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Chapter 431 - Elcarix's Activities - Part 3


Surrounding the Rataphel Domain were three rivers flowing on either side of it.

Ian, who reached the halfway point of the 'Rataphel's mountain', summoned all of his summons.

From the moment they had to infiltrate the manor, which was why they were all called.

Ian took out the 'invisibility cloak' which he had bought in the village.

[You have equipped the item 'Invisibility Cloak'.]

[The character will disappear from the sight of the others.]

[When the enemy is attacked or the character attacks, the invisibility effect of the character will be exposed.]

[After the invisibility effect disappears, the damage is reduced by 50% for 1 minute.]

The invisibility cloak was a very rare item.

It was an item that was dropped after catching a monster in the Kailan, and the drop rate of the item was close to extreme.

Ian, who had been playing for a very long time, for the first time after all the items he had purchased—this was an expensive item of about 50 million gold, which he bought at the auction house.

Although there were several penalties, it was an item that could be used very effectively, considering the situation it would be used.

The invisibility cloak was an item that could be considered as something that all the rankers had worn at one point or the other.

Ian, wearing his invisibility cloak moved up the mountain boldly.

Did he go around 30 minutes like that?

At last Ian's eyes could see the walls of the Rataphel Domain.

The magnificent connected walls that went along the mountains.

Ian looked at the scene and moved with a slow pace again.

'Should I maybe check the location of the Detecting tower first?'

Usually, the detecting towers were placed on the high walls at regular intervals.

The detecting towers were a necessary defense system placed to prevent the invaders from entering.

It was often for the high-level assassin attempts to invade, like the one the Lotus had in the Pyro Domain.

The detecting towers were needed for it, and they were built on the outside of the Rataphel manor.

And for Ian, who turned on the invisibility cloak, it was a matter of fact for getting out of sight from the detecting towers.

Ian's head started to work rapidly.

'The Rataphel domain is a marquis… four levels of detecting towers can be built.'

In Kailan, when the base of the territory moves to the stage of a domain, it will be divided into five grades.

From the very sub-ordinate ones like the Barons and Viscounts.

To the earliest level of the castle, like the Marquis which begins with high levels.

And finally, the stage of a dukedom.

All the types of territories are upgraded along with a one-level upgrade of all their properties.

Till the stage of the 'Baron' the grade of the facilities can be raised only till one level at a time, and once a territory reached till 'Marquis' it was then possible to raise the level of the facilities till four levels.

In either case, the limit was the same, either basic or advanced.

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Therefore, in the case of the Rataphel Domain, a Marquis, all the buildings had grown up four levels starting from the defensive tower.

'4th level detecting tower, range of 280 meters?'

Ian quickly started to identify the levels of the detecting towers that were outside the Rataphel Domain to find any gaps.

They were mostly of level 4 towers, but it seemed there was a less upgraded one somewhere.

And if he could find any tower below the level of 3, then he was going to search for a blind spot and move between the towers.

'Oh ho, there! A level three in the middle.'

As expected, Ian who saw the blind spot couldn't help but smile.

However, just finding the level 3 wasn't the end.

After calculating the distance between the towers, the next thing he had to do was to see if there were any blind spots.

And that was the real problem.

In the snow, there was no way Ian could be sure of the exact distance.

Ian thought of a possible idea.

[You have equipped the item 'Solid Armor'.]

He would shoot an arrow for a range of 200 meters to measure the distance and then shoot another.

Put the arrows in for a demonstration.

Ian checked the surroundings many times.

'If someone spots me, then it's turning into a huge problem.'

Even if Ian's arrow hits a passing monster, Ian's position could be detected right away.

After taking a stable stance, Ian took a deep breath and put the arrow on the bow, then pulled the bowstring.

Along with the intense feelings in him, the arrow left the bow.


A moment later, the arrow fell on the floor without reaching the wall of the detecting tower.


Looking at the position where the arrow had fallen, it seemed like there was still some distance to reach the range of the Detecting Tower.

And Ian's work wasn't done yet.

Ping- Piping-!

He changed his position and direction, as soon as it started to hit arrows here and there.

Ian who had already released five arrows stood up and then sat down on the ground after taking out his notebook.

'The distance between the tower A is about 300 meters, and the distance of the tower B is 400 meters…'

Ian pulled out his pen and began to draw a picture without any hesitation.

His location, the location of the two detecting towers were drawn in the notebook, and he made a triangle with the three points.

The vertex was at a right-angled triangle.

'Hmm, so… the distance between the two towers is about 500 meters.'

He was calculating the range the towers had by using his knowledge.

He used Pythagoras theorem to find the distance between the towers.

'Tower A is of level 4, and tower B is of level 3. There needs to be a blind spot of about 10 meters.'

The range of the 4th level tower came out to be 280 meters and the range of the 3rd level tower came to be 210 meters.

If so, then the distance between the two towers was 500 meters, and there will be a gap of 10 meters in the middle.

Ian picked up a few more arrows.

It was the last arrow that would be hit in the 10-meter blind spot.


'From the shortest point of the distance, 180 meters from the tower b… going a little further to the left will allow the entry of the blind spot.'

His calculations were complete.

Inside the notebook of Ian, the numbers of 180, 320 and 240 were staggered.

Ian, who found out the distance with three arrows began to move away slowly.

Ian moved as he was convinced.

Arriving safely at the front of the wall, Ian climbed the wall abruptly.

While Ian was climbing the wall, the soldiers who were guarding the wall didn't figure out Ian.


[Iris recognition completed. Welcome to Kailan 'Remir'.]

A familiar scene with a familiar message.

The Red Flame Magician. No, now she was the Monarch of Red Flame, nicknamed by the server of the Koreans, the strongest wizard user—Remir.

She was connecting to Kailan as soon as she got up for leveling up.

"Hmm, should I maybe try the party after a long time? The solo play is getting a little boring…"

Remir opened the list of friends that she had while sticking out her tongue.

She looked at the most natural person who would've been on, connected with a blue light on top of her friends list.

That person was Ian.

"Doesn't he ever get tired, right from morning? Let's see… hmm, today's playtime seems to be a little human-like. It's only been three hours since he logged on."

Remir sometime checked the playtime of Ian on her friends list, and there were times where she was scared.

Ten to twenty hours were his basic, and many times she had seen 40 hours on his playtime.

The current time was till, at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Since there was just one person in her friends list, Remir decided to message him.

"Yeah well, it will be nice to run Spartan after a long time."

Even when not in a party the 'party offer' to him made Remir a bit nervous.

Remir who was able to decide sent a message to Ian.

No, tried to.


Right when she was about to.

Ian's message came to her first.

Ian: Remir noona, party play, it has been a while right?

Remir who was shocked for a second rubbed her hands while thinking again.

"Ah, he isn't a ghost right?"

Remir was scared of Ian whenever he asked for a party play.


A small ground on the outskirts of Rataphel.


A portal opened with a small resonance and around four to five people moved out from him.

But they were all very gorgeous to be generalized as 'four or five users'.

Starting with the Monarch of the Red Flame till the 1st ranked Black Magician Hoonie.

And with Yu Shin the warrior class user in the top 5, and the 1st ranker priest class user Levya.

And at last, when Ian came out of the portal, the door of the portal went shut and disappeared.


Ian looked around at all the party members who were gathered and laughed.

"I'm sure you all had a hard time coming here right from the dawn. He he."

Remir opened her mouth with a blank expression,

"No, I'm actually surprised that you contacted all the people at this time. Other than me, Ian directly contacted all of you?"

Levya nodded her head and replied,

"Tha... that so? I was sleeping when I answered the call from Ian and connected right away."

Yu Shin added to it,

"It was the same for me."

Hoonie whined along with them.

"I wanted to sleep a little more, hump…"

Ian suddenly disconnected after sending Remir a message and quickly went to wake up those people who currently joined the party.

Moreover, he said to come to the castle right away, and after opening the portal, he bought them all to an unknown place.

Though they were called to connect into the game at dawn, these people actually connected and joined the party.

It was sure that these people were indeed the esteemed rankers.

Levya looked around and asked Ian a questioned face.

"By the way Ian. What is this place?"

"Inside the Rataphel Domain."

"Rataphel Domain in the sense…"

"A Marquis in the Elrika kingdom."


It was a fact which everyone knew, that the Elrika Kingdom was the home of the Lich King.

And to be said, it was the center of the dark force.

But before they could be curious about why they were brought into there, they were much curious about how Ian had managed to actually enter that place.

"Just a second, how in the hell did you get here?"

At the question of Remir, Ian shook his head.

"No comment on that. I'll explain another thing."


And this time it was Yu Shin who asked the question.

"Then why are you here?"

"That's an obvious one…"

Ian's lip corners went up when he answered with a weird grin,

"To actually play and have fun."


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