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Chapter 455 - How to Train your Phoenix - Part 1


The Phoenix showed a persistent life with the 'reputation' of being a phoenix was on the line.

Thanks to that, Ian spent a lot of time trying to capture it, but it was easy.

[You have succeeded in capturing the God Bird 'Phoenix'.]

[Succeeded in capturing the God Bird, earned the fame of 150,000.]

[The World of Sun recognizes you.]

[Fire resistance increased by 5.]

Seeing the message coming up, Ian smiled.


In the beginning, as he didn't know about the 'Phoenix' he was expecting it to be an offensive summon like Pin.

In general, fire familiars were often specialized in the offense.

However, the Phoenix he faced wasn't just a simple attack type.

It was moving with the agility and vitality that Halli had when the 'Guardian of Wind' was activated.

The special ability that instantaneously invalidated all the attack skills.

Ian felt like the Phoenix was just what he needed.

'I needed the offensive supporter. It will be a good summon.'

Ian's party currently had two supporting pets.

They were the God Dragon Elcarix and Bbookbbook.

But they two were definitely different when compared to the Phoenix.

Bbookbbook was a tanking supporter and Elcarix was the rear support case.

The Phoenix, on the other hand, was a perfect offensive support.

At the forefront of the battlefield, he played powerfully and doesn't die that easily, due to the high movement speed and persistent vitality.

'So, should I check the details window?'

Ian smiled and opened the information window of the Phoenix.


Level: 95

Category: God Bird

Rank: Legendary

Personality: Cheerful

Evolvable (Sealed)

Attack: 3,375

Defense: 1,798

Agility: 3,409

Intellect: 2,989

Vitality: 933,000/ 933,000

Unique ability

* Flame that doesn't go out (Passive)

The Phoenix, the symbol of immortality has a persistent vitality like an unquenchable flame.

The vitality of the Phoenix heals 1% per second.

When the Phoenix's vitality is exhausted, it turns into the 'Red Flame Egg'.

(The egg's vitality and defense are proportional to the stats of the phoenix.)

(The respawn time required is 55 seconds per one level, and decreases 1 second every time the level increases by 10.)

* Guardian of the Sun God

The Phoenix, the guardian of the Sun God, can borrow the power of God for a limited time in an emergency.

No one can harm the Phoenix while it is under the protection of the Sun God.

Over the duration, the vitality of the Phoenix is healed for 30% per second.

In the duration, all the attacking skills within the 50 yards from the point of Phoenix are invalidated.

(Duration: 3 seconds)

(Cooldown Time: 10 minutes)

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* Wings of Red Flame

Born from the blazing flames, Phoenix had been covered with flames.

When angered, the Phoenix flew wildly and it will turn the scene into a sea of fire.

The Phoenix's big wings pour out the flames.

It is a powerful flame that would destroy everything in front of it for 30 yards.

(Inflicts 95% damage with the attack.)

(Ignores the flame resistance by 50%)

(Cooldown Time: 12 minutes)

* Phoenix's Rage (Passive)

Phoenix, the flame God Bird, has a fiery character.

When the phoenix is angry, it will be hard to survive from him.

If the vitality of the Phoenix drops below 35%, then you'll gain the rage for 30 seconds.

While in 'Rage' state, the deals done by Phoenix will be increased by 30%.

While in 'Rage' state, the vitality regeneration rate is doubled.

While in 'Rage' state, the normal attack range is tripled.

- It is a legendary beast born from the powerful flames and can burn everything.

- He is a flame God Bird, the guardian of the Sun God, and has strong attack power together with persistent health.

- - -

The Phoenix had a colorful information window like any legendary myth.

And of course, the most favorite part of Ian's, it's evolution'.

'Keu, what will happen if we evolve it?'

Although the phrase 'seal' was written next to the phrase 'Evolution', it didn't matter.

If evolution was possible, then it could happen someday.

After gaining the new summon after a very long time, Ian looked at the information window with a serious expression.

'The flame that doesn't go out… made a nice name for once.'

According to the damage Ian had done, the Phoenix really did have the flames that didn't go out.

Of course, the vitality support from the world tree had a big impact, but it was still obvious that he was a tricky guy.

'This was a passive resurrection. But, how long does it take to resurrect from the egg... 55 seconds per level?'

Ian's head began to spin.

'If it decreases 1 per 10 levels in 55 seconds… will it reach to 0 seconds at level 551? Well? Does it even make any sense?'

It took around 46 seconds for the Phoenix to resurrect right now.

Given that the egg of the Phoenix wasn't so tough, this wasn't a very fraudulent one.

But as the level went up, the story changed.

Like the calculation of Ian, if it reached the level of 551, the resurrection duration would go down to zero seconds.

If it dies, the Phoenix can be resurrected back to its original form immediately.

In short, there was no way to kill it.

The frown on Ian's head deepened.

'Kailan's planning team can't mess up the balance like this… but it doesn't seem like a bug.'

Ian's idea was that, this being a passive buff when it came to the forefront required to reduce the resurrection for less than 10 seconds.

In the short duration of about 10 seconds, there was no way for the Phoenix's egg to get damaged.

But if the time went any further and goes to within three seconds, then it was certainly overbalanced.

'Obviously, if it was me I would've made it a point to no longer reduce the duration…'

Ian, who had been thinking for a while placed his attention to the next unique ability.

This was because it was unknown to consider that situation now.

And the overbalance, from Ian's point of view, if it was accumulated, then it wouldn't be a loss.

'Now shall we look at the next ability? The Guardian of Sun God…'

'The Flame that never goes out' and the 'Guardian of Sun God'.

The 'Wings of Red flames' were the Unique abilities that Ian had experienced during the battle.

But the last ability—the Rage of Phoenix, was the one that wasn't activated during the battle.

'It can't be. As soon as the vitality fell down to 35 percent, he dies…'

The vitality of the Phoenix must drop 35 percent in order to trigger the rage.

Therefore, Ian read through the skill more thoroughly, and after reading it, he was feeling very satisfied.

'Keu, the name God Bird is a nice one.'

Ian stretched his hands with a proud look.

Now it was time to summon his favorite guy.

"Phoenix, summon!"

Subsequently, a new message emerged before the eyes of Ian, and a large bird covered in flames appeared.


[The first summon of the 'Phoenix'. You can name it.]

When one got a new familiar, there was a painful time of going through the naming process.

"Uh… right. I need to name it."

Of course, there was no problem if it wasn't named yet, but naming it was an essential process.

When the summoner gave a unique name, the affinity with the familiar rose much faster.

That wasn't the case with the familiars who had names.

'When I got El or Karceus, it was nice that I didn't have to go through this…'

Ian closed his eyes with agony.

After a while, Ian confidently opened his mouth and called the Phoenix.

"Nick! Your name is Nick from now on."


Ian summoned the Phoenix and named it, and returned him to the space.

A level 98 guy could barely do anything in the quest.

Also, after passing through the area—the next came the castle of the kingdom of Elrika, so it was needed for Ian to minimize the number of people.

The total number of summons left with Ian before entering the castle was 4.

Elcarix, Karceus, Ly and Bbookbbook.

A little petite familiar could be a burden when infiltrating, which was why he was with dragons that could polymorph.

Of course, he had Lugarix, Helliem, and Kaka too.

Ian's party reached the back of the world tree after passing the pillars, and a huge wall came into their view.

Ian asked Remus,

"So this is a door that leads to the Elrika Kingdom?"

"Yes, Ian. This way."

Remus took the lead and guided the party of Ian.

Did they walk for about 10 minutes along the wall?

A small stairway appeared in the basement of the wall and a space in front of them was red.

Remus opened his mouth which was directed towards Ian.

"Here, this is the border."

Ian scratched the back of his neck.

"Hmm, do I have to summon the Phoenix to pass through the barrier?"

Remus shook his head.

"No, it isn't needed. You are the master of the Phoenix. The door will open for you."

When Remus finished, he showed the space towards the wall.

Ian carefully stepped inside, and at the same time, a low resonance filled the space.


The red energy that was moving in a swirl gradually spread away like a parted wave.

Before Ian's eyes, came the system messages.


[The quest 'Elrika Kingdom Puppet II (Hidden) (Connected)' has been activated.]

- - -

Elrika Kingdom Puppet II (Hidden) (Connected)

After clearing the underground prison dungeon, you rescued Remus, the king of Elrika kingdom who was trapped in the prison.

Upon hearing the story from Remus, you decided to help him out and defeat the 'Puppet' king of the Elrika Kingdom and reached the Elrika King castle through a secret passage known only to Remus.

Defeat the puppet king that was created by the Lich King Chalian's spells and place Remus back to the throne.

Before killing the puppet Remus, you must first defeat the dark psychics who control him. If you kill the puppet before taking down the psychics, then Chalian will notice the death of his puppet.

(Total Dark Psychic: 0/5)

If you are discovered by the soldiers of the kingdom before the end of the quest, you will fail.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

Recognized by the legendary God Bird Phoenix.

Trust obtained from the King of Elrika Kingdom, Remus.

A user who has cleared the 'Rataphel Underground Prison' dungeon.

His quest is completed if the Dark Sanctuary is destroyed.


+ 10 affinity with Remus,

ArchMage records.


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