Taming Master | Chapter 452 | The Secret Passage of Remus | Part 1

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Chapter 452 - The Secret Passage of Remus - Part 1



[You are the first to discover the 'World of Sun'!]

[Earned additional fame of 100,000.]

['Affinity' stat has been permanently increased by 15%.]

['Fire Resistance' permanently increased by 10!]

[You've met the conditions to enter the 'Sun Obelisk' dungeon!]

[The Sun Elves are starting to appear on the planet.]

A lot of system messages came in front of Ian's sight along with the white light in front of him.

And Ian, who confirmed the messages seemed surprised.

'World of Sun? I thought that the Phoenix just lived on a big tree, isn't this a lot bigger than what I was expecting?'

From the Sun Obelisk to the Sun Elves.

Unprecedented terminologies popped up, suggesting the emergence of a new content.

Just when he was sneaking into the castle of Elrika he came across stuff that he couldn't have foreseen.

But the biggest one he got among those rewards was the rise in the 'affinity', the first reward.

For Ian, who was a summoner, the best stats for his career had been rewarded,


The sound of excitement came out of Ian's mouth.

But it wasn't just because of the affinity stat rise.

If one found a landscape belonging to the 'land' while traveling the continent, it was often known to reward with affinity stat.

So, why was Ian that excited?

The reason was the affinity. It was because its in percentage and not a fixed number.

'Oh, crazy. How much affinity will I gain?'

Ian was the number one ranking user among all the existing summoners.

In addition, as he was very preoccupied with Kailan's content and swept his career aside, his affinity was high.

Before receiving the reward, Ian's affinity stat was close to 2,700 excluding the ones he got from his items.

Considering that the affinity for an average ranking Summoner needed to be between 1,500 to 2,000, Ian's affinity stat was tremendous.

But because of the reward he got, 15% was added to his affinity.

And that was permanent.

'400? For just finding a tree, I got 400 affinity points?'

To be precise, 403 affinity points were added to Ian's affinity.

The amount of affinity he got from the hidden quest would normally be obtained by clearing a quest.

Which was why Ian couldn't handle his happiness and let out a laugh.

"Haha, thank you, Remus."

"What… why?"

"For everything or something like that."


While Ian was being excited the light from the tree began to fade.

Subsequently, in the field view of Ian, the overview of the map was formed.

'The passage is over now, and it is like a coliseum in the air.'

The structure in front of Ian was truly spectacular.

A myriad of pillars stretching in all directions, and a giant tree that rose magnificently among them.

It was the most sensational landscape of all the ones that Ian had seen.

As the light began to fade away, a new message came into the sight of Ian.


[You have entered the new section of 'Phoenix'.]

[The 'Phoenix' has found you.]

[The 'Phoenix' has shown hostility towards you.]


In a huge hall surrounded by numerous pillars, the cries of Phoenix rang out.

Ian heard the cry and began to prepare for its attack with a tensed expression.

According to Remus, the Phoenix was still young, but he couldn't rest until he confirmed it.

After a while, huge flames came down from the air.


A wide-area fire attack covered the entire party of Ian.

That was their first time experiencing something like that. Ian reflexively triggered El's Dragonic Barrier.

"El, Dragonic Barrier…!"

"Okay, Dad!"


Once the white film got created around Ian's party members, the fire of the phoenix slid through the surface of the shield.

However, the fire's power wasn't as powerful as it looked, and the barrier didn't get damaged that much.

'This seems to be weaker than the magic of a level 300 fire mage…'

Ian tried to guess the level of Phoenix which hadn't appeared yet.

Ian was shocked when he saw the Phoenix.

Phoenix (God Bird): Lv. 95

"What was that?"

Ian thought that he was just seeing things. He rubbed his eyes roughly and once again looked at the number hanging on the head of the Phoenix.

But the Phoenix's level was still 95.

Ian who was panicking asked Remus,

"Remus, was the Phoenix normally a beast?"

Remus who didn't understand the question replied with a puzzled look,

"What do you mean by a beast?"

With an irritated expression, Ian explained,

"The flame attack that that animal just fired. Do you think that was something a level 95 could do?"

Remus who listened to the question of Ian nodded his head and answered,

"Ah, this guy. You're surprised because you don't know much about this guy."


"The flame attack was surely powerful. It sure is tough to think of it as a young Phoenix when it attacks like that."


"Of course, the damage of the new Phoenix is very good, but the power in that flame attack is because of the World of Sun—the tree out there."

"The World of Sun in the sense… that tree?"

"Yes. The only tree where the Phoenix nest can be built on. The tree of World of Sun. With the influence of the World tree, the power of a Phoenix doubles."


After listening to the explanation of Remus, Ian nodded.

'So that's why its attack is powerful, huh?'

But considering that its damage was doubled, it was still strong for something who wasn't level 100 yet.

Only after taming it could its information be known for sure, but perhaps it had the same amount of damage as Karceus when it came to attacking.

Ian gradually began to think.

'Though I'm not using that beast for entering the castle, I need to catch that beast.'

It had been a long time since a beast had instigated Ian's desire to catch and tame it.

And in a place, no one would think of.

While smiling, Ian looked above him.

A beautiful bird was overlooking Ian.

It reminded Ian of the 'Phoenix' of the oriental mythology; the bird whose body was covered with flames.

He was looking down on Ian's party seeing whether his attacks went through or not.

'In order to tame it, I need to cut down its vitality.'

The most important thing when it came to capturing a summon in Kailan was to reduce the vitality of a summon's physical body.

The term 'physical' here didn't mean the vitality only.

Though the vitality played a pivotal role, he had to harass the summon for a long time until it exhausted itself.

Once the summon was exhausted and couldn't move anymore, they could bribe it with special food and items that the familiar might like.

That was the secret when it came to taming.

There were some familiars which could be caught very easily; that was the unchanging truth about the familiars of Kailan.

'Should I start by taking down its vitality?'

Although it showed unexpected strong damage, the level of the guy was mere two digits.

Anyone from Ian's party could probably one-shot the Phoenix.

Ian acted as carefully as possible.

If it got killed by mistake, then that would be a big loss for him.

"Remus, give me some information about the Phoenix."

"What do you mean by information?"

"I want to know if there's anything unusual about it; like the buff from the world tree that I just told you about."


The Phoenix attempted to attack several times while Ian and Remus were talking.

But it wasn't enough to get past the Dragonic Barrier of Elcarix, so Ian was able to listen to Remus.

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"Let's talk a bit more about the buff from the world tree. The buff effects aren't limited to increasing the Phoenix's damage."


"Rather than its offensive power, it has a much greater impact on the sustainability of the guy."

Ian waited for Remus to continue, and Remus extended his hand and pointed at something.

"See that red beam over there?"

At the question from Remus, Ian's gaze reflexively went in the direction Remus was pointing at. He then saw a mysterious red energy connecting the Phoenix and the world tree.

"I see it. What is that?"

The words from Remus followed,

"That is like the lifeline of that guy."


"The huge life force created by the world tree is shared with the Phoenix."

"Well? Do you mean to say that the life force is shared between the phoenix and the world tree?"

"Not really. If the vitality of the world tree is shared, then he will be immortal. The World tree has infinite vitality."

"Then what?"

"It can be simply regarded as the tree giving the phoenix some vitality and then constantly fills it. I don't know if you can see it, but there is a red sphere that is spinning inside the branches of the world tree."

Ian focused his eyes on the red sphere floating inside the trees.

And he saw the small print on the red sphere.

Vitality: 5,000,000/ 5,000,000

Once Ian confirmed it, Ian was able to understand the explanation of Remus.

'So I will have to do enough damage to destroy that sphere, and that should exhaust the Phoenix, right?'

That made capturing the Phoenix much easier.

In that way, he wouldn't have to worry about accidentally killing it.

All that was left was to reduce the Phoenix's vitality and leaving just enough to keep it from dying.

"Nice. Anything else?"

As Ian asked Remus, Remus gave him more information.

"The Phoenix will turn into a flame egg when its vitality runs out. And it will be reborn after some time."

"Oh, yeah?"

That eliminated the need to be more careful. Even if the sphere of vitality bursts with uncoordinated attacks, it didn't mean that the beast would die.

Remus continued again,

"But if you break the flame egg, then it will die. And if it wakes up from the flame egg and dies once again before it regains its strength, then it won't become an egg again."

"How do I know if it already regained its strength?"

"You can tell by looking at its tail. If three tails are fully sprouting, then it means that it already had its strength back."

"Ah ha, is that so?"

For Ian who was practically living in Kailan, he was able to guess the Phoenix's mechanics.

'There must be a cooldown for the unique ability to resurrect the egg.'

Remus then continued giving more information about the Phoenix.

"I don't know much about summoning, but I recommend that you catch it when it is in its flame egg form."

"Huh? Try to capture it when it is in its flame egg state?"

"Yeah. That is when he is the least resistant."

"That's a nice tip."

The information given by Remus was much more useful than Ian had imagined.

And with that information, the capture of the Phoenix seemed a lot easier than expected.

"Kay, that's enough then. Let's start catching him now."

Ian smiled and had a confident look.

Towards such a cheerful Ian, Remus spoke.

"I'm not sure, but catching that guy won't be easy, Ian. Only a few summoners had been successful in capturing the Phoenix in the entire history of Colonnare."

Ian shook his head to get rid of his worry and ran towards the direction of the Phoenix.

Ian—the 'Taming Master'—thought that capturing the Phoenix wasn't going to be hard.

But it didn't take him long to realize that he was wrong.


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