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Chapter 425 - All Out War - Part 3


From doing the quest at the canyon of Prilania till the Keaton Manor, Ian fell asleep after a hard day.

Cameres and the dragon were able to stay in the Dimensional World for a day, which was why he felt the need to sleep.

Surely the buff of Elcarix would last for a whole week, but that didn't mean that he wanted to go a whole week without sleep.

Ian, who already slept for seven hours got up and connected into Kailan without even freshening up.

While waiting to be connected into the game, he was feeling bad because of how much buff time he lost.

[Iris recognition has been completed. 'Ian' welcome to the world of Kailan.]


Ian who accessed Kailan immediately opened his inventory along with the sound of a familiar machine sound.

As soon as the battle was over yesterday, he logged out immediately so he wasn't able to see the quest completion reward.

The 'Meet the Expectation of Cameres' quest which gave the reward 'Dragon Knight's Token'.

Ian who identified the Dragon Knight Token item in his inventory immediately opened the item information window.

Dragon Knight's Mark –

Rank: Myth

Classification: Goods

It is a token given only to the mighty warriors recognized by the Courageous Commander Cameres.

When equipped with this mark, it increases the combat ability of all 'Dragon' type familiars by 3%.

The basic affinity with the whole 'Dragon Clan' will increase by 10 as well.

Users who possess this token can enter the 'Dragon Warriors' village' in the middle earth.

The item belongs to user 'Ian'.

This item cannot be transferred or sold to any other user. It won't drop even when its owner dies.

'Oho, the affinity with the dragon clan isn't such a useful stat at the moment but… isn't the rise in the abilities of dragon type familiars a bit good?'

A 3% growth was indeed low, but it was a very satisfying stat for Ian as he only had to carry the item in his inventory.

There was a free buff option, so there was no reason to use it.

Ian's eyes slightly went wide at the information of the item that he had just read.


Ian saw an unfamiliar word when he took a closer look at the item's information window.

'Middle-Earth? And a village of Dragon Warriors? What are those?'

The Spirit World a place users could only enter once their level was 400. Users need to meet those conditions for them to be able to go into the Underworld to find the spirit of the Behemoth.

There were still dimensions that Kailan's users hadn't seen yet, and 'Middle-Earth' was something that Ian had never heard of.

Even the dimension of the 'Middle-earth' couldn't be identified as a place that was similar to that of the Spirit Dimension.

"Well, I'll find out more about this place someday."

Since it was an account oriented item, he didn't have to worry about losing it, and he someday would know what it was if he kept on carrying it.

Ian who comfortably calmed his mind closed the item window of the 'Dragon Knight's token' and opened the guild window.

"Where is everyone? Well, it's still 6 am now so that's probably why no one is online yet, right?"

Ian who checked the guild members' list shook his head.

It was because all of those who were in a party with Ian wasn't online yet.

It seemed like everyone was exhausted after the long hours of work that they did.

"I can't help it. I need to hunt with my Elcarix."

Ian who just thought of Elcarix couldn't help but smile.

Ian felt better without even realizing it just by thinking about someone as cute as her.

"Elcarix! Summon!"


Along with a blue light, Elcarix appeared in front of him.

"Hehe, did you took a break, dad?"

As soon as she was summoned, Elcarix spoke with a bright impression after holding Ian's hand.

Ian who wasn't still used to it was a bit flustered, but he couldn't help smiling.

"We... well. I came back after a good rest! What about my Elcarix? Did you rest well?"

"Yup! Me too!"

Looking at Elcarix who just lifted his mood, Ian looked into Elcarix's information.

'Hmm, level 170… she really leveled up a lot.'

Leveling Elcarix up was surely the most important thing for Ian as of the moment. Even then, it still was a huge task to level her up to 170 in just a day.

It was all possible because of the Dragon Army and the courageous commander Cameres and their buffs.

'The goal today is to reach level 240…! But the real goal is to have a sense of accomplishment at what we're about to do today.'

Ian looked at Elcarix who was still holding onto him.

When he saw the cute child holding his pinky finger with her small hand, he felt a kind of energy rush into him.

Ian decided to give a nickname to the cute child who was holding onto him.

"Elcarix, your daddy is going to call you 'El' from now on. How is that?"

The eyes of Ian met with that of Elcarix.

Her two eyes shined brighter than ever.

"Wow! I like it! so I'm going to be El from now on?"

"Yeah, El. From now you'll be El."


Elcarix the god's representative who got a new name 'El' screamed while hanging onto Ian's arm.

A message suddenly appeared making Ian surprised.

Tring - !

[Created a new nickname for the familiar 'Elcarix'.]

[You are successful in giving a unique nickname to your familiar.]

[Your fame has increased by 5,000.]

[Your affinity with your familiar 'Elcarix' was increased by 10.]

Ian who read the message suddenly realized something.

'Oh, now that I'm seeing this… I couldn't name Karceus with a unique nickname of this sort?'

In fact, Ian attempted to change Karceus' name.

He wanted to change his name because it was too long making it tough and annoying to call him.

However, Karceus refused and that resulted for a system message to pop up saying 'Familiars with a unique name can't be renamed.'

'I should have given him a nickname!!'

It wasn't a huge influence on the gameplay, but Ian who realized what had happened couldn't help but chuckle.

The thought that he could give nicknames to his familiars like Karceus.

It was something that would help him play and tease Bbookbbook.

"Kay then El, shall we go for hunting today?"

"Wow, I like that! Are we going to catch the black friends like we did yesterday?"

Asked Elcarix while waving her hands in excitement.

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"Yeah. Let's go and catch those black friends."

"Hehet, it is a bit scary but fun with daddy!"

Looking at her, Ian felt his sweat drip.

'She isn't the least bit scared…'

Somehow, in the character information of Elcarix, it was mentioned that she was one of the 'cowardly' types.


Ian picked up Elcarix and began to walk somewhere.

There was a place he wanted to stop by before he went all out in hunting.


"Hmm, why should I listen to your words?"

Looking at Ian with a very vile expression, an elementary kid asked.

Ian squatted in front of Lugarix with the intent of persuading him.

"You have a great duty to defend the harmony and order of the Human Dimension."

"Tha... that is true."

"To do that, you need to drive out the force of darkness."

"That is true too."

"I'm on my way to fight the Legion of Darkness, shouldn't you come too?"

Yesterday they had the battle of Keaton manor.

Even though Ian didn't ask for it, Lugarix actually helped them out.

The reason why he had woken up from his long sleep was to drive out the forces of darkness, so he fought the war against the Legion of Darkness.

Ian was actively planning on using him for his personal hunt.

An NPC which took any experience when compared to other players was the most perfect member to have in a party.

He was going to try and finish the quest of 'Taming Lugarix' as well.

'Taming Master class tier rise… needs the quest to be completed unconditionally no matter the difficulty.'

He wasn't sure how he could tame him, but he wasn't going to try.

If the episode of the Lich King fails before he could tame Lugarix, then the quest would be a fail too.

"Hmm, are you really going to deal with the Legion of Darkness?"

"Of course, if that wasn't the case I would have never come to pick you up."


However, Lugarix didn't seem do be convinced.

Ian decided to play a little dirty to get him to participate.

"Lugarix, you're the oppa of Elcarix, right?"


"Elcarix is coming with me to defeat the legion of the Richie King, but her oppa is going to stay in the castle without any sense of duty towards his sister?"


Lugarix who didn't expect such a response from Ian was shocked.

Elcarix who was piggyback riding on Ian's back put her head out and supported Ian in his conquest of Lugarix.

"Dad, why is he my oppa?"

"Huh? He said so?"

"No, I don't have such an oppa."

"Is... is that so?"

"Huh! I don't have such a cowardly brother."


And with that came the bickering of the twins.

Lugarix who heard the word coward got up from his seat and stood tall.

"Who... who is a coward?"

"What do you mean who!? You're the coward!"

"Ahh! How dare you call your oppa a coward!"

"Booo, our dad is much stronger and braver than you! And why in the world are you my oppa?"

"Because I am!"

"I don't care! I won't accept you as my oppa! Dad, let's leave him and go. I won't play with a coward."

Elcarix who awakened from a soul stone seemed to have no memory of the past.

Starting from recognizing Ian as her father and not even knowing that Lugarix was her brother.

The state of Elcarix was different from that of Karceus.

'What? Where is this going?'

Though it was a little different from the original plan of Ian's, this new one was going to be much better.

Ian was actually enjoying watching their bickering.

"Yah, Lugarix."


"You are the brave Dragon of Darkness."

"Yeah! I'm brave!"

"Then, can you show her?"


"What do mean by how!? By fighting the Legion of Darkness alongside me."


The Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix seemed to be the one with a lot of pride.

Even though there was a mission to drive out the Legion of Darkness, he didn't want to be associated with Ian—a human—for the mission.

However, to make Elcarix see his true strength, he couldn't help but cooperate.

"Fine! I'll show you that I'm much stronger and braver than Ian!"

Luragix threw his fist to the air.

However, Elcarix wasn't even listening to what he said and nagged him,

"How dare you call our father with his name?"


Nothing but un-audible mumbling came out of Lugarix's mouth.

A system message came in front of Ian right away.


[The Dragon of Darkness 'Lugarix' has joined the party.]

Ian couldn't help but smile.


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