Taming Master | Chapter 438 | Reunion with Helliem | Part 1

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Chapter 438 - Reunion with Helliem - Part 1


The one who wasn't expected at all was Muran.

And as a result of that, one storm came over, but what it resulted was the much easier clear for the dungeon.

Apart from the upgrade of Ian's hidden class tier, Muran's power was huge.

The power that Muran had was more than any NPC that Ian had till the moment.

The only exceptions that he placed were the NPCs—which he hadn't come across in a battle like the Iriel, from Forest of Love and Gripper, the Dimensional Enchanter.

Of course, there were also many special cases like the 'God'.

"Kya, Muran, like the statue that was built in the capital, right?"

"Yeah. Indeed! I'll build a statue for him at this point."

The group was busy admiring the strength of Muran.

And Ian was no exception in it.

'He really is amazing. In addition, the power that he is currently exerting now is just half of what he normally possess…'

And the upfront image of Muran cutting through the Undead, Ian opened his mouth wide.

Ian who still had a little anxiousness left in him asked Muran.


"Why, called? Hero"

"How am I supposed to use the three swords like you do?"

The three swords of Muran which were being swung in the air made the highest level undead seem like kids.

The destruction that was caused was pure, but the splendid swordsmanship that he performed wasn't something that anyone could turn a blind eye to.

But the answer from Muran made Ian much more uncomfortable.

"This is an ability that the Summoner Knight has, the most top tier skill."


"It is like bringing the weapon's self to life. This is a power that only the Summoner Knight can have."

"A weapon with self… are you talking about an Ego Weapon?"

At the question of Ian, Muran's face looked slightly puzzled.

"Right, that is it. You are well informed. I didn't think that humans would be aware of the existence of the Ego Weapons."

Saying that—Muran looked around with a proud expression.

"The Summoner Knight is a class that brings out the maximum performance of any Ego Weapon. And those, Ego Weapons aren't the ones that could be received so easily."


"And even I haven't reached the highest point of it yet, but I know that I will need to get my Summoner Knight to a higher level, then I will be able to grant a soul to my Ego weapon."

"Not reaching the point, how do you know that?"

"There are already several beings who have already reached it in the Middle-Earth."


Ian suddenly felt depressed.

'Will just do my job…'

The weapon that Ian was currently using was the Judgment of the Spirit King.

And a shield made out of Bbookbbook's shell.

Ian already had two Ego weapons in position.

Which meant that if he accepted the Summoner Knight's quest request, he could have immediately used the top tier power.

In addition, Ian was feeling much more depressed after that, he had the chance to add ego directly to the weapon.

'The cake of the other looks much better…'

Seeing the swords of Muran dancing in front, Ian couldn't help but clench his fists.

'Yeah, well. The quest hasn't failed yet so maybe? If I succeed, then I'll get that dual-class and it might be better.'

As he began to make infinite positive thoughts in his mind to control it, Ian's will began to fire once again.

A Unique dual-class, the first time ever hearing those words in Kailan.

Not knowing what it was (In fact, it is a word that even the planner didn't know), and there was no way to know about all the abilities of the Summoner Knight.

The first 'dual class' was introduced during the time when the Dimensional world was opened, and one couldn't bring out the 100% of it unless he was an Asmodian class user.

But even then, the information gathered from Muran about the Summoner Knight was shocking enough to motivate him.

With gleaming eyes, Ian turned his gaze and saw Bbookbbook.


"What now bbok?"

"We can probably do it."


That was the end of an unfinished sentence, to Bbookbbook who wasn't that high in intellect.

However, even if the meaning of it was unknown, some unfamiliar boosts of energy could be heard in those words.

Which meant that the years he spent with Ian weren't just passing time.

The large eyes of Bbookbbook wavered a little.

"I don't know what we can do, but I want to do it appropriately, bbook."

However, the word 'appropriately' was something that was rarely seen in the gaming history of Ian.


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The underground prison of Rataphel territory was a much larger dungeon that Ian had expected.

'I thought that it would end with the 5th floor, but now we're in the seventh one…'

After around 30-40 minutes after the appearance of Muran, Ian and his party were breaking through the dungeon floors.

And yet, they still hadn't seen the end to it, which made Ian's fingers go cold.

'If it weren't Muran, it would've taken us around 2 hours in the least.'

And if it had taken two hours with no signs of ending, then Ian would've surely called it quits for the dungeon.

In other words, if it weren't for Muran, then Ian would have already abandoned the dungeon.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

Ian climbed onto Halli and hit the Undead with his spear.

And it was an instinct mechanical move.

"Kyaa, powerful humans!"

Screamed by the Devil spirit as it burst into the air.

Ian continued to grasp the kind of terrain in the midst of that heavy swinging spear.

'If we break through the left side, maybe a path will open. By the way, this doesn't seem like a boss room passage as this is so narrow… is there another floor?'

The dungeons of Kailan had a certain pattern.

And Ian's guess could be right because of it.

"Kaka, go ahead and use the Dreaming Devil ability."

"Okay, master."

Ian was able to make full use of the Dreaming Devil ability of Kaka as they were in an underground which went further down, and it was a place where light couldn't enter.

After a while, Ian and his party members were able to find a staircase which went to the next floor.

"Nice, this way!"

"Keu, Kaka, good job!"

"This Kaka, your skill to find a path is the work of God."

Kaka was completely embarrassed at the compliments of the party members who came and sat on the shoulders of Ian with a pleased face.

"Ahem, normally even I don't know what I can do, but I'm the smartest one in the world."

Right then, Elcarix who was walking right beside her flew to the air and struck her with her hands.

"No, that is not! I'm the smartest one!"

"Who said that?"

"Dad did!"

At the reaction of Elcarix, Kaka shook her head while moving her fingers.

"Elcarix, do you by any chance know what a white lie is?"

The attack of Kaka to bring down Elcarix's spirit.

However, Elcarix was a tough gal.

"Kaka, do you by any chance know what a white honey night is?"


"Would you like to come to this side and see? I'll beat you to a white honey night."

"Hu, hek!"

The response of the Dragon of Light Elcarix was a catastrophe in Kaka's direction.

And Elcarix who was satisfied with her gain looked very proud.

"Dad, I did well?"

"Yeah, our El did very well."


With a little fuss, the party of Ian stepped onto the staircase that went to the next floor.

At that moment, new system messages began to emerge in front of the party members.


[You have found the lowest floor of the underground crypt.]

[Strong energy of the Devil can be felt.]

Ian confirmed the messages twice out of instinct.

'Kay, the bottom floor at last.'

He got clear information that the next was the bottom one, so now it was a matter of time to find the boss room.

A psychological margin had been created.

The time, however, a few more additional messages in front of Ian and his party.

[The dark sailor 'Lacamer' has noticed your presence.]

[You have found the hidden (anecdote/visa) of the Rataphel.]

Ian's vision darkened immediately.


The heart of the Rataphel, a dark sanctuary which was the source of the dark power.

And right next to the sanctuary was a dungeon that had imprisoned the members of the estate.

That was the reason Lich King Chalian had been looking for an underground prison.

The underground had the power of the sanctuary, and it was a place that well suited to foster the legion of darkness.

The energy that radiated from the sanctuary helped them in growing the seeds of darkness much faster and stronger.

Chalian deliberately sent his servant "Lacamer" to the underground prison in Rataphel.

[Lacamer, I trust you.]

[Please excuse me, Lord of Darkness.]

The Lacamer was originally a powerful warlock, and he quickly managed to grasp the underground crypt and began to power it up secretly.

[Keuk, Stupid humans…]

Lacamer grew quickly.

The underground prison was the best place for the growth of Lacamer.

The prisoners who were continued to be spread with the dark energy in the dungeon, together with rituals of darkness being performed and as the dark sanctuary was right next to it, it was the heaven for a warlock.

Lacamer had grown eventually and with time had turned into a 'Lich Mage' to support Chalian.

The day that Lacamer had turned into a Lich, Chalian had given him a new order.

[Now is the time.]

[Name it to me, my lord.]

[Take control of the governor and abduct the lord of Rataphel.]


[I will turn him into my minion and this land, as the land of darkness…!]

[I will bring support for you!]

The Rataphel estate which had already been taken by Lacamer easily entered the hands of the Lich King, and that was the beginning of the Dark Kingdom.

Chalian and Lacamer began to devour the kingdom of Elrika after the start with the Rataphel Domain.

The short video lasted for around 10 minutes and as it was done, Ian hit his own head.

The story sure was interesting with unique content, but he didn't know why the behind-the-scene had suddenly come up.

'What? It doesn't seem to be connected to the ongoing quest so why?'

As Ian was done questioning it in his mind, the system message announced the invocation to the party.


[Sudden quest had been initiated.]

[Quest of 'Tears of Elrika King' has been created.]


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