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Chapter 428 - Elcarix and Lugarix - Part 3


All the facilities inside Kailan grow in accordance with the development of a territory.

Of course, the auction house, which was one of the most important facilities of a city was included in it.

The higher the level of the city, the higher would the floors of the auction house facility's level would be.

The largest auction house in Kailan at the moment was in the capitals of the former Empires of Kaimon and Luspel.

However, since the empires disappeared, the auction houses too had disappeared along with them.

The largest auction house of all the existing auction houses was in the Lotus Kingdom, and Ian and Elcarix were walking around it for around 30 minutes already.

"Dad, I want this. This!"

"That, so?"

"Yeah! This is so pretty!"

Elcarix was showing Ian a fur hat that was displayed at the corner of the store.

Ian looked at the item's information.


White Dragon Fur Hat –

Price: 307,698 gold

Seller: Private

Time for the sale to end: 7:14:27

(At the end of the sale time, the price will become 5% lower.)

Classification: Costume

(Costume items can be worn on top of one's equipment.)

Options: cold resistance +3

Charm x 1.25

It is a fur hat made of leather 'snowflake' which is considered as one of the rarest animals in the Northern continent.

It is a limited edition made by 'Yupina' the best clothing designer in the Kingdom of Lotus.

It is a fur hat designed for the concept of a cute baby dragon's face.

Ian, who read the information window of the item, just sighed to himself.

'Huh, a costume item… plus, the options are very sublime.'

Ian never spared money when it came to items, a thorough pragmatism.

Which was why he never bought costume items.

The only costume items he bought were the ones with the minimum options that he could put on with his equipment.

Whether it cost 5,000 gold or 1 million gold, the options were very few.

The price difference of the costume item depended on the term 'designer'.

"Uhmm, 30 million…I can buy three fluffy hats with that money…"

While Ian was mumbling, he could feel the stare of Elcarix on him.

Ian with sweat rolling off him asked Elcarix,

"El-ah, you want to buy a fur hat for 30 million with no proper option?"

Ian emphasized how much the costume would cost when he spoke to Elcarix.

However, Elcarix was stubborn.

"But dad… I think I can wear that hat since I can transform into a human."

In Kailan, the NPCs could wear items, but the non-humanoid NPCs had no such options.

Elcarix knew this and would like to try if she could wear a costume since she could transform into a human.

Ian was flustered.

"How did you know these things?"

However, Elcarix used her charm to convince Ian.

"Hehe, dad, come on."


Ian, which was still hesitant about it, grabbed the furry hat.


You have purchased the item 'White Dragon Fur Hat'!

'307,698 gold' has been paid.

Ian's eyes were very sorrowful as he watched his gold be taken away from his hand.

'Well it is cheaper than the clothes that I wear from head to toe in the real world, so…'

However, Elcarix shopping had just started.


[You have purchased the item 'Dragon Soles'!]

['238,820 gold' has been paid.]

[You have purchased the item 'Dragon's Wing Dress']

['970,981 gold' has been paid.]

Ian nearly spent 2 million gold just on costume items, and that made his face fell.

"El-ah, do you really have to buy the dress that looks like a table cloth?"

"Table cloth!"

"The table cloth looks just like that back at my place…"

"Ah, it's not that!"

Ian who normally didn't understand why users bought costume items never thought that he would be in such a situation.

'Ah, being a dad in the virtual reality game is also tough…'

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Ian's respect for his parents suddenly began to spring up inside his heart.

He wanted to see Harin quickly.

'Wait, if I'm El's dad… then Harin is her mom, right? I don't have to feel this pain all by myself!'

However, Ian who realized that Harin was busy felt dejected once again.

Harin was very busy with her restaurant activities lately.

If Ian left El with Harin, he was sure that he would be ignored the whole day.

There was also the possibility that the cute and sweet El would become twisted.

'That can't happen!'

Ian clenched his fists as his heart got fired up.

At the same time, Elcarix wearing all the costumes that Ian bought for her walked towards him.

"Ta-da! Dad, how is it? Do I look good?"

Ian felt that the 2 million gold he spent was worth it after seeing El wearing those costumes while happily dancing around.

"Cute, so cute!"

It wasn't the Dragon of Light, but Elcarix who was dressed in all-white.

The dragon fur hat and the small wool that was dangling on her back with her small wings intensified her cuteness.

"Our El is so pretty!"

Elcarix who got praised by Ian flew to the sky with a huge smile.

Before they went costume shopping, El learned fly magic in her polymorph form.

"I'm pretty, right?"

"Yeah, my daughter is the prettiest."

The wound on Ian's heart caused by those unexpected expenditures disappeared in a second.

'Well, all her skill-books can be bought for 20 gold so everything is fine.'

Even though his expenditure was twice than what he had expected, Ian tried to rationalize his thoughts.

Ian was holding onto Elcarix and turned towards the hunting ground.

Now was the time to earnestly hunt.

'Huhu, now I need to study how to turn the skill cycle?'

Elcarix's exclusive experience buff was over, and now was the time to take advantage of all of his familiars.

He thought he could combine the magic of Elcarix with his existing familiars, and that made him excited.


"Huu, Lugarix, this elementary kid…"

Inside the planning team room of the LB company.

Over ten people were gathered in the meeting room with seriousness written all over their faces.

And all of them couldn't stop talking about 'Lugarix'.

"Hu, who was the one who thought of that Lugarix guy?"

Asked the planning team leader of team 3, Kim Yu Hwan.

He sat down then sighed, and the member next to him raised his hand up and spoke with a low voice.

"Me... me sir…"

"I don't understand. Why does this guy have such a lot of information?"

"That... the God Dragon's normally belonged to that part. So, having the data of Middle-earth had to be included."

Choi Seo Young, who was seated on the opposite side asked with a puzzled look.

"There have been a lot of God Dragons before Lugarix. Especially that Karceus who became the familiar of Ian… but he didn't give out any information, right?"

The member just sighed and responded,

"But Karceus doesn't remember anything. He becomes a complete dragon after awakening then say his role and his reincarnation. The same goes for the Dragon of Light, Elcarix. They don't remember Middle-earth."

This time it was Kim Yu Hwan who asked.

"Then what about the Sun Dragon, Ranohel and the Dragon of wind, Norpis? I know of a lot of users who are currently doing the quests regarding those matters."

At that question from the team leader, the member just scratched the back of his neck.

He was trying hard to think of an answer to give them when Na Ji-chan who was sitting next to him spoke,

"Team leader, it has something to do with the affinity."


"Yeah. No matter how the quest progresses, even when having acquaintance, the NPC doesn't give out information if the affinity was low between them and the users."

"Hmm, then the affinity between Ian and Lugraix is that high?"

"Yes. However even then, the entry of the Dragon Haven information… I never thought of it. To be controlled by the 'command' of the Dragon God."

Silence filled the conference room once Na Ji-chan was done talking.

Everyone was lost in their own concerns.

It was the same for Na Ji-chan as well.

Even for Na Ji-chan who knew more about Ian than anyone else in the planning team, this was a situation that even he couldn't quite understand.

'No, why is that kid dragon opening his mouth like this?'

In fact, if the information from Lugraix went to other users, it wouldn't be such a critical situation.

If that ever happened, no one in the planning team would've actually been worried.

But the problem, however, was Ian.

It was because Ian would be able to figure out the exact project frame they had just by knowing the smallest bit of information.

The whole team wasn't being exaggerated. They were certain that Ian could definitely do that.

In particular, the dimensional door to the Dragon Haven…

'Even at level 200, he almost went through the bottom of the dungeons… now he is almost at the level of 400, he will be able to drill right through it.'

Ian had already been to the dragon's altar in the past, and he surely knew what the door of the dimension led through.

However, the reason why he didn't go through the door was because of the ongoing war in their dimension at that time.

In order to go through the dimensional door in the Dragon's Altar, he had to open the dimensional door by using the dimensional charger.

Once he moved to the Dragon's Altar with that item, it had a restriction that one couldn't come back for the duration of one week.

According to Na Ji-chan's expectation…

'Once the war is over and the Richie King is caught, he will challenge the Dragon Haven right away.'

Once he was done with everything on their continent, he would most likely head straight to the Dragon Haven.

That would definitely turn into a disaster.

The idea was still in its rough stages. Since the system wasn't completely designed yet, there was a high probability for bugs to occur; just like it did the last time.

While Na Ji-chan was working on his assumptions and thoughts, Kim Yu Hwan's voice suddenly rose.

"Ji-chan ah."

"Yea, Team leader."

"What are all the ongoing quests of that Ian jerk?"

He instinctively replied to his team leader's question.

"Team leader, it isn't Ian jerk, it is Ian God."

"God my foot. Even in this situation, you're calling him a god?"

"Yeah, Ian god is a god."

"Enough, just answer what I have asked you."

Na Ji-chan took a moment and tried to recollect all the quests that were under progress for Ian.

'Got it! The Spirit Dimension!'

The quest that Ian wasn't currently doing, the Spirit Dimension quest.

'If we give an additional reward to the Spirit Dimension quest, Ian will surely do the Spirit Dimension quest… in the meantime, we could finish the Dragon Haven.'

Before Ian got the Sprit Dimension related quest, the whole planning team was involved in the completion of the Spirit Dimension.

Therefore, if Ian entered the Spirit Dimension, they would be able to buy themselves a couple of months.

Na Ji-chan, who realized it, spoke with a bright expression,

"Everyone, I have a great idea."

He started explaining the plan that he came up with.

As they listened to it, the faces of Na Ji-chan's team members brightened up as well.

"That seems nice."

"Keu, surely."

"Huhu, then we'll have to do one thing."

However, while he continuously explaining, Na Ji-chan couldn't help but sigh.

'Hu, we are all squeezing our heads because of just one user…'

The plan of the planning team, which was going to be their task during the episode of Lich King, was to waste all the information that came out of Lugarix's mouth.


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