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Chapter 424 - All Out War - Part 2


A golden light began to spread from where Ian was standing.

A glowing golden wave surrounded Ian's body, a thin and transparent film that spread around in a spherical wave.

As soon as the effect of 'Invincible' emerged, Ian jumped off of Hargasus' back and went into the middle of the battlefield.

Having summoned back Elcarix and then jumping off of Hargasus, Ian really looked like a figure of strength.


Ian took off his Dragon's Shield which he was wearing.

[You have un-equipped the item 'Dragon's Shield'.]

[Defense and damage absorption have been greatly reduced.]

[Reduced and restored all the abilities of the item 'Judgment of the Spirit King'.]

[Your combat abilities have increased.]

No matter how low the levels of the skeletons were, they weren't to be ignored when compared to the level 400 ones.

Ian moved into the middle of the battlefield which had nothing but different kinds of skeleton monsters after he un-equipped his shield.

But of course, Ian had a plan that would let him overcome that.

'I just have to actively swap my equipments.'

Kailan gave no penalty to users who swapped items in the game.

However, it was never easy to swap an equipment, especially during combat.

As soon as a user replaced an equipment, they would turn defenseless for a second. If an attack came during the equipment swap, the equipment wouldn't be swapped.

If a user received damage within that second, it didn't matter how invincible a user was their equipment swap would be canceled.

Taking additional damage wasn't really the problem when equipment swapping. The real problem was that a user's skill would be canceled if they got hit while equipment swapping.

Ian's plan was simple.

He would take off the Dragon's Shield and wear it again if he needed the invincibility effect of the shield.

Wearing the shield wasn't really the problem, the real problem was making sure that he wouldn't be hit while equipping it.

If the invincibility was released while Ian wasn't wearing the shield, he would lose his vitality in an instant once he got hit with an attack.

However, the greater the risk, the more likely would be the return.

'This is the only way for me to get more hunting speed.'

Ian, who boldly lifted the shield began to wield the Judgment of the Spirit King, and the result was far better than he thought.

Bang- Kabang-!

[You have done tremendous damage to the 'Skeleton Archer'!]

[The vitality of the 'Skeleton Archer' has been reduced by 2,508,008.]

[Successfully defeated the Skeleton Archer!]

The 'Dragon's Rage' stack wasn't released, its attack power increased tremendously with the right equipment in hand, and the power that came from it was crazy.

By that time, there was no need to precisely aim at the 'Vessel of the Soul' like before.

It was like destroying a soft tofu with a spoon.

Moreover, while the 'Invincible' state was active, there was no need to worry about defending or evading attacks.

Though its duration was only 5 short seconds, Ian's powerful attacks were enough to ignore his enemies' defense. 5 seconds was enough time to crush the skulls of the various skeleton monsters surrounding him.

Puak-! Kwang-!

[Successfully defeated the 'Skeleton Archer'!]

[Successfully defeated the 'Skeleton Warrior'!]

[Successfully defeated the 'Skeleton Archer'!]

[Successfully defeated the 'Skeleton Knight'!]

The Skeleton Knight was the most powerful of all the skeletons.

However, regardless of how powerful it was, the Skeleton Knight succumb to Ian's hands once it received his barrage of attacks.


The skeletons kept on disappearing into black ashes one after the other.

In the middle of nowhere, Ian kept crushing skeletons around him while skillfully swapping equipments.

[You have equipped the item 'Dragon's Shield'.]

[All the equipped weapons like the 'Judgment of the Spirit King's' abilities would drop.]

[Defense and damage absorption has increased slightly.]

Ian succeeded in swapping the equipment.


After that, the invincible effect disappeared, but it didn't matter.

Even if he wasn't wearing the shield, he was still far away from any dangerous situation.

Ian looked on the screen and saw the achievement target he had to reach.

He laughed at it.

'Nice, I got around seven.'

However, it wasn't the time for rest.

Towards the Undead who were running again, Ian's hands moved without any hesitation.

Kwang- bang-!

Block and wield.

He accurately blocked incoming attacks and nullified 90% of the incoming damage. Knight users wouldn't believe that if they heard that.

The only class that could absorb 90% of the incoming damage were the Knight class because of their passive skills.

However, the Dragon's Shield's effects didn't end with only absorbing 90% of the damage.

[Successfully defended the attack from the 'Skeleton Warrior'.]

[Received 10,981 (95.24% absorption rate) damage.]

[The Dragon's Shield effect were triggered.]

[Additional 23,450 of damage was absorbed.]

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[Vitality reduced by 0.]

The Dragon's Shield, which was an ego weapon, had a special option called Soul Force.

The powerful Skeleton Warriors' attacks which should have dealt Ian 230,000 worth of damage was nullified in an instant.

However, in the midst of such a tremendous situation, Ian avoided the Death Knight and Undead monsters that had similar levels.

"Kyahhh! Human, I'll fight you!"

"I hate it!"

It wasn't that he wasn't confident in going against them, Ian just didn't want to waste his time.

Defeating the Death Knight or a Skeleton Archer would give him the same results in terms of achievement.

Another 15 minutes had passed.


The system message that Ian had been waiting for finally arrived.

[You have successfully completed the quest 'Challenge of Courageous Commander, Cameres'!]

[Quest Time to achieve: 27 minutes 23 seconds/ 90 minutes 00 seconds (SSS)]

[Target: Undead 150 kills (complete)]

[User Achievement rate: 150/ 150 (100%)]

[Cameres Achievement rate: 231/250 (92.4%)]

[Final Clear Rating: SSS]

[You have completed the quest]

[After the battle is over, you will receive the quest completion rewards from the commander, Cameres.]


The greatest battle of recent times. The largest battle out of all the recent large-scale battles.

A war that lasted almost 20 hours had finally come to an end.

The enemy was finally pushed out of the manor's territory. The Keaton was finally defeated.

The Earl of Keaton Manor had emptied the castle and ran away to the Elrika Manor.

Ian climbed onto the back of Hargasus and slowly entered the castle.

Ian was followed by a few members of the Lotus Guild.


In front of Ian's eyes, came a few system messages.


[The occupation rate of the 'Ketton Manor' is now 100 percent.]

[All of the influence of the Elrika Kingdom has been removed.]

[The 'Ketton Manor' has now turned into an 'Anarchy'.]

Ian couldn't help but smile.

'The beginning of an unintended war… a much better situation has come.'

Several months had passed since the Lotus was declared as a Kingdom.

Ian who was in the middle of a quest of the Spirit World had plans to immediately establish an Empire.

The beginning of the conquest of the Elrika Kingdom had come.

The Elrika Kingdom was the one which shared borders of the same size as the Lotus Kingdom.

Therefore, the rise of the Legion of the Undead in the Elrika Kingdom was a rather favorable situation to the Lotus Kingdom.

In order to conquer Elrika, it was necessary to keep a lookout to its territories nearby. However, that was no longer necessary due to 'The Legion of the Richie King'.

Right now, all the kingdoms of the continent were in a hurry to stop the Legion of the Undead, which meant that no one would care even if the Lotus Kingdom tried to expand.

'Before the end of the Richie King episode, I need to conquer the whole Elrika Kingdom. Just the Elrika Kingdom would be enough to declare us the strongest.'

After conquering the Elrika Kingdom, it didn't matter if the Richie King episode ended.

By that time, there would have been a huge gap between their power and the power of their neighboring kingdoms.

From that moment, the beginning of a full-scale conquest war would begin.

Surely it wouldn't be an easy task.

There was a need to merge more than 5 to 7 kingdoms before a kingdom could declare itself as an Empire.

If the power of the Lotus Kingdom was strong, an alliance between territories could probably happen.


Ian who got down from Hargasus' back, headed inside the castle to carry out the final procedure for the conquer of the land.

"This is when one feels the happiest."

Hoonie who was right behind Ian responded to his mumbling.

"Hyung, let's finish this quickly. I'm about to die because of sleep deprivation."

20 hours had passed since they started their quest in the Prilania Canyon, and Hoonie was already feeling very sleepy.

Ian smiled after seeing how Hoonie was suffering to make fun of Him.

"Hmm…Hoonie seems to be bothered by something these days. Then maybe I should just hand over the Lord title of the Keaton to Noel…?"


Hoonie's reaction was funny.

Hoonie's face which changed quickly made Ian laugh.

All the drowsiness he had just a while ago melted away.

"Haha, hyung, you know my intention, right?"

"Know what, idiot?"

"This Hoonie is the one who admires you hyung!"

"I'm not so sure about that…"

"Ah, hyung…!"

Ian who was done teasing Hoonie pulled out a big flag from his inventory.

The Griffin symbol the figure of 'Pin' was embroidered on the Lotus Kingdom's flag.

Ian took off Elrika Kingdom's flag from the flagpole and put in the flag of the Lotus Kingdom.

A white light began to spread from the flag pole inside the castle which was dark just a while ago.


[You have succeeded in conquering the 'Keaton Manor'.]

[From this very moment, the 'Keaton Manor' belongs to the Lotus Kingdom.]

[The nationality of all the users and the NPCs belonging to the 'Keaton Manor' will now be changed to the 'Lotus Kingdom'.]

[You can now appoint a new Lord for the 'Keaton Manor'.]

The first step for the construction of the 'Lotus Empire' was successfully placed.


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