Taming Master | Chapter 446 | The First Clue | Part 1

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Chapter 446 - The First Clue - Part 1



That was it, it was literally a 'storm' that swallowed everything.

A body full of destructive breath, the cold breath from the mouth of the Abyss Dragon, and the destructive breath from the mouth of Karceus.

With all kinds of wide-area spells being released at once, the magnificent dungeon unfolded.

Of course, the undead were all swept away the moment the breath came from Bbookbbook.

Hoonie's Soul Rust being used against the undead only had 1 percent of vitality left.

There was no way the powerful breath of Abyss Dragon couldn't cut their vitality down.

Because of the huge wide-area magic, the only monster that was standing was Lacamer.

The vitality of Lacamer did recover, but it was so minimal that the naked eye couldn't make it.

Ian's calculation was correct.


As a result, the vitality of Lacamer quickly dropped to as much as 30 percent.

Lacamer roared in his loud voice.

"You human, thinking you're so smart!"

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Lacamer had no choice but to panic.

Even the best AI couldn't have predicted such development.

Lacamer was frightened with the enormous damage that he received at once and cast a summon spell.

If he summoned the new undead as a shield, then he wouldn't have much of a problem to regain his lost vitality through them.

"In the name of I, Lacamer…!"

But, that was it.


A sharp perforation rang from somewhere and an arrow struck into the right shoulder of Lacamer's.


The damage of the arrow was insignificant, yet it was fatal in another way.

[Damage of 79,480 has been inflicted.]

[Concentration has been scattered.]

[The casting of summoning spell has been canceled.]

Due to a single arrow, Lacamer's summoning was broken.

And to use the summoning spell again, there was a cooldown of 1 minute.

And it was the sense of Ian's play and the mistake for Lacamer.

And the mistake was.

'Lucky! A pattern twist, so now you won't even have a Black Shield to place!'

He wasn't able to activate the 'Black Shield'—a shield that a warlock could instantly place that would put him in an immune state.

Lacamer's original combat pattern was to do the summoning spell right after the cast of Black Shield.

It wasn't a state of immunity to all the abnormalities, but because the attacks and motion wouldn't hinder it.

In other words, if Lacamer would have triggered the Black Shield first, then the summoning spell would've been triggered even if Ian's arrow was hit.

No, even if not the arrow but the meteor was dropped, the casting wouldn't have broken.

It meant that the damage would've not mattered.

However, the AI got twisted in an uncanny and uncalled situation, and Lacamer ends up using the summon spell without triggering the Black Shield.

With that single mistake he had done, the party of Ian's rushed towards him.

"Kaka, Dreaming Devil!"

Ian's voice rang throughout the dungeon.

"Darkness… fall upon us."

Wind started to move around Kaka who was in the air.

** *

The computer room of the virtual reality dept was silent.

It wasn't like it had turned silent all of a sudden.

Kailan's top-tier party made up of top-ranked players in the Korean server.

Watching the highest level of play in the real-time, it was natural for the words to stop.

More than ten students were gathered in the computer lab, but none of them opened their mouths.

They showed amazing concentration with their eyes fixated on the screen, they didn't want to miss even a single scene that included rankers.

However, one student in the computer room, Hyung-woo, was the one who had a bit of an upset face.

The reason wasn't something major.

Hyung-woo's Kailan character was the 'Knight' class, and there was no knight class in the current party of Ian.

Hyung-woo himself being a knight, wanted to see the activity and skills of the ranking knight class.

'It would've been nice if Yoo Hyun senior would've been with them…'

Yoo Hyun or Herz wasn't as good as the members of the party.

However, it was obvious that he was in the top 1 percent of top users, and Hyung-woo was very curious to see how a knight would perform in the party.

And that didn't mean that the video wasn't fun to watch.

It was because an unfortunate part and the quality of video were two entirely different concepts.

Since his class had no ranker, his eyes were fixed on Ian.

'But, by the way, Lacamer boss monster is surely amazing and the rankers raid is no joke.'

Hyung-woo who was of the level 50, wasn't still cut out for dungeon hunting.

Block with shield and cut with a sword.

To block more than 90 percent of the damage by a shield was plain ridiculous, and it was possible in a small hunt.

However, in the video of Ian, around 90 percent of the damage was absorbed too, not by a knight class.

The high damage absorption rate had different effects, so it was enough to know from the screen alone.

Also, the shield was lifted and released, and the weapons were being swapped freely—showcasing a thrilling control.

As a beginner knight, Hyung-woo wasn't that much into control play.

'I want to be like that too…!'

Hyung-woo swallowed dry spit.

Watching the videos of the rankers, he was very inclined to run towards a capsule right away.

He wanted to recreate the great play that they just witnessed in the game right away.

It was like going to a karaoke right after watching a music contest.

Of course, seeing it up close, not doing it made it much more frustrating.

However, at that time, exclamations came out of the room which was silent a moment back.

"Oh, sh*t!"

"Wow, what was that? How did that happen?"



Kwang- Kwakwang-!

Loud sounds were coming in from the speakers, a simultaneously large number of wide-area skills were sweeping the battlefield.

In fact, when watching a large-scale battle video, seeing wide-area skills used on the battlefield wasn't so rare.

But this was the first time to see so many wide-area magic being used at the exact same time.

"PMG, awesome! How did they set the timing of the wide-area skills exactly like that?"

"Awesome! The vitality of a boss of level 470 being cut at once!"


What was interesting was that the reaction differed depending upon the understanding of the people who saw the scene.

For those who didn't spend a lot of time in Kailan as they just started, it was all destruction and nothing more…

"Wow, the wide-area skills are really cool! Should I give up the knight and become a wizard class?"

Hayoung who was a wizard of level 200, was much more admired at the fact of how the spells of different time-release burst at the same time.

"Oh my, awesome. Those skills have different casting times, so how did they make use of them at the same time? Was it a coincidence or an order?"

But for Semi or So Jin, the most understandable of them, were no words to say.

The only thing they could do was to admire with their mouths open.

Semi wanted to explain to her classmates about the creepy design of Ian, but couldn't put them to words.

She couldn't take her eyes off the video, so there was no time to explain.

** *

After a wide-range magic storm swept through, the reaming vitality of Lacamer was just 30 percent.

According to the calculation of Ian, the current vitality could be cut down in three minutes by a high concentration of their attack.

Lacamer's last resistance, however, was much intense than assumed, and it seemed like they had to put a bit more effort.

Lacamer's vitality was still left, and he continued to summon undead to restore vitality.

Lacamer had resisted for another 3 minutes.

In the end, however, Lacamer had to kneel.

The firepower of Ian's party, and the ever strong swords of Muran.

Besides, Muran's 'light' attribute could be a great damage nuker to the 'dark' attribute.

"The swords of judgment…!"


Subsequently, his three terrifying swords went into the air and dropped into the head of Lacamer with a speed of lightning.

Kwang- Kwang-!

That was the end of Lacamer.

"Keuk, to be defeated by trivial humans…"

Lacamer fell with cliché words.

Hoonie who was very immersed in the situation.

"Huhu, That's right, you are on the wrong side of darkness! Chalian's servant."

But Ian who was next to Hoonie broke the flow.

"If we raise the tier, even the Lich Mage is nothing great…"

Seeing Ian stole his moment, Hoonie pouted.


The last attacks of Muran took away the vitality of Lacamer.


With a creepy sound, Lacamer turned into smoke and scattered into the air.

System messages came in front of the party of Ian.


[You have successfully defeated the minions of Chalian, the Lich Wizard Lacamer!]

[Obtained the experience points of 109,789,092.]

[Acquire the fame of 700,000.]

[Affinity with Muran and the Heroes increased by 20.]

Including the system messages that usually appeared when the boss monster was killed…

[You have successfully completed the quest, 'Rage of Lacamer'.]

[Remaining Time: 9 minutes 27 seconds.]

[Clear rank: SSS]

[Obtained the item 'Archmage's corrupted skull necklace (Legendary)']

[Obtained the item 'Death Knight's Sword of Doom (Legendary)']

Quest success messages.

Ian was proud and happy, but after confirming the items he had obtained, he couldn't hide his disappointment.

"Hmm, the reward is a bit lacking…"

He got two legendary items, but the level of difficulty of the quest was very stressful so it wasn't satisfactory.

Also, as the items weren't so useful to him, so.

'It is a sword, so a retainer could hold onto it… I need to sell the necklace to the auction house.'

And of course, it wasn't just Ian who was feeling bad.

Other party members were looking at the reward too.

They got different rewards, but the grade was similar to them.

"Ah, I thought I'd get a myth grade."

"Right. I thought I got a great monster price, but I guess LB has no conscience."

The expectations were high, but each of them was throwing out words of regret.

The time, however, additional system messages came, the thoughts of the party which thought the tough time was far over from continuing.


[You have met the Hidden Clear conditions for the quest 'Rage of Lacamer'!]

[The quest 'Rage of Lacamer II (Hidden) (Epic)' will be played now.]

Seeing that, the bright eyes of happiness went away from the reward and shone again for the party of Ian.


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