Taming Master | Chapter 439 | Reunion with Helliem | Part 2

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Chapter 439 - Reunion with Helliem - Part 2


'Tears of Elrika King (Hidden) (Sudden)' –

The kingdom of Elrika is a kingdom which has the state's religion as Kades, one which serves the God of Darkness.

But by worshipping Kades, the entire kingdom hasn't been tainted by darkness.

Until the darkness of Kades god had succumbed, the religion of Kades was a very healthy religion.

In the line that doesn't exceed the casual rate, the Kades religion gave a bridge that could make the co-existence of man and dead possible.

But when the God of Darkness fell, things changed.

The Lich King has spread a beast under the acquiescence, and the entire kingdom of Elrika has fallen to the darkness.

Due to the plot made by the Lich King Chalian, the Elrika kingdom entered the grip of darkness.

And 'Remus Elrika' the King of the Elrika Kingdom, was trapped in the underground crypt of the Rataphel.

Lacamer, the minion/chariot of Chalian controls the underground.

Destroy him—destroy the sanctuary of darkness and rescue the Remus Elrika who was trapped somewhere in the underground.

The successful rescue of the king will gain your support, loyalty, and affinity with the Elrika Kingdom.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

User of level 350 or higher.

User who have entered the lowest floor of the underground crypt in the Rataphel Domain.

User with fame of over 15 million.

Time Limit: 80 minutes


The Mark of Elrika kingdom.

A significant increase of affinity with Remus Elrika.

(If you have higher fame and position than that of an NPC, you can join as a retainer.)

Quest fail will reduce fame by 200,000.

- - - -


Ian who checked the content of the quest was shocked.

'If I do this well, then I can get the whole Elrika Kingdom?'

If Lotus had grown to the level of Empire, it could have been possible to merge the Kingdom of Elrika and incorporate the kingdom as a tributary.

However, as Lotus was still in the position of a kingdom, that couldn't be done.

Nevertheless, the thought of getting the Kingdom of Elrika due to a special and sudden quest of the Kingdom being tainted in darkness.

'Which means that the position of the Remus Elrika isn't in the king's position of the castle.'

As long as he was trapped in the underground crypt, Remus Elrika was nothing more than a prisoner.

And all that was left was the famous figure, and Ian never thought that he could be with lower fame that the NPC, the king of Elrika Kingdom.

Because of the tremendous amount of fame that he built up, objectively, the fame of Ian was now very close to that of the conditions of the Emperor.

The next was simple.

If he could have the Remus Elrika behind him, the people of Elrika who weren't under the influence of darkness would help Ian in the conquest.

If everything went smoothly, it wouldn't have been possible to go through the King of the Elrika Kingdom.

The time for the conquest could be shortened to half.

'If we take in the king, and then make Remus Elrika sit on the throne, the rest of the estate would surrender too.'

Just as mentioned earlier, since Lotus wasn't an empire, it wouldn't be possible to incorporate the Elrika Kingdom into them.

But the Elrika can form a military relationship with the Lotus Kingdom, and afterward, the Lotus could merge it when it reaches the point of Empire.

And the scenario would be possible because of the current king of Elrika 'Remus Elrika' was in prison.

Everything fell right into place.

'Keu, this Remus guy. It would be nice if I can see some stats…'

If he can get him as a retainer, then he would have great benefits if he had stats like Helliem or Kaizer.


Excited to take the former king as his retainer, Ian took steps fixing his spear.

"What is a Lacamer, should we try to beat it?"


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[You have entered the bottom zone of the underground prison.]

['Tears of Elrika Kingdom' quest time remaining: 01:19:23]

[Lacamer's minion has awakened.]

[The first wave of the dungeon begins.]


A loud noise entered the ears of Ian.

After nearly half a days' battle, they managed to find the last zone.

The moment the party entered they were welcomed by numerous undead.

"Keuk, humans have invaded us!"

"This is the sanctuary of darkness, we'll kill you all!"

Ian who entered the new battlefield first tried to get a thorough understanding of the map.

'It is a straight structure that goes all the way to a spacious hallway, and there are prisons on both sides…'

The lowest level of the underground prison dungeon seemed to be the widest map ever.

Even though it was being called an 'underground prison', they couldn't find one prisoner from the beginning.

The only place where all the prisoners were trapped was at the bottom of the dungeon.

The prison didn't seem to have a very complicated structure they were plain wide, however, it was an unfavorable structure for a battle as they would have to deal with large numbers at once.

'I should place the tanker in the front, and the rest should be up horizontally. Being surrounded by the enemy could be dangerous…'

Ian was aligning his thoughts and gave out orders.

It was impossible to control it directly, but the situation could be handled by the rest of the party members.

"Let's push them all the way down the hall. Let's pierce it immediately."


"I understand!"

The formation of Ian's party was simple.

Party members lined up horizontally, blocked the entire corridor.

Only the tankers like Bbakbbak and the dark golems summoned by Hoonie were stationed up front, while the remaining were all in the backline.

The only one placed in the rear was Levya, the healer.

"This looks like a good idea, but wouldn't it be fine for Hoonie and me to go in the back too? Since the range would be a little wider."

Ian shook his head at the question of Remir.

"No, noona. If two people fall back in the line, then it won't make the line too loose… when fighting crazily, it's hard to keep a line you know."

"Hmm, but it is dangerous for the magician to be on the defensive line…"

"That is why stay at the end of both sides. There you won't have to take much damage as you think."

"Is it so? Kay. I'll try it once."

Muran who was ordered by Ian began to naturally push through the path.

Standing in front of the party of Ian, Muran cleared the Undead as if they were pebbles on the street.

And that was a scenario that was in Ian's plan.

'In case, the camp of theirs is pushed in slightly.'

Even when they were trying to keep the line as much as possible, the center camp where Muran played was bound to rise naturally.

In the end, the shape would be like a triangle with a sharp front in the middle. In that case, the end where Hoonie and Remir were positioned would take as less damage as possible.

Both sides being blocked and the front taking the charge, so the range of attack was limited.

If the enemy planned to attack the side, there was no need to worry, as the tankers' skill was ready.

Once the formation settles, Ian's party began to break through the dungeon as soon as possible.

"Pin, Crush! Karcues load the Breath for 5 seconds… Hoonie-ah, Dark Swamp!"

In the open and back map, once surrounded the only way to go would be the front.

Especially, the magicians didn't even get the time to cast magic as the attacks came in from every direction.

Of course, a casting time of less than 2 seconds spells was there, but they would be a one-time cast spell, and a minimum of 5-second casting time was needed as the wide-area was the most difficult one to play.

However, in the current line up, it wasn't so relevant as the front was blocking in the attacks.

Remir and Hoonie were hardly attacked in the ends, so they could take their time for casting.

Pung- Boom!

Based on Ian's orders, Hoonie triggered the warlock skill—'Dark Swamp'.

The Dark Swamp was literally a swamp of darkness.

Although it had a weak offensive power, it was a high-ranking warlock skill that gave various debuffs in the wide area.

Enemies in the dark swamp range had a greatly reduced movement speed, and their resistance to magic reduced significantly.

Krrk- Krrrk-!

When Hoonie's Dark Swamp was triggered, the whole bottom of the area was filled with thick dark energy.

The numerous Undead who stepped on it was trapped.


"Wide-area magic! Retreat to the back!"

The Death Knights with high leadership and AI were giving out orders for a retreat, but it was all useless.

The agility of theirs was slowed down significantly and Remir changed to an Ice system for the act.

This was called a play of mere sense.

"Oh, Remir noona now!"

"This is basic!"

Remir was a flame magician.

When one had a certain magic attribute like fire, it didn't mean that other attributes couldn't be used, it was just rarely used as they have weaker significance.

Not only the coefficient of the attack, but the effects of the additional skills such as; Freeze or Frostbite would be considerably less than half of the normal Ice Magician.

The spell that Remir used just now, the Broad Freeze was of the same nature.

If used by the Ice Magician, the magic could grant up to 45% of the speed, but as it was Remir who did it, it resulted in less than 20%.

So in general, the magicians didn't even learn the attributes of the other magic.

It was because efficiency couldn't be achieved.

However, the current situation was different.

The same slowing effect was superimposed on the slowing effect of the dark attributes, with the combination of the Broad Freeze and that of the Dark Swamp almost created 80% slow down.

And for the skeletons, their feet would even budge from there.

And the Breath of Karceus came down.


The purple air of stream came out from Karceus' mouth and swept the Undead.

The power was enormous.

It was because the magic resistance was reduced due to the debuff of the Dark Swamp, and the undead of level 400 with full vitality was down to less than half in an instant.

However, if they were backed by the warlocks, the undead's vitality could be up once again.

Naturally, Ian had no intention of letting that situation arise.

"Bbookbbook, breath!"

It was weaker than Karceus, but in the situation, the breath of Karceus was more than enough.

And Bbookbbook responded immediately and opened its mouth,

Kwang- Kwaakk-!

At that, the lower undead like skeletons and such would all be wiped out.


"Keuk, it hurts!"

Only a few death knights and golems were left in the front.

In order to save them, the warlock in the back began to cast magic at his location.

"The power of Darkness, heal the souls of the dead!"

But the wizard wasn't able to complete the casting.


It was because the three swords of Muran swiftly rushed towards the dark knight.


Like tearing of the air, the swords moved at an incredible speed.

The Death Knight couldn't stop it.

In the absence of troops to block for it, the swords of Muran just went right through the Death Knight.

The sword went through the heart of the Death Knight who fell to the ground.

"Lacamer will not forgive you!"

"Honor to the Lord of Dead, Chalian!"

With that, the situation ended.

The Death Knight which had no support fell down like the plan of Ian.

[You have successfully killed the 'Death Knight'!]

[Earned experience of 13,089,209!]

And new messages came in the sight of Ian.


[You have succeeded in breaking through the 'First Wave'.]

[Break-though rank: SSS]

[Since you passed the first part, the prisoners of the sector A will be released.]

[Due to the high breakthrough rank, you get a fame of 100,000.]

[Lich Mage Lacamer is angry.]

[Within a while, the second wave will start.]

The smoke of dark that was in a faraway distance lifted and new numerous undead appeared.

The number of undead was similar to that of the first wave, but there were much high ranking monsters.

Ian fixed the spear and looked at the party members who were nervous.

This time it was because the strategy used before couldn't be used now.

Right then, Ian heard a very familiar voice in his ears.

"I am seeing you after a very long time, Ian Grand Duke."


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