Taming Master | Chapter 427 | Elcarix and Lugarix | Part 2

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Chapter 427 - Elcarix and Lugarix - Part 2


"Lugarix, move this way!"

"Okay, Nice! Soul Storm!"

"That's it! The best, Lugarix!"

After uncovering the high-quality information from Lugarix, Ian began to roll well with the Dragon of Darkness.

And Lugarix turned out to be a much-talented person than he thought.

Most of the magic that Lugarix could perform was black magic, which meant that he could summon various undead, starting from the Skeletons to the Death Knights.

All thanks to the fast-moving 'race' of the Undead of the dark legion, using the Soul Storm or breath was a perfect mechanism for a complete sweep.

'This looks like the work of a whole new world?'

In the standards of Ian, Lugarix was a true worker.

There was still much experience needed, but for Ian, he felt like the right match.

And Ian wasn't just waiting while all of it was happening.

Ian was doing everything he could, moving by himself without any hesitation.

To gain efficiency in the hunting.

"Uh, The named over there! Lugarix, I'm going to be dealing with him, move that way!"

"That guy, he looks strong… you don't need the hand of the strongest dragon, Lugarix?"

"Don't spew nonsense, go over there."

High ranked named monsters, which were hit with the wide attack from Lugarix had already lost a lot of their vitality.

In addition to that, the counterattack of Lugarix started to get prominent.

"Ian, did you just order me?"

"No way… no. I asked you because you are the best."

"Is, is that.. so?"

"If not?"

There were times when Lugraix raised doubts on the act of Ian, but he wasn't so sure…

"Ian, are you trying to prove your valor to me by catching the big guy?"

"Ahe, there is no way I would do that. Think about it, Lugarix. I need to fight one on one, but you can just sweep them all of them in a single shot."

"That, that is true."

"Then, who is the bravest one?"

"Of course it is me!"



"Then, go there quickly."

He completely controlled an unexpected situation showing that he was the true 'Taming Master'.

Elcarix who was able to grasp the mood that Ian had created, was helping out too.

"Oppa, you're cool!"


Listening to the words of Elcarix, Lugarix lost concentration.

"I, I'm always cool."

The two were meant for the other.

And Ian realized it.

'This El is the scariest one…?'

And Lugarix wiped away all the legion of dark each time Ian moved from plane to plane, and Elcarix was leveling up at a tremendous speed.

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up to 169!]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up to 170!]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up to 171!]

But Ian didn't praise her as much as he did with Lugarix.

It was nice to be sweet, but he felt like needed to be strict too.

"Hmm, it looks like the whole legion of darkness has been swept away, Ian. I'll go to the lair and get some rest."

"Ahh, what is that? Is all your work done?"


"Lugarix you, you look brave, but the more I see, the more weak you seem?"

And Lugarix seemed like he was ready to catch the bait.

"What does that mean? I am strong!"

"Ah, it doesn't look like it? you just said that you were tired and wanted to go back to your home, no?"

"What nonsense! There is no way I said that!"

And when he took the bait, the point of pulling him into his hands was an act too.

"Yeah? Surely that? The brave dragon isn't so fragile."

"Yeah! I'm not weak!"

"I'm sorry, I was wrong, Lugarix."

"Hehe, no, Ian. Well, it could be misunderstood."

Even if Lugarix tried to retort to Ian, he was only digging a deeper grave for himself.

"I was just wondering if Ian would want to take some rest. I was just done with the warm-up!"

"Ah, is that so? Surely! Lugarix is caring!"

"Huh, I'm always great!"

"Then when and where do we start! I'm still very good. If you're feeling a little tired, then talk to me!"

"Yeah, nice!"

And the biggest beneficiary, Elcarix, who was seeing the scene unfold, held the hand of Ian.

Her eyes were shining, like a 3-year-old who saw a comic for the first time.

When Lugarix left to look for his next target, Elcarix opened her mouth,



"I think I learned something today."

"That, that so?"

"Yeah. It's the first time in the life of El, that I knew something so beneficial!"


"Yeah! I realized a huge enlightenment!"

Ian who was curious of it asked with a very low voice.

"A huge enlightenment…?"

"If I like dad, I realized that I can go anywhere and not lose anything."

Ian chuckled at it and agreed to her words.

"Right, wherever this dad goes, he is not the type to lose it."

Ian was impressed with the learning ability of a dragon that was less than a week old.

'Surely, a whole different dragon?'

Lugarix was a dragon too, but Ian forgot it the moment he realized how Elcarix was.


The time of a week that Elcarix had received a buff had gotten faster than expected.

In the meantime, the Lotus Kingdom had attacked the Elrika Kingdom three times and managed to conquer five manors.

The first manor—the Keaton Manor, was the tough one—after which, the Elrika Kingdom started to collapse.

And it was natural that Ian had taken part in all the wars.

'I can always hunt without Lugarix, but… the experience points that comes with him is the best.'


Ian, with the flag of the Lotus Kingdom, raised his hands and opened his mouth to the crowd,

"The enemy you fear isn't a powerful monster."

The battlefield which was loud went silent for a moment.

The moment Ian had started to say something, everyone started to listen to it.

And Ian seeing that, gave out sincere and strong words to the crowd,

"I'm not afraid to give you items and experience!"

Ian felt himself falter, but the atmosphere of the Lotus Kingdom said otherwise—the army screamed like crazy!


"Hooray for Ian!"

"Hail Lotus Kingdom! Hail the Majesty!"

The sight of the thousand armies of the Lotus Kingdom was a sight anyone should see.

"Keu, great!"

Ian's mouth turned into a subtle smile without realizing it.

However, that wasn't the mood of the current situation for Ian.

It was because of the level ups that he had been seeing till then.

Coming towards Ian who seemed to have a very satisfactory expression, Herz asked.

"Yeah, something seems weird!"

"What is it?"

"That, that... I said something, something…"

Herz was cheering and feeling good, but he felt like something was different.

And the relatively, the mind of Fiolan picked it up.

"That, isn't that a saying of Alexander the Great?"

"Yes, you're right. If you're going to copy something, at least do it right! There are many who see the videos of Kailan!"

"Right, Ian. At least for the sake of the guild."

However, Ian, even though he was pointed out, he was still unquestionable.

"What are you saying, it's wrong. I just expressed what I was feeling at the moment."

"What, what did you feel?"

"Experience, and greatness! Keu!"


Herz was at a loss of words as he shook his head, and Ian laughed after looking at the information window.

'Kya, level 392… went up 4 levels in a week.'

When he received the quest from Spirit King, he was in need of level 400 for the proceeding, and now that seemed to be just a few steps ahead.

And Ian opened the information of Elcarix after a very long time.

Elcarix (Dragon of Light) –

Level: 279

Classification: God Dragon

Rank: Myth

Personality: Cowardly


Attack power: 5301

Defense power: 6975

Agility: 4185

Intellect: 12,555

Vitality: 2,130,165/ 2,130,165


A proud smile made its way onto the lips of Ian as he checked the information window of Elcarix.

He had seen more than a million intellect points and more than 2 million vitality, I wasn't going to feel hungry for a week.

'I think that the attack power of Karceus was around five digits at that time, but is already at 12,000… certainly, the growth of intellect is huge.'

The composition of Karceus was mostly in the attack side.

However, the level of intellect for Elcarix was dominantly more.

Of course, the attack and agility were a bit lacking for the dragons, however, the flawless tanking ability was admirable.

'And with the adding of a few high-level magic, the attack will rise.'

The skill-books with high-level light attack magic didn't sell in the auction houses.

That was because of the less demand they had.

A priest with the light attributes never opted for the position of a dealer, and a mage with a light attribute almost never existed.

Sometimes the priests did—with some low-cost light attribute attacks.

Thanks to that, Ian was able to see the profit he had in those.

'Huhu, I can get a full set of magic in just one million.'

In case of the top tier flame attack magic, the transaction concluded up to 100 million gold.

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Compared to it, the attack attribute of light even when choosing the highest one would cost only around 10 million gold.

'Now that the experience buff is over, we should go over to the auction house and shop a little leisurely?'

The next battle of the Lotus Kingdom would resume tomorrow, and Ian decided that he could enjoy a little time off.

"El-ah, shall we go for shopping?"

With bright gleaming eyes, El asked Ian,

"Shopping? What is that, dad?"

Looking at those gleaming eyes, Ian started to feel burdensome and instinctively lied.

"Hmm… I mean, we will go and bring those things that my El wants to have."

However, Ian's lies didn't work.

"Ahh, dad. Isn't that a kids shopping?"


"Not the kids shopping, but we're really going for shopping right?"

Ian could feel his whole body sweat at that moment.

He was feeling something strange.

"El, you know what shopping is?"

But, clever El managed to evade the traps.

"Ahh, no way. I just know what a kid shopping is, I don't know what shopping in general is."


Ian who couldn't say anything back just looked at her, and Elcarix turning affectionate the very moment, lightened the situation.

"Dad, let's go and do shopping quickly."

"What is shopping?"

"I don't know, which is why I want to do it."


Ian headed to the auction house while holding onto the hand of Elcarix.


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