

So what was the reason why the dragon had a high gap when compared to one another?

The answer is 'unique ability'.

Because of the unique ability that a legendary rank had, and the unique ability that a myth rank possessed.

The first unique ability that dragon from the legendary level had, was the Dragon Skin.

An aggressive passive skill which reduces the damage up to 40% for the incoming magic attacks, regardless of the damage that would be received.

An additional 10% recovery of vitality from physical damage.

And the Dragon Breath that comes after the legendary level had a very huge difference in the coefficient that raised.

If so, then what was the inherent ability that could be gained after having a 'myth' rank, which was termed as the highest level?

That was the unique ability of the 'Magic clan'.

The ability to acquire 'Magic skill', was what the dragon got.

When Ian had first learned about the 'Magic clan', he thought that it was a bit of a fraudulent skill.

Although there were various penalties, it felt like it would be very useful as the skills that the magicians could be done would be acquired to the familiar.

'It was similar to the saying, learning about one's own abilities first.'

However, what Ian had though was only half correct.

The inherent ability of 'Magic clan' was fraudulent, but they had to meet a certain condition.

And that condition was 'the Intellect ability'.

No matter how much magic one could perform, if their intellect was comparatively low, then there wouldn't be a way one could properly utilize its power.

Unfortunately, Ian's two integral dragons, Bbookbbook and Karceus had very low intellect.

Bbookbbook being a 'dealtank' ability using dragon, and Karceus was close to being called an extreme physical dealer.

In short, both of them were ignorant and powerful.

The magic spell that a magician uses were only 80% of magic, yet they needed the intellect ability to utilize them.

Which was why Ian had never asked Bbookbbook or Karceus to acquire magic.

They only learned a few magic skills which they occasionally used.

'However, Elcarix is different. Totally different.'

As a result of growing to the level of 100, Ian realized exactly how he was supposed to use Elcarix.

With the composition in the stats of Elcarix, the 'Magic clan' ability could be used to the best of it.

The four battle stats ratio of Elcarix were like, 2: 3: 1: 5.

Agility being the lowest, and intellect being the highest.

'I thought that she was a tanker at first, but seeing the initial…'

Elcarix's first level ability was a defensive and vitality oriented composition.

Even at the first level, the intellect was the highest, but the level difference wasn't much from the defense factor.

As the level started to grow, the difference could be clearly seen.

The growth rate of intellect was incredibly high.

At the level of 100, the intellect of Elcarix was almost higher than the magicians of the same level.

It was enough to overcome the penalty by intellect.

There was another thing about Elcarix.

'In the Kailan, I'll make her the first light dealer.'

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The attribute of Elcarix was light.

Of course, users of the general 'priest' class would normally choose for 'light' attributes.

But for priests, the stats of intellects weren't exactly high.

Since priests were specialized in 'recovery' their combats were significantly lower.

Surely, the intellect does affect the amount of recovery, but all the abilities that were concentrated on the 'Divine Power' career stats had the greatest impact on recovery.

So from his point of view, Ian thought that it was possible to make Elcarix a magician of Light attribute.

Which was why Elcarix could be even special.

Especially in the episode where she would have to deal with the enemies of the dark attribute.

'Before the buff finishes, I need to at least go to the level of 200, I should!'

And it was already proven that Ian had good judgment.

"Elcarix, Flash Beam!"



[The unique ability of 'Elcarix', the 'Magic Clan' has been activated.]

[Elcarix has activated the spell 'Flash Beam'.]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has done catastrophic damage to 'Skeleton mage'!]

[The vitality of 'Skeleton Mage' has been reduced by 76,918.]

Although it was only about the level of 100, it was damaging the monsters of level 300.

Of course, it wasn't at a level where it could help in the battle, but seeing the magic skill get stronger, Ian couldn't help but feel happy.

'Keu, already causing the damage in the 70,000? I really want to see what happens at level 300!'

The flash beam was a basic attack of the light attribute, which meant that it was the lowest attack skill.

If she could catch up to the top-level attacks of the magicians, the amount of damage that it could cause would be unbelievable for the darkness attribute.

'Nice. After shooting to the level of 200, I'll give her the skill book. The light attack magic can't be obtained… even if I give a lot of money, I need to take her to the top tier and teach her.'

Looking at the experience gauge of Elcarix, Ian started to get crazy, Ian was crazy with happiness.


In the midst of the advent of Elcarix, Ian didn't lose focus of the quest.

As soon as he completed the quest of the Prilania canyon, he had another which asked him to meet the expectations of Cameres.

He wasn't sure what the reward item 'Dragon Knight' would be, but he didn't want to miss the quest and not know its meaning.

If he missed an item it would be tough for Ian to sleep for a whole week due to the anxiety.

'If I need to get his acceptance for my skills, then I better get close right?'

The Courageous Commander Cameres was holding onto a dragon that was as huge as Karceus.

Which was why battling beside him would be a hard task to do.

So Ian decided to jump to the front for him to get a good view.

Until then, the level of Elcarix was too low, which was why he had to protect her, but now that he saw that she could attack, he was feeling at ease.

Even then, he made sure to keep an insurance with him.

"It has been long, should I take out the shield that I made out of Bbookbbook's shell?"

'The Dragon's shield' was the insurance that Ian had—an item that he had asked a dwarf to make.

Although the shield did do its work as a normal shield, the unique ability of 'Dragon's Soul' which it had possessed was the real insurance that they had.

It had the ability to summon three shields at the very same time, in the desired location, which meant that Ian could protect Elcarix at all times.


[You have been equipped with the item 'The Dragon's Shield'.]

[All the handheld weapons 'Judgment of Spirit King' ability will drop significantly.]

[Defense and damage absorption has increased significantly.]

Ian was now equipped with a golden spear in one hand and a blue shield in the other.

Ian had an exhilarating look and began to move forward on the Hargasus.


The Courageous Commander, Cameres.

A day in the dimension, he was glad to be called out by the Dragon God after a very long time.

Moreover, the most favorable part was that he could battle to his heart's content without any limit.

'You Undead bastards, I'll turn you all into losers. Till your souls begin to cry.'

As soon as the battle had started, he went around crazily.

The lesser undead like the skeletons—were dead under the legs of the huge dragon, the huge ones like the golems and the Durahans were killed with his spear.

His spear was full of spirit and devotion, not a single undead could manage to stay standing after being hit by it.

'1 hour of the 24 hours has passed away! I need to be more passionate!'

Being 24 hours in the human dimension and to hunt without restriction was a huge deal for him.

Which was why the only thing that his eyes could see was the Undead.

If he destroyed the enemy in front of his eyes—his eyes will then drift to the other enemy that he should strike, and nothing could be seen in his eyes.

However, such devoted eyes for killing suddenly wavered at a presence which gave uneasiness to him.

'What is that guy? He looks like a human but…!'

And that was the back of Ian who was riding the boned winged Hargasus, with his golden spear.

That guy, he still hadn't regained his full strength from the battle, yet he was taking down the undead while protecting the Dragon of Light Elcarix.

"That, that can't be…!"

He hadn't been to the new world in a hundred years and was called to help them.

That was the face of the Courageous Commander of the dragon army.

Even if he was the owner of the Cintamani or someone that was recognized in the eyes of the Dragon God, it was still unacceptable.

Besides, the human was using the same weapon that he had.

Cameres rose and he began to sweep the undead on the battlefield.

Bang- Bang- Babang-!

The Dragon God Seikaito has personally given him something, then fire came out of it.


And that quickly managed to melt away the skull golems who had the highest defense.

"I'll turn you into ash!"

As time passes, Cameres began to sense a strange feeling of being defeated.

He did manage to kill off the golems and the Durahans, but Ian, who was sweeping off the skeletons looked so better.


While staying on the back of a dragon, he felt like he would never reach the level of coolness that Ian had.

It was because of the many restrictions that he had.

"I can't help it. I need to show the skills of Cameres which haven't been seen in a long time."

Mumbled by Cameres as he jumped out of the back of his dragon while swinging his spear wildly.


Cameres broke through the skeletons and quickly moved to the side of Ian who was busy destroying the legion of Undead.

And spoke to Ian, who he had mentally fixed as his opponent.

"I challenge you to go against me."


At the sudden emergence of Cameres, Ian was dumbfounded.

However, Cameres didn't care about it.

"Let me show you a true world of battle, you innocent one!"

From the standpoint of Ian, the declaration of a challenge of Cameres was truly ridiculous.

However, the message that came out was the most ridiculous one.


[The Courageous Commander Cameres will test you!]

[For 90 minutes starting from now, you will have to achieve the target faster than Cameres.]

[Target: 150 kills]

[User Achievement rate: 0/150 (0 percent)]

[Cameres Achievement rate: 1/250 (0.4 percent)]

[When you reach the target faster than Cameres, the sudden quest will be completed.]

Though Ian was flustered at the turn of events, he felt much motivated than ever.


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