Taming Master | Chapter 471 | Hammer of Destruction | Part 2

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Chapter 471 - Hammer of Destruction - Part 2


"What was that? How did they do that?"

Shakran, who took a step back to escape the Death Meteors that were pouring in, stared intently at the wall which had just fallen down.

'What was it? Was the durability of the wall of darkness that low? It doesn't make sense for it to break at this point…'

The distance was too much, which made it tough to see what exactly happened, but he knew that the wall took somewhere around 10 seconds for its collapse.

The golden light seemed to flash several times, and the massive wall fell down.

'I know that the durability of the wall is around 30 million.'

The figure of 30 million was tremendous, and the durability of the wall can't be brought down by just one member.

It was because the damage formula applied on the defense walls was completely different from the formula that was applied to the general monsters and users.

The defense property of the wall was 'inanimate' type.

Inanimate matter was the most well known efficient of defense properties.

The official community has a bulletin board that had the researches based on the data that was accumulated by the users so far.

* Inanimate Defense Type

The inanimate defense types, the 'vitality' was replaced with 'durability'.

In general, there were features, there were defense, armor, and weapons which had 'lifeless' defense types.

(for wearable equipment, the durability differs when worn.)

Inanimate defense types do not suffer any damage from the 'magic' attribute (immune to magic).

Inanimate defense types reduce the damage caused by the physical attacks by 90-95 percent.

Inanimate defense types take 200-250 percent damage from the 'siege' attacks.

* All the coefficient are approximate and estimated from experiments, and the information may not be accurate.

As you can see from the article above, it was supposed to be difficult to destroy the wall.

It was the intention of the Kailan planning team to enhance the reality in the virtual content.

No matter how strong the attack, it would be too unrealistic if a wall could be broken down by a spear or sword.

It was in fact because of these settings, that it made the awesome defense of the shell of the 'Abyss turtle', it was because it was 'inanimate'.

And as stated above, the story was different for a siege-type attack.

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If the group could take a number of top siege weapons and get a free damage deal, then it could be broken in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds.

The only problem was that the weapons of the siege were generally weak.

Even when briefly exposed to the defense tower it would break down, rather than several, it would be tough to break even a single wall.

Shakran rolled his head and tried to interpret the astonishing and embarrassing situation in front of his eyes.

'In the end, if that is possible, that guy could probably be an attack-type siege…'

Shakran shook his head.

The fact of being an attack-type siege was something unheard of.

"What is up with that crazy guy?"

Shakran had a better understanding of Kailan than anyone, which was why he was the only one who admired that monster.

'Ian' was the only user in the Korean server of Kailan that Shakran couldn't help but accept as worthy.

'But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't be bothered.'

Although he was flustered for a while, Shakran's spirit started to burn.

Though he was flustered at the unexpected situation which had risen, however, that didn't mean that he was going to be sad about it.

'Since the walls are broken, the defense forces will be concentrated in there…'

Firm eyes of Shakran moved around.

'As all this is going, I will do the best from the beginning.'

Shakran climbed onto the horse and ordered loudly while lifting his sword.

"Soldiers, move ahead of the cavalry!"

Something of the Titan guild that hasn't been shown till now and that was literal.

As Shakran pulled out, Emily who was right next to him asked out of confusion.

"Master, aren't you going to use the cavalry while facing the Lich King?"

The air unit, 'Dragon Cavalry' was hard to take siege weapon, meant for the defensive towers.

But now, in the situation where all the troops were concentrated in one place, it would be great to put a hole through the enemy.

"There is a need to modify the plan a little in this battle, Emily."


"Today we give up the siege bonus and change the line to the Epic bonus."

Emily's eyes which had been on Shakran narrowed for a while.

His judgment did seem good.

'To use the canister to assassinate the Epic tower of darkness at level 450… we can build up contributions as much as a siege bonuses.'

The bookworm of the Titan guild—Emily instantly understood the strategy of Shakran.

"Well, master…!"

"While the Lotus guys pierce the front, let's go back and stab them while they are in a hustle."


Dozens of mighty dragons rose from the camps of Titans into the sky.

Seeing that sight unfold, Shakran couldn't help but smile widely.

'Huhu, Ian. This time you are the one going to be surprised.'


The appearance of the cavalry of the Titan guild was surprisingly looking the same as the ones that supported Ian at the order of the Dragon God, Seikaito.

The tier was lower than those of the intermediate NPCs, but nevertheless, they must be powerful than any troops that were currently operating in the kingdom.

The moment the cavalry approached the troops on the wall couldn't help but be shocked.

'That dragon cavalry… how did he manage to get it?'

Ian who looked at the dragon cavalry was as surprised as the expectations of Ian.

However, that surprise didn't last for long.

The dragon cavalry wasn't that powerful.

It wasn't something that could be compared to the ones that Seikaito had given, it was because Ian could give up if he had those dragons.

However, the Titan Guild's dragon cavalry had the same appearance as the one that Ian had, but 'different'.

In other words, he realized that they weren't ones related to the Middle-earth.

'Ay, I thought that you bought those ones from the Middle-earth.'

Even Ian began to wholeheartedly welcome the cards of conversion from the Titan Guild.

"Yeah, Titan Guild!"

At the admiration of Ian, Hoonie who was next to him looked puzzled.

"What is it, hyung?"

"You see that cavalry out there?"

Seeing that, the mouth of Hoonie went wide out of admiration.

"Dragon cavalry? Really? Oh… Oh!"

A nasty smile spread across Ian's mouth.

"Hu hu, looks like old man Shakran is trying to help us?"

Hoonie who realized what Ian was talking about—spoke accordingly,

"Yeah, well. Next time, maybe they should be given a meal at the store of Harin noona?"

Initially, the two of them were focused on completing the quest before the Titan Guild could proceed.

However, contrary to it, due to the act of Shakran, the two were forced to welcome the forces of Titan with a smile.

"Shakran oldie is trying so hard to help us out, we should be working that hard too."

"Yeah. I'm a bit encouraged too, hyung."

With the smile still on his lips, Hoonie cast magic.

Seeing that, Ian was on the move again.

"Let's go, Thor! Let's get rid of those defense towers so the cavalry can do their task!"


Thor nodded his head, not understanding what Ian meant.

With the intensive support from the Lotus Guild magicians, Thor began to crush all kinds of obstructions with his hammer.

Bang- Bang- Babang-!

The more the hammer of Thor moved, the wider was the destruction that was happening on the wall.

After a few minutes had passed, there was enough space created for the units to move in.

Before the troops could be moved inside, Ian checked for the skills that could be summoned inside.

'The cooldown for the hammer of destruction is long…'

Ian's eyes quickly scanned the defense towers that were inside the castle.

'If the cavalry of the Titan needs to last a little longer, then the towers should be demolished first.'

The dragon cavalry and the wyvern knights were air units that were very powerful and the top tier troops could be raised in the kingdom.

However, the presence of the anti-air troops made them really helpless.

They couldn't attack the ground troops, and they were the unique type of defense towers that specialized in extreme air battle and were powerful.

The Kailan team had designed the powerful anti-air tower to balance out the siege.

The existence of the air units that could cross the wall without the restriction was too easy and would break out the balance of the siege.

Even the anti-air tower had been created to have twice the durability of the normal towers, and they were often ignored in the general siege.

As the anti-air tower was so powerful—it would result in the loss of the air force in the siege and would only fight using the ground force.

'It is different when we have Thor!'

Ian glanced at the huge back of Thor which was wielding the hammer with twinkling eyes.

He had a slow attack, but he was an amazing guy that could demolish the facility.

Thud- Thud-!

Maybe he had destructive instincts that went along with the name of 'Skull Knight of Destruction', the giant ran towards the tower with his hammer high.

Even though Ian didn't order it.

Thud- Thud- Thud-!

Taking two heavy steps, the hammer of Thor hit the obstructions.

[Familiar 'Thor' has inflicted critical damage on the 'Darkness Attack Tower II'!]

[Durability of the 'Darkness Attack Tower II' has been reduced by 2,251,155!]

[As an 'inanimate' has been attacked, additional damage has been triggered.]

[Durability of 'Darkness Attack Tower II' has been reduced by 1,125,102.]

Seeing the low-level defense towers fall down with just a single strike, Ian couldn't help but feel glad.

It was now time to faithfully destroy the towers for the sake of Shakran.

'Hu hu, Oldie, I feel like going into the grounds and focus on the named…'

Thinking about Shakran, Ian's lips twitched into a smile and remembered something.

'I will support you very hard.'

The only strong competitor of the Lotus Guild, the Titan Guild.

However, currently, Shakran and the Titan guild seemed to be faithfully working for Ian.


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