Taming Master | Chapter 426 | Elcarix and Lugarix | Part 1

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Chapter 426 - Elcarix and Lugarix - Part 1


Lugarix was powerful.

However, till the moment, Ian wasn't able to grasp the exact power and ability of Lugarix.

Just a faint guess.

'A dragon of myth rank class, and surely will possess the Breath of dragon, as well as the dragon skin… and will have the dragon clan.'

Before the end of the buff, it was necessary to know the skill of Lugarix as accurately as possible—in order to extract the power he could from Lugarix.

Because of that, Ian managed to shake little luck on Lugarix who still was feeling doubtful.

"Lugarix, what was the huge magic spell that you used last time?"

"What do you mean?"

When Ian was about to open his mouth once again, someone else had quickly entered the conversation.

"Little boy, why do keep talking to my dad without honorifics?"

"Ah, get lost for a moment will you?! We are talking here."


The two siblings started to argue with each other.

Seeing that, Ian was confused.

'El, it is nice that you take my side, but…'

He somehow felt very good but wasn't sure of the situation.

When the conversation between them didn't end, Ian tried to calm them down as he was feeling nervous about the kids' situation.

Taking in Elcarix into his arms, and trying to bring out the most possible friendly voice as he could.

It was understandable that he chose to take the side of Elcarix.

"Our sweet and polite Elcarix will be understanding. This kid was born a little spoiled."

And Elcarix with an expression which stated 'couldn't do anything more', shook her head.

"Huh, if you say that, well."

Lugarix strongly resisted.

"No! Not spoiled! Who the hell are you talking about?"

"Who else is here apart from Elcarix and me? You, you."


Nothing but sound came out of the mouth of Lugarix, and Ian didn't mind.

The one who seemed very strong in a single glance, and suddenly showed a bit of a weak side during the fight with his sibling.

"There was no need to give me any honorific, so answer me, kid. What was the magic that you used the last time?"

In the battle of the Keaton Manor, Ian was the one who showed a very prominent performance.

However, the contribution of Ian wasn't the greatest.

Because he was the king and the one who changed the whole flow of the battle, the attention of many people were on him.

Honestly, he couldn't have contributed much when compared to Lugarix of Lv 500.

As summoning all of his summons would have lowered the experience accumulation of Elcarix, Ian did summon many, and it was sure no matter how one had seen that he had contributed less than the rankers like Hoonie and Levya.

So, who was it that contributed the most for their victory?

Surprisingly, it wasn't even the unit of the dragon or the courageous commander Cameres, it was Lugarix,

Especially in the huge summon of Ddukdae in the last wave of monsters, a tornado with enough force to make anyone's mouth open had formed.

If Ddukdae's Abyss hole was like a black hole, Lugarix whirlwind was like a 'moving black hole'.

It was a powerful crowd control period attack magic that swept, broke and passed everything.

And it wasn't just the one unique ability of Lugarix.

Lugarix had used various abilities that Ian wasn't aware of.

And Ian wanted to know the specs of all of them.

If he could use those skills, then the efficiency of the hunting could be enhanced.

As soon as the bickering of the two dragon siblings was done, Lugarix began to explain his skill.

"Ah, that skill. Rather than my ability, it was magic."


"Yeah. A Soul Storm, a black magic corporation of 9 circles."

"9 circles huh…? Really?"

"Yeah, really. When did a God Dragon ever lie?"

"Well, I didn't mean it like a lie, lie. Just astonished, 9 circles…"

"Huhu, great right? My black magic skills are awesome."

Ian's head started to work very quickly.

A huge storm of darkness started to turn inside the head of Ian.

The term 9 circles was enough to understand the power of it.

As far as human magicians were concerned, there was no one who had ever used magic that made 9 circles.

'Not an ability but magic… then it will be something that was thought by the magic clan.'

And to have the black magic that could do powerful attack magic, Lugarix's battle was the same proportion to the intellect of Elcarix.

As he had received the information about Lugarix, Ian began to smile.

Hopefully, he could learn Lugarix's skills and then teach Elcarix the 9 circle skills too.

Ian changed the tone of his voice.

"Wow, Lugarix, the more I see, the more strong you seem? Where did you learn such magic from?"

Lugarix had a simple mind with basic intellect.

And it was very clear that Lugarix had a soft spot for praising.

It was an insight Ian had gained for having so many familiars.

Just as Ian had predicted, Lugarix began to give out the information.

"Ahem. Have you realized the greatness of this body?"

"That's what I said! I didn't even know that there was magic which used 9 circles."

"Oh, is that so?"

"To learn the 9 circle magic…"

And then came out the stories from Lugarix's mouth, one after the other—amazing things.

Advanced information that no one has ever heard in the Kailan.

"A 9 circle spellbook, is something that cannot be performed by a human. It is only for transcendental beings. So, one has to get to Middle-earth to get 9 or more circle spells."


"Middle-Earth isn't a term for a one-dimensional system. To describe it briefly…"

Lugarix explained that many of the worlds in dimension can be classified into three categories.

In the first category, the 'Ground System' in which the basic dimensional systems such as; the humans and the asmodians belonged to.

And there were many dimensions in the ground system, it wasn't just the human or the Devildom.

The Southern islands where the Maurya Empire was situated at, was an ancient dimension that was called 'Halley' in the past.

Even Lugarix didn't know how many dimensional systems existed.

However, when all this story was going on, the first thing that came into the mind of Ian's was 'server'.

'The existence of the human and devildom dimension seems like the servers from other countries…'

Not knowing how far it was correct, it somehow seemed like a reasonable explanation.

And while Ian was thinking about it, the explanation of Lugarix continued about the second classification of the dimensional systems.

The story that came out of the mouth of Lugarix was the same as the explanation that came out on the 'Dragon Knight's mark' item description from Cameres.

"Not much territorial world, but there are also many dimensions in the Middle-earth. A Spirit dimension—celestial dimension. And the hometown for us dragons like the one in the Dragon Valley, since I don't know of all those, I can't give you a thorough explanation."

There were many differences between the Middle-earth and the ground system, but the most striking difference was there weren't many dimensions in there.

And if the previous assumptions of Ian were correct, Ian could be able to build something there.

'If the number of the dimensional systems meant the servers, wouldn't it be possible to meet the users of the Middle-earth servers, where there is only one land?'

As the thoughts were going through his mind, Ian's heart started to race.

The Korean server rankers were indeed very strong, but it would be very exciting if they could compete with the rankers from the other countries.

And, the derived content could be indefinite.

'Is it something that I should look forward to?'

While Ian was in deep thoughts, Lugarix's explanation followed.

"And at last, on top of the Middle-earth, there is a place called the heavenly system."

"Heavenly system?"

"Huh. And I don't have much to say about that either. I don't know much about it, as there is only one system in the Heavenly system."


"In other words, the heavenly system is something like a 'New World'."

And the explanation of Lugarix ended there.

However, that alone made Ian's mind complicated with thoughts.

It was because when playing Kailan in the future, there were a lot of factors for him to consider.

And Ian, who gathered much information about the Kailan worldview, stroked the head of Lugarix.

"Ha, you're smarter than you look."

"Yeah, well! I know a lot of stuff!"

"Yeah. Surprisingly you have a nice corner."

"Why do I feel bad… that was a compliment right?"

"Of course."

At first, it was making Lugarix teach Elcarix the magic he knew.

But as the scale grew, Ian decided to ask more questions.

"Then, Lugarix, where have you been to in the Middle-earth?"

"I haven't gone to any other place than the Dragon Haven."

"Yeah? You don't know how to go to the other dimensions?"

"Ha, I don't know how to go."

"Hmm, but you do know how to go to the Dragon Haven, right?"


However, Lugarix stated that he couldn't specifically tell on how to get to the Dragon Haven.

Which was because of the command from the Dragon God.

However, as he was feeling good, he kept giving out hints.

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"The Dragon's altar. There might be hints about the Dragon Haven. That's all that I can say."

"Yeah? The Dragon's altar… I feel like I heard it somewhere."

Ian recollected everything that Lugarix had told him.

It was because he had put in all the new information into his head.

After a while, Ian's eyes went wide.

A memory ran past the mind of Ian in an instant.

'The Dragon's altar…! The door of dimension that was in the deepest place!'

In the land of dragons—which was located in the wide field of the Southern Islands.

And a huge spiral tower came to the mind of Ian.

The place where Ian had went to steal the Cintamani.

A dungeon named the 'Dragon's Altar' came to the mind of Ian.

'Yeah. At that time, the door of the dimension that was needed to be opened for the time attack quest to be cleared was the door to the Dragon Haven!!'

The 'hunting with Lugarix's' seemed to be the most important decision made by him.

It gave Ian the information that he never thought of.


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