Taming Master | Chapter 423 | All Out War | Part 1

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Chapter 423 - All Out War - Part 1


At the forefront of the battle were two men wielding their spear at a crazy rate.

Those two men were pounding the skeletons at an unscathed rate and were crushing the camp of the Undead, which was why the camp began to get destroyed in the hands of the two men.

Over thousands of the undead were cracked because of Ian and Cameres.

BJ Lauren who was monitoring the sight on his screen got up from his seat.

'It is not the time to relay the plain video!'

The video that was being relayed on the internet channel of BJ Lauren did personal video relays of Ian from the official community page of Kailan.

Of course, since the video was for one individual person, the screen would put the individual in the middle, however, there was a problem associated with it.

The video would always be in the same direction, in the same manner for Ian.

The video that was coming from the viewpoint of Ian was a little blurry and disturbing, but the video that was being sent out didn't give a good feel.

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Lauren asked for the understanding of his audience and quickly dialed somewhere.

The one he had called over was the editor in charge of the videos of Ian, 'So Jin'.

- So Jin, is it fine to talk at the moment?

- Yeah, Lauren, what is it?

- I need some help on the broadcast of a real-time video of Ian in the battle

- Help in the sense…?

- I need three crystal spheres in the direction of the Keaton Manor. Please stream them to my broadcast address.

- It won't be hard to send them, but how do I switch the broadcast channel?

Lauren who was speaking quickly swallowed his spit and spoke again.

- By giving you the control, you can directly control their movement. No matter what, controlling the crystal ball is your major purpose.

- So you want me to match the control, according to my wish?

- Right!

- It is the first time for me to do such a broadcast…

- It is good enough. We can make a million views with just one video.

- … Nice. Let's try once. Instead, you have to give me half of the incentive that you get from Ian.

- Deal!

After a lot of exhaustion, Lauren managed to finish off the deal, and hurriedly returned to his seat and opened the window of the viewer chats.

For a while, the whole chat was filled with complaints.

- Ah, Lauren when are you coming?

- No, where did you go away in such an important moment?

- I think he went to take a dump.

- I hope it is a quick dump.

- Haha, I normally am the kind who doesn't know much… who apart from Lauren can explain to me what is happening?

Lauren wasn't even at least a bit embarrassed.

He was under the impression that after a while, the viewers would begin to praise him.

'The crystal ball and the awesome control of So Jin combined with my ability to comment, I'll show you what a real broadcast is like.'

If there was a battle for the content of a video like a mad movie, then it was sure that BJ Lauren would surely snatch away the first place in real-time.

'Let's get hold of many more subscribers with this opportunity!'

The desire of Lauren was burning hot like the desire of Ian's to compete with Cameres.



As the golden spear of Ian was lifted into the air, lightning started to fall from the sky.


The skulls of the skeleton in the close range all flew away.

[Unique ability 'Lightning's Judgement' of the Judgment of the Spirit King has been activated!]

[Fatal damage was done to the skeleton warrior!]

[Vitality of the 'Skeleton Warrior' has been reduced by 719,280.]

[Successfully defeated the 'Skeleton Warrior'!]

System messages came popping in front of him.

But even before he could see the messages that were coming, Ian's spear kept going through the other enemies.

Puck- Puck-Puck-!

Ian's spear went to the exact weak point, like the jab of a professional boxer.

[The vitality of the 'Skeleton Warrior' has been decreased by 572,450.]

[The vitality of the 'Skeleton Warrior' has been decreased by 398,542.]

And every time the skeleton went out of balance with the attack, Ian pushed the spear of his into the greatest weakness of it, without losing the opportunity.


The weak point of the skeleton that Ian was aiming at, was the 'vessel of the soul' that was located right in the ribs of its chest.

Vessel of the Soul also called as the 'inner core', was the most famous and known weakness for all the skeletons.

However, it wasn't an easy target to hit.

Firstly, there wasn't any skeleton that didn't wear armor or equipment, but even with the little armor that they had on, finding the weakness wasn't easy.

But the manner in which Ian was wielding his spear made it look like an easy task to perform.

If it was possible to exaggerate a little, it almost looked like the spear was actually getting sucked right into the weak point.

As soon as the skeleton lost its balance, the chest got exposed and the spear of Ian which knew of no mercy went through it with precision.


And if one could damage the inner core of a skeleton, then even a level 400 skeleton would succumb in a second.

[The vitality of the 'Skeleton Warrior' has been decreased by 1,642,152.]

[Successfully defeated the 'Skeleton Warrior'.]

A whopping 1.64 million damage.

But the scene somehow raised a few questions.

No matter how precise one's accuracy was in hitting the inner core, the amount of damage that was being displayed made no sense.

Maybe if he wasn't equipped with the shield, but currently had the dragon's shield in his left hand.

And when one took a shield into their hands, the power and attack of the weapon lowered significantly. However, the attack power of Ian's weapon didn't seem to have much difference from the moment when he didn't hold a shield.

Then, was it a bug?

That wasn't the case either.

The secret of the tremendous attack power was nothing else, it was the Dragon's Shield itself.

'Keu, uncountable enemies, never thought that such stack damage would happen!'

The second unique ability that was attached to the Dragon's Shield was the 'Dragon's Rage'.

Ian was currently using that passive skill, which takes an additional 0.5% attack buff for every block the shield has taken.

Ian managed to maintain the buff accumulating to a 100 which would last for 15 seconds.

[You have succeeded in blocking with the shield!]

[The unique ability 'Dragon's rage' has been activated.]

[The duration of the 'Dragon's rage' has been reset.]

[Increase of attack power by 0.5% (cumulative 50.0%) for 15 seconds.]

In a situation where he was surrounded by the enemies on all the sides, and with arrows coming in from all the side, there was no way that the stack would fall off.

Furthermore, as the duration of the attack got reset every time it blocked, there was no way the stack could come to an end.

That wasn't the end.

[The 'Dragon's Rage' has been accumulated 100 times.]

[You will now be invisible for the coming 5 seconds.]

Once the shield blocked the attacks for 100 times, it had a buff that made the user turn invincible for a 5-second duration.

And once the duration of the invincibility was over, the stack accumulation begins from the very beginning.

But even then, Ian was unbeatable every three minutes.

Once every 2 seconds, the shield succeeded in blocking.

And a 15 percent chance of the damage, gave him a huge bonus.

Kwang- Bang-!

[You have succeeded in blocking with the help of the shield!]

[You have absorbed the damage of 198,093.]

[Damage of -99,046 has been returned.]

Block- stab- break!

Ian's movements could be summarized into three simple words for comprehension, however, the visuals made it look complicated.

The control itself was brilliant, and the effects were enormous which made Ian look like a raging storm.


Ian was swinging his spear crazily and looked at the target that he had to reach for the quest to be completed.

[User Achievement rate: 67/150 (44.66%)]

[Cameres Accomplishment rate: 116/250 (46.4%)]

Ian bit his lips.

'Damn it, I'm a little behind. Is it three more headcounts?'

At first, he felt comfortable thinking that he could summon attack-oriented familiars of his, however, that wasn't the case.

If Elcarix by any chance got attacked when she was busy, then the achievement wouldn't increase.

Ian who was busy wielding his spear spoke to Elcarix and called her to summon.

"Elcarix, I'll call you out once again."

"Okay, dad!"


With that, Elcarix disappeared leaving a sound of resonance.

And Ian's actual character rushed to him, being on top of the Hargasus, till a moment back, Ian jumped to the sky.


"This, Ian is suddenly moving to the sky!"

Due to the connection of So Jin, Lauren's personal broadcast which resumed rapidly after connecting to So Jin's—exploded with viewers in just seconds of time.

- What? Why did he leave the Hargasus and jump out?

- He also canceled the summon of Elacrix who was sitting in front of him?

- AH, where did that cutie pie go?!

- I really don't understand anything this time. Wasn't he trying to get up of Elcarix till now?

- Yes, yes. Even Lauren was talking about it a moment back…

Lauren, who had a good understanding of Ian's summons, quickly realized the reason why Ian had summoned Elcarix.

He was always able to explain it to the viewers.

However, it was a situation even he wasn't able to understand anymore.

'What? Why did he summon back the familiar that he needed to level up? And he didn't even summon any other of his familiars?'

Which was why it was natural for Lauren to not understand the situation.

Apart from the understanding of Ian, there was no way he could guess it without seeing the quest window that Ian was currently doing.

The fact that Ian was currently competing with Cameres, who else knew apart from Ian?

Lauren's head was turning dizzy, and he began to do the commentary with what little reasoning he could manage.

"I am not sure about the exact reason, but Ian probably sees Elcarix being in some kind of danger. Maybe after the cooldown, he will summon her back, but if she dies, then he won't be able to summon her during the end of the day."

- AH, did I see Elcarix get almost attacked twice till now?

- Yeah. But not even one of the attacks could be taken as dangerous.

- He, he, he, does he feel that Lauren's reasoning is a bit down?

- Ha, he, but if that wasn't explained, it wouldn't have made any sense.

- That makes sense.

Lauren, who was reading the content of the chatting couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

It was because he couldn't come up with something to refute.

'Well, even I don't feel like Elcarix was in danger.'

When such things happened, there was a need for the change of topic.

Lauren looked at the battlefield once again.

And he looked at what he had just explained to his viewers.

'Hmm, still unbeatable. However, if I explain it as I did before, then it's sure that they'll start to curse me…'

The head of Lauren was working twice as fast as the mind of Ian who was in the middle of the battle.

But right away, Lauren who was looking at the monitor went wide-eyed at what he saw.


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