Taming Master | Chapter 436 | The Underground | Part 2

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Chapter 436 - The Underground - Part 2


'Hue, I have to think calmly about this…'

A proposal to be promoted to a top tier hidden class appeared.

'Summoner Knight' was obviously a new and amazing hidden class for the summoner class.

Normally in Kailan, it was impossible to change from one class to another.

Ian was feeling conflicted, as it was the gods who gave him the chance to change to a 4th tier hidden class to show their gratitude for 'Muran's crystal'.

The reason why Ian was conflicted was because in his quest window the 'Taming Master' class tier-up option could be seen.

'Even if I raise the Taming Master's tier or pick being a Summoner Knight, they will both be in the same tier…'

Which class was better for their current situation wasn't clear yet, and the two classes were totally different.

The first difference between the two was their class classifications.

The Taming Master was an evolutionary hidden class where one could upgrade its tier. The Summoner Knight, on the other hand, was a class that was already classified as a top tier—the 4th tier—without being upgraded right from the beginning.

If a user would be given the chance to transfer to a higher tier, that user would probably not be able to decide right away.

The thing that Ian was really concerned about was the '4th tier'.

If Ian picked being a Summoner Knight, he could change his class the moment he accepted the quest. However, if Ian chose to do the 4th tier of the Taming Master, he would have to tame the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix.

If Lugarix was a normal monster, then it wouldn't be an issue. However, he was a named monster with a unique name and of myth rank.

It wasn't clear if the task was possible or not since there were no records yet of anyone being able to successfully upgrade to a 4th tier.

'Uh, Summoner Knight…'

It was a deeply troubling topic for Ian.

However, Ian didn't have the time to worry about all this.


The Kailan planning team of the LB company.

Na Ji-chan, who was working late at night, was going somewhere with hot water for his cup ramen.

"I love cup ramen at night."

Na Ji-chan—the only person in the planning team who enjoyed night shifts.

Na Ji-chan stayed back in the company the whole week.

"Is no one in the monitoring room?"


Na Ji-chan opened the door and glanced around the monitor room. He couldn't help but smile since it was quiet.

One of the greatest pleasures of Na Ji-chan was to watch a dozen monitors in the monitoring room and watch videos while digging into his cup ramen.

He couldn't really have ramen in the monitoring room when other employees were around. So he could only do this during his night shifts.


Na Ji-chan sat on the most comfortable position to look at the monitors. He then picked up the remote control and started to turn on the monitors one after the other.

Ping- Ping- Ping- Piping-

As the monitors were being turned on one after another, a small sound came out. Na Ji-chan then started to work on the keyboard to set the screens on the rankers that he wanted to see.

"Since it is already 9 pm, all the rankers will be online now."

To see what quests the rankers would be working on and what planned content they were going to open, Na Ji-chan turned on the monitors with excitement.

The first set of monitors that Na Ji-chan turned to was that of Ian's.

Except for special cases, Na Ji-chan always checked Ian's videos right away.

Na Ji-chan who was carefully examining Ian's videos burst out of excitement.

"Ohho, you found the underground prison of the Lich King? That's faster than what I expected… how did you find it?"

No other content related to the Lich King could be seen unless the Episode of Conquest had progressed. So what Ian did made Na Ji-chan dumbfounded.

"The structure looked like the Rataphel Manor… Lotus already went through Rataphel? How could that have happened?"

Na Ji-chan was mumbling to himself and turned on the tablet PC that he always carried.

He then looked at the data that only planning team members could see.

"Hmm, surely… you haven't reached Rataphel yet. So how did you get in there?"

Na Ji-chan was looking at the video with much more excitement than he had a while ago.

He didn't understand how Ian found that place, but he had a slight idea as to why he was able to found it.

'He was trying to find Helliem.'

Na Ji-chan knew a little information about Helliem.

Though he wasn't the one who planned the character, the character was an important NPC.

"I can't believe this guy's luck or was he just that persistent. This guy's game sense is amazing!"

The lowest floor of the Rataphel Domain.

Ian guessed that Helliem was definitely there.

The greatest knight of the Luspel Empire.

In fact, if the Lich King quest went in the right direction, then the NPC Helliem was the one who was designed to get through the quest.

Once the Lich King was defeated and the darkness has been lifted, a quest would be created to purify Helliem who had fallen into darkness.

It wasn't yet the time for those things to happen.

Users could only get to Helliem once the Lich King had been successfully defeated.

However, Ian managed to find the underground prison ahead of time. No one knew now where the quest would head to.

'Keu, are you for real Ian God? If he wants to clear the dungeon safely without being caught by Rataphel's Knights… he really needs to get Helliem.'

If they really did manage to do that, the Lotus Kingdom would be able to soar even higher than where they were now.

Rather than the individual strength that Helliem possesses, the level of the knights of the Lotus Kingdom could be raised tremendously with Helliem on their side.

In fact, if one compared Helliem and Kaizer with each other, the fighting abilities of Kaizer were more superior.

However, that was just their stats and combat abilities. Helliem was still far superior to Kaizer when it came to leadership and everything else.

"Phew, this will be a fixed channel once again…"


While slurping his cup ramen, Na Ji-chan operated the remote again.

After moving Ian's video at the center, he turned off all the other monitors.

"Huhu, I feel sorry for your party members… it won't be easy for you anymore, Ian God."

Ian's party were fighting their way through the Undead monsters.

Seeing the rankers defeat the dungeon they created, it felt like he was fighting head-on with the rankers.

When the party's battle with the Death knights including Rosen happened, Na Ji-chan reached the maximum levels of his excitement.

"Right, Rosen! The AI is working well!"

Rosen controlled the Death Knights one by one and caused great trouble for Ian's party.

Seeing the scene brought great happiness to Na Ji-chan.

"Ha! What will you do now, Ian? If you won't clear the dungeon within 2 to 3 hours, then you'll probably be caught by Rataphel's Knights, right?"

Na Ji-chan was talking as if he was directly conversing with Ian.

However, something suddenly happened that made Na Ji-chan flustered.

Muran suddenly appeared and wiped out all the Death Knights.


He knew that the arrangement of Muran was under process and that someday Muran would visit Ian.

But even then, this ridiculous turn of events made Na Ji-chan's eyes doubtful.

"Why now Muran?"

Na Ji-chan thought that he possibly couldn't see anything weirder than that.

If Muran helped Ian's party, the dungeon would be cleared in 30 minutes rather than 2 hours.

It wasn't just because of Muran's power.

The reason why Muran came to Ian was because Ian took the 'Summoner Knight' 4th tier hidden class.

Ian, who inherited the abilities of Muran would be changed to a 4th tier hidden class 'Summoner Knight' and would gain powerful skills immediately.

In addition, all of his stats would be adjusted to the stats of the 4th tier hidden class he picked.

It had an entirely different power compared to the 3rd tier.

Once Ian's familiars became compatible with the combat abilities of Muran, the difficulty of the dungeon would be reduced by half.

Na Ji-chan shook his head.

"Huu, Now if he gets Helliem..."

According to the planning team's plans, Helliem couldn't be reached as of the moment.

In other words, Ian would have immediately hired him if he had rescued him.

Other users with low affinity wouldn't have known, but Ian who was always in the forefront for the Lotus Empire would have enough affinity with Helliem.


Na Ji-chan was feeling intrigued and started to turn on the other monitors once again.

No matter how many monitors were displaying Ian's videos, he just never seemed to be losing interest.

"Ah, this…"

Na Ji-chan grunted while reaching out for the remote.

After a while, Na Ji-chan started to doubt his own ears.

Because he just heard an unbelievable speech coming from Ian.

[Thank you, but I can't.]

[What is that…?]

[I can't accept your offer.]

After hearing that, Na Ji-chan got up from his seat and looked at the screen.




"I am powerful. If you take my power, you will get a hold of a mighty power for you are a summoner."

"Yes, that is true."

"Then why would you reject my strength? You are the true hero who has inherited my will. We are fated to take over everything and kill the Lich king…"

Muran's face went blank and dull when Ian rejected him.

It was the same as Ian's party members.

"Ian, what are you doing?"

"Yah, what do you think you're doing now? Do you think the 4th tier class will come to you like calling out a dog's name?"

Everyone was dumbfounded except Hoonie.

"Hmm, is this hyung finally trying to put restraints on himself. Surely playing the game alone isn't even a bit fun."

However, he wasn't even a bit interested in what his party members had to say. Ian then said,

"Muran, My path is the path of the Taming Master."

"I know."

"And I haven't reached the end of this road."


"The 'Summoner Knight' is a very exciting route, but not for now. I at least want to see what the Taming Master can show me at the end of the road. I will then think about your offer."


All of Ian's party members became sulky and so was Muran.

Basing on the AI that was embedded in Muran, it was a very tough decision for it to understand.

However, it was very brilliant for the AI to cope with all these unforeseen development. Muran soon understood and responded to Ian's answer,

"Well, you sure are qualified to be called a hero."


"Since you are a great man, you should have the desire and aspiration of such sort."

"Yeah, well."

Muran responded,

"Nice. I will respect your choice, but…"

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"However, you must carry on my will."

"Your will…?"

An ominous feeling came over Ian.

"I, Muran who has inherited the will of a hero, will defend humanity by stopping the Richie King Chalian's ambition and punish him!"


And with that, the notification of a quest came on.

- - - -

- A Hero's Responsibility (Hidden) –

You are the hero who has inherited the will of Muran.

You chose to be the 'Taming Master' even after Muran's offer to be a 'Summoner Knight'.

That proves how outstanding of a hero you are in the Human Dimension.

Although you have rejected the path to becoming a Summoner Knight, that doesn't mean that you will be discarded of the responsibility of a hero.

You must fulfill now the responsibility of a hero.

Defeat the Lich King Chalian and defend the order and peace of the Human Dimension.

If you don't perform these responsibilities you will have to pay dearly.

Quest Difficulty: SSSSS

Quest Condition:

A person who used 'Muran's Crystal' to change his class.

Those who have been recognized by 'Muran'.

Time Limit: 30 days


Unique dual-class of 'Summoner Knight'.

*If the quest fails, the tier of 'Taming Master' will drop one level.

* The quest cannot be rejected.

- - - -


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