Taming Master | Chapter 442 | Reunion with Helliem | Part 5

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Chapter 442 - Reunion with Helliem - Part 5


While Ian was on a hunt during those times, the level of Elcarix had gone up exponentially.

This time, when the Dragonic Barrier was triggered, the level of Elcarix was around 325.

It was still lacking when compared to the 400 levels of Ian.

'Because of the Guardian of Light skill has a 78% buff ratio…'

Elcarix's defense was now nearly around 8,000.

And 78% more meant that it was around 1 million.

In addition, the Dragonic Barrier's defense boasted a shocking factor of fifty times of Elcarix's defense, which would result in a defense of 700,000.

On the other hand, the highest damage that the Lich Mage could give was around 20,000.

Of course, when the attack skills of the Lich Mages came, the coefficient was high, but that didn't mean much.

It was because of the Kailan's damage calculation system, the formula calculates the attack and the defender's attack, as well as the defense ratio.

In layman's words, no matter how great of a high-level skill was used, if the inherent damage is low, then the damage won't come out.

And the result of that was this.

['Lich Mage' unique ability 'Death's Touch' has been cast.]

[Darkness Damage is reduced by 50%.]

[Damage of 7 has been received!]

[Dragonic Barriers durability (4,112/4,217) reduced by 7.]

[The 'Skeleton Archer' has done a deadly hit!]

[Darkness Damage has been reduced by 50%.]

[Dragonic Barrier durability (4,111/ 1,217) reduced by 1.]

The Death's Touch was a skill that boasted the highest coefficient for the single attack of the Warlock.

A Warlock of level 300 when cast a Death's Touch can give out a deal of 700,000.

However, when cast on top of the Dragonic Barrier, 70,000 no 7,000 no, just 7 points of damage was received.

For the Lich Mage, it was a tricky situation.

"That dragon uses strange magic!"

Screamed by a Lich Mage, seeing that Elcarix just snapped her fingers.

"Hehe, weird magic, you say. This is my strongest power."

Another Lich Mage was right to the one who complained.

"This… is a bug! It's definitely a bug!"

Ian was shocked at that.

NPC or monsters, the topic of bugs coming out of their mouths was ridiculous to hear.

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"Bug? You know what a bug is?"

But the answer that came back from the Lich mage was even absurd to hear.

"You people don't even know that!"


"The strong magic spells that I'm not aware of are bugs!"


There was a strange feeling in his chest because of the insight of the Lich Mage.

"Where did you learned about that?"

"The strongest magicians said that humans are like bugs."


The amazing learning ability of an NPC's AI, Ian couldn't help but smile.

It sure was a fun situation to talk about, but it was much important to get rid of the Lich Mages before the barrier ended.

Even though the attacks were drizzle, the durability of the barrier was eventually going down.

And the invincible looking Dragonic Barrier had deadly weaknesses.

If one focused on the DoT attack that deals damage every 0.1 seconds, the endurance of 4,000 would disappear in an instant.

However, it was a good thing that the Lich Mages didn't know it.

'If they try to take down the barrier right away, I'm confident of taking it down in a minute.'

At the plan of Ian's party which had the shield on, the Lich Mages vitality began to drop quickly.

Kwang- Boom-!

The elimination of stress on the defense from the mind of the party had a great impact on the DPS than expected.

The DPS of Healer Levya was above most dealers.

After a while, the vitality of one Lich Mage got exhausted.

[Party member 'Remir' has successfully defeated the Lich mage!]

[Earned experience of 37,982,014 points!]

[Acquired fame of 150,000!]

"Keuk, avenge me!"

A Lich mage disappeared with a smoke.

The remaining two suddenly felt a sense of crisis and triggered a few magic spells that weren't seen before.

"Illusion Warp!"

The party members including Ian were nervous when it first got triggered, but the eyes of Hoonie were twinkling.

For the warlock Hoonie, the new magic skill the Lich Mage of level 450 was using, was likely going to be a skill that he would learn in the future.

And when the illusion warp was cast, shadows were created.


'What is this?'

The skill name of illusion warp, inferring to its name, it was tough to guess the kind of magic.

But after a while, Ian and the party were able to see the use of magic.

Swing – swing- swing-!

The two Lich mages that were being attacked by the party were now teleporting constantly to the location where the shadows were created.

Although the location of the shadow was determined, it was a tricky magic.

It was estimated that once every three seconds, the teleportation could be done with casting, but the focus was scattered everywhere.

In particular, Yu Shin, who had a short range of attacks grunted with irritation.

"What's this, skills of such nonsense existed?"

Ian too used his spear, so his situation wasn't much different from Yu Shin.

With the vitality of the mages generally being short, it was annoying but not impossible.

Ian asked Remir.

"Remir noona, Haste for Ly and Halli!"

The two familiars with great agility.

Halli, in particular, was the best choice in their current situation because of the stun that it had on its passive skills.

As magic got cast from Remirs hands, a white smoke flew its way to Ly and Halli.

Ian got Halli and ordered Ly,

"Ly, start with the one I target!"

"Krrrk! Okay, Master!"

Ian activated all the unique powers of both his familiars.

The first unique ability was Ly.

[Activated the familiar Ly's unique ability 'Fenrir's Fury'.]

[The familiar 'Ly' will go into a state of Fury for 3 minutes.]

[Increases all combat stats by 50 percent and critical strike chance by 20 percent.]

[Each time an attack deals a critical strike to the enemy due to the 'Fenrir's Fury', the cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.]

[Activated the familiar 'Ly' unique ability 'Dark Encroachment'.]

[The familiar Ly will be in the Dark Encroachment for 3 minutes.]

[Over time, all attacks are critically hit and negates 70% of the damage.]

[In presence of darkness, all the movements are 50% faster for the duration period.]

The King of wolves, the 'Sovereign Fenrir'.

In the case of Ly, the difference in the combat power before activating the unique abilities and after activating them could be seen clearly.

As one could observe from the system messages, the effect of its own buff was huge.

"Krrrng, Gggrrrrk!"

Moreover, the environment of the battlefield was optimized just for Ly.

Despite being a legendary familiar, Ly gave the same amount of damage as a myth rank.

The weakness of Ly was the defense and vitality, which were the chief stats for a dragon, however, those black holes were covered thanks to the Dragonic Barrier.

And there was an extra buff effect due to Kaka.

Moreover, due to the nature of Ly which specialized in attacking a single target, it would be able to draw a stronger deal than any other in their situation.


Ly rushed towards the Lich mage like a lightning after a terrifying howl.

Slash- slash-!

Ly's claws struck into the chest of the Lich mage, and the vitality of the mage began to fall down.

[Familiar 'Ly' has inflicted devastating damage on Lich Mage!]

[Vitality of the Lich mage has reduced by 493,801!]

With the sudden burst of damage on it, the shocked Lich mage tried to warp.

"Illusion Wa…!"

However, Ian was prepared for that.

[Familiar 'Halli' unique ability 'Smash' has been triggered.]

['Lich Mage' is in the state of 'faint' for a second.]

Halli's passive ability was well connected.

When the unique ability 'Smash' was triggered into the play, the 'Rage of White Tiger' sped up the attack of Halli.

A chance of hitting it along with a 10% chance of providing a normal attack.

The faster the attack speed, the higher the chance of providing damage, and all due to the synergy between those two unique abilities.

[Familiar 'Halli' unique ability, 'Rage of White Tiger' has been triggered.]

[Familiar 'Halli' removes all the imposing effects and increases the movement by 50% for 10 seconds.]

Paws of Halli burst one after the other into the Lich Mage who got stunned for warping.

Puhk- Puck-!

Halli's offense was much less than Ly, but that didn't matter.

If one could tie down the Lich Mage, then the damage done by Ian and Ly would be enough.

In addition, Hoonie and Remir were providing them with long-range attacks, so the vitality of the Lich Mage was going down much faster.

After two of the three had been removed, the remaining Lich mage was handled much easier.

"Keu, Lacamer will take revenge!"

"Humans! Today won't be forgotten!"

The named monsters disappeared after saying the words they wanted to.

When all the three Lich mages were removed, Hoonie cheered.

The Lich mages were surely tricky opponents to deal with.

"Ahaha, nice!"

Remir too, who was casting magic from far away opened her mouth with a laugh.

"Now's the time to party?"

Now that the Lich mages who restores vitality were dead, the leftover undead were all just haphazard.

In addition with the darkness control effect and the barriers still intact, they were just going to sweep of the experience.

"Hoonie, Remie noona, you get it?"


Even before Ian could give them a specific order, Hoonie and Remir used 'Blink' to fall back.

Even with the barrier on, the cast always released when hit, so they had to move further back to cast a long-range magic.

And after a while…


With a splendid feast of magic, all the undead turned into ashes.

Bang- Bang- Babang-!

Ian noticed that a lot of system messages were popping up, and these messages made Ian, as well as his party members, smile.


[You have successfully killed the 'Death Knight'!]

[Attained the experience of 9,981,029 points!]

[You have successfully killed the 'Skeleton Warrior'!]

[Attained the experience of 5,154,429 points!]

And with the battle being cleared, the blocked wall in the front began to move around once again.

Thud- thud-!

New system messages came along with a change in the area.


[You have succeeded in breaking through the second monster wave.]

[Breakthrough rank: SSS]

[As you have passed the second section, the prisoners of sector B will be released.]

[As you have achieved a high breakthrough rank, you get fame of 150,000.]

[Found 'Lacamer's laboratory'!]

[Lich mage Lacamer has started to move.]

[After a while, the next monster wave will start.]


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