Taming Master | Chapter 467 | The Siege Weapon Appears | Part 1

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Chapter 467 - The Siege Weapon Appears - Part 1


Skeleton Knight of Destruction –

Level: 1

Classification: Dark Contract Summon

Rank: Myth

Personality: Simplicity


Attack: 42

Defense: 48

Agility: 2

Intellect: 1

Vitality: 2,755/ 2,755

Unique Ability

* Giant Hammer (Passive)

The skeleton Knight of Destruction always increases damage by 150% and reduces the attack speed by 50%.

Inflicts additional damage when attacking the inanimate creatures, and is unable to move for 1 second after the successful attack.

(Deals 50% of damage dealt with all the enemies within 5 yards.)

* Hammer of Destruction (Cooldown of 15 min)

The Skeleton Knight of Destruction gathers strength for 5 seconds and knocks down the hammer with full force.

It deals damage to all the enemies within 15 meters of the attack location, dealing 2,500% damage.

(When the Hammer of Destruction is triggered, it cannot move for 5 seconds and the defense is increased by 200%.)

(The 'Hammer of Destruction' deals more damage to walls and defense towers: Additional damage: 50% - 500%.)

* Sealed Unique ability (Unknown)


* Of the alchemy that has killed in ancient times, there was a forbidden martial art that can inflict powerful souls of dark power into the sculpture.

* And if you manage to assemble the sculpted pieces carefully you can create a powerful dark summon.

* Today, however, someone of superior dark knowledge has revived the forbidden martial art.

* And a great alchemist has used the shard of darkness to make a huge summon.

* A powerful dark summon with mythical powers.

However, the rest of the summons couldn't be born as the technical skills were beyond their limit.

If special conditions can be met, this familiar can be reborn as a perfect being.

* This summon belongs to the user 'Ian'.

The summons of the Dark Contract no longer need leadership to summon.

- - -

Ian's new summon with a fabulous name, 'Skeleton Knight of Destruction'.

Ian's mouth was hanging wide as he slowly read the information of the new summon, Skeleton Knight of Destruction.

'Crazy, what is with these extreme ones?'

Ian was flustered to look at anything else.

He was very shocked for a complex reason.

The first was due to the unique ability of the Skeleton Knight that had unthinkable options, and the second was due to the absurdly extreme combat capabilities.

And finally, it was a summon with ridiculous power than what he was imagining.

'If Radeus's Skull Giant was something that had a similar ability like this, then we would have been helpless out there.'

The Skull Giant of Radeus, which had fought against Ian, was a really useless summon according to Ian's standards.

The stats were good, but it was useless because it had no provocation skills.

Ian didn't confirm the stats of that giant at that time, so he could only guess it through the 'Skeleton Knight of Destruction' that was in front of him.

'If he too had such intrinsic abilities, then I'm sorry for calling him trash.'

The Skeleton Knight of Destruction had combat abilities that were very similar to the Giant Skeleton King.

If one looked at the combat stats of it in the battle, there was a worse rate for the opponent.

'Initial stats were 42 ATK and 48 DEF, but the agility is 2 and intellect is 1…'

The attack and defense were monster-like levels that could be achieved only by the level 10 summon, while the wits and intellects were as bad as they could get.

However, if one looked at the overall stats, there was a myth rank on the side.

The sum of the Radeus's level 1 combat abilities totaled 93.

Considering the fact that the total of Elcarix at level 1 combat stats was around 104, it could be considered lower as it was a myth summon, but the vitality of 2,755 wasn't a low stat.

'This is more like a monster.'

Elcarix at level 1 had half the vitality stat of a tanker with 1,527.

Given the combat abilities that grow in proportion to their initial stats, there was a monster like shield that was twice the vitality of Elcarix.

Considering that Elcarix's current vitality at the level of 350 was around 3 million, it was clear that the new one would have a 5 million vitality.

Besides, the defense was half of what Elcarix had at the 1st level.

To put it in simple words, it was a crazy summon which had two to three times the tanking ability when compared to Bbakbbak.

Of course, there was no provocation skill, and as a tanker, it was a fatal disadvantage.

'It is a shame that this has no provocation, but this guy isn't a tanker in the first place.'

The role of the Skeleton Knight of Destruction in the party of Ian was to be a powerful siege weapon that would destroy the gates and the defense towers.

In less than 5 minutes, Ian grasped the use of the 'Skeleton Knight of Destruction' and smiled.

That guy would be a great help to Ian, more than any summons in his current situation.

Though the stats were as high as monsters, there were two unique abilities, but the synergy that would be created from the use of the two unique abilities was tremendous.

If the passive and active synergies were in place, quite a few of the defense towers could be destroyed in one shot.

"Hu hu, you have two quick stats but your speed is half and a basic passive… will you be able to swing that hammer?"

Ian once again scrutinized the information window of the Skeleton Knight while scratching the back of his neck.

With a proud look on his face, Han spoke,

"How is it, your majesty? Are you pleased?"

As those words ended, Ian raised both his hands at the same time.

"Perfect, Han! You're the only one!"

Not to mention, the apprentice of Han was descending to hear the praise of Ian.


After completing his appreciation of the new summon, Ian checked the time.

'Since it hasn't even been 8 o'clock in the morning, there is still 4 hours to go to the field.'

The time when the allied forces were supposed to kill the Lich King Chalian was exactly noon.

And Ian could clearly see what he needed to do till then.

Ian hurriedly opened the guild chat window and hit on the message option.

Ian: Has anyone one ever come across a dungeon with a first discovery buff? It is better if the dungeon is higher than 350?!


- OMG! Is this really a message that Ian himself has sent?

- Hu hu, looks like it. I just checked the previous shots of the account, and this is the real Ian.

- Awesome! Ian God has left a message on the home! This is a historic day!

- Sir, that isn't what is important now. Have you even read the announcement?

- Nope. Once the username Ian had been confirmed, all the comments started to flood in.

- LOL... then read the comment first. Ian God is trying to go crazy once again.

- Oh huh, read it.

- Oh my god! Before half a year, is he trying to catch an Epiboss?

- If that really is possible? The level of Lich King is 500. Is Ian's level over 400?

- Hu hu, I am a member of the Lotus Guild, and it has been going around that Ian has crossed the level of 400 a while ago.

- Keu, Lotus, and Titan have joined forces. Hopefully, this will clear the episode already?

- Ha ha haaah… My friend in Kailan's development team he he I think I need to contact him.

- Your friend is in the Kailan development team? He he… your friend huh, development team…

- OMG…

- Ian posted only one comment on the official website of Kailan.

The post was posted on the bulletin board named as 'Raid Party Recruitment' and the title and contents were very simple.

Want to catch the Lich King!

Current participation of confirmed guild.

Lotus, Titan, Fullios… (Leak).

Conditions of Entry

Level Limit: 350 (Flexible)

Dealers: DPS more than 200,000. (Valcon refused good equipment.)

Tanker: with vitality more than 2 million, and defense of 13,000.


Saturday, 31st till noon until the Lich King is captured.


Lotus Guild Master Herz.

But the simple post wasn't so little.

First of all, the number of titles and contents are aggravating, so the number of views began to rise quickly.

And with the wave of the post, starting with the official homepage, various Kailan chatrooms were being filled with the stories of Ian and the raids.

- DPS 200,000 makes me feel a little bitter… should I still apply?

- Keu, I'll be able to match the spec of the tanker with the change of just one part in armor.

- Chris, do you have the money to change the armor?

- I can get it by today, don't know?

- …?

- The warriors get stronger on the payday.

- Keu…!

- I'll go to the gold exchange right away.

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- Guys, I envy you sulky, I won't be able to apply even if I change the spec of the equipment even if I use the house deposit…

- Cheery up, sir. He he.

Ian has done it, but some were suffering.

The leaders of the Lotus, Herz and the others had to manage the incoming applications that were to be organized into attack parties.

"Uh, there are so many people!"

At the scream of frustrated Herz, Fiolan who was right next to him spoke in a low voice.

"That was why you should've let Ian raise the limit when he was about to."

Herz responded with an almost crying look,

"I didn't know that Kailan had so many sick people."


In fact, Fiolan too had the same opinion as Herz, so she didn't want to blame him.

Right now, the application for users for entering was closed.

"Let's cheer up a bit now, we should."


Herz could feel the ground move under his feet, and he sighed.

It wasn't difficult to organize the party, however, it wasn't fine as they had to form a party considering all the specs that were being sent.

Herz who had been so busy with his work for a while suddenly raised his head and asked Fiolan,

"By the way Fiolan."


"Where is Ian right now?"


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