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Chapter 462 - Emperor's Path - Part 2


YTBC was one of the leading game broadcasters of the game broadcast channels.

It was no exaggeration to say that the channel that was first played for viewing the game broadcast was none other than the YTBC.

Lim Eunyong, the reporter who called Lauren—was one of the most famous figures of the YTBC.

Something like a celebrity in the game broadcasting.

'Did you just say, Lim Eunyong of broadcasting? Is Lucia on the line with me now?'

Lim Eunyong was a famous reporter with her ID name of 'Lucia' than the real one.

A reporter who has been leading the broadcast since the early days of YTBC Kailan, and had an outstanding appearance.

Lauren was also a big fan of hers.

"Keu, Keum."

Lauren quickly adjusted his voice and took the smartphone close to his mouth again.

"Ah, hello. I am Lauren. But if you are Lim Eunyong… then you must be Lucia of YTBC right?"

Everytime he spoke, the heart of Lauren was pounding crazily.

It was almost as if his heart was going to come out of his mouth.

- Ah, yes. Right. I am the reporter, Lucia. Normally, many know my ID name and not my real name... ho ho, thank you for knowing that.


Was it his heart hitting hard against his ribs?

Lauren felt like that for a moment and his head was spinning, and then the voice of Lucia came out.

- Umm, Lauren? Can you hear me?

When he heard her voice, Lauren snapped back to reality.

"Oh yeah, I can hear you really well."

- I thought that the line broke since you didn't say anything.

"Ha, Haha. I was doing something for a while now… but why did the YTBC contact me?"

- Ah, that.

The conversation between Lucia and Lauren was a little insane and quite long.

But somehow, as the conversation continued, the face of Lauren hardened.


"Ah, so… did you just get the permission for Ian hyung just now?"

- Yes, that is current. The negotiation was already over. If Mr. Lauren sends the OK sign, we will proceed immediately.

Was it the expression of a school student who had dropped a candy on the floor?

Suddenly, Lauren's eyes lost focus, and his whole body to slouch.

The first ecstatic expression disappeared at the end of the call.

Well, then please look into it, Lauren.

"Ah, yeah. Then… it will go into the YTBC channel right away?"

- Doing it right away is going to be difficult, maybe an hour later or so.

"That, that is so."

On the other hand, Lucia who had a clear voice was much different from Lauren.

- We're good ones, Lauren. Let's make the best ratings.

"Effort… I'll try too."

- The advertisements are very upset now. If we just get the personal broadcast of Laurens', the best video will be presented immediately.

"Ah, that so?"

- I'm not that sure but, we'll probably get around billions of revenue for advertising.

"Bi, billion?"

- No, no, not just a billion it is billions. I am not aware of the settlement ratio that you have with Ian, but even if you have signed with the lowest rate, think of how many billions will be returned, Lauren?


- Ah, I envy you, Lauren. All I'm going to get is a bonus from doing this, but Lauren, you're going to earn as much as my per-annum salary in one shot.

"Uh… that… uhm…"

Lauren was almost going to cry.

'Is there no way that I can turn back the time to the morning?'

In fact, the settlement ration with Ian was 3:7, which wasn't a bad choice.

When famous rankers signed with BJs, it was a ratio that was often used.

But for Lauren who was a prominent BJ, the 45 percent revenue was usual, which was why the 30 percent felt like a tinge.

On the other hand, the cash of 5,000 gold which was right in front of him felt too big.

The amount of 50 million gold was determined to be too overwhelming and went with the settlement rate of 30 percent.

And that moment's misjudgment resulted in this catastrophe.

- Then, I'll get ready for the show. Please move ahead, Lauren.

"AH, yeah, I understand. Good work, Miss Lucia!"

Lucia returned the greeting with her clear voice and then hung up the call.


As soon as the phone call got disconnected, Lauren cried out reflexively while holding onto his forehead.

"Billion! Billion! Billioooon...!"

* * *

Breaking it.

The forces of the Lotus Kingdom were really running everything.

The first siege which took less than an hour had occupied the whole territory, and that was just the beginning.

Once the momentum began to pick up, the speed of the kingdom began to advance too.

At the center was Ian, the king of Lotus who was flying through the battlefield with Pin.

"Bbookbbook-ah, Guardian of Abyss!"

"Kay, Bbook!"

"Bbookbbook will hold on while giving up a heal, Herz, let me penetrate that side!"


"Fiolan you have received the coordinates beforehand right?"


"There is a management office in the sector C. So take the squad and intercept it."

"Leave it to me, your majesty."

Ian's role in the battlefield was the same as always, it was to command and control the whole.

In addition, since the play was going ahead as planned, Ian jumped directly into the battlefield and played with a common pattern.

However, Ian was showing a slightly different aspect of the all-out war with the Elrika Kingdom.

No matter how much of a favor he had from the God of war, he was just riding his Pin while floating in the air, only giving out the orders.

Even the Judgment of the Spirit King that was always in the hand of Ian's didn't saw it anywhere but in the inventory.

He was just controlling his summoned familiars.

"2 minutes later, the west side gate will be opened. Corban gets in and captures the front gate. Carwin will cover you from behind."

"The gates will open?"

"Uh, yes."

"Ah-ha, but how do you know that? Do you have some kind of foresight?"

"I see that the combat troops are moving in, soon it's time for the support troops to move."


"First just follow my words, Hyung. I will explain it all later!"

Normally, the guild members of Lotus didn't have the guts to question the order of Ian.

There was a deep reliance on Ian, but that wasn't the only reason for it.

His orders were always clear and reasonable, so there was no need to question it.

However, today was different.

Ian's orders were clean and perfect like always, however, there were too many orders that couldn't be comprehended.

It was for a simple reason that the guild members weren't able to understand the commands of Ian.

'How can you understand? They are orders that can be given only when the internal information has been given out in advance.'

Ian hadn't informed the guild about his association with the quest 'Puppet Remus'.

Which meant that the guild members weren't aware that Ian was receiving the information about the inside of the Elrika Kingdom from Remus.

So Ian's orders, which seemed like a prediction about the hidden breakpoints and stuff couldn't be understood from the general point of view.

"Hoonie, do not go in from that direction."

"Why? The castle is crumbling over in that direction. I think that we should put the Undead in first and then follow along."

"It is a trap. There are a lot of traps installed there, probably."


"Don't pound on it and just come over here!"

"Ah, okay, hyung."

So, why exactly did Ian hide the fact that he had information?

It was for a simple reason.

The siege was currently being broadcasted in real-time.

If there was a hostile or competing guild, then it was definite that they would come over with their guild and hinder the accomplishment of Lotus.

'Shakran may have infiltrated Elrika and put a knife on Remus's neck.'

That was why Ian began to wrap up the orders and made it seem like the information he just knew.

Of course, it wasn't so hard to understand from the guild's point of view.

And as time went by, and the territory was being captured at a fast-paced rate, none of the guild members seemed to discuss about the certainty of the orders from Ian.

Ian's orders still couldn't be understood, however, they decided to give up.

And, as long as the orders were getting them to a higher level, there was no reason to question it either.

The guild members of the victorious guild just admired him.

"Keu! This is just plain amazing, how did he know about the ambush out there?"

"Wow, surely Ian is so!! Awesome!"

"This is really creepy!"

And the developments were paved in the direction that Ian didn't even think of due to the broadcast.


- This is not just one or two orders, but everything seems to be planned ahead.

- Really turning dizzy here. How can it be thought in those situations?

- Wow, I was always anxious to push out the cavalry in the anticipation of the timing of the reinforcements.

- Me too. That was just awesome.

- It was really a very dangerous gamble, and I didn't even think that it would work.

- Keu, this is why those Ian suckers felt so bad today. This is the real deal. This isn't something that a normal person can do.

- I totally agree with it. I wasn't normally a fan of Ian, but I feel like I should turn into one right from now.

- Uh? Were there still users in Kailan who weren't fans of Ian?

- Since there were too many fans for Ian, I tried to divert my attention towards the other rankers. Shakran and Remir, but I couldn't.

- Why?

- I watched this today… there can really be no substitute, really mean it.

Ian's orders which were all falling into the right places at the perfect timings was actually a piece of content and performance that would normally make any viewer get goosebumps.

While narrating the orders and commands that Ian was making, Lauren was able to easily pick up the pace of the broadcast.

The understanding that Lauren had on the game made it easy for him to comment throughout the game.

However, today was an exceptional case where Lauren wasn't able to comment.

The only thing that Lauren was able to do was to admire and be awed.

"Uh, why are the Wyvern knights suddenly descending?"

"The Latoto Domain is a Count, so the support battalion will likely pop out in a little while. From the Barons to the Counts troops are going to come out from the tunnels to resist…? Uh? Where are they?"

- However, that didn't mean that the broadcasting wasn't so fun.

- Lol Lauren, he's really losing it today.

- Yeah well. Lol, there's no need to comment if you don't want to, but why bother asking us?

- Lauren seems to be in a haze. Just 2 minutes back, the mages swept of the support, haven't you seen that yet?

Watching that Lauren was feeling embarrassed with sweat falling off him, and soon was engulfed in the new content.

In any case, the Lotus Kingdom army unstoppably captured the Elrika domain, and simultaneously, the number of viewers began to grow.

Even the players who were playing Kailan did a collateral log out to see the play of Ian.

After 15 hours passed, the broadcast began at 10:00 am and it came around at 1 am…


"All-charge assault!"

"Take down the Elrika Kingdom that is in darkness!"

"The only thing left to do! Power assault!"

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And finally, there was just one left of the 19 domains in the Elrika Kingdom.

The stronghold, the castle.


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