Taming Master | Chapter 435 | The Underground | Part 1

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Chapter 435 - The Underground - Part 1


The seal of the Luspel empire was very similar to that of the Lotus Kingdom.

What was inevitable was that both of them were the images of a griffin.

As Ian's 'Pin' was a griffin cub in the Luspel Empire of the past, it was the model used.

So they couldn't help to know the resemblance.

Immediately after confirming the armor of the man, Ian couldn't help but panic.

It was because he was confused about the shape of the griffin that was made on the armor of the man, and mistook him for an NPC of the Lotus Kingdom.

However, when he checked the level that floated on his head, he realized that he was wrong.

'There can't be a level 500 in our kingdom. Then, it is much likely for him to be an NPC of the Luspel kingdom…'

Lugarix, Cameres.

A knight with the level similar to that of the Lich King Chalian.

Ian was very curious about the identity.

'Was there another strong knight in the Luspel Empire apart from Helliem?'

In a very short period of time, just a few seconds after the appearance of the Luspel's knight, Ian's mind was getting filled with numerous thoughts.

The very moment, 'he' began to move.


A very quick movement that the metal armor on his body couldn't restrict.

The man pulled out the sword that was on his back and began to move at an incredible speed.

Bang- Babang-!

Once he went into the battle, the death knight's vitality was going down in an instant.

However, there was no time to be shocked or surprised.

Ian quickly moved along with the party.

"Levya, hand us a little buff!"


"Noona and Hoonie will follow the knights that would target the new one and support him greatly, Yu Shin, you follow me!"



Ian, who gave out the commands very quickly controlled his summons and moved in the direction of Rosen.

In order for Rosen to lose the strength of his leadership, he needs to be hit hard enough to be dizzy.

However, going towards Rosen would be tough—as he was surrounded by numerous Death Knights, however, it wasn't their goal.

'Little by little, we need to wait till its vitality goes down.'

If many death knights were taken down, the most ignorantly powerful NPC knights would reduce one after the other.

Though they couldn't be able to take the act anymore carefully, their first priority was to break through the dungeon.

The appearance of a single NPC had changed the whole situation in the battle.

'Death Knight Rosen' spoke out in a voice filled with anger.

"Who are you? How dare you enter the area of Chalian?!"

The same words which Rosen had said to the party of Ian when he came across them.

Because of that, Ian knew what the conversation would be, but couldn't know the response.

The question wasn't answered by the NPC.

And that conversation would have been a very meaningful one.

"You stupid one, you'll succumb to the darkness before even witnessing its huge achievement."


"The knight's honor that you have! I will make sure to defame it!"

As Rosen was speaking, 'the man' giggled and stretched his sword out front.

Suddenly, something had happened.

As if the sword was actually alive, all the death knights began to get slaughtered.

Kwang- Kwang-!

An incredible battle that was happening right in front of them.

Ian who lost his concentration from the battle was looking at the scene with his mouth wide open.

'That, that is so crazy! What the hell is that?'

That wasn't the end of surprises that they were getting.

Apart from the indiscriminate attacks the sword was doing, the man pulled another pair of swords.


The two swords were crossed on the man's back.

Normally it wasn't common to use double swords.

And the swords were huge ones, unlike the sword that was taken out in the beginning.

Ian wasn't that surprised though.

Hoonie who had cast a spell to support that man muttered without even realizing it,

"Does that even make sense?"

Removing the death knights in a flash, while wielding three large swords would make anyone admire the NPC.

Ian was indeed flustered for a moment, but quickly went into the battle to help him and began to take on the death knights.

"Keu, Keuk!"

Death Knight Rosen looked over at the strong man with a questionable expression.

It was an amazing battle sight, a battle that was going to take them 5 hours was now done in 5 minutes.

"It is a shame that you fell for the darkness."

Said the unknown-mysterious-man as he swung his sword at Rosen.


The sword went right through the head of Rosen.


Rosen who was almost out of vitality fell down right there.

['Death Knight Rosen' is out of combat.]

[The 4th floor of the catacomb has opened.]


The whole sound resonated right in front of the party.

But not even a single member of Ian's party moved.

No, they couldn't move.

Until they knew the identity of the unknown man, they couldn't move forward.

Surely he was friendly as it seemed.


The man threw both the swords in his hands to the air.

And the three swords that were in the air, at the same time went into the sheath that was on his back.

Chuck- shuk-!

Seeing that, Ian thought to himself.

'Acting all cool by himself.'

However different from Ian who was whining, there were a few people who were blinded by his act.

And that was Hoonie.


Despite the sudden appearance of the chief of knight, Hoonie went to his direction.

"I am the Monarch of Darkness, Hoonie. The Lord of the dead. I wish to know your name."

However as soon as Hoonie was done introducing himself, the sword that just went into the back came out in an instant.

"It seems like one of them was still left?"

Hoonie, who realized what was going to happen waved his hands rapidly.

"Woah, woah! I'm not one of them."

"I can feel the dark energy from you…"

"I, I… my darkness is trying to punish the Lich King!"

And the party members who were watching this scene just shook their heads.

"Uh, Hoonie has been very quiet these days…"

"It has been a while since I saw something fun."


However, the man who was conversing with Hoonie suddenly turned his sharp gaze over to Ian.

Hoonie immediately opened his mouth again,

"Wait, wait for a second, will you?! You should at least tell me your name!"

However, he paid no attention to Hoonie and slowly moved in the direction of Ian.

Flustered and shocked, Ian gulped without any knowledge of his.


The man who finally got close to Ian opened his mouth,

"You must be Ian."


Ian was very very shocked at the moment.

'What? He knows me?'

And the man wasn't done speaking.

And the next words were strong enough to blow the wits off everyone else.

"It is a pleasure. My descendant."


The most outstanding knight in the history of the Luspel Empire.

The great hero of the human dimension who blocked the ambition of Lich King Chalian in the past and sealed him inside the Devildom.

The knight of the story, who wasn't lacking even a bit, when compared to the courageous commander Cameres was none other than 'Muran'.

"Muran? How did you get here…?"

However, Ian wasn't able to understand.

Wasn't Muran an ancient figure that ceased to exist more than 1000 years?

Then the man in front of him, claiming to be Muran, had a nice face with no wrinkles.

A face that had the liveliness of a twenties, the same as Ian.

At the half question from Ian, Muran opened his mouth,

"I'm here right now, but I do not entirely exist."


Ian, who wasn't completely understanding the weird words that were just said, waited for a moment so that the man claiming to be 'Muran' could say something else and bring a little clarity.

"With the choice that has been taken in the past, I have been given a little time to help you out."

The moment he heard it, something clicked in Ian's mind.

"Right! Muran's choice! I was trying to know what it meant…"

At the beginning of the Richie King's episode, Ian had seen a system message that said something about Muran's choice.

He had been running around for a while, and the thought had skipped his mind, but he never expected that to help him out in a situation like this.

Meanwhile, all the other members of Ian's party were all envious.

"What, what kind of a quest did that hyung do…"

"Wah, how did he get to bring a 1000 years old NPC back?"

"Right, my words too…"

Ian barely managed to open his mouth to Muran, and asked for something

"You have come to help me?"


"You are going to help me defeat the Lich King, together…?"

Ian was very excited.

But the answer that Muran gave, unfortunately, wasn't what Ian had been expecting.

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"No, I didn't mean in that way. The power for the thousands of years of history will let me stay here for only a day."


"It is impossible to get rid of the Lich King at that time."

"That is true…"

Muran had a lot of power.

Even then, there were way too many walls they had to cross to reach the Richie King.

"Then, how do you plan on helping me?"

At the question from Ian, all the eyes of his party members went towards Muran.

Even Ian was wondering what the answer would be.

As helping Ian would be the same as helping the whole party.

But this time too, that answer from Muran wasn't what they were expecting.

"The whole day that I have, I will stand by you till the end."

The time the words ended, Ian's eyes came across an unexpected quest window.


- - - - -

Hero, Muran's Arrangement (Hidden) –

Muran, the greatest hero of the Human dimension.

In the past, he stopped the ambition of the Lich King and succeeded in sealing him in the Devildom, though it wasn't a guarantee.

He couldn't completely exterminate him and knew that one day the Lich King would resurrect and once again expose the world to despair.

Which was why he made an arrangement for that time.

And you, who is the descendant of the hero, Muran, who obtained the crystal of Muran.

As the Lich King has resurrected again and raised his legion of darkness once again, the Hero Muran has come to help you while crossing the walls of time.

He wants to follow your progress.

And if you agree, he will grant you all of his skills.

Now you have to choose.

If you manage to gain the strength of Muran, accept his offer, and if you want to continue walking down the path as a Taming Master, then refuse.

Quest Difficulty: None

Quest Condition: A person who has used the 'Crystal of Muran'.

Time Limit: None


4th tier hidden class 'Summoner Knight'.

- - -

Ian, who read all the content of the quest turned sad all of a sudden.


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