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Chapter 464 - Alliance Formation - Part 1


Almost all the guilds in the human dimension had an 'Alliance' or an 'Inviolability Treaty'.

There were many complex reasons for it, but two of them were the biggest reason for it.

The first was due to the episode that created a powerful creature called the 'Lich King Chalian'.

If the undead invaded the users in between the wars, then it was sure that just one side wasn't going to lose.

In addition, even if the users didn't battle against the others, the undead was bound to make their way to them, because of that there was no reason why the users would insist on a war between them.

And the second reason was related to the current state of Colonnaire.

Since the nation had been divided into more than a hundred large and small NPC kingdoms, there were very few users who were in the process of expanding their territories.

The number of kingdoms that were set up by the users was still less than 10, while the number of kingdoms that were set up by NPCs were ten times that, and the user-built kingdoms were rarely facing their borders.

And for that reason, the current users of the human world could be considered as a tentative alliance.

'However, it still is a competition.'

According to Ian's thoughts, at least the top five guilds had to join hands in order to defeat Chalian.

And among them, having the Titan Guild was a must.

However, the inviolable relationship of Titan with Lotus couldn't be of any help.

It wasn't a hostile situation, but it was still in a competitor stage.

'If we don't have enough damage dealers, then it will turn bad.'

If only the Titan Guild would help them out, then they would have a chance to defeat Chalian.

Like the Fullios guild, there were a few guilds that would move immediately if Ian commanded them to do so, and there were guilds with friendly ties.

In addition, if the two largest guilds of the human world were going to strike Chalian, then it was an obvious fact that many small guilds would catch up to them.

One would think that with the Lotus and Titan being together, the chances of clearing the episodes was high and that they would have to take a scoop of the rewards.

"If we are able to catch the right flow of wind… we can do it well."

Ian's head started to work at a very high speed.

If he could quickly bring Shakran to a turmoil, only then would the Titan be willing to take or offer a deal.

Of course, that didn't mean that they would lose, but it wouldn't be that hard to win.

Shakran was not stupid, and there was an excellent bookkeeper who assisted him.

"Huh… I feel like it is time now."

Ian got up and started to move somewhere.


In any case, negotiating meant that all the hands needed to be together on the deck.

Even if the hand was an adversary, somehow it was needed to be hidden.

And the card that Ian should never show the Titan Guild was the penalty that was associated with the quest 'Hero's Responsibility'.

If Shakran knew that Ian had to kill the Lich King at any point, then he would try to tear down Ian.

In addition, it was obvious that he had to put up a face in front of the Titan Guild until he defeated Chalian.

'I can never let that happen.'

So how was he supposed to deal with the Titan Guild and have an equal relationship and if possible a higher hand in the deal?

Ian decided that he should use the 'advanced information' appropriately.

"Hmm, I would have seen you for some normal reason… but I definitely got a huge one."

Shakran's eyes were waiting for the 'advanced information' that Ian had brought for him.

Ian's high-level information was about the 'Underworld'.

And that valuable information wasn't fully opened up by Ian.

It was a slight 'twist' to attract the interest of Shakran.

"I'm sure uncle felt it. I've shared a huge information with my big heart."

The word 'uncle' was a bit annoying, yet now wasn't the time to think about those stuff.

Shakran spoke,

"Huh, I admit that it is an advanced information. Since you're not a kid who goes around talking nonsense…"


"However, it is hard to believe such facts based on face value. In fact, some of the parts don't even make sense."


"The fact that the guy who shares a rivalry with me is now sharing advanced information with me, wouldn't that feel suspicious for anyone? Besides, you're sharing content with me? That's very suspicious."

Ian's information to Shakran was very concise.

Along with the fact that there was an underworld, he stated that the Lich King was holding the key to a dimensional system called the 'Middle-Earth'.

In addition, that Ian himself had the remaining pieces of the key that was needed to go there, and that if Shakran helped defeat Chalian, he would help Shakran enter the world too.

That was the seed that Ian had sown.

'I haven't told a lie. I just placed a smokescreen to hide my weakness.'

It was the process to drag the attention of Shakran to some other matter little by little.

Although the information about the new dimension was a bit deplorable, it was the information that Shakran would soon find out.

The contents of Kailan would eventually flow.

And even if the Titan Guild was taken to the Middle-Earth dimension, the advantage would be for the Lotus.

Unlike Shakran, who just realized about the place called the 'Underworld', Ian would go there with a certain purpose.

In addition, the benefits that the Titan Guild would receive would be their own, but the additional benefits were to be taken by the Lotus.

Ian continued,

"Yeah, it would make no sense to help your guild without any cause."

And when Ian admitted that, Shakran seemed to be really interested.

"So, you have something you want from us?"

"Yes, obviously."

"That is funny. Say it, then."

"First, I want Lotus to take all the items dropped by Chalian."

"Hmm, first huh… you have a second too?"

"That is right."

"Say that too."

"The second one…."

Ian, who lost his breath, took a deep breath and opened his mouth once again.

"I will be taking 50% of the revenue from this Boss Raid to the Lotus."


"The remaining 50% should be shared among the remaining guilds, including the Titan."

"That is what you want?"


Shakran frowned at what Ian said.

He was calculating it all in his head.

After a while, he opened his eyes and stared at Ian.

"Doesn't this seem a bit too much?"

"Uncle, you think so?"

"I think that there will many item drops since it's an episode boss. I think we will all profit one way or another. I also feel that it's only right for us to take half the revenue of the broadcast… "

Ian immediately shook his head and rebelled.

"That's not true."


"I think that you know well enough. How much the new content is worth, uncle?"

Shakran who was holding back till then snarled.

"Yeh, uncle? Don't call me uncle. I'm a hyung, hyung."

"Hyung…. You say… well, okay. I will call you hyung."


Though Ian was unwilling to call Shakran who looked like an uncle a hyung, Ian decided to make a concession for the negotiation to go ahead.

"Anyway, I feel that sharing new content would be worthwhile enough."

"Hmm, you have a very warm heart, but you're very wrong."

"Uncle you are, hyung. Aren't you going for the deal?"

"However, it isn't my own decision. I need to hear what my guild members have to say."

At the response from Shakran, Ian started to experience inner conflict.

'It will be hard if we waste too much time…'

Was he supposed to take a step back and go ahead with the decision of Shakran or was he supposed to go ahead with that strong attitude of his…?

After a brief conflict, Ian chose the latter.

"Well, fine. However, I can't wait long, so you need to give me an answer today."

With that, Ian got up with a cool nod.

From Ian's point of view, even if a little more was given, the Titan Guild would surely be successful.

The most important thing for Ian at the moment was whether he could get rid of the Lich King before the time limit.

The reason why Ian didn't give Shakran what he wanted so easily was because he didn't want Shakran to be suspicious of him.

If good conditions were given, and the deal was tried to be closed quickly, Shakran would surely notice that Ian was in a hurry.

When Ian stood up, Shakran nodded and stood up too.

The next moment, however, a sharp question came out of the mouth of Shakran.

"By the way, kid, I have a question."

"Go on."

"It hasn't been that many months since the episode has opened, so why is it moving so fast?"


"If I was in your position, I would take the time and build up myself and do all of this alone. After all, the main members of your guild had become level 400 or more, and the top four were close to 450. By that time, the level 500 boss would be easy to deal with by the strength of your guild itself."

In response to the keen observation of the suspicious Shakran, Ian felt a cold sweat flowing down his back.

'Surely, this old man. He isn't a normal one, right?'

In fact, the question was enough to make anyone thought of why Ian was doing things like this.

For the Titan Guild, he added a spoonful of 'Middle-earth' content as a preoccupation or diversion, and that somehow they would get distracted from Ian and the deal.

However, Ian confronting Shakran with certain conditions seemed to have backfired.

In the last minute, however, Shakran asked the same thing he was trying to avoid.

Though he might not have noticed that Ian was in an urgent situation if he was misunderstood even a little out there, all the efforts of Ian would go to waste.

And there was no countermeasure against such a situation.

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'In the end, I'll have to show you the adverse hand, huh? I can't help it anymore.'

After a short pause, Ian slowly opened his mouth to speak,

"Hmm… I'll be honest about it then."


And at those words of Ian, Shakran tilted his head a little.

"Hyung, you know that the geographic condition in the Northeast is poor, right?"


"And the reason for that is Chalian."

If Chalian was crushed and the Legions of Darkness were to crumble, the mighty forces of the Northeast kingdoms were bound to fall.

It would soon create an environment that would allow Lotus to expand its territory quickly.

Shakran who seemed to have heard a very convincing answer nodded with a smile.

"Huhu, that then. I can understand that well enough."


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