Taming Master | Chapter 454 | The Secret Passage of Remus | Part 3

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Chapter 454 - The Secret Passage of Remus - Part 3


If one was a wizard user or if one had ever played an RPG game like Kailan even once, then it would know about the famous magic.

It was the Chain Lightning magic.

The Chain Lightning magic which was in possession of the lightning magician—is an offensive magic that shoots out continuously and damages the target.

However, the difference between the chain lightning and the other non-targeting attack skills was that the current was a shot that wasn't a single target.

The chain literally moves onto multiple targets and then, the damage moves on continuously.

Then, will the chain lightning be able to provide such high damage to a specific target?

It was the case where only two individuals not more or less were in close proximity.

Since there were only two targets, it will continue to take turns damaging, until it loses all its power.

One of the unique abilities of the retainer Helliem was the chain lightning.

It would be understood once the name was known, and it was the skill called 'Chain Darkpulse'.

'Why didn't I think of that?'

The only thing that Ian had to deal at the moment was the Phoenix.

As a result, the Darkpulse doesn't really work.

If there were no targets around, the darkpulse would die instead of bouncing off.

So Ian came up with the Dummy, one of the basic black magic.

He cloned the Phoenix and the dummy next to it and simultaneously fired the chain darkpulse.

'DarkPulse's maximum number of attacks was 10 times…'

The Darkpulse wouldn't disappear until the 10 damages have been to the Phoenix and the Dummy. The Phoenix will suffer 5 damage in a row.

That would cause Helliem to inflict great damage to the Phoenix, and theoretically, it would be done by triggering the Darkpulse.

That wasn't the end.

Dark Vision, the best unique ability of Helliem according to Ian.

As many times as the Darkpulse hit the phoenix, the Dark visions single attack would continuously fall on the head of the Phoenix.

'Okay, that would be enough to quickly erase not just 5 million but 10 million.'

Ian thought up and decided to put it into action.

"Lugarix, bring back the buff!"

"Okay, Darkness Blessing!"


In the vicinity, dark energy rose from everywhere.

The confirmation message came to the eyes of Ian.

[Dragon of Darkness 'Lugarix' has now cast the Darkness Blessing.]

[Temporarily gained the additional damage of the 'dark' attribute.]

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That was the beginning of the linked spells.


With a clear sound, arrows were shot towards the Phoenix.

'Kay, one of you just hit it!'

Since the attack was bound to touch, Ian's arrow hit the Phoenix without ease.



Feeling the arrow that got shot between its feathers, the Phoenix cried looking at Ian in an angry voice.

But that didn't mean that Ian was planning on staying still.

"Helliem, Dark Vision!"

"Okay, Lord."


As it was done a while ago, Helliem quickly went to the air and appeared in front of the Phoenix.

Helliem's sword fell on the top of Phoenix.


Till now, the order of the linkage quest differed from the previous ones.

But from now on, the problem started.

From the moment, Ian couldn't afford to make a single mistake when linking the skills to bring out the perfect picture.

"Lugarix, Dummy! Helliem, Chain Darkpulse!"

Helliem wasn't someone who had the talent of flying.

After hitting the Dark Vision, he was bound to land on the floor.

It meant that the distance from the Phoenix would turn far and Helliem couldn't attack again.

But with the Darkpulse shooting skill to use a dark attribute, the fight in the air was a different story.

If he shot the Darkpulse from a close distance, then it would be hard to avoid the Phoenix.

But for it to be perfect, Ian targeted the Darkpulse to the dummy and not toward the Phoenix.


In the case of the 'Chain' type non-targeting magic, after hitting the first target, the next target will be approached.

A dummy was summoned in the air, the summoned phoenix.

That was where the Chain Darkpulse was headed to, and there was no reason why it couldn't hit the Dummy that was still in place.


The Darkpulse sent by Helliem went right through the Dummy with sounds of terror.

Then, in front of Ian came the messages that confirmed it.

[Unique ability of the retainer 'Helliem' 'Chain Darkpulse' has been activated.]

[The retainer 'Helliem' has done fatal damage to the 'Dummy'!]

[The vitality of 'Dummy' has been reduced by 3,782,681.]

Of course, the next target of the Darkpulse was the Phoenix that was right beside it.


In a moment, many skills got activated, but for the scene to develop took less than a second.

The figure of Helliem who was done using the Dark Vision was still moving to the ground.

But Ian didn't care about the falling figure of Helliem.

If it was a normal situation, Ian would have sent Pin or Karceus towards Helliem before he reached the floor.

However, in the current situation, Helliem was falling down, but Ian didn't even care about it.

Then, did Ian forget about the drop damage that Helliem would take from falling?

No, that couldn't be.

He was waiting for a message, which had finally came up…

[Unique ability of retainer 'Helliem', 'Chain DarkPulse' has done devastating damage to Phoenix!]

[The vitality of Phoenix has been reduced by 1,891,340.]

And followed the orders of Ian.

"Helliem, Dark vision!"


Black smoke rose and Helliem who was falling to the ground vanished in an instant.

The Chain Darkpulse bounced of the Dummy—hit the Phoenix and then went back to the Dummy.

In other words, Helliem would be able to use the Dark Vision again.


Helliem's sword moved once again and fell on the head of the Phoenix.


[The unique ability of retainer 'Helliem', 'Dark Vision' has been triggered.]

[The retainer 'Helliem' has done devastating damage to the 'Phoenix'!]

[The vitality of Phoenix has been reduced by 2,874,621.]

The time it took for Ian's arrows to make contact with the body of the Phoenix who was only about one to two seconds.

In the meantime, the damage done was nearly 7.5 million.

The damage done by Ian's arrows was minimal, but the Darkpulse hit once and the Dark Vision twice.

However, the vitality of the Phoenix was restored back to the original—by the sphere in a matter of two seconds.

Despite the inflicting 7.5 million damage, the Phoenix's vitality was still full.

However, Ian was still feeling good.

It was because he checked the vitality gauge of the 'Vitality sphere' that was in the world tree.

Vitality: 2,175,120/ 5,000,000

If one looked at the vitality of the Phoenix, then it might look like the damage has been done whatsoever, but in fact, they had done tremendous damage.

There was less than half vitality in the vitality sphere which had a tremendous rate.

Of course, the very moment the vitality sphere was filling it up.

However, Ian wasn't done yet.

Swat-! Swoosh-!

The Chain Darkpulse had done one out of the five deals of damages to the Phoenix.


A painful scream escaped the mouth of the Phoenix.

The next moment, Ian's sight was filled with system messages.

[The Unique ability of the retainer 'Helliem', 'Chain Darkpulse' has done devastating damage to the Phoenix!]

[The vitality of the Phoenix has been reduced by 945,670.]

[The unique ability ofthe retainer 'Helliem', 'Dark Vision' has been triggered.]

[The vitality of the Phoenix has been reduced by 2,874,621.]

[The unique ability of retainer 'Helliem'…]

Everytime the chain darkpulse bounced off—Helliem's sword fell down from the sky.

The power of the Chain Darkpulse was reduced to half each time it bounced of causing no significant damage, but that didn't matter.

After all, the main damage giving part was based on the successful attack of the dark vision.

And when Helliem's dark vision fell.


The flame Phoenix which never seemed to die down began to fade away.


Ian confirmed the phenomenon of what was happening and spoke,


In the space about Ian's head, a picturesque view of attacks was being displayed.

The Phoenix which was as big of Pin began to turn smaller and smaller in a quick pace and eventually turned into an oval egg, still floating in the air.


With orange flames around it, the Phoenix egg emitted a soft glow.

As soon as the mission was done, Helliem landed on the back of Karceus, and with Ian on Pin slowly moved towards the egg.

'Keu, this guy is mine!'

Approaching the egg that was in front of them, Ian extended his hand and activated the capture skills after a long time.

But right then, the voice of Remus was heard.

"You need to make it cold before you catch the eggs!"

Surprised by him, Ian stopped his hands mid-way and looked down.

"Cold Huh?"

"Yes! It is easier to catch if the burning flames are controlled as much as possible!"

"Why are you telling me that right now?"

"Since the success seemed difficult to get…"


Ian who spoke to Remus ordered Bbookbbook.

Then, the huge body of Bbookbbook began to shrink.

It was polymorph magic.

But what's new about the polymorph wasn't the turtle appearance.

"Can I freeze that egg, master?"

Bbookbbook appeared like a cheeky little kid.

The Abyss Dragon, took the morphing of a human because the cast of magic was easier in that form.

The intellect of Bbookbbook for the use of magic was very weak, but the intellect was just enough to freeze small eggs.

"Kay, Bbook."

As soon as Ian's words came, a blue chilly sensation flowed from both hands.

It was Freezing—one of the basic spells of the Ice Wizard.

As the name suggested, it was the ice magic.


With the sound of crackling frost, the scarlet egg of Phoenix began to turn white.

And after a moment it was...


It has been a very long time, and the 'capture' skill of Ian got triggered.


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