Taming Master | Chapter 463 | Emperors Path | Part 3

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Chapter 463 - Emperors Path - Part 3


[20 seconds later, the castle gates of Elrika Royal will open.]

[After 1 minute and 15 seconds East: 254, S: 1,728, the underground fortress will open.]

[After 45 seconds, a lightning trap will be triggered all over the wall.]

With unusual purple light, the system messages started to emerge.

It was all due to the 'special item' and nothing else.

'Keu, this really will take down the castle in once.'

After the quest of the Puppet Remus, there was a conversation he had with Remus that seemed somewhat difficult to understand.

Ian tried to recollect those moments.

- Ian, take these items with you.

- Hmm? Do these have any information about the structure of defense?

- If you only have these records in your possession, you will win.

- Huh? What did you say?

[You have earned the item 'ArchMage Records'.]

- Uh? But what is this?

- We don't have the luxury of time. Come back later, but you need to get out now!

- …?

- The guards are coming! Hurry!

[A sudden quest has been triggered.]

[The quest 'Elrika Castle Career' has been created.]

- - -

'Elrika Castle Career (Hidden) (Connected)'-

You have successfully invaded Elrika and defeated the Puppet Remus.

Remus has handed to you the Archmage's records, which were the records that contain all the operation of the Elrika Castle.

And with the help of Remus, you will have to kill the minions of Chalian and take back the Dark Castle of Elrika.

Occupy the Elrika castle and prepare a base against the forces of Chalian.

Declaring the All-out war against the Elrika Kingdom will release the seal on the Archmage's Records.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

A user who has cleared the quest related to 'Puppet King of Elrika Kingdom'

A user with a title higher than 'Duke'.

User with great affinity with 'Remus'.

'Archmage Records' in possession.

Time Limit: None

The 'Archmage Records' is an item that will expire after 36 hours after being unsealed.


Named NPC 'Remus' as a retainer.

Acquiring the title of 'The first Conqueror'.

Obtaining the item 'The Crown of Conquerors' (Legendary).

- - -

When Ian first got the item 'Archmage Records' he wasn't able to figure out what item would do.

It was because, in the information window of the item, three question marks were present.

However, after the all-out war was declared, the whole story changed.

[The war with the Elrika Kingdom begins.]

[The item 'Archmage Records' can be utilized.]

With those two lines, information about the defenses of the Elrika Kingdom began to pour out in real-time.

Very detailed and clear, a spellbook which told Ian everything about the movement of the defense troops.

As soon as Ian confirmedthe performance of Records, he contacted the broadcast station and Lauren immediately.

With the possession of the fraudulent item, he would swallow the whole scenario in an instant.

'Should I have said the cut was 15 hours instead of 24 hours-cut? It looks like there is hope to finish it within 15 hours.'

And it didn't mean that while having the information in possession meant that everyone could complete the task like Ian did.

The crazed performance was only possible if the user kept on catching onto the information that was being relayed in real-time with the battle going on.

And as soon as the siege began, the 'Archmage Records' began to work.

[The Lotus Kingdom army has occupied the A sector of Elrika Kingdom!]

[A sector capture rate: 100 percent]

[B sector capture rate: 58 percent]

[C sector capture rate: 77 percent]


[External Occupation rate: 32.75 percent]

[With the occupation of all the sectors of the castle, you will be immune!]

A red system message appeared in the sight of all the users who were in the mapping area of the 'Elrika Castle' during the siege.

It certainly caught the eyes of the viewers watching the broadcast, and the chat once again began to move again.

- What is it? It has been less than 5 minutes since it had started?

- Lol, I thought that it would be different since it was a castle, but this is…

- Where did he go, that guy who said that it'll take 3 hours for the capture of the castle? This will be done in 30 minutes and not 3 hours, right?

- Ah, sir. Isn't the 30 minutes a bit too much? LOL, it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

- Wow, this really brings out the appetite of those watching it. First time seeing the siege with such a speed.

- By the way, I've never seen the capture rate of a sector, if someone could explain it to me.

- Ah, that? That is a content that doesn't open until the tier 3 defense is overtaken. I looked at it the first time when the Titan Guild was taking over some Dukedom.

- Ah, that so. What does it mean when those messages come?

- Each time a sector gets captured, the buff tower gets buffed. That buffing had some name…

- That was something like a 'Crisis Management II'. Was it a defense tower buff of 15 percent per sector?

- Oh, then it is probably getting harder by every minute.

- In theory, yes. However, that doesn't look like it if you see the screen.

It was almost the end, and Ian was still as calm as ever.

In order to not miss even a single message that would be delivered from the records, he tried his best to concentrate and not neglect to minimize the loss of guild troops.

'This isn't the end of the capture of the Elrika.'

The subjugation of the Elrika Kingdom wasn't a difficult task in accordance with the time.

However, the remaining task 'Lich King Chalian's ' was a huge difficulty oriented task that even Ian couldn't guarantee.

The nasty quest difficulty of Penta S grade was one, but above all, Ian had already met Chalian.

And he knew the strength of his enemy better than anyone.

'Now that I think, it was Hoonie and I who released the sealed Chalian into the world.'

Considering that the quest that they played at the time was 'Escape and survive from Chalian', it was undeniable from it that Chalian was a monster.

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And in order to deal with him, it was very important to save as much power as possible.

It didn't matter if they had the time to make up for the lost power, but for Ian, there was no choice but to go on full time.

'Kay, Remus. Now come out with the white flag. I am a very busy person.'

One to two Lotus flags began to be placed on the huge wall that surrounded the Elrika castle.

And when the capture rate of the external parts reached 100 percent…


[Capture rate of all sectors of the Elrika castle, external parts have reached 100 percent.]

[You can now attack.]

[The Elrika castle, sector resistance has been renewed.]

The wall enveloping the outer side disappeared and the high-rising castle revealed the greatness.

If it was a normal situation, the second phase of the siege would have started.

However, Ian didn't give out any more commands.

Ian climbed on top of Pin and then looked around silently.


The battlefield which was very noisy with the sounds of weapons and explosions had turned quiet and was quiet enough to hear the wind.

And the users who were watching the siege unfold while holding onto their breath began to chat.

- Why isn't he ordering?

- He should have pushed in the defense line when he had the chance, why did he decide to stop all of a sudden?

- Surely Ian God has thought of something. Everyone is in a hurry.

- No, this is so frustrating. I thought that he was going to get in right away, but then he stopped suddenly…

- However, that was all just for a while.


[A white flag has been raised on top of the Elrika Castle.]

[The King of Elrika Kingdom 'Remus' has pronounced the surrender.]

New system messages began to ring across the battlefield.

[The royal power of the Elrika Kingdom has been taken over.]

[All the estates in the Elrika Kingdom has been occupied.]

[The Lotus Kingdom has won the war in the front war of the Lotus Kingdom and the Elrika Kingdom.]

[All the estates of the Elrika Kingdom now belong to the Lotus Kingdom.]


[The Lotus Guild has succeeded in subjugating a 'Kingdom' for the first time.]

[All the users of the Lotus Guild are given the title 'Incarnation of War (Legendary)'.]

Some more messages came into the view of Ian.

[NPC 'Remus' can be asked for a retainer.]

[You have earned the item 'Crown of Conquerors'.]

[You have earned the title 'The First Conqueror (Myth)'.]


As soon as the 15-hour war-conquest was done, it was Ian's choice to take a sweet rest.

No, to be precise, rather than rest—it was sleep.

The physical strength was still the same, but it was necessary to replenish the sleep in advance, as he had to go one with the remaining hardcore schedule.

And thus, Ian who returned to Kailan after sweet 10 hours, immediately locked himself in the castle office.

It was to develop a strategy to target the Lich King Chalian.

But as soon as he opened the quest window, he couldn't help but sigh.

'Hero's Responsibility…'

The quest was the reason for the immediate reaction of Ian and the overtime working of the planning team of the LB.

Ian read the quest 'Hero's responsibility' which he had received from Muran as a favor and shook his head.

"I didn't have to overdo it and just change the damn career."

Mumbling just what Na Ji-chan did when he saw the video, Ian collapsed into the seat and laughed, he pulled out the map of the Colannare from his inventory.

"Where is it… what route should I take to hit Chalian in the shortest time?"

The 'Hero's Responsibility' quest which had a great penalty of 'losing one tier of the Taming Master class' if the quest fails and the time limit of it was rather less.

The quest could be completed only by defeating the 'Lich King Chalian', a monster whose strength couldn't even be measured.

Then why did Ian occupied the Elrika Kingdom in such a drastic situation?

Was it due to the quest that was already in progress?

Surely that wasn't going to be the one dimensional and simple reason.

The all-out war against Elrika that was started by Ian who had a very clear reason.

'I had to go through all that to hit the castle of Darkness.'

Icaroon, Lamaris, and Elrika.

Only after passing through one of those three kingdoms was it possible to reach the Ulphir mountains, and the most pervasive of them was the Elrika.

Since the connected quest all fell into place, the situation went well.

Surely, if he moved with a small party he didn't have to go through the kingdom, and there was a way to go to the Ulphir mountains.

And if it wasn't for that, their users wouldn't have been able to hunt in the Ulphir mountains and Heinz plateau.

But the castle of Darkness that Lich King was present, wasn't a place that could be gone with small power sources.

Because of that, Ian planned to mobilize the entire force of the Lotus Kingdom and go for the war.

"It is still not enough…"

The time left to reach the Lich King was really very short.

And Ian judged that it was an impossible task for the Lotus to attack the Lich King all alone.

And it was a natural conclusion for any sane person to draw.

The boss monster named—Lick King was the one who had appeared as the boss of the entire time in the episode.

That meant that he was a boss that was made for lasting at least half a year.

And at the current situation, it was clear that the boss wasn't designed to be cleared by a single force.

Ian who was in distress could do nothing but shake his head.

"Which means, I'll have to twist that 'old man'…"

Ian has come up with the name of someone who would take part.

If it was the 'old man', there was no way he was going to help Ian.

"I need a way, a way…"

Ian was mumbling to himself and was walking around the room.

Right when.


The door of the room opened and someone came into the office of Ian.

"You called, your majesty."

A man with a thick voice and a huge belly that matched the voice also had two strong looking legs.

Ian who met the eyes with this man welcomed him with a satisfied look.

"Han, it has been so long!"


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