Taming Master | Chapter 443 | Reunion with Helliem | Part 6

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Chapter 443 - Reunion with Helliem - Part 6


The wall of the dungeon started to move much vigorously than the beginning.

Stones walls of the underground prison started to move like living creatures and new spaces began to form.

While the structure of the dungeon changed, Ian opened a mini-map to figure out the structure of the changed space.

The space was twisting and moving, but the mini-map showed the finished structure of the area.

'It is a big hemisphere structure. There is a structure that is high in the middle. Not complicated, it's good.'

The narrow, long corridors of the maps soon turned into a spacious dome.

And finally, the giant structure began to soar in the very center of the map.

Boom- BoBoom-!

Ian and the other party members looked at the huge structure.

"Wow, even though it is just a game, this is huge!"

"The scale of it is so high."

The appearance almost felt like an hourglass.

The middle was slanted and the up and downs were protruded.

Right then, the center of the structure where Ian's gaze was fixed.

It was filled with light and dark energy.

A shadow that looked like a black hole that would swallow everything in its near surroundings.

Ian was able to recognize the identity of the shadow with just a glance.


Ian was in turmoil.

From the experience, the figure was similar to Helliem, who was stained with darkness.

If Helliem had become a Death Knight, then it was like having another boss.

Helliem was surely a myth rank, and if had become a Death Knight and gained the power of darkness, then it meant that he would be much more powerful than the Lich Mage.

However, a few unexpected system messages came into their line of sight.


[All the conditions have been met.]

[Hidden, Sudden quest has been initiated.]

[The quest 'Rage of Lacamer' has been triggered.]


And subsequently, a large quest window appeared below those system messages.

- - - -

Rage of Lacamer (Hidden) (Sudden) –

Kingdom of Darkness, Elrika.

The Lataphel Domain was the estate with the highest fortification in the Elrika Kingdom.

In a place where one could only afford to block a hundred troops, the Lataphel's solid structure allowed it to block ten thousand.

An iron wall which couldn't be entered or exited without permission from the territory.

As a result, King Elrika of the kingdom asked for the construction of the underground prison in the Lataphel territory.

A huge underground imperial prison where the confined prisoners of the kingdom could never escape from.

But after the Elrika Kingdom fell into the hands of Lich King Chalian, the prison was completely deformed.

The underground prison—which had served as the prison exclusively for the prisoners, has now turned into a training camp for the legion of darkness for the Lich King.

Lich King's minion, Lacamer trained numerous undead in the very prison.

And the materials, they were, of course, the prisoners of the Kingdom.

From the imprisoned thousand prisoners, all the undead have been made.

One fine day, the Imperial Knight from the Luspel Empire was taken in as a prisoner.

And after confirming their identity, Lacamer was very pleased.

It was because the Imperial Knights of the Luspel Empire would make very powerful undead Death Knights.

In particular, the Chief of Knights 'Helliem' had enormous potential.

Because of that, Lacamer wasn't able to turn Helliem into undead with ease.

However, to make such a death knight meant a waste of the huge potential of Helliem.

Though made into a death knight of the undead, he would have been very powerful, but he had a higher aspiration.

And that was the 'Lich Knight'.

The combat ability of the Lich Knight far exceeds the Lich Mage.

So if one could make a Lich Knight and keep it under them, then one would hold a position close to the Chalian right after the legion of darkness.

So if he used Helliem, then Lacamer would be able to come up with a Lich Knight.

As a result, he was almost successful in making the great Helliem become a Lich Knight.

After a few days, a situation to make Helliem into a perfect Lich Knight would be performed.

But in the most important moment, the very end of the experiment, your party has entered the lab.

Lacamer was upset.

He will use everything in his power to kill you.

Kill the furious Lacamer as much as possible.

If you don't manage to kill him in time, the Lich Knight Helliem will wake up to attack you.

Quest Difficulty: SSSS

Quest Condition:

The user who has discovered the Lacamer's laboratory.

Time Limit: 35 minutes.

* If you attack and kill the sleeping Helliem before the time limit elapses, then the time limit will disappear.

* The quest won't fail even after the time limit, as Helliem will awaken.

* If Helliem wakes up after the time limit, you will have to clear the quest by taking him down.


Unknown (Rewards may vary depending on the progression of the quest.)

Rewards vary by users.

- - - -

Ian read the elongated quest content till the very end and couldn't help but shake his head.

'There is a reason why there is a lot of time for the third monster wave to start.'

Three minutes have passed since the second monster wave, and yet the third wave hasn't started yet.

It was part of the planning team's intention, to read the long quest window which would take a lot of time.

Somehow, Ian's head started to hurt while thinking about the core of the quest.

It wasn't a huge complicated type, but the quest format was a little different from the ones that appeared so far.

Even though there was a time limit, it wasn't related to success or the failure of the quest.

In addition, depending on which direction the quest proceeded, the reward would be fresh for Ian.

So far, in the Kailan, this was the first time for a quest.

'What would be the best strategy? How to deal with Lacamer after quickly dealing with Helliem, eliminate the time limit? Would it be possible to kill Lacamer within the time limit without touching Helliem?'

Clearly, the first one was the easiest to perform.

But for Ian, the second one was the best choice.

'If I complete the quest with Helliem in it, do I get him?'

In the quadra S quest, it could be said that the easy way was the tough one, and the tough way was the easy one.

In addition, if they failed to kill Lacamer, the previously received quest of 'Tears of the King Elrika' would fail.

But Helliem was the problem.

For Ian, Helliem was a sweet temptation.

In addition, Ian's party now had a very strong helper that no one could think of, Muran.

Therefore, the troubles of Ian wouldn't last long.

"Ah, what the hell is life?"

The party members never even thought of asking questions, so Ian had decided the direction of the quest.

On the other hand, Hoonie, who heard the grumble of Ian asked him,

"Hyung, what is it?"

Instead of answering them, Ian smiled and seeing that—Hoonie shook his head.

After a while.

The black thick smoke began to rise.

"How dare you step into my lab! I will show you what hell is!"

The minion of Lich King.

It was Lacamer.

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The third monster wave was special.

It wasn't about pushing away the monsters that were generated on the map but was to deal with the undead summoned by Lacamer.

At first, the difference between those two waves were indistinguishable.

But Ian and the other members of the party knew the difference once the wave began.

Firstly, the location where the monsters came in was random.

It was an important part when it came to assigning the positions of the party members.

If the monsters that came from the front continues, the remote damage dealers would be placed in the back, but if they didn't know where the monsters would be coming in from, then the location of the remote damage dealer would be pushed to the center.

In addition, holding onto the damage dealers was much more troublesome.

And Ian's party had no one of the knight's class to protect their magicians, aside from a single warrior class, which will have to protect Ian, Hoonie, and Remir.

However, that wasn't the only tricky part.

Since the monster's respawn was a method that Lacamer did directly, to prevent it—the monster's respawn speed will have to be slowed down.

By creating a circular formation to protect Remir and Hoonie, Ian's party began to move forward little by little.

Ian pulled out the Dragon's Shield out of his inventory.

To protect the damage dealer much efficiently.

"Noona, single damage, please."

"You really won't attack that Helliem?"

Ian nodded resolutely at the question of Remir's.


Remir shook her head and asked again,

"We can do it in 35 minutes?"

"Believe me."


Remir who looked at the confident expression of Ians' just sighed.

As Ian was the leader of the party, it was definite that they would have to listen and follow his plan—it was inevitable for Ian's plan to look reckless.

Ian who got the consent of Remir began to command such strong orders.

"We have 4 minutes for the cooldown of the Dragonic Barrier. Until then, let's move defensively. By then we'll know of the attack pattern of the boss and stand a good chance."

All the party members answered at once,



Ian's party advanced much more quickly towards the distant Lacamer.

Lacamer, on the other hand, was also facing the party of Ian.

The image of Lacamer on a black cloud was overwhelming.

Lacamer had the appearance similar to that of a Lich Mage, but the body was much larger than that of a usual Lich Mage.

Lacamer who had a 'Lich Wizard' modifier look, raised his skull staff to the air.

"My servants, kill the intruders!"

Around the party of Ian, numerous Undead rose.


The sound of darkness being born was very creepy.

Muran's swords went to the air.

"Today, I will judge the darkness!"

After a day of restless attacks in the underground prison, the last battle of the prison began.


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