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Chapter 472 - Hammer of Destruction - Part 3


"Phew, I think I'm going to faint right away…"

There was a man sitting on the couch and staring at the TV that was mounted on the wall.

This man was a man that couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours a day on average; it was none other than Na Ji-chan.

"But I need to watch the broadcast till the end."

The planning team and Na Ji-chan had completed the hellish schedule that Ian had thrown at them.

Of course, the new content's development wasn't 100% complete.

It was still just a plan, and it was time to apply them to the game.

The development process was the work of the development team and not the planning team, so Na Ji-chan was given a long vacation.


Na Ji-chan drank his energy drink at once and began to look at the screen with clear eyes.

On the screen of the TV was a fight between the users of the human world and the Legion of Darkness.

Na Ji-chan who was interested mumbled,

"You have collected all the human rankers. You brought in the dragon cavalry too. The other guilds too… but how did you get the Titan guild to stand by your side?"

Na Ji-chan, the chief planner of Kailan, had great awareness about the users in the game.

Because of that, it was interesting for him to see the human users begin the capture of the episode.

"Was it because of Ian?"

However, Na Ji-chan who was watching the broadcast soon smiled a different smile.

The elite forces of the Titan guild soon penetrated the walls.

"Yeah, there is no way Titan will be able to take the initiative like Lotus."

The strategy to pierce the wall when the attention of the Legion was diverted wasn't really that bad.

Hitting the back of the castle would make the process of entering it much faster and easier.

But in the eyes of the planner, Na Ji-chan, it was obvious that the Titan wouldn't move much farther.

'You're trying to take in as many contributions as you can to overtake Lotus. Then the clear time will get delayed.'

The Titans wouldn't want to cross paths with named monsters, hence they wouldn't want to enter right away.

As a result, the time taken for the fall of the castle would naturally be long.

'And even if it was Lotus, it won't be easy to clear the forces outside the castle without the support of Titan.'

While Na Ji-chan was thinking about it, the outer wall of the castle had already been breached.

However, since Na Ji-chan had turned on the TV a little later than the start, he wasn't able to see 'Thor'.

Na Ji-chan misunderstood what he saw at the moment when the dragon cavalry of the Titan was crossing over the wall.

However, that misunderstanding was just for a while.


Somewhere, a thundering sound rose, and the view of the TV was being changed to the point where the sound came from.

And from the speakers, the voice of the caster which was silent till now began to burst out.

Ah, Thor! Really great familiars have appeared!

In the stage 3 anti-air towers, they were taken down with just one shot from the hammer!

Hines, how long will the defense front of the Legion of Darkness last?

Well, I'm not so sure. After seeing the momentum of the siege forces, holding out for 5 minutes seems hard to do, right? In addition, the dragon cavalry of the Titan Guild has successfully entered from the backside.


In addition, Ian is demolishing the anti-air towers in order to make the dragon cavalry more usable. They are piercing through everything!

The golden light rose like a thunderbolt, and the huge anti-air tower collapsed.

Na Ji-chan, who was able to confirm Thor's appearance, opened his mouth wide.

"That crazy familiar… how did he get it already?"

Na Ji-chan's gaze inevitably jumped towards Thor who was wielding the hammer like a crazed being.

"That… that surely is… the skeleton knight of destruction."

The 'Skeleton Knight of Destruction' was a summon that was born for the purpose of 'siege'.

Na Ji-chan's expression had immediately turned sullen.

The being that could only be made after entering the Underworld's top content was currently running for the Lotus camp.

"This… this shouldn't have happened. I need to call the development team!"

At the time where the content of the Underworld wasn't even made, it was unknown how that monstrous guy had appeared.

But that wasn't the important thing now.

Ian's chances of clearing the Lich King quest, which was 1% as of the moment, had gone up to 50% just like that.

In addition, the clearing point could be pulled closer to two or three days than the expected time.

In order to meet the Lich King, the camps had to capture five dark castles; at this rate, they might take down one in a day.

All of their plans were ruined.

This meant an emergency situation for the development team.


"Ceilron, stop the ones at the back!"

"Okay, master."

The elite forces of Titan successfully pierced the wall with the help of the dragon cavalry.

The dragon cavalry unit, which had a high stealth level, were the ones which opened the way forward and were followed by the Flygons.

A Flygon was a simple air unit that acted like 'transporters' which were large like the pterosaurs that could carry up to ten users per aircraft.

And Shakran who quickly crushed through the walls searched for the named monsters.

It was because while the Lotus and the other users were busy breaking in, the Titan wanted to collect as many contribution points as they could.

"Haha, nice! Let's wipe out everything like this!"

Emily who was right next to Hakun—A ranker who was also the most important member of the Titan Guild—told him,

"Hakum, tone down your voice. It is hard when I get dragged by the aggro because of you."

"Kuhahat! It is annoying to look for them; it is more fun if they look for me instead!"

"Shut up and just swing that ax of yours."

"Okay, I get it…"

The elite troops of the Titan were indeed excellent.

In fact, the Titan Guild had more rankers than the Lotus.

"Kyaahh-! That is right, kneel, kneel before the power of Chalian, you humans!"

A Death Knight that was three times stronger than any normal human being was rushing towards Shakran.

With a rugged appearance, the Death Knight looked like an ogre.

[Knight of Death, Knight Rockper: Lv: 465]

He had a whopping level of 465; however, that didn't bring down the spirit of Shakran.

"I think Chalian should be the one to kneel before me first."

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"How dare you…!"

The angry 'Rockper' threatened while wielding his massive scimitar.

Instead of dodging it, Shakran pulled out his twin swords.


If one looked at the size difference, it looked like Shakran's twin swords wouldn't be able to stand Rockper's scimitar.

However, even though Shakran's swords seemed to be small, they exerted the kind of force that was able to push the scimitar.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

Rockper's scimitar and the twin swords of Shakran collided with each other, giving out blue sparks.

Due to the lack of the level, the physical battle ability was sure to be lacking for Shakran. However, Shakran didn't give the opponent enough room to hit him.

He had the confidence that his lack of stats could be covered with his control.


With those short words, Shakran's side was trembling.

The shadow of Shakran split into three and then split again while emitting blue light.

Dozens of blue lights started to shine like a net intertwined, and all came into Rockper.


The vitality of Rockper began to get cut in huge amounts with a loud explosion.

Rockper screamed with a screeching voice.

"How could a human harness the power of illusion…?"

Shakran was rather surprised when he heard what Rockper said.

"You know about the swords of illusion?"

However, rather than responding to the question of Shakran, Rockper instead said with anger,

"Don't you dare say its name without his permission!"

Kwang- Kwang-!

Shakran didn't open his mouth to talk anymore.

The battle started to get more intense. After taking a break to catch their breath, it looked like Rockper's scimitar was slowly getting weak.

Was it around five minutes or so?


The twin swords of Shakran went through the heart of Rockper and with that, he fell on the ground.


And subsequently, new system messages resonated.


[You have successfully defeated the 'Knight of Death' 'Rockper'!]

[Legion of Darkness, you have defeated a named monster.]

[Episode contribution has increased by 357,000.]

[Obtained experience points of 70,928,490.]

[Acquired fame of 100,000.]

After seeing those sweet messages rise up, Shakran smiled.

"So there is an undead who knows about the illusion swords, huh? This is a weird turn of events…."

Shakran who seemed to be in a good mood placed his swords back in the sheath and began to move.

"Emily, how many named guys did we get?"

"Two of the 2-tier named ones and seven of 3-tier."

"Hmm, this is taking longer than I thought. Before the Lotus guys get here, we'll have to catch twice the goal."

"Yes, Master."

"The timing will be a bit troublesome."

In the harvest that had happened so far, the harvest that was done by the elite was tremendous.

In less than 10 minutes, they had taken more than 1 million contributions.

However, Shakran wasn't satisfied.

'It looks like we are still lacking. I can't get my mind off that monster skeleton that ripped off the defense tower.'

Shakran shook his head as he unconsciously thought about Ian's giant skeleton knight.

It was Shakran's intention to not fall behind the Lotus's troops and Ian.

"Master, I've found one tier-2 named monster and five tier-3 named monsters in the northeast!"

After hearing one of his guild member's report, Shakran immediately took a jump in the direction his guild member mentioned.

"Ceilron, Hakum, take over that side!"

"Okay, master."

"Understood, master!"

"Emily, support me!"


The elite users of the Titan Guild rapidly ran into formations that were ordered by Shakran.

As the dragon cavalry followed them in unison, an ominous atmosphere was made.

- Oh oh, that Titan! That was so dope!

- How long did they have to train to get something like that possible?

- Kya, Ian is Ian, but Shakran is pretty hardcore too.

- I second that.

- Like Shakran, like Ceilron. Definitely rankers, they are.

- Why?

- Seeing those combat skills, damn man! And those NPCs don't seem like a joke to me.

- I know!

The netizens admired the movements of the elite users of Titan.

At that moment, the scene on the screen took a change and voices of the caster began to flow again.

- Okay then, if they're going to do it like this, I can't help but want to see this from the view of the Legion of Darkness's side?

- Yeah, Hines.

- From now on, let's see the battle from the view of the dark archmage, Sigrid!

Huge wings and sharp claws emanating white light.

It was the back of a giant ghost dragon; it filled half the screen.

And on top of it was an Archmage, and he was overlooking the elite users of Titan.

"Kuku, frivolous humans!"

The voice of the Archmage Sigrid was appalling to hear.

Right then, a huge explosion rang somewhere.



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