Taming Master | Chapter 461 | Emperor's Path | Part 1

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Chapter 461 - Emperor's Path - Part 1


A leisurely weekend afternoon.

Na Ji-chan, who had been working for a long time, decided to relax while watching the broadcast game.

"It sure is fun to see Kailan."

Na Ji-chan prepared three bags of potato chips to watch Kailan. He connected the projector that he had just purchased to his computer.

The reason why he had bought the projector was to watch Kailan on a big screen and as a getaway from the frustrating monitor.

Na Ji-chan's favorite game broadcast wasn't a regular broadcast from the game channel on the TV.

It was much more interesting for Na Ji-chan to watch the broadcast of the internet BJs which were much more diverse with their content, and people could pick which users they want to watch.


Na Ji-chan slowly started to scan the list of the broadcast while savoring some crispy potato chips.

And as always, his first target was the broadcast of Ian.

'It's been a while since I watched the Ian God… what else do I have to do today?'

Na Ji-chan was always aware of Ian, but that wasn't the case for his previous week.

And ironically, the reason was Ian too.

'Hu, I was bloody busy making the new contents…'

Even Ian's new job that they had started because of Ian wasn't finished yet.

After a day's rest, the night sessions were going to start again.

Before Ian complete the 'Hero's Responsibility' quest from Muran, which was to defeat the Lich King and get the 'Unique Dual-class', the content had to be completed, and it turned into a huge headache for the planning team.

"Honestly, I would like for Ian to fail the quest…"


Na Ji-chan who connected to the internet immediately entered 'BJ Lauren' into the search box.

If he searched the name 'Ian', then he would get a huge number of videos.

Even if he searched videos specifically for Ian's play, there were just way too many useless videos that would come up.

Search result…

Catch up with Ian God (Summoner's Guide)

BJ Kane's Ian Mad Move.

There were also titles that were clearly a click bait.

24-hour party hunt with Ian.

"Uh? Ian with a party hunt?"

'Maybe I should click and see…'

Oh guys, isn't this a hoax?

Yeah well, maybe need to ask the customer care right away.

Lol, why? Maybe it will be fun.

… party hunt with Ian, but even the familiar names have been mentioned.

There was a BJ who named the retainers and familiars of Ian and put the title as 'Party hunt with Ian.'

And one could easily find the latest video of Ian by searching for 'Lauren BJ' as it was exclusively done by Lauren.

"This Lauren guy is always in a hurry…"

Na Ji-chan smiled as he immediately connected to the personal broadcast of Lauren's personnel channel.

Since it was less than 20 minutes since the start of the broadcast, it was clear that the viewer could enjoy a minimum of 12 hours of broadcast.

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The chance of Ian completing Kailan within 12 hours of connecting could be compared with Na Ji-chan's chance to commute tomorrow.

"Nice timing…!"

Na Ji-chan leaned on to the couch with a very pleased expression and began to watch the videos.

It had been a long time since he had actually felt excitement while watching the advertisement even before the game started.

However, that too was for a while…


Suddenly, Na Ji-chan, who looked at the broadcast of Lauren confirmed something.

"What? He already went to Elrika?"

Normally, before entering the video, it was natural for a person to confirm the title of the broadcast.

However, Na Ji-chan didn't open the video after watching the title but came in after seeing Lauren BJ's name right next to it.

"This is an edited one. 19 provinces cut in 24 hours."

Generally, no matter how flimsy it was, it was common sense to take half a day to attack.

However, the current situation made no sense when one thought about the power of Lotus.


Na Ji-chan who shut his eyes after a moment of disbelief opened them after a moment of gaining calmness.

'What is this? What else happened with Ian God when I wasn't monitoring him?'

Na Ji-chan's pupils were trembling with anxiety.

'To complete that dual-class, no matter how tight that schedule is made to, I need a full… Is he going to capture the Elrika Castle already?'

On top of that, the plan wasn't unrealistic at all.

To take over 19 provinces within 24 hours meant that the Lotus needed to destroy a province each hour.

And the planner Na Ji-chan saw that plan as something that couldn't be done without the involvement of a buggy play.

If the broadcasting title wasn't made by Lauren, then Na Ji-chan wouldn't have snorted at the content.

He would've assumed it to be a normal gaming broadcast with a little aggro to attract viewers.

But as it was one of Lauren BJ's videos, there was no way he would have doubted it.


After taking a short deep breath, Na Ji-chan clicked the skip button that was at the bottom of the ad.

Na Ji-chan who was looking at the floating game screen buried his body deeper into the couch.

There was no way he was going to take his buff off from the sofa.


As explained many times, the Elrika Kingdom was a powerful estate that didn't lag behind compared to any Kingdom in terms of power.

Because of that, the users watching the broadcast could hardly manage to believe the 'miracle' that they were witnessing.

- Guy, guys. How many minutes have you been in the broadcast till now?

- Exactly 42 minutes have passed.

- No no, it has been 43 minutes. I'm sure about it.

- Not that, it is not the important thing… this is the end of a siege, right?

- Uh uh, I feel so too.

- If the defense is destroyed over there… but it hasn't even been 50 minutes yet.

- Right, I'm doubting my eyes right now.

- What was the time of the Titan Guild's best siege? I remember that it was less than two hours…

- Right! Was it around 1 hour and 55 minutes?

- It was really crazy at that time, but the Lotus is seriously mad. Does this really take around 24 hours?

- Yep. In addition, the territory occupied by the Titan Guild at that time was some strange Baron, but even the territory that the Lotus is occupying has its own level.

- OMG, yeah. Some Maika domain was there.

- Yeah, I thought that it was Baron…

Around 80 percent of the broadcasts of LaurenBJ was related to 'Lotus' Guild or 'Ian'.

As soon as Lauren's broadcast was open, many viewers who set up the notifications for it would enter almost immediately.

The average number of viewers that gathered in 30 minutes since the video's opening was roughly around 50,000.

However, currently, 30 minutes after the start of the video, around three to four times the viewers had gathered.

Only the few popular BJs achieved 150,000 viewers in just 30 minutes, and it was a difficult task to achieve even during the peak times of broadcast.

This was an incredible thing for Lauren.

'Wow, awesome. I expected some increase due to the aggro title… but this is way too much, right?'

Even then Lauren kept sweating, it was because the number of viewers who were coming in was crazy high.

He didn't even have to raise the ranking of the broadcast by recommending it to the viewers.

When the information about the broadcast began to spread through various communities, the traffic burst the site.

Various rankings directed to the main personal broadcast homepage had already won the 1st place for a long time.

In the mind of Lauren, feelings of anxiety began to rise.

'This… if it continued to be like this… wouldn't I be generating billions of sales?'

Lauren's down payment with Ian totaled about 60 million won in cash.

On the other hand, the settlement ration, which had been presented as profit sharing, had a total of 30% of total profit.

In other words, Laurens choice was proven to be the right choice only if the sales of the broadcast didn't exceed 200 million.

Lauren seemed to be hungry for 10,000 won per minute when the content for sale exceeded 200 million.

'Well, this doesn't mean that I won't have to work hard…'

Lauren immersed himself in the broadcast and was trying to get his spirit back.

And while commenting, he was forced to admire the size of the Lotus Guild.

"Oh, what could this be? How did the Lotus even manage to get the coordinates to the Hidden Gate?"

"Fiolan! Fiolan's Frozen Meteor falls! How is such a play possible? Did you guys predict that there was going to be support units behind the walls? The meteor falls three times in a row exactly in that one location!"

"The moment that I spoke… all the defense has been destroyed! It took exactly 49 minutes to go past the defense of the enemy! It was like a clear way and not a barrier!"

Lauren was immersed with his casting while his saliva splashed around.

His broadcasts had always been enthusiastic, but today he was much more excited than he was with his previous broadcasts.

The top-ranked Lotus users' brilliant control and the powerful skills were all amazing, but their siege abilities were much more brilliant.

The troops of Lotus, as if they were done waiting, hung to the retreat of the support troops and then sneaked inside to find the hidden way. It seemed like they knew the defense inside all too well.

- And it was natural for the viewers' chat to explode.

- Is this really true?

- It looks like placing a flag on the stronghold which has no owners, right?

- Wouldn't LB have any kind of patch?

- What kind of patch?

- Lowering the difficulty of a siege…

- No no, that is not it. I just came in from the Lapis Guild siege; that place is packed with blood right now.

- Kue, was it because of Ian God…?

- Is Ian on a spree?

Ian and the Lotus Guild had taken over a territory before an hour could pass since the initiation of the broadcast.

Lauren whose throat was burning from all the talking he did took a sip of cold water that he had brought beforehand.

He was going to have a rest for 5 minutes until the next siege began, so he thought that he would turn off the broadcast for a while.

If he went on talking all through the broadcast, then he wouldn't have a voice for the next day.

"Phew, a siege right after?"

Even though it was Lauren, he thought that the title 'Till the Castle' was a bit too much.

But now, those watching it wouldn't think of the title being too unrealistic.

"Kay, where is the next domain? Is it Lapalem?"

Lauren scanned through the map of Elrika and tried to predict the next route that the Lotus Kingdom would take.

Right then, the smartphone of Lauren began to vibrate.

Vibrate- vibrate-!

Lauren's eyes naturally turned over to the place where his phone was at.

'What? It wouldn't really be nice to take a call now, right?'

His phone checked the unknown number that wasn't stored in his contacts.

If he was live, then Lauren would have hanged up, but since it was his break, he decided to answer it.


Without much thought, Lauren took the phone to his ear.

And over the phone came in the sweet voice of a woman.

Ah, Hello?

And habitually, Lauren almost hung up the call.

The only woman who would call Lauren's number was none other than his partner, So Jin.

In addition, if the call was a woman, then the call was 99% going to be about loans, counseling or insurance company calls.

However, as soon as the next words of hers came out, Laurens thumb which was moving towards the cut button of the call stopped.

I'm the reporter of the gaming broadcast of YTBC, I'm Eunyeong. Is this the number of Mr. BJ Lauren?


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