Taming Master | Chapter 459 | The Second Clue | Part 2

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Chapter 459 - The Second Clue - Part 2


[You are the first to achieve the level 400.]

[Fame increased by 700,000.]

['Wagner' of the 'Summoner 's tower' is looking for you.]

A lot of messages came in front of Ian's eyes.

But the most prominent messages were the words—'first'.

'Hoho, I am the first?'

Kailan never leaked the level of the private rankers.

And unless the word 'first' wasn't added, one couldn't be sure of being a top ranker with just the ranking list.

This 'first' made Ian feel good in many ways.

'Keu, now there is nothing else but to catch the Elrika Kingdom… all that is left is to hit Chalian.'

While Ian was lost in his own thoughts for a while, Remus who had cut down the fake king went towards the throne and sat down.

Contrary to what he looked like a moment back, Remus looked like the king of a kingdom.

"Thank you, Ian. Now it is my turn to fulfill the promise."

Ian nodded and smiled.

"Yes please, Remus. I will move my army as soon as I get back."

Ian made a brief plan with Remus and then opened the inventory to use the recall stone.

Now it was the time to go back to the Lotus Kingdom and raise the army as soon as possible.

A few lines of system messages came before Ian's eyes.

[Since you are at 400, you have met the minimum requirement to 'transcend' a person.]

[If you go to the 'Hero's Village' and find 'LeBoro', he will tell you about the 'Transcendental Test'.]


An exclamation came out of Ian's mouth.

The word 'Hero's Village' seemed like a very familiar one.

'The Mark of Courage that Camares had given! Wasn't it for a village in Middle-earth?'

Also, the word 'transcendence of a person' was a nice clue to Ian.

If it was probably a few days ago, then Ian wouldn't have been able to assign any meaning to the word.

But now, he knew exactly what it meant.


In the mind of Ian, the memories of three days back had come up.

In general, the 'quest window' of the normal users in Kailan was filled with a lot of content on the floors.

The higher the level of users, the more likely the tendency, and the reasons were simple.

With being hard to clear or because the higher the level the longer the quest becomes.

Especially in the case of the simple users who weren't much bothered with the quest, and would just hunt till death without sparing a look at the quest window.

But in Kailan play, such a play wasn't in works, it was because the quests were very tough.

However, even though the level was at the top level, there were always users who kept the quest window content within 10 lines or less.

One of those users was Ian.

Ian was one of those pathological dislikers of the red letter 'N' on the quest window.

'If that was floating all day like that, it'll be a bother to me.'

Sighed Ian briefly.

Recently Ian had a problem.

It had already been quite a few weeks, but instead of a clear, there was a quest which he was stuck with.

Besides, it was a quest that Ian could never give up.

Then, didn't he try to complete it?

That wasn't it either.

'How can I clear it?'

It was a quest he had received before proceeding with the 'Puppet of Elrika Kingdom' quest from Remus, Ian couldn't help but sigh.

Quest in progress was given in a very smooth situation, and the delayed quest was still in progress.

The quest was…

Quest: Taming the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix.

Type: Hidden/ Sudden

Time Limit: None

Difficulty: SSSSS

Status: In progress.

Reward: Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix,

Hidden Class tier 'Taming Master'.

(Read More)

A Mythical Summon, one of the strongest summons that the Summoner Ian had ever seen.

A quest of Penta S rank difficulty was in the quest window of Ian, he was required to tame the myth summon which hadn't been captured in the Kailan's history.

- - -

So for Ian, it was a choice he couldn't leave.

Ian's gaze was fixed on the letter 'N' when he moved to the side.

And there, a pair of familiar children were playing.

In front of the two, a Barbie doll that was the size of a palm was there.

"Kay, Oppa, do it quick! Make Ernesa into a woman!"

"Kay, look! I made it right here. See, a white uniform and the silver staff too. Didn't I make it exactly right?"

"No, no! Miss Ernesa wouldn't have looked like this."

"Huh? How would you know that? You don't even remember."

"I don't remember, but it is recorded in Colonnar History! 'Like the Goddess of Beauty had descended.'!"

Lugarix had crafted a doll of Miss Ernesa out of the clay.

Lugarix's magic had made the doll with immense quality and was proud of it.

It was almost as good as the 'hyper-realism'.

Elcarix however, didn't seem to like the doll.

"Right, Miss. Ernesa was very beautiful."

"Then how could you make it like this?"

"What? It looks pretty, right? What do you mean by that?"

"Miss Ernesa couldn't have had such long hair! Reduce hair size, Oppa."

Elcarix was demanding a modification, however, Lugarix wasn't going to do it.

"I can't."


"Because… this is the identity of Ernasa."


"That lady was surely beautiful, precisely in the 4th."


"There is no way I can fix it perfectly like she is."

Listening to the two dragon kids, Ian shook his head.

'D*mmit, I need to stick with these…'

When he first got the quest of 'Taming Lugarix', Ian was completely lost.

But after getting the strong help from 'El' from a quest, he began to smoothly enter the quest.

Thanks to Elcarix, the most basic conditions for taming familiars 'affinity' was achieved.

Just a few hours back.

Ian saw that his affinity with Lugarix had reached MAX, and he finally tried to tame.

In the anticipation of rising his tier of the Taming Master class and getting the reward of Myth class summon—Lugarix.


"Ian, called?"

"I really think that you're a great dragon."

"Obviously. Since I am the Dragon of Darkness."

"So, then Lugarix."


"How do you think about me as a summoner?"

The hidden intention of Ian was 'your answer defines what the answer for me to the quest would be'.

But the simple dragon, Lugarix gave out a very natural answer.

"Ian, you are a great summoner."


"At least, the best human summoner that I have ever seen."

"huhu, you have great eyes!"

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Ian started to mend to Lugarix to be able to recruit Lugarix.

When he thought that the perfect timing had come, Ian started to act.

"Lugarix, the thing… what I mean…"

"What is it?"

"Uhm. Nothing, can you be my summon?"


"With your powerful magic, I think that we can defeat the Chalian."

"That is natural."

But the result…

"Then, how about being my summon?"

"No, that can't happen."


"I don't want to be the summon of a human."

"What do you mean?"

"It means I can't be the summon of someone who is 'lower' than me."


The explanation of Lugarix was simple.

As a new dragon, he intervenes the dimension like a 'middle man', while Ian was a normal 'human', then he cannot be a summon.

Ian who had heard the explanation of Lugarix, about the human world, the Middle-earth and the celestial world, had a glimpse of what he meant.

"So… does this mean that you can't be a summon because I'm not a being of the middle?"


"That is the only reason?"


Nevertheless, there was one thing that didn't make any sense.

"But Lugarix. Do all the God Dragon who intervenes in the dimension have a man from the middle-earth?"


"That means that El, Karceus, and Bbookbbook too have a man from the middle-earth?"

Lugarix nodded his head and answered,

"Huh. It's not entirely clear since part of my memory is lost, but I do have a person there."

"But, having a person in Middle-earth doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a human? All these are my summons."

"What you say is indeed right."

At that response from Lugarix, Ian was dumbfounded.

"Then, why not?"

However, the next words from Lugraix made Ian at a loss of words.

"Just, what my heart says."


"For I to be the summon, they should at least be as good as 'Eos'."

Ian knew Eos too well.

The ancient summoner who had given Ian the quest of 'Selamus'.

One of the Absolute Eight of the desert tribes.

'Eos? Was he a being of Middle-earth?'

But now, it wasn't the time to think about the man of the desert tribe.

But the biggest question was whether or not he would be able to succeed in the quest of 'Tame Lugarix.'

"Then… will you be my summon if I am a being of Middle-earth?"

At that question from Ian, Lugarix nodded his head slowly.

"Uhm… Ian, you're qualified enough if you are a summoner. Nice, if you get that position of being in the middle-earth, then I'll consider that."

The first attempt of Ian at taming Lugarix was still there.

He wasn't sure what that 'person' exactly is or does, but because of the stubborn will of Lugarix, this was decided.

The simple demand of Lugarix to be the person of Middle-earth would decide everything.

Surely this couldn't be considered as a means to success, but Ian did get a minimum direction.

Ian tried to clear his mind of the current conversation and got up.

'Level up might give out the clue.'

Ian's lips formed a wicked smile.


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